UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 28-29, 1984


Pages 107-132



June 28, 1984

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Board Room,

Thomas and Mack Events Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

President-Elect George Hidy, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs John Clevenger (TMCC),

Diane Dietrich (Unit), Richard French (DRI), Myrlene La Mancusa

(UNLV), Robin Nelson (CCCC), Bus Scharmann (WNCC), Joan Zenan

(UNR), and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 10:25


1. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held May

17-18, 1984, and the special teleconference meeting

held May 23, 1984.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the following Extensions of Leave Without Pay

at TMCC, UNLV and UNR:


Approved a 2nd year leave of absence without pay for

Eugene Hillygus for School Year 1984-85. This will

enable Mr. Hillygus to continue his work with Inter-

national Exchange students.


Approved an extension of leave of absence without pay

for Professor K. M. Rangaswamy, so that he may have a

2nd year on leave.


Approved a renewal of 0.5 FTE leave without pay for

Professor Edgar Kleiner of the Department of Biology,

for the calendar year 1985 so that he may continue

administration of the Wilbur D. May Arboretum and

Museum at Rancho San Rafael.

(4) Approved Ms. Judy Ferraro as a member of the CCCC Foun-

dation Board of Trustees. She is a grduate of CCCC who

has served as an outstanding President of the Student

Body, and is now a Field Underwriter for the New York

Life Insurance Company.

(5) Approved the Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17,

Section 8.2, UNLV Student Fee Refund Policy, which is

to adopt a refund policy similar to that which has

been in place at UNR since 1982. This would simplify

the refund policy, and it would also make it easier to

administer. UNLV's estimate is that the effect on

total revenue would be negligible. See Ref. C-5, filed

in the Regents Office.

(6) Approved the Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 15,

Section 4.3 and 4.4, Medical School concerning adding

new language to the residency regulations for clarifi-

cation. It is amended as follows:

3. For the purposes of determining tuition, a

student who, at the date of matriculation as de-

fined in Section 2(5) of this chapter is and has

been a bona fide resident of the State of Nevada

for at least six (6) months prior thereto, shall

be classified as in in-state student.

4. An applicant for admission to the University of

Nevada School of Medicine who has been a bona fide

resident of the State of Nevada for at least six

(6) months prior to the last day for filing an ap-

plication for admission to the School (November 1

of each year) shall be classified as a Nevada resi-

dent for the purposes of being considered for ad-

mission to the University of Nevada School of


(7) Approved the reduction in the special music fees at

UNLV for Music 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 461, 462, 463,

464, 465, 466, 467, 468, 560, 561, 562, 563, 564, 566,

567 and 568, which is currently approved at $75 per

credit hour to be changed to $75 per 2 credit hours

and that the special fee for Music 160 be changed from

$100 per credit hour to $100 per 2 credit hours; there-

fore, causing a reduction in fee.

This request was made to allow students taking applied

music courses to continue paying the same fee per clock

hour even though an adjustment has been made in the

credit hours allocated for the course. The reason for

the adjustment in credit hours is to align the UNLV

Music Department with the majority of other music de-

gree granting institutions across the country who are

offering professional music training. The curriculum

committees of the College of Arts and Letters and the

University have already approved the changes in credit.

(8) Approved the Parking and Traffic Regulations at UNR,

see Ref. C-8, filed with the permanent minutes.

(9) Approved the Right of Way for Nevada Bell at the S-S

(S-Bar-S) Ranch, College of Agriculture, UNR.

From a program perspective, Nevada Bell's request will

have no impact. The S-S property concerned lies east

of the Truckee River. Access to his property is very

limited. No future plans for expansion or development

of any kind include the property in question.

Upgrading the phone service will be of considerable

benefit to the ranch and allow expanded service to

accommodate student and management needs.

Ms. Del Papa moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and

approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

2. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Robert Bersi reported on the following events of

concern to the System:

A. Chancellor Bersi requested acceptance by the Board of a

$1 million endowment, which will become part of the

University of Nevada System Endowment Pool and is desig-

nated for the benefit of the University of Nevada School

of Medicine. The gift was pledged in 1968 by the late

H. Edward Manville, Jr., a well-known Nevada philan-

thropist. Dean Robert Daugherty has suggested estab-

listing the School's first endowed faculty Chair, sup-

port for research, or use in capital improvement plans.

