UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

July 6-7, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 51-53

                         Reno, Nevada
                         July 6, 1917

The meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order at 10:30
A.M. July 6, 1917, the Chairman having given due notice to each
member of the Board of the date of the meeting.

Present:  Regents Curler, Baker and Abel, and Acting President
Lewers.  Absent:  Regents Sullivan and O'Brien.

The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was postponed
until they could be written out in form.

The report of the Acting President was taken up and read in full.

President Lewers also read the report of the scholarship awards
that were made since the grades were completed and which were
not announced at Commencement time.

Information discussion on these reports took up the rest of the
forenoon session.

The Board took a recess until 2:00 P.M. the same date.

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 P.M. July 6, 1917.

Present:  Regents Curler, Baker and Abel, and Acting President
Lewers.  Absent:  Regents O'Brien and Sullivan.

Vice President Lewers continued his report on the plan for the
increase of salaries as discussed in the morning meeting.  Dis-
cussion was continued and ways and means suggested for meeting
the increases and for making savings so that it might be pos-
sible to grant the increases.  Regent Curler suggested a 5%
increase this semester and another 5% the next.  The general
increase of 7 1/2% was suggested.

An increase of wages for the men on the Farm and on the grounds
was discussed and also for Mr. Mobley and Mr. Eaton who are em-
ployed in the Dairy work.  A letter of Dean Charles S. Knight,
dated June 30, 1917, regarding Mr. Mobley and Mr. Eaton was read
to the Board, also a letter of W. M. Regan, dated November 6,
1916 to Mr. Floyd Eaton in which was set forth the agreement be-
tween Mr. Regan and Mr. Eaton in regard to Mr. Eaton's salary.
Informal discussion was continued as to the management of the
Stock Farm under Professor Wilson and Mr. Hancock and of Mr.
Theodore Clark's former relations with the University.  Acting
President Lewers informed the Board that it was the recommenda-
tion of Dean Knight and Mr. Wilson that Mr. Hancock's salary
be raised.

The Chairman asked that the budget and the appointment list of
Director of the Extension Division be placed before the Board.

Mr. W. F. Eaton appeared before the Board and stated that he
would continue his work as herdsman of the Dairy Department
under the agreement made with him when he came, namely that he
should receive a salary of $100 a month beginning July 1, 1917.

Mr. Rubyn Mobley appeared before the Board and stated that he
could continue his work in the Dairy Department at $75 per month
until August 1, but in any event he must give up the work on
October 1.  It was the opinion of the Board that it should retain
Mr. Eaton at $100 per month and find someone to take Mr. Mobley's
place on August 1.

The matter of the deficiency in the Farm Fund and that of general
repairs for the University buildings was informally discussed.
Acting President Lewers and the Chairman discussed with the Board
the recommendations made in the President's report for filling
the vacancies on the University faculty.

Regent Curler moved:  I move you that the recommendations of the
Acting President excepting as to the appointment of the different
Deans and the recommendations as to Mr. Hancock and Mr. Lynch be
approved, and that those two recommendations be left over for
further consideration.  Record vote being taken was as follows:

    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye

Mr. W. O. Lewis, the architect for the Agricultural building, and
Mr. Sexton appeared before the Board to discuss the plans and
preliminary drawings for the building.

The Board instructed the Secretary to ask Professor Wilson and
Director Norcross to appear before them at 7:30 P.M. and took a
recess until that time.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. July 6, 1917.

Present:  Regents Curler and Abel.  Absent:  Regents Baker,
Sullivan, O'Brien and Acting President Lewers.

There being no quorum present the members present and Professor
Wilson and Mr. Norcross studied the plans of the building with
Messrs. Lewis and Sexton in an informal way.

The Board took a recess until 9:00 A.M. July 7, 1917.