UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

July 2-3, 1909 


Volume OD - Pages 136-142

                         Reno, Nevada

                         July 2, 1909

The Regents met at their Office on Friday, July 2, 1909, at 9

o'clock A.M.  Present Regents Williams, Codd, Sunderland and

Sullivan, and President Stubbs.  Absent Regent Henderson.

The minutes of the meeting held June 5, 1909 read and, upon

motion, approved.

President Stubbs read his report as follows:

To the Honorable Board of Regents

    of the University of Nevada.


I herewith submit my report for the month ending June 30, 1909.

I nominate Mr. G. S. Paine, M. A., of the University of Chicago

to be Instructor in English at a salary of $100 per month be-

ginning the first of August, 1909.

I nominate Miss Helen Meighan to be Physical Director of Women

at a salary of $100 per month and a room in Manzanita Hall, be-

ginning the 15th of August, 1909.

You will remember some discussion with respect to the funds ap-

propriated by the several Legislatures to the University.  I

believe that the Governor and the Secretary of this Board took

the grounds that all of the appropriations to the University

lapsed or reverted on December 31, 1908.  I said that I thought

not, that there were certain funds that did not revert to the

State on December 31, just preceding the meeting of the Legis-


When I was in Carson recently I investigated this matter and

found that I was correct -- that the special appropriations made

by the Legislature lasted until they were used up by the Univer-

sity.  I herewith submit a letter from the State Controller show-

ing what funds reverted to the State December 31, 1908, and the

special appropriations which were continued.  I do not quite un-

derstand why the amount for repairs ($3,172.46) reverted to the

State; that is, I do not understand how it comes that we did not

use up this fund which we so much needed.


                              Carson City, Nevada, June 26, 1909

Dr. J. E. Stubbs

Dear Sir:

Enclosed find the following statement as per your request:

    Balances Reverted to the State December 31, 1908

    Support of University                           $    195.92

    Cement Walks                                         141.60

    Repairs                                            3,171.46

    Special Appropriations Balances as of December 31, 1908

    03/01/05 Building Dining Hall                   $     23.00

    03/02/05 Building M & M Laboratory Building           18.14

    03/02/05 M & M Equipment                             357.48

    02/07/08 Equipment & Furnishing Mackay Building    2,338.00

    03/13/09 Purchase of Land                          2,290.00

    03/24/09 Addition to Manzanita Hall               25,000.00

    03/25/09 State Hygienic Laboratory                 8,000.00

    Appropriations for 1909 and 1910 Only as of March 22, 1909

    Support                                         $125,000.00

    Heating Plant                                     31,000.00

    Student Aid                                        5,000.00

    Books for Library                                 10,000.00

    Professor Emeritus                                 1,200.00

    Furnish Biological Building                        4,000.00

    Construction of Greenhouse                         5,000.00

This seems to be all.


                         /s/ J. Eggers

                             State Controller

Under the special appropriations I have made claims for the

building of the Dining Hall, amounting to $23, and on the Mining

and Metallurgical Building Fund, amounting to $18.14, so as to

wipe these funds off the books.

During the last month I made addresses at the following high

school commencements -- Goldfield, Elko, Carson City.

I had expected that the architect and the heating engineer would

be here this morning.  Late last evening I received a telephone

message from Mr. Bliss that it would be impossible for them to

be here today, but that they would be here tomorrow.

I have been studying the question of how we should convey the

heating pipes across the valley to Manzanita Hall and at the

same time preserve the upper portion of the valley for a lake.

You will remember that we asked for an appropriation for a dam

of the last Legislature.  After conference it seemed advisable

to carry the pipes over upon a series of cement piers placed on

the site of the proposed dam.  This heating duct would be built

across the valley at a point about 200 feet south of Hatch Sta-

tion.  I have had an estimate made of what it would cost to con-

vey the heating pipes across the valley at this point, and Beebe

and Wagner will do this work complete for about $4,600.  The o-

riginal contract for the Heating Plant was $14,066.52.  I recom-

mend that the Regents examine this site very carefully and then

say whether they will approve or disapprove of this change.  I

sent the plans of this heating duct across the valley to Messrs.

Bliss and Faville, and Mr. Bliss said that he approved this

way of taking the heating pipes across the valley.  The plan is

furthermore to build the walk across the valley on the top of

these cement piers.  When they are built, it will cost but a

moderate sum to build the dam between the piers at this point.

I recommended that Miss Emma C. Henningsen to receive the Normal

diploma at our last meeting.  It seems however at the last moment

she failed in her examination in Mathematics.  Therefore we can-

not give her the diploma until she has made up that subject to

the satisfaction of the Academic Council.

The Regents will recall the discussion with the Honorary Board of

Visitors with regard to the State Normal School.  You will re-

member also a paragraph in the Investigating Committee's report

which said in effect that the Normal School was not meeting the

demands of the State.  There is a partial justification of this

criticism, but the fault does not lie with the University.  If

the Legislature would give us enough money to establish not only

the equipment of the teaching force but also to establish train-

ing schools we could, and would, gladly maintain a Normal School

of the best grade.  I think that the time has come for us to

take steps in this direction and therefore I submit the following

resolution for adoption by this Board.

    RESOLVED, that the President of the University and the

    faculty of the Normal School are hereby instructed to con-

    sider whether we should not establish a straight four year's

    course of instruction for our Normal students;

    SECOND, that after the consideration of this entire question

    by the President and the Normal School faculty, it shall be

    taken up by the Academic Council and then a report be made

    to the Board of Regents.

Dr. P. B. Kennedy for the Athletic Committee having in charge the

fitting up of the Mackay Field under Mr. Mackay's bequest report-

ed that there was no money for taking care of the field and the

Training Quarters after the 10th day of June.  Therefore, I have

said to him that the University would bear the expense of a jani-

tor for the Training Quarters until Mr. Mackay's visit when the

Athletic Field, the Grandstand and the Training Quarters will be

formally given by Mr. Mackay to the Board of Regents.

It has occurred to me and to several others that the Grandstand

could be made much more useful than simply to provide seating for

the visitors to the games held upon the Athletic Field.  It would

be possible to build a speaker's stand, that could be taken apart

and put away when not in use, that could be placed directly in

front of the Grandstand and from it on particular occasions ad-

dresses could be made to the audience seated in the Grandstand.

Or, on occasions, perhaps the Band could give an open air con-

cert especially during the Fall and Spring, to the people gath-

ered from the town and the students and seated upon the bleach-

ers.  What do the Regents think of this plan?

We did not advertise for bids with regard to putting in the

electric light and telephone cables.  I would suggest that when

the Regents meet tomorrow, we take up the discussion of the best

means of putting in these electric light and telephone cables

throughout the Campus, and then when we have agreed upon the plan

to consider whether there is money enough from this appropriation

to give the contract for the system complete.

I have placed an order with the Lord and Burnham Company of New

York through their Chicago Office for three Greenhouses for the

sum of $2,174 F. O. B. cars their factory Irvington, New York.

I have had some correspondence with Mr. W. G. Neimyer, General

Agent of the Union and Southern Pacific Companies, and he esti-

mates that the freight will cost us about $1,050.  The Greenhouse

material will be here about the first of September.

It may be practicable for the President to attend the Irrigation

Congress at Spokane and the meeting of the Association of Amer-

ican Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations at Portland.

The Governor would like very much to have a representative from

this State attend the Irrigation Congress.  If I decide to go

there will be no railroad fare to pay for me as I have passes

over all the leading roads to Portland and to Spokane.

I herewith submit a list of the claims from the State Funds and

from the Agricultural & Mechanical College Fund.

