UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

July 1-2, 1944 

Volume 5 - Pages 414-419

                       REGENTS MEETING
                        July 1, 1944

The meeting of the Board of Regents met in the President's office
on July 1, 1944.  Chairman Ross called the meeting to order at
9:00 A.M.  Present:  Regents Mc Namee, Sheerin, Sirkegian, Ross;
Acting President Gorman and Dr. Moseley.

Mr. Mc Namee moved that the minutes of the meeting of May 20,
1944 be approved.  All voted - aye.

Mr. Mc Namee moved that the claims for May, 1944, be approved as

    List No. 11, dated May 31, 1944, Regents Checks Nos. 34-208
        to 34-232 for a total of $70,586.54
    List No. 11, dated May 31, 1944, State Claims Nos. 34-155 to
        34-168 for a total of $27,367.43

Mr. Mc Namee moved that the claims for June, 1944 be approved as

    List No. 12, dated June 30, 1944, Regents Checks Nos. 34-233
        to 34-260 for a total of $82,339.74
    List No. 12, dated June 30, 1944, State Claims Nos. 34-169 to
        34-185 for a total of $32,146.49

All voted - aye.

Dr. J. R. Young and Miss Elsa Sameth, having rejected the Univer-
sity Retirement Plan in accordance with Sec. 2a, Chap. 99, Stat-
utes of Nevada, 1943, now indicate that they wish to accept.  The
Attorney General advises informally that, in his opinion, they
cannot now accept without an act of the Legislature extending the
time.  Mr. Sheerin moved that a bill be drawn by Dr. Gorman to be
approved by Mr. Mc Namee for introduction at the next session of
the Legislature extending the time for acceptance of the Univer-
sity Retirement Plan to July 1, 1945; and to advise the faculty.
All voted - aye.

Dr. Gorman reported that the amendment to the Rules and Regula-
tions for the administration of the University Retirement Plan
raising the retirement allotment from 25% to 33 1/3%, adopted
by the Board of Regents on May 20, 1944, had been approved by
the State Board of Examiners.  See minutes of the meeting of
May 20, 1944 for amendment.

Upon recommendation of Dr. Gorman, Mr. Mc Namee moved that the
minutes show that Professor A. E. Hill retired on July 1, 1944
at $100 per month under the retirement plan.  All voted - aye.

Referring to the bracketing of salaries for clerical help, Dr.
Gorman is studying State salary scales as well as those of
other Universities.  This report will be presented at a later
meeting of the Board.

Concerning the Layman property, Mr. Patterson's appraisal was
$7,000.  A bid for this property was opened by Chairman Ross
and found to be $4,000 from Eda L. and C. A. Carlson, Jr.  It
would be necessary to get $8,000 to handle the scholarship which
was granted by Mr. Layman year by year.  We could get $50 rent
per month from Mr. Fitz, the present tenant, provided certain
necessary repairs to the property are made.  Mr. Mc Namee moved
that we make these repairs, which would be paid out of the
Revolving Fund, the Revolving Fund to be reimbursed over a
period of two years, and that we ask permission to the Office
of Price Administration to allow us to increase the rent to
$50 per month; further, that steps be taken to secure legisla-
tive authority to sell the property.  All voted - aye.

Mr. Sheerin moved that the Library Committee be asked to study
the book by George Malone entitled, "Industrial West Foundation"
to see if it is worthwhile to have this book for our Library,
the cost being $100 for the book and $100 each year for supple-
ments.  All voted - aye.

Dr. Gorman read a letter from Miss Bonnie Yater, a Junior student
at the University of Nevada, requesting exemption from out-of-
state tuition.  This case had been presented at the meeting of
the Board on September 26, 1942, and it was the sense of the
Board that no new evidence was being presented at this time and
that the evidence as already presented does not come within the
law granting exemption from out-of-state tuition.

Mr. Sheerin moved that the Board inform Mrs. Hartman that the
University is in a position to and will accept the bequest in the
Will of the late Leon Hartman; this letter was made a part of the
minutes of the meeting of the Board on May 20, 1944.  All voted -

Upon recommendation of Mrs. Marsh, Dr. Gorman recommended and
Mr. Sirkegian moved that Mrs. Rawles be appointed as Residential
Hall Hostess for 9 months at $125 per month beginning September,
1944.  All voted - aye.

The Committee on Scholarships and Prizes had expected to have the
Beam Estate for awards to incoming Freshman students.  It devel-
oped that this fund is not available at the present time because
of legal difficulties.  The Will did not state clearly whether
this money was intended to be used as loans or as outright gifts.
Claron Spencer, Trust Officer of the Zions Bank and Trust Company
of Salt Lake City, states that the latest opinion is that the
money can be used as gifts.  Dr. Gorman would like the Scholar-
ship Committee to take a definite proposition to the Trust Of-
icer, in order to bring the matter to a focus.  If we can get
the Beam Scholarships for gifts, we do not need so much of the
Dimmitt Endowment for awards to incoming Freshmen.  Mr. Sirkegian
moved that the President, the Vice President and the Chairman of
the Scholarship Committee proceed as they see fit and report at
the next meeting of the Board.  All voted - aye.

