UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 3-4, 1909


Volume OD - Pages 142-144

                         Reno, Nevada

                         July 3, 1909

The Board of Regents met at their Office at 10 o'clock on Satur-

day, July 3, 1909.  There were present Regents Williams, Chairman

John Sunderland, A. A. Codd, and the President of the University,

who acted as Secretary Pro Tem.

The object of this meeting was to confer with the architect and

the heating engineer respecting certain extensions to the con-

tract of Messrs. Beebe and Wagner.

If the work and the price for the extension of the Heating Plant

across the valley on the cement piers is approved by the archi-

tect in writing, the Chairman of the Board of Regents was au-

thorized in the name of the Board to accept the contractor's bid.

The architect, the heating enginner, and Professor J. G. Scrugham

were authorized to consider the plans for putting in the electric

light and telephone wires underground, and, if they agree upon

and approve a plan and the bid of the contractors, Messrs. Beebe

and Wagner, is satisfactory, the Chairman of the Board of Regents

was authorized in the name of the Board to accept the contract as

to work and price.


                         STATE FUNDS

                                           Dr.             Cr.

    Central Heating Plant             $               $ 31,000.00

    Green House                                          5,000.00

    Manzanita Hall Annex & Equipment                    25,000.00

    Land Account                                         2,290.00

    Furnishing Biological Building                       4,000.00

    Library                                512.56

    Student Aid                                          5,000.00

    Salary Prof. Emeritus in English                     1,200,00

    Contingent University Fund          10,887.71       65,000.00

    Interest Account                                     8,000.00

    General Fund                                        52,000.00

    State Treasurer                    197,089.73

                             Total    $208,490.00     $208,490.00

    Washoe County Bank                $  1,791.50

    Mackay School of Mines Inst. Fund                 $  1,791.50

                 TRIAL BALANCE A & M COLLEGE

                        March 13, 1909

                         MORRILL FUND

    Apparatus                         $    123.52     $ 35,000.00

    Travelling Expense                      38.10

    Water, Fuel & Gas                      439.10

    Machinery & Tools                      181.03

    Stationery & Printing                   87.10

    Chemical Supplies                      769.72

    Freight & Express                       93.60

    Scientific Instruments               1,171.35

    General Fund                           693.67

    Text & Reference Books                 247.96

    Mechanical Supplies                    576.60

    Furniture & Fixtures                   130.90

    Laboratory Supplies                    698.59

    General Supplies                       450.77

    Salaries, P. & I.                   26,120.78

    Due from First National Bank, Elko     707.04

    Due from Washoe County Bank, Reno    2,470.71

    U. S. Appropriation                                 35,000.00

                             Total    $ 35,000.00     $ 35,000.00

No further business appearing, the Board of Regents adjourned

until Friday morning, September 3, 1909.

                             John Sunderland


Geo. H. Taylor