UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 29-30, 1895


Volume OC - Pages 74-78

                       Reno, Nevada

                      June 29, 1895

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Regents was held at

their Office on Saturday, June 29, 1895 at 8:45 A.M.  Present:

W. E. F. Deal, H. S. Starrett and H. L. Fish.

Minutes of the meetings held April 24, May 15 and June 6 were

read and approved.

The monthly report of the President of the University was sub-

mitted and ordered spread upon the minutes as follows:

                                        June 29, 1895

To The Honorable

The Board of Regents

Nevada State University


     I have the honor to submit my report for the month of June.

     The building operations have gone forward with reasonable

dispatch.  The basement story of Lincoln Hall is completed and

work has begun upon the first story.  The Faculty Committee have

received plans for the Gymnasium and are having estimates made

of the cost of erection.  The Committee expect to have the

building under way within a few days.  I submit the plans for

your inspection and approval.  Improvements in and about the

building have gone forward under the supervision of Superinten-

dent Brown.  According to a suggestion of the Regents, approved

by the President of the Board, the upper floor of Morrill Hall

has been rearranged so as to give the Commercial School

additional room, and so as to provide a room for Mechanical


     I recommend that the Chemical Laboratories be placed in the

third floor of the Mining building.  This change will increase

Laboratory facilities of the University and largely decrease

the expense of maintaining them.  I explained the detailed plan

orally to the Board.

     I recommend that the basement floor of Morrill Hall, now

occupied by the Qualitative Chemical Laboratory and the Armory,

be used for a Study Room for boys, similar to the rooms at the

west side of the same floor used as a Study Room for girls.

     Mr. Brooking called up early in the month to protest the

injury that may befall him in case the University handled all

College books.  I recommend that the President be permitted to

arrange to place the books in Brooking's store as depository

and allow him a commission of ten percent for selling them, he

to give bond in twice the amount of goods or money that may come

into his hands.

     I have made important changes with respect to the purchase

of supplies which I herewith explain to the Board.

     The outstanding warrants in the Agricultural College Fund

for May and June are $2383.34, as against about $3350.00 last

year at this time, a decrease of from $900 to $1000.

     I recommend the approval of my appointment of Associate

Professor Church to the Professorship of the Latin Language and

Literature at the usual salary.  Instructor C. P. Brown desires

to remain as Instructor of Mineralogy and Assistant to Professor

Jackson and asks a small advance in salary.

     I recommend the transfer of the Library to Room 6 for

reasons orally given.

     I have the honor to remain,

                              Your Obedient Servant,

                                      J. E. Stubbs


The hour arrived, 10 A.M., Saturday June 29, 1895 to open the

bids for the construction of a Girls Dormitory building.  Regent

Deal moved, seconded by Regent Starrett, that the Board proceed

to open bids as follows:

     Burke Bros. with Certified Check $500    $10,575.00

     Andrew Patterson with Certified Check     11,270.00


     Geo. E. Holesworth with Certified Check   11,280.00


Regent Deal offered the resolution which was seconded by Regent


     WHEREAS none of the bids offered for building the Girls

     Dormitory are within the amount appropriated by the

     Legislature for the purpose of erecting said dormitory,

     RESOLVED that all bids be rejected and the certified checks

     released to the bidders.

Burke Bros. appeared before the Board and offered to erect the

proposed Girls Dormitory as follows:

     We offer to furnish all labor and materials and construct

     the proposed Girls Dormitory building at the University

     grounds according to plans and specifications on file with

     the President of the University excepting therefrom plumbing

     and heating apparatus for the sum of Seven Thousand Five

     Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars $7575.00.  Dated June 29,

     1895.  Signed Burke Bros.

On motion, it was ordered that contract be entered into with

Burke Bros. doing business under the name of James and Peter

Burke to construct the Girls Dormitory building as per plans and

specifications for the sum of $7575.00, the building to be

completed by November 1, 1895.  Contractors to execute a bond

in the sum of $5000 with five approved securities qualifying

for $1000 each.  Conditioned for the performance of the

contract payments to be made in the following installments:

     $2750 on the completion of the walls of first story

     $2750 on the completion of second story and roof on

     Balance of $2075.00 when the building is finished and

     accepted by the Board of Regents.

On motion, Dr. J. E. Stubbs was appointed to attend the annual

convention of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations to

be held in Denver, Colorado from July 10 to 16th, 1895.

On motion of Regent Deal, the following recommendations in the

President's monthly report were adopted as follows:

     To remove both Libraries to Room 6 in Morrill Hall.

     To remove the Chemical Laboratories to the third floor of

     the Mining building.

     That the basement floor of Morrill Hall be used for a Study

     Room for the boys.

     The President was authorized and may deposit the School

     books in C. J. Brooking store as a depository and allow

     him a commission of ten percent over actual cost for selling

     them.  Brooking to give a bond for $2000 conditioned for the

     safe keeping and proper returns of said books.

     To the appointment of Associate Professor J. E. Church to

     the Professorship of Latin Language and Literature and

     that his salary be increased to $1800.00 per annum from

     September 1, 1895.

On motion, it was ordered that R. Ryland be allowed Five Thousand

Dollars account contract of Boys Dormitory Hall.

Claims for the month of June were presented and allowed as


     Agricultural & Mechanical College Fund

         Salaries Payroll August                 $1366.67

     Contingent University Fund

         Instructors Salaries  Payroll             394.16

         Janitors Salaries Payroll                  20.00

         Secretary of Board                         25.00

         Students Labor                            437.00

         J. E. Stubbs                              225.00

         R. D. Jackson                              62.50

         W. E. F. Deal                              10.00

         S. Levy & Bros.                            17.45

         Reno Water L & L Co.                      151.25

         A. A. Manning                               9.40

         A. A. Manning                              17.45

         Reno Mercantile Co.                        77.94

         Geo. H. Taylor                             17.54

         Geo. H. Taylor                              5.22

         Geo. H. Taylor                              7.65

         F. A. Lierne                                9.25

         Revere Rubber Co.                          53.50

         Student Record                             32.50

         C. J. Brooking                             12.60

         Mrs. E. M. Jameson                          5.00

         Reno M & L Co.                             93.15

         Kohler and Chase                            9.46

         Nev Bell Tel Co.                            3.00

         J. E. Church Jr.                            7.00

                                        Total    $1702.82

     Building Fund Boys Hall

         Payroll Students Cutting Stone             81.00

         Reno Mort Cement                          254.40

         Reno Mort Sewer Pipes                     261.26

         Va Enterprises Ad Bids                      6.00

         Wicca Silver State Ad Bids                  5.00

         R. Ryland                                5000.00

         Morning Appeal                              7.50

         Percy & Hamilton                          250.00

                                        Total    $5865.16

No further business coming before the Board, it was moved and

carried to adjourn to August 24th unless sooner called together

by the President of the Board.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor