UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 5-6, 1907


Volume OC - Pages 463-471

                         Reno, Nevada

                         July 5, 1907

The Board of Regents met on Friday morning, July 5th, 1907,

O. J. Smith in the Chair.  Regents John Sunderland Jr. and J. E.

Souchereau present.

The Assistant Registrar was elected Secretary Pro Tem.  Reading

of the minutes of the previous meeting was omitted on account of

the absence of the Secretary.

The President placed in nomination the name of Mr. A. C. Gough

for Instructor in Mechanical Engineering beginning September 1st

at a salary of $1080 for the first year, and $1200 for the second

year, in case his services are entirely satisfactory.  The nom-

ination was approved.

The President read a bid for excavating and laying the sewer from

the Mackay building as follows:

    Bid for excavating sewer ditch, furnishing and laying sewer

    to connect up the Mackay building at the University of


    I, W. H. Blalock, do hereby agree to excavate herewith and

    lay sewer according to grade; sever to be 6" for the sum of


                         /s/ W. H. Blalock

The President submitted bids for digging and laying 4" and 6"

water pipes as designated to connect the water systems to build-

ings already supplied on the University grounds.

    The first was from the Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. for

    $1500.00.  The second was from the Reno Plumbing & Heating

    Co. for $1136.00.  The latter bid was accepted, providing

    the bid includes all the work, furnishing all materials.

The estimates for refitting and repairing Manzanita and Lincoln

Halls were talked over.  The Porteous Decorating Co. made the

lowest bid on this work, $806.00.

It was moved, seconded and carried that the President and Mr.

Brown be authorized to go ahead with this work and have it done

to the best advantage.

The President called attention to the fact that there is not

room enough in Manzanita Hall to accommodate all the students

who wish to attend the University.  Would it be possible to make

some temporary addition?  The Regents considered this, but con-

cluded it would be impossible to do anything as there is no

money available for the purpose.

There was some talk relative to giving help to Professor Cowgill

and it was generally thought this could be done later.

The architect of the Mackay building and the heating engineer

came before the meeting with plans which were examined and ac-

cepted.  It was moved to advertise in the Reno Journal for bids

for the Heating Plant, bids to be opened on July 27th at 2:00

P.M.  The architect will notify San Francisco firms that may wish

to bid.  Following is a copy of the bid:

    Proposals for bids for the Heating Plant at the University

    of Nevada:

                              Reno, Nevada July 5, 1907

    Proposals will be received by the Board of Regents of the

    University of Nevada, at Reno, Nevada, for the material,

    labor installation of the Hot Water Heating System, Electric

    Wiring, Telephone Cables, Manholes, Trenches, Insulation,

    Boilers, Pumps, Tanks, etc.  Specifications now on file in

    the Office of the Regents, at the University of Nevada, and

    at the Office of Bliss and Faville, San Francisco.

    Bidders will be required to furnish a certified check for

    $2000 to insure the acceptance of the work on their bid.

    The successful bidder will furnish bonds for the faithful

    performance of the work in the sum of 25% of the amount of

    the contract.  Bids will be opened at 2:00 P.M. on the 27th

    day of July, 1907, at Reno, Nevada.

    The Board of Regents reserves the right to reject any or all

    bids and to accept bids for only such portions of the work

    as the Regents may decide.

                             The Board of Regents


                                     Geo. H. Taylor


The recommendation for the increase of the salaries of the Pro-

fessors and Instructors in the University, beginning with the

first day of September, 1907, was accepted and on motion was

adopted by the Board of Regents.  The following is a list of

salaries by the month:

    Clarence H. Mackay Fund

        Professor of Mining & Metallurgy           $ 200.00

        Professor of Geology & Mineralogy            200.00

        Assistant in Mining & Geology                100.00

                                    Total          $ 500.00

    Agricultural & Mechanical College Fund

        Professor Mechanical Engineering           $ 200.00

        Instructor                                    90.00

        Professor Civil Engineering                  166.67

        Professor of Mathematics                     200.00

        Professor of Physics                         200.00

        Professor of Chemistry                       200.00

        Professor of English                         166.67

        Professor of Biology                         200.00

        Assistant Professor of Domestic Science      125.00

        Professor of Politcal Economy & Commercial

            Subjects                                 200.00

        Assistant Professor of Drawing                70.00

        Instructor in Biology                         50.00

                                    Total          $1848.34

    Agricultural & Mechanical Fund, High School

        Principal & Teachers of Mathematics        $ 166.67

        Teacher of English & History                  71.00

        Instructor in Shop Work                       -----

                                    Total          $ 237.67

    State Fund

        Professor of Latin                         $ 200.00

        Professor of Modern Languages                166.67

        Professor of History                         166.67

        Cadet Major          - 9 months @              4.00

        Cadet Captain        - 9 months @              3.50

        Cadet Captain        - 9 months @              3.50

        Cadet 1st Lieutenant - 9 months @              3.00

        Cadet 1st Lieutenant - 9 months @              3.00

        Cadet 1st Lieutenant - 9 months @              3.00

        Cadet 2nd Lieutenant - 9 months @              2.50

        Cadet 2nd Lieutenant - 9 months @              2.50

        Band Master          - 9 months @             35.00

        Professor of Military Science & Tactics       75.00

        Professor of Education & Sociology           200.00

        Librarian                                    166.67

        Assistant Librarian                          100.00

        Instructor in Vocal Music - 10 months @       30.00

                                    Total          $1165.01

    Executive Officers

        President                                  $ 300.00

        Office Secretary                              83.33

        Registrar                                     83.33

        Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds        150.00

        Secretary Board of Regents                    25.00

        Matron Manzanita Hall                         62.50

        Matron Hospital                               30.00

                                    Total          $ 734.16

    High School - State Fund

        Teacher English & German                   $  71.00

        Teacher Latin & Public Speaking               71.00

                                    Total          $ 142.00


        Clarence H. Mackay Fund                    $ 500.00

        Agricultural & Mechanical College Fund      1868.34

        Agricultural & Mechanical High School Fund   237.67

        State Fund                                  2041.50

                                    Total          $4647.51

The resignation of George F. Blessing, Professor of Mechanical

Engineering, was read and accepted.

Mr. Joseph Dieffenback Layman was elected Librarian at a salary

of $2000 for the first year, effective September 1st, 1907.

Claims were allowed as follows:

    State Interest & Contingent Fund for June

        Payroll - Employees                    $1642.27

        Payroll - Students                       105.65

        Gray, Reid, Wright Co.                    16.35

        Sol Levy                                   3.35

        Library Bureau                            67.90

        Berry Concerts                            32.50

        H. W. Baker                               12.60

        A. V. Doane                                3.60

        A. T. Thompson & Co.                     205.75

        Oxford University Press                   21.09

        Reno Printing Co.                         35.75

        Rosenthal & Armanko                        7.50

        Nevada State Journal                      41.50

        J. E. Wier                                41.50

        J. E. Wier                               137.87

        R. S. Rankin                             240.30

        Shepherd & Sons                            4.90

        L. M. Sissa                               28.20

        Reno Plumbing & Heating Co.                 .87

        H. S. Crocker Co.                          6.50

        H. S. Crocker Co.                         32.50

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              23.62

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               6.65

        William H. Guild Co.                       6.50

        Western Union Co.                          1.15

        Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.          8.35

        Sol Levy                                   8.90

        G. E. Stechert                             8.36

        E. L. Drappo                              97.80

        Reno Evening Gazette                      52.50

        G. E. Stechert                             7.28

        J. E. Stubbs                              28.00

        J. E. Bray                               240.50

        American Antiques & Orient Journal         4.00

        R. Herz & Bros.                            3.00

        Daniels & Steinmetz                       94.00

        Reno Mercantile Co.                       11.88

        Nevada Engineering Works                   7.05

        Flanigan Warehouse Co.                   130.00

        Will U. Mackey                            25.00

        F. J. Freeman                              3.60

        H. S. Crocker                             16.20

        Mott's Bazaar                              1.70

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                    17.80

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                    30.85

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               5.48

        Reno Printing Co.                          2.75

        S. B. Doten                               24.20

        Kate Riegelhuth                           27.40

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               1.56

        Sierra Engineering co.                    27.85

        Romanzo Adams                             12.00

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              38.65

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                       3.94

        The Dial Co.                               2.00

        Nevada Press Co.                         157.50

        Reno Printing Co.                         25.75

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.               1.87

        Mrs. Mc Kissick                          400.00

                                    Total      $4277.05

    Mining Equipment State Fund

        C. O. D. Yard                          $   6.00

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                     2.65

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              16.05

        Cann Drug Co.                             11.10

        Reno Plumbing & Heating Co.               39.06

                                    Total      $  74.86

    Analytical Supplies State Fund

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.           $  19.36

    Agricultural & Mechanical College Morrill Fund

        G. E. Stechert                         $  73.44

        Dalton Clifford & Wilson                 165.04

        June Payroll                            1704.99

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        2.70

        Hill Publishing Co.                        7.98

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                  7.43

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                      35.01

        General Electric Co.                      27.00

        Buff & Buff Manufacturing Co.            213.03

        Daniels & Steinmetz                       99.65

        William Gaertner & Co.                   321.28

        H. W. Baker                               14.50

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              20.50

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              16.98

        F. O. Broili                               3.50

        D. Van Nostrand                            8.44

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                  1.56

        Nevada Transit Co.                         8.00

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              31.32

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              27.90

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              40.00

        Nevada Engineering Works                   2.55

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              55.57

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              26.35

        Blaine Gray                              116.81

        Nevada Engineering Works                   3.80

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                  7.24

        Eugene Dietzgen                            2.10

        General Electric Co.                      40.50

        Westinghouse Electric Co.                 22.50

        Hill Publishing Co.                       18.81

        Miller Lock Co.                           75.00

        Eugene Dietzgen                            3.00

        Mining & Science Press                     3.00

        Nevada State Forum                        13.50

                                    Total      $3221.01

Upon motion it was decided that the next meeting of the Board

of Regents be held on Saturday, July 27th at 2:00 o'clock.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned to meet

at the call of the Chairman.

                             John Sunderland Jr.

                             Acting Chairman

Geo. H. Taylor