Mr. Manville was Chairman of the Medical School's Ad-

visory Board from 1971 until his death in 1982. During

that time he worked very closely with Edna Brigham in

the development of the School of Medicine's physical


Following the death last month of Mr. Manville's sister,

Mrs. Estelle Ekstrand, steps were initiated to arrange

for the early transfer of the funds from the Morgan

Guaranty Trust Company of New York to the Endowment Pool

under the control of the Board of Regents.

B. The University of Nevada System Board of Regents and the

Nevada Commission on Economic Development held a joint

meeting June 15, 1984, to discuss a mutual concern: the

role of higher education in the State's economic diver-

sification efforts.

Presentations by Campus Presidents and their spokesmen

outlined efforts now under way to train workers who will

benefit Nevada's growing economy. One message was clear

in those presentations: a substantial investment of new

capital and human resources is essential if UNS is to

continue its commitment to a full partnership with

Nevada as the state enhances its economic environment.

The Economic Development Commission awarded UNS a

$75,000 contract to study ways Nevada can expand its

economy. The contract was made possible through $50,000

provided by the State of Nevada, and $25,000 provided by

the Lincoln Land Institute.

The money will be spent as follows:

UNLV Center for Business & Economic Research $24,400

UNR Bureau of Business & Economic Research 33,500

UNR Nevada Public Affairs Institute 12,000

Independent Analyst (critique after hearings) 5,000

The following 11 areas of State and local resources will

be examined: tax policies, regulatory policies, infra-

structure systems, development finance, housing, minori-

ty business development programs, education facilities,

labor forces, climate and related service industries.

These findings will be presented to the Nevada Commis-

sion on Economic Development by September 3, 1984. Re-

gional public hearings will be held in October and

November and a final review will be held by December 1,

1984. The findings will then be presented to the Gov-

ernor and the Legislature in January, 1985.

C. The Board of Regents and the Economic Development Com-

mission agreed unanimously to develop an organized,

grass roots effort to lobby for new financial resources

for engineering education: to earmark a federal tax

rebate exclusively for education. Ms. Del Papa spear-

headed this move in the 1983 Legislative Session.

The funds, estimated by Commission Executive Director

Andy Grose, to total $3-6 million yearly, could be used

to pay off State bonding indebtedness incurred by con-

struction of an Engineering and Computer Science College

building located at UNLV.

Presently, Nevada is the only state in the Union which

doesn't collect a rebate from federal estate taxes.

Federal law allows states to pick up about 16% of the

tax the federal government collects on estates.

In addition to the $75,000 contract to UNS, the Eco-

nomic Development Commission is contributing $30,000

to $60,000 Nevada Development Authority campaign to pro-

mote Nevada in the business world and to study the eco-

nomic impact of an Engineering School at UNLV.

D. Chancellor Bersi reported that cooperative efforts are

becoming the hallmark of this Board.

Mrs. Whitley serves as a member of the Governor's Com-

mission on Educational Excellence.

During the past year the Board of Regents have met

jointly twice with the Nevada State Board of Education

-- the first time in the history of either Board that

such joint discussions have formally taken place.

Out of these joint meetings the Joint Council on College

Preparation, co-Chaired by Mrs. Sheerin, has published

Making High School Count, which is predicted to become

a basic tool in counseling Nevada high school students

for College. The Joint Council on Vocation Education,

co-Chaired by Mrs. Kenney, is now working on recommenda-

tions for Nevada students planning careers in vocational

trades. The Board of Regents and the Nevada State Board

of Education are now considering a third joint council

to study teacher preparation.

Mrs. Gallagher expressed her support for continued co-

operation between the two Committees.

E. Chancellor Bersi presented to the Board members a copy

of Newspapers of Nevada: A History and Bibliography,

1854-1979, which was published by the University of

Nevada Press. He reported that 1983-84 fiscal year was

a good year for the University Press with 8 books and

1 art portfolio published, and sales income up 12.5%

over the previous year. The Press plans for the new

fiscal year the publication of 10 new books, including

3 volumes in the Fleischmann Great Basin Series and a

new edition of The Nevada Constitution.

Within the past year the Press also profited by an eval-

uation visit by Dr. David Gilbert, Director of the Uni-

versity of Nebraska Press and past President of the

Association of American University Presses.

Mrs. Fong moved to accept the Chancellor's Report and to

accept the $1 million gift for the Endowment Pool at the

School of Medicine. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

3. Emergency Item: Main Station Field Laboratory Lease, UNR

President Crowley requested an emergency item regarding a

land lease, located at the UNR Main Station Field Laboratory

subject to exact terms to be reviewed and approved by Gen-

eral Counsel and the Chancellor.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Mo-

tion carried.

The Purity Utilities Company earlier received permission

to drill a test well on University property at the UNR Main

Station Field Laboratory. The purpose of the test well is

to determine whether the site might be utilized to help

provide water that meets public health standards to users

in the Hidden Valley area, serviced by Purity Utilities.

Testing thus far shows promise of meeting this objective.

Purity Utilities has expressed an interest in negotiating

with the University a lease covering the small parcel of

land (approximately 20' by 20') at the site and access to

the site. Because of constraints imposed by the compliance

schedule set by the State and County Health Departments,

immediate action is necessary concerning the proposed lease.

Purity Utilities will transfer its water rights to the new

location. The University will not lose any water rights and

will be held harmless of any liabilities. Given the long

term water quality difficulties experienced by service to

the community the proposed lease will provide, the action

would serve a clear public interest purpose.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the land lease subject to re-

view and approval by General Counsel. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried. Mrs. Gallagher abstained because her son

is the engineer of the project.

4. Report on the UNS 1985-87 Budget Parameters

Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks reported on the 1985-87 budget

parameters. He requested approval of amendments to the Base

Budget and the UNS Priorities as contained in Ref. H, filed

with the permanent minutes.

Vice Chancellor Sparks, in explaining the amendments, re-

lated that the first amendment is to remove Item C of the

Base Budget, which states, "Adjusting support services to

'catch up' with the growth that has occurred in the last

two bienniums; i. e., library services, admissions and

records, counseling and guidance, and business center

services. This is not an expansion of programs or estab-

lishment of new programs." This deletion will strengthen

the credibility of the Base Budget in that the only new

positions in the Base Budget will be those associated with

student/faculty ratios and enrollment growth.

The second amendment is to replace Item 2 on the Priorities

List as contained in Ref. H, and to add to the salary pri-

ority "part-time instructors and graduate assistants" to

Item 1. Item 2B on the priority listing is where the "catch

up" support positions will be requested and Campuses were

urged to keep this request to the critical minimum neces-

sary. In addition, priority 2B will be the area for DRI

research programs to be requested.

Mr. Sparks concluded by stating that the 85-76 budget re-

quest would be constructed in strict conformance with the

amended Base Budget parameters and the amended priorities

and therefore saw no reason to expect further adjustments

by the Board at the August meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the changes to the Base

Budget and the UNS Priorities List and that amendments be

made as recommended. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich congratulated the Presidents, the Chancellor and

his staff for preparing a very marketable package.

Vice Chancellor Fox presented the "University of Nevada Sys-

tem Statewide Engineering/Technical Education Proposal"

(see Ref. B, filed in the Regents Office), stating that it

would be updated prior to the Legislative Session. This

proposal constitutes the Regents' seconded legislative pri-

ority for engineering and technical education.

Chairman Mc Bride introduced Dr. George Hidy, President-elect at


Chairman Mc Bride announced that this meeting will be President

Goodall's last meeting.

President Calabro introduced Lori Maciel, USA President, and

Patty Anderson, USA Vice President at WNCC.

5. Approved the Estimative Budgets

Approved the following Estimative Budgets for Thomas and

Mack Center, UNLV; Lawlor Events Center, UNR; and the

Computing Center, UNS:



Private Box Seat Sales $ 400,000

Food and Beverage Rebate 436,000

Parking 280,000

Advertising 200,000

UNLV Events - Rent 0

Other Events - Rent 275,000

Interest on Bond Proceeds 200,000

Box Office Commissions 73,000

Novelty Sales 115,000

Total Revenue $1,979,000


Professional Salaries $ 324,600

Fringe Benefits 51,278

Classified Salaries 165,057

Fringe Benefits 34,199

Wages 174,000

Fringe Benefits 1,740

Operating 911,500

Out-of-State Travel 6,500

Ending Fund Balance 310,126

Total Expenditures $1,979,000



Opening Cash Balance $ 239,491

Instructional Computing Assessments 700,000

Sales & Service (Interdepartmental

and Outside Services) 237,594

Total Revenue $1,177,085


Professional Salaries $ 191,766

Fringe Benefits 32,014

Letter of Appointment 18,000

Fringe Benefits 180

Classified Salaries 61,790

Fringe Benefits 12,294

Wages 56,644

Fringe Benefits 566

Operating 773,631

Out-of-State Travel 30,200

Total Expenditures $1,177,085



Opening Cash Balance $ 13,842

Food and Beverage Rebate 190,000

Parking 46,000

Advertising 30,000

UNR Events - Rent 15,750

Other Events - Rent 213,500

Interest on Bond Proceeds 210,000

Box Office Commissions 63,000

Novelty Sales 38,000

Misc. Revenue, TV Payments, etc. 95,000

Equipment Rental 24,750

Total Revenue $ 939,842


Professional Salaries $ 222,765

Fringe Benefits 35,362

Classified Salaries 103,887

Fringe Benefits 23,438

Wages 85,257

Fringe Benefits 1,705

Operating 454,428

Out-of-State Travel 13,000

Total Expenditures $ 939,842

Deputy Chancellor Dawson requested that the Lawlor Events

Center Estimative Budget be revised by changing the Interest

on Bond Proceeds to $135,000 and that $75,000 from another

revenue source be added.

President Crowley explained that there had been a shortfall,

in the interest income projections adopted last year, that

the budget was based on this proposed interest income.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the Estimative Budgets for

the Thomas and Mack Center, the Computing Center and the

revised budget for Lawlor Events Center to include the In-

terest on Bond Proceeds at $135,000 with $75,000 in other

revenue sources to be determined by the President, with

Board authority for a loan if the President deems it neces-

sary. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

There was further discussion on the management of the two

Special Events Centers. Advertising at the Centers is dif-

ferent; Lawlor Events Center does not have boxes to sell;

there is a $1 parking fee at Lawlor, whereas Thomas and Mack

charges $2, and, in addition, the Reno City Council has re-

quested that charges for parking be abandoned; and there is

limited space to advertise at Lawlor Events Center. Presi-

dent Crowley assured the Board that this item will be looked


Mr. Klaich commended President Goodall and Mr. Dennis Fin-

frock, Director of Thomas and Mack Center, on the management

of the Center.

6. Approved the 1985 Financial Plan, DRI

Approved the DRI 1985 Financial Plan as contained in Ref. C,

filed with the permanent minutes.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the 1985 Financial Plan at

DRI. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

7. Approved the Increase in Fees, University of Nevada School

of Medicine

Approved authorization for a 10% fee increase for the Uni-

versity of Nevada School of Medicine, effective Fall semes-

ter, 1984 as follows:

Proposed Fee

Current Increase Fall '84

In-State $3800/yr $380 $4180/yr

Out-of-State $9000/yr $900 $9900/yr

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the fee increase at the

School of Medicine. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

8. Officer Compensation

Mr. Klaich, Liaison for Officer Compensation, reported that

he and Mrs. Gallagher had met with the Presidents Council

and the Chancellor as a result of the Board's concern with

the disparity of compensation packages among officers which

has occurred with the hiring of the new UNLV President. He

announced that the Presidents, with the concurrence of the

Chancellor, have suggested that it would be inappropriate to

make any adjustments in the salaries of the officers at this

time. This topic will be considered when funds are avail-

able for salary increases for all System employees. He did,

however, offer the following recommendation:

That the officers (Presidents and Chancellor), who are

currently on one-year contracts, be extended to two-

year rolling contracts, with salary adjustments, if any,

and perquisites to be reviewed on an annual basis.