                    STATE FUNDS

    June Payroll                              $3,167.35

    June Payroll, Students                       239.35

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              68.00

    Peter Frandsen for R. Young                   16.00

    Peter Frandsen                               126.89

    Spencer Lens Company                         140.18

    Fred Stadtmuller                               8.00

    Ralph S. Minor                                75.00

    Ralph S. Minor                                30.90

    W. S. T. Smith                                14.55

    J. G. Scrugham                                11.00

    J. E. Stubbs                                  32.00

    Will U. Mackey                                25.00

    H. W. Hill                                     5.00

    J. G. Scrugham                                23.80

    W. S. T. Smith                                18.80

    H. P. Boardman                                16.90

    Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company          6.50

    Western Union Company                         10.53

    Nevada Forum                                   7.35

    A. E. Mc Carthy                                6.00

    The White Company                             13.00

    The White Company                             14.25

    Mott Stationery Company                       10.40

    Roy Mc Vicar                                  11.00

    W. B. Mack                                   185.00

    Gray, Reid & Wright                           10.25

    Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.              4.05

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              72.34

    Reno Mercantile Company                       26.60

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. for F. W. Cook  628.05

    D. Hill                                       45.00

    Richard Brown                                159.20

    William Wagner                                 2.00

    Nevada Forum                                   5.00

    Bliss and Faville                            421.75

    Nevada State Journal                          16.10

    Underwood & Underwood                         36.25

    Bausch & Lomb                                 11.90

    J. E. Stubbs                                    .48

    Bausch & Lomb                                  5.76

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              53.53

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              47.58

    J. E. Bray                                    39.25

    C. H. Stoelting                               42.35

    C. L. Brown                                    3.00

    Reno Evening Gazette                          16.00

    The White Company                             11.25

    Mott Stationery Company                         .70

    Mott Stationery Company                       15.25

    Mott Stationery Company                        1.60

    Laboratory & Guarantee Fund                  109.10

    Pioneer Iron Works                             6.50

    Pioneer Iron Works                             2.50

    J. E. Stubbs                                  69.25

    Katherine Lewers                               8.00

    Gray Reid & Wright                           257.50

    Eclipse Decorating Company                    23.00

    Reno Evening Gazette                          17.64

    W. W. Booher                                  29.40

    Riverside Hotel                               22.00

    G. P. Putnam & Sons                            3.35

    The Independent                                8.00

    National Conference                            2.60

    Romanzo Adams                                  5.00

    Mott Stationery Company                       21.45

    University Press                              17.50

    Richard G. Badger                              4.00

    Mc Graw Publishing Company                     7.25

    Library Bureau                                15.59

    Hill Publishing Company                       10.80

    Dodd, Mead & Company                           9.00

    G. E. Stechert & Company                       6.27

    American Institute of Mining Engineers         7.00

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              12.68

    A. C. Mc Cluyg & Company                       9.59

    Bennett's Magazine Agency                      5.50

    A. C. Mc Clury & Company                      30.17

    Bennett;s Magazine Agency                     99.65

    Mackay Building Fund                         405.35

    Eugene Schuler                               299.97

    Underwood Typewriter Company                  70.00

    F. M. Payne                                  225.00

    Reno Evening Gazette                           7.50

    Reno Evening Gazette                           2.75

    Athletic Field for C. P. Scroggins             8.00

    Union Lumber Company                          46.10

    Brownell Books Company                         5.50

    Reno Evening Gazette                          70.75

    Nevada State Journal                           7.50

    Peter Frandsen                                25.00

    Self & Sellman                                20.80

    Reno Power Light & Water Company             406.50

    George H. Taylor                             170.06

    George H. Taylor                             244.96

    Clock & Shea                               1,132.50

                                    Total     $9,926.52

                     A & M  Fund

    June Payroll                              $2,153.33

    Keuffel & Esser                               81.87

    The A. Leitz Company                          26.15

    Eugene Dietzgen Company                       93.30

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                   2.25

    W. L. Williams                                 8.00

    Department Agriculture & Animal Husbandry      2.25

    Reno Mercantile Company                       13.20

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              26.00

    Palace Dry Goods House                         5.70

    Central Scientific Company                    99.83

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                  19.00

    Porteous Decorating Company                    2.90

    Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company 35.70

    Central Scientific Company                    68.96

    Reno Mill & Lumber Company                    17.70

    Nevada Machinery & Supply Company              1.75

    The Geography Supply Bureau                  170.00

    Sol Levy                                       3.35

    P. Beveridge Kennedy                           4.20

    Self & Sellman                                11.30

    Reno Power Light & Water Company              44.35

    Reno Power Light & Water Company              18.80

    Reno Power Light & Water Company              26.40

    Reno Power Light & Water Company              27.30

    Reno Power Light & Water Company               6.30

    Reno Power Light & Water Company               4.30

    Geo. H. Taylor                                24.60

                                    Total     $2,898.79

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ J. E. Stubbs


Upon motion of Dr. Sullivan, seconded by Regent Codd, the

Scheeline Bank and Trust Company was given $7500 insurance upon

Manzanita Hall and $2500 on the furniture.

The deed of Mrs. Elizabeth Evans to the Regents for a piece of

land adjoining the Campus, of about 4 1/2 acres, was accepted,

the claim of $2290 in payment for same being allowed by the

Board May 1, 1909.

On motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Sullivan, the ap-

pointment of Miss Helen Meighan as Physical Director for Women

at a salary of $100 per month and board, to begin August 15,

1909, was approved.

On motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent Codd, the reso-

lution of President Stubbs in regard to the Normal School as set

forth in his report, was approved.

On motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Dr. Sullivan, the action

of President Stubbs in taking care of the Mackay Athletic Field

until Mr. Mackay comes here in the Fall was approved.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regents Sullivan

and Codd, the President was instructed to attend the Irrigation

Congress at Spokane and the Association of American Agricultural

Colleges and Experiment Stations at Portland in August.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Sullivan, the

appointment of Mr. G. S. Paine as Instructor in English at a

salary of $100 per month, beginning the first of August, 1909,

was approved.

No further business appearing, the Board took a recess until

Saturday morning, July 3, 1909.