UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 2-3, 1953

Volume 6 - Page 430

                        July 2, 1953

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met for a lunch-
eon meeting at the Riverside Hotel on July 2, 1953.  Present:
Regents Hardy, Lombardi, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ross at 1:25 P.M.

Board of Examiners in the Basic Sciences

    Dr. Stout presented copy of a letter from Dr. J. E. Moose,
    Chairman of the Board, to Governor Russell which stated
    that Dr. Frank Richardson had asked to be relieved as a
    Board member on July 1, 1953.

    Upon recommendation of President Stout, Mr. Hardy moved that
    Dr. Cooney be appointed to fill the unexpired term of Dr.
    Richardson as a member of the Board of Examiners in the
    Basic Sciences.  The motion carried unanimously.

    Also upon the recommendation of President Stout, Mr. Hardy
    moved that Dr. Moose be reappointed to the Board, effective
    July 1, 1953 for a 3-year term.

Membership in Western College Association

    President Stout advised the Executive Committee that the
    University of Nevada had been extended an invitation to join
    the Western College Association as an Associate Member.  This
    Associate Membership will give the University of Nevada the
    right to attend its meetings, the right to vote and to re-
    ceive its publications.

    Upon recommendation of President Stout, Mr. Hardy moved that
    the University accept Associate Membership in the Western
    College Association in order to maintain and further good
    relationships with institutions of higher learning in Cali-
    fornia and Arizona.  The motion carried unanimously.

Bus Stands

    Permission has been requested by the City Bus Lines to place
    a bus stand on City property abutting University property.

    Upon the recommendation of President Stout, Mr. Hardy moved
    that the request of the City Bus Lines be granted, providing
    that the placing of the stand was in line with City Ordi-
    nances, and was not objectionable in any way.  Also that the
    stipulation be made that the stand would be removed at any
    time, after due notice from the University.  The motion
    carried unanimously.  The President was authorized to sign
    an agreement with the Bus Lines, in line with the above
    conditions, and if all other conditions were agreeable to
    the University Administration.

Mackay School of Mines

    After a discussion of the contemplated remodeling work to
    be done in the Mackay School of Mines, the University Ad-
    ministration was authorized to advertise for estimates of
    cost on the proposed remodeling, based on plans and speci-
    fications worked up by the Mackay School of Mines personnel.

The meeting adjourned.