Dr. Gorman read a letter from Miss Thompson stating that Mrs.
Daryl Johnson, Loan Desk Assistant, was resigning, effective
October 1, 1944, and that Mrs. Alene De Ruff, Loan Desk Assistant
would be absent for 2 more months because of a major operation;
she has already taken one month off.  Miss Thompson asked that
the money saved in salaries in the Library be used for the pur-
chase of books or divided among the 3 remaining members of the
staff.  Dr. Gorman recommended that we pay the Library staff for
what they do.  The sense of the Board was that this matter should
be left for the new President.

Dr. Gorman presented the matter of paying faculty salaries in 12
monthly installments in cases where service is given for a 9 or
10 month period each year.  It was the sense of the Board that
the President and Comptroller present a definite recommendation
at the next meeting of the Board.

Dr. Gorman presented the report of the Honorary Board of Visitors
for discussion.  Mr. Mc Namee moved that this report be made a
part of the Regents' Biennial report for the period July 1, 1942
to June 30, 1944.  All voted - aye.

Dr. Gorman presented a letter from Dean Wood requesting that dur-
ing the leave of absence of Dr. Laird:

1.  Dr. Robert Hume be made Acting Head of the Department of
2.  Dr. Muriel J. Hughes be made Assistant Professor of English
    for one year at a salary of $2500-2600.

The matter of an Acting Head for the Department of English was
left to Dr. Moseley.  Mr. Sirkegian moved that the recommendation
concerning the appointment of Dr. Hughes for one year at a salary
of $2600 be approved.  All voted - aye.

Dr. Gorman thanked the members of the Board for their cooperation
and backing and also for the honor bestowed upon him at Commence-
ment.  Dr. Gorman stated that he felt that any success which he
may have had is due to the wonderful cooperation which he has
received from the Regents and faculty.

Mr. Sirkegian expressed the appreciation of the Board for the
work done by Dr. Gorman as Acting President, stating that the
feeling throughout the State is that Dr. Gorman was the logical
man to take over the business of the University until a permanent
selection could be made for the President.  The Regents expressed
deep appreciation for the way the University had progressed in
the past year.  Mr. Ross stated that as far as the Board is con-
cerned, if there was ever a Doctor's Degree awarded to anyone who
deserved it, it was awarded to Dr. Gorman.

Dr. Gorman presented the following for the information of the

1.  The gift of a flag from Mrs. D. Neill of Reno, Nevada.  The
    flag was on the casket of her husband, who was a veteran of
    the First World War.

2.  Letter about the conduct of Army personnel while the two
    Army training programs were being conducted on the University
    Campus.  Not one case of venereal disease had been reported
    nor any incident involving a woman student, either among the
    student personnel or the cadre stationed here.

3.  The University of Nevada had been awarded a Certificate of
    Service Award by the Army Air Force Training Command for
    meritorious service in training Army Air Force Cadets during
    World War II.

4.  He has appointed a committee on Special Services for War
    Veterans and has made Dean Wood Chairman.  Duties for this
    Committee are as follows:

    a.  To study the needs of the returning veteran.

    b.  To inform him of the various services of the University
        and to advise him in matters of educational aim and ad-

    c.  To help him to find among existing curricula the one
        which will best satisfy his purpose, and to assist in
        making such adjustments therein as may be desired by
        the student and accepted by the College or Department
        in question.

    d.  To administer the educational program of those veterans
        whose special needs are not satisfied by existing cur-

5.  Two letters from the U. S. Treasury Department concerning tax
    exemption of the University.  Mr. Mc Namee moved that the
    correspondence be included in the minutes of this meeting, as

                                            June 10, 1944

        Mr. C. H. Gorman
        c/o University of Nevada
        Reno, Nevada

        Dear Mr. Gorman:

        Reference is made to the affidavit submitted by you
        relative to the status of the University of Nevada for
        Federal income tax purposes.

        The case arose under the name of Board of Regents, Uni-
        versity of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, in connection with the
        audit of the organization's 1941 return and as it ap-
        peared that this was a different organization from the
        University of Nevada, in Bureau letter of April 12, 1944,
        the organization was requested to furnish information
        necessary to the determination of its status.

        The evidence submitted shows that the Board of Regents,
        University of Nevada and the University of Nevada are
        one and the same organization, that it is an instru-
        mentality of the State of Nevada, that it was held ex-
        empt in Bureau ruling of July 18, 1941, addressed to
        University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, and that contribu-
        tions thereto are deductible by individual donors in
        arriving at their taxable net income.

        Accordingly, no further action is necessary with respect
        to the status of the organization for Federal income tax

        A copy of the ruling is herewith enclosed.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ Norman D. Cann
                             Deputy Commissioner
                             by L. K. Sunderlin
                                Chief of Section

                                            July 18, 1944

        University of Nevada
        Reno, Nevada


        Reference is made to your status for Federal income tax
        purposes, the question having been raised in connection
        with a gift to you.

