UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
July 2-3, 1938

Volume 5 - Pages 218-219

                        July 2, 1938

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met Saturday
morning July 2nd, all members being present.  Chairman Ross

List No. 12, Regents Checks Nos. 78162 to 78177 inclusive for the
net sum of $56,148.12, and List No. 24, State Claims Nos. 38101
to 38117 inclusive for the net sum of $24,017.47, were approved
by the following vote:

    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Wingfield        Aye

Comptroller Gorman said that he had requested the meeting for 4

1.  It appeared there was fair prospect of obtaining the Civil
    Engineering and the Arts and Science buildings.  If these two
    buildings are approved by the government, the Governor thinks
    it would be well to divide work between two men rather than
    to have one architect draw the plans for both buildings.  The
    two would be almost imperative since building - if and when
    funds are granted - must be under way by January 1 and it
    will take at least 6 weeks to prepare the plans and specifi-

2.  It seems wise to secure a supervising engineer for the con-
    struction of the Hydraulics Laboratory.

3.  Copper roofs seem not so good on the buildings of our Campus
    but rather a continual source of grief.  For the new build-
    ings perhaps asbestos shingles might be used advantageously.

4.  The Regents may wish to approach the Washoe County delega-
    tion before the Alumni Association and the Blue Key and
    Student Body organizations begin circularizing the members
    of the Legislature prior to the calling of the Governor of
    a Special Session thereof to vote bonds for the State's
    share of the two proposed PWA buildings.

Professors Boardman and Boxby appeared before the Board.  Mr.
Boardman said that a government employee by the name of Fred
Scobey would be willing to come to our Campus and confer with
him about the equipment necessary for the Civil Engineering
building.  He knew that Mr. Scobey would do this gratis and
believed there would be no expense for Mr. Scobey's travel ex-
penses.  After a brief conference, it was the consensus that
Messrs. Boardman and Bixby should have Mr. Scobey consult with
them about the machinery to be installed and Mr. Bixby was
authorized to go to Stanford to see their new Engineering build-
ing, conceded to be the finest such building in the West, his
expenses to be covered by University Funds, as will be the
expenses of Mr. Scobey, if there should be expense incurred
which his government funds are not permitted to cover.

Mr. Alan Bible, President of the Alumni Association, and Mr.
David Goldwater, President of the Student Body and representative
of the Blue Key orgnization, appeared before the Committee to say
that they had talked to Mr. Robert A. Allen, State Officer of the
Planning Board for the PEA, and he and they had decided it would
be advantageous for the Alumni and the Student Body, working with
the approval of the Board of Regents, to circularize the members
of the Legislature to find out where they stood on the bonding
question, whether they would favor bonding the State for all 3
buildings or one for the first 2, prior to the calling of a Spe-
cial Session of the Legislature by the Governor.  Mr. Bible said
that mileage seemed to be the troublesome question in re. the
calling of this Special Session and he thought the Alumni could
and would gladly assume this feature of the expense by resident
Alumni in the towns having Legislators due for appearance in
Carson volunteer to drive them to and from Carson for the purpose
of the 1-day Special Session.  After a brief conference Judge
Brown suggested that when we get some assurance from the Govern-
ment that they will ear-mark the money for the construction of
one or more of these buildings on our Campus, the Committee will
again confer with Mr. Bible and Mr. Goldwater with a view to ap-
proving the plan outlined above and perhaps the phrasing of the
circular to be sent to the Legislators.  He thanked these two
gentlemen for their wholehearted spirit of cooperation as to a
further conference and in expressing their thanks to Mr. Bible
and Mr. Goldwater for their helpful attitude in this matter.

Under PWA regulations, 6% is the maximum allowed an architect and
1% only is allowed to cover supervision.  Mr. De Longchamps has
drawn the preliminary plans for both the Civil and the Arts and
Science buildings.  The State architect has been named in the
application for the Gymnasium as the architect for that building,
since it seems unlikely there will be grant of funds for this
building in the near future.  Mr. De Longchamps was the architect
for Mackay Science Hall and as the Arts and Science building is
the companion building and the more costly of the two prospective
buildings, it was decided to offer him the undertaking for the
Arts and Science building and to ask Mr. Russell Mills to prepare
plans and specifications for the Engineering building.

Mr. De Longchamps appeared before the Committee and agreed to ac-
cept this proffer with understanding that if no funds were forth-
coming for the erection of an Arts and Science building, he would
receive no compensation.  In addition to this, his preliminary
plans for the Civil Engineering building are to be available,
without cost, to Mr. Mills, who was next called.  Mr. Mills ac-
cepted the offer to prepare plans and specifications for the
Engineering building on the same understanding with reference to
no funds, no fee, as had previously been accepted by Mr. De Long-

The Committee accepted 5,000 shares of Grand Deposit Consolidated
Mines Inc. stock, covered in Certificate No. 1022, registered in
the name of the Board of Regents, University of Nevada, which was
presented by Mr. S. Frank Hunt as a further part of his Field
Foundation to the Mackay School of Mines, on condition that said
stock is non-assessable.  The certificate was given to Comptrol-
ler Gorman to place in the University's Safety Deposit Box.

Judge Brown read, for the information of the other Committee mem-
bers, a letter from Attorney Diskin in re. a partial distribution
of the Mary Bragg Fulton Estate, case to be heard before Court
July 8th, Judge Brown to appear as attorney for the University

The Chairman of the Board and the Comptroller of the University
were authorized to learn from Mr. T. W. Hunter, consulting Engi-
neer for Stanford University and for the University of California
at Berkeley and at Los Angeles, if he would be willing to serve
as supervisor of construction for the Engineering building and,
if so, on what percentage.  Any percentage over the 1% allowed
by the government is to be met from University Funds.

The matter of discussing University plans with members of the
Washoe County delegation prior to the general circularization
of the members of the Legislature by the Alumni-Student Body
representatives was taken under advisement, pending some indica-
tion of possibilities from Washington, D. C.


                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith