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Monday, June 28, 1999

Members Present: Dr. Jill Derby, Chair Mr. Mark Alden
Mrs. Thalia Dondero
Dr. Tom Kirkpatrick
Mr. Howard Rosenberg
Mr. Steve Sisolak
Mr. Tom Wiesner

Members Absent: Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher
Mr. Douglas Roman Hill
Mr. David Phillips
Mr. Doug Seastrand

Others Present: Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes
General Counsel Tom Ray
Assistant General Counsel Brooke Nielsen
Personnel Analyst Judy Sambrano
Board Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Chair Derby called the special meeting of the Board of Regents to order at 3:05 p.m. with all members present except Regents Gallagher, Hill, Phillips, and Seastrand.

1. Approved Appointment, Interim Secretary of the Board – The Board approved the appointment of an Interim Secretary of the Board. After consultation with System Administration staff and discussion with the Board Secretary Search Committee, Howard Rosenberg, Chair of the Committee, presented the committee’s recommendation.

Mr. Rosenberg reported that the committee discussed funding issues. Salary savings from the current Secretary of the Board will be non-existent until September 16, 1999, as the incumbent will be on annual leave and receiving full salary until that time. Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes told the committee that any salary paid to an interim should come from the same salary source (State funding) as the current salary and that salary savings from any State funded position may be used. In the absence of those savings, salary would be paid from the self-supporting budget. Mr. Rosenberg stated the committee recommended the appointment of Ms. Suzanne Ernst as Interim Secretary of the Board with a 10% increase in salary as she will also retain her duties as Deputy to the Chancellor for External Affairs.

Mr. Alden moved approval of the appointment of Interim Secretary of the Board with a 10% increase in salary. Mrs. Dondero seconded.

Mr. Wiesner asked what affect the 10% increase would have to Ms. Ernst’s salary, with Mr. Rosenberg responding that Ms. Ernst currently earned approximately $91,000. The 10% increase would move her salary up to approximately $101,000. Mr. Wiesner asked about the salary of the existing Board Secretary, with Mr. Rosenberg responding that the current Board Secretary earned approximately $86,000. Mr. Wiesner commented that Ms. Ernst already earned more money than the current Board Secretary did. Mr. Rosenberg acknowledged that it was true, but that she would be taking on additional duties. Mr. Wiesner asked whether Ms. Ernst would be an applicant, with Mr. Rosenberg responding that his question had no bearing on the motion. Mr. Alden commented that a statewide search would be conducted. Dr. Derby added that out-of-state applicants would also be accepted. Mr. Wiesner suggested separating the issues in the motion.

Mr. Alden withdrew his motion. Mrs. Dondero withdrew her second.

Mr. Alden moved approval of the appointment of Ms. Suzanne Ernst as Interim Secretary of the Board effective July 1, 1999. Mrs. Dondero seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Wiesner asked about the duration of the 10% increase in salary, with Mr. Rosenberg responding the increase would continue until the successful completion of the search for a replacement. Mrs. Dondero clarified that Ms. Ernst would be filling two positions. Mr. Rosenberg stated that Ms. Ernst did not request the raise, but that it was consistent practice to do so. Mr. Wiesner stated he did not feel that Ms. Ernst would be able to do all of the work required of both positions. Dr. Kirkpatrick agreed. Ms. Sambrano stated that a 10% increase is consistent practice for employees taking on duties above and beyond their normal duties assigned.

Upon a roll call vote the motion failed. Regents Alden, Derby, Dondero, Rosenberg, and Sisolak voted yes. Regents Kirkpatrick and Wiesner voted no. Regents Gallagher, Hill, and Seastrand were not present.

General Counsel Tom Ray related that the Bylaws state that in order to pass an affirmative action the motion must pass with six votes and that the Board still needed to determine a salary.

Mr. Wiesner moved approval of retaining Ms. Ernst’s present salary of $91,394.00 per year. Mr. Rosenberg seconded.

Mr. Sisolak questioned not providing Ms. Ernst with any salary supplement. Dr. Kirkpatrick stated that the present salary was sufficient and that it was only a temporary assignment. Dr. Kirkpatrick indicated he hoped that Ms. Ernst would apply for the position, but that he wanted to avoid any controversy. Mr. Rosenberg commented that when increasing the present workload a 10% increase would not be unexpected. Mr. Sisolak asked again about no salary supplement. Mr. Wiesner stated that he felt none was necessary as Ms. Ernst would only allow a certain amount of time for each position. He stated that he felt she would do the best job she was able to, but that there were limited hours in a day.

Motion carried.

2. Public Comment – None.


3. New Business – None.


The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.


Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board