        It appears from the evidence submitted that you were
        created by authority of the State Constitution of Nevada
        and pursuant to certain Acts of your State Legislature.
        It is apparent that you are an instrumentality of the
        State of Nevada functioning for essential governmental
        and public purposes.  You are exempt from Federal income
        tax and are not required to file returns of income.

        Contributions to you are deductible by individual donors
        in arriving at their taxable net income in the manner and
        to extent provided by Section 23(o)(1) of the Internal
        Revenue Code and the corresponding provisions of prior
        revenue acts.

        The status of your organization for Federal gift tax
        purposes will be made the subject of a separate com-

        The collector of Internal Revenue for your district is
        being advised of this action.

        By direction of the Commissioner.


                         /s/ T. Mooney
                             Deputy Commissioner

6.  Dean Wood has been appointed Chairman of the committee to
    plan the inauguration of Dr. Moseley.

7.  Letters of appreciation from the following:

    Fred Fink, V. E. Spencer, Jeanette C. Rhodes, Adelaide M.
    Steiner, Phyllis Schumacher, V. E. Scott, W. B. Adams,
    Esther Romano and Alice Terry, for salary increases.

    Georgiana Hicks, E. F. Carville, for flowers.

    Mrs. Hartman for the use of the house.

    P. G. Auchampaugh for action in regard to publication of his

Induction of Dr. Moseley.  Dr. Moseley stated that he had receiv-
ed a copy of the resolution as recorded in the minutes of the
meeting of January 7-8, 1944, and that he understood the terms.
Chairman Ross stated that the Board insisted that there be no
confusion between policy making and administration.  The Board
feels that it should be consulted before definite commitments
are made.  Dr. Moseley expressed his appreciation for the con-
fidence of the Board in bringing him here and stated that every-
thing had been done to make his coming pleasant.  He said that he
wanted to succeed and to make this a great University and that
he would faithfully carry out the policies of the Regents.

The Board had already authorized financial assistance to Dr.
Moseley in the matter of moving.  Mr. Sheerin moved that the
Comptroller be authorized to pay to Dr. Moseley the expenses
incurred in moving to Nevada upon presentation of a statement
from Dr. Moseley which bears the approval of the Chairman of the
Board.  All voted - aye.

Dr. Gorman estimated that $1500 would be required for painting,
papering and renovating the President's house (no remodeling).
Mr. Mc Namee moved that the Comptroller be authorized to proceed
with this work.  All voted - aye.

Dr. and Mrs. Moseley were instructed to outline improvements
which may be done from time to time as opportunity permits and
to submit this list to the Board.

Chairman Ross appointed a committee as follows to draw up reso-
lutions on the death of Mrs. Wardin:  Mr. Mc Namee, Chairman,
Mr. Sheerin and Mr. Sirkegian.  These resolutions are to be made
part of the minutes of the Board and copies are to be sent to
relatives of Mrs. Wardin.

Upon recommendation of Chairman Ross, Mr. Sirkegian moved that a
committee appointed to revise the Bylaws of the Board of Regents
and Regulations of Faculty of the University of Nevada.  All
voted - aye.  Mr. Ross appointed the President, Vice President
and Regent Mc Namee to comprise the committee.

Dr. Moseley asked Dr. Gorman to give a resume of the meeting of
High School Principals at the University.  The conference was
held on June 15th and 16th at the request of Dean Traner.  A
questionnaire was prepared and mailed to all High School Princi-
pals.  The result of this conference will be closer cooperation
between the High Schools and the University.  The group expressed
themselves as being opposed to having a vocational training set-
up which would be under a new appointive board.  A committee has
been named to study these different matters.  The cost of the
conference to the University was $250 this year; from now on the
conference will be held at the expense of the conference members.

Dr. Gorman opened up for a discussion by the Regents, the subject
of the Mackay School of Mines and stated that, in his opinion,
the School of Mines should be featured in every way possible
and that the name "Mackay" should be made permanent and kept
identified in the public mind with the School of Mines.  Dr.
Gorman exhibited a diploma of graduation with the graduate degree
on which the "Mackay School of Mines" was printed and the diploma
was signed by the Director of the School.  Dr. Gorman stated that
the State Bureau of Mines and the State Analytical Laboratory
should eventually be under the supervision of the Director of the
Mackay School of Mines.  These Departments are at the present
time housed in the Mackay School of Mines building.

After a short discussion as to whether or not it would be in
order for the present members of the Board of Regents to suggest
to the Governor the type of person who might be appointed to
fill the vacancy left by the death of Mrs. Anna Wardin, it was
agreed that Mr. Mc Namee be named to pass the word to the Gover-
nor that an agriculturalist from this area would fit into the
present organization very well.

The meeting adjourned at 12:45 with the understanding that the
next meeting will be held September 9, 1944.