He stated that the System has outstanding officers serving

the System and that it would be inappropriate of this Board

to not recognize this service in such manner.

Ms. Del Papa stated that she feels very strongly, and has

often related her feelings, that an officer, when hired,

should have either tenure or a multi-year contract, but not

both. However, she could accept this recommendation with

an amendment, that is, by adding:

...and to continue for so long as the said officer

actively serves in such capacity.

She cited the recent incident at UNLV when 8 Coaches were

terminated and the Athletic Department was required to pick

up their substantial salaries while at the same time hiring

additional Coaches to fill the vacancies on the staff.

Mr. Klaich offered that this recommendation is only the

first step in Officer Compensation packages and that other

suggestions will be submitted for consideration. In men-

tioning the perquisite of housing allowance, he clarified

that this amendment would cause the housing allowance to

cease upon termination, which could cause an employee to

be left holding expensive mortgage payments.

Ms. Del Papa, after further discussion by the Board, acced-

ed to making the housing allowance an exception in her

proffered amendment.

Mr. Karamanos questioned whether the acceptance of two-year

rolling contracts would include the newly hired President

at UNLV, who had been given a three-year rolling contract,

stating that he strongly favored all officers receiving the

same. He adamantly stated he felt it could cause labor

related problems for the Board in the future. After discus-

sion, it was agreed that Dr. Maxson should retain the three-

year rolling contract, but that after the first year he be

made aware of the two-year rolling contracts for the other

officers and that negotiations be conducted at that time.

Chancellor Bersi reiterated that at the end of the existing

contract year, all perquisites are subject to Board control

and are to be renegotiated. Further, he cautioned the Board

not to be bound into paying perquisites for the full two

years of the contract, but to be able to terminate those

perquisites at the end of the existing year.

Mr. Klaich added that the Committee will be looking at both

top and bottom salary scales, and will make every effort to

put all officers on a parity basis.

Mrs. Sheerin stated she felt that perquisites are a part of

the salary and should be continued along with the salary,

and that if an employee is not working out, then salary

increases should be withheld. Ms. Del Papa objected to a

host account being continued if an employee was fired, and

urged the Board to allow themselves flexibility in the mat-

ter of Officer Compensation packages. Mrs. Gallagher and

Mrs. Whitley agreed that perquisites should continue to the

end of the current contract year.

Ms. Del Papa also raised the question of employer-paid re-

tirement and suggested that it should also cease with the

termination of an employee.

Mr. Klaich moved that the officers (Presidents and Chancel-

lor) of the University of Nevada System currently serving

under one-year contracts shall, effective July 1, 1984, be

under two-year rolling contracts, with salary increases, if

any, and perquisites to be reviewed annually and to continue

for as long as the said President/Chancellor serves in such

capacity, except for the housing and car allowance, which

shall continue to the end of the then current contract year.

Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Mrs. Fong questioned where the money would come from for the

salaries and various perquisites with the reply being that

these are already budgeted items.

The motion carried, with Mr. Karamanos voting no.

9. Personnel Session

Upon motion by Mr. Karamanos, seconded by Mrs. Kenney, the

Board moved to a closed personnel session for the purpose

of discussing the character, alledged misconduct, profes-

sional competence, or physical or mental health of a person

in accordancd with NRS 241.030.

The Chairman reconvened the Board in public session at 2:15 P.M.

10. Presentation by Clark County Regional Transportation


Mr. Ron Lurie of the Clark County Regional Transportation

Commission reported on the debt of $76,000 owed by UNLV for

the improvements made to Swenson Street from Harmon Street

to Flamingo Street.

Chairman Mc Bride stated that this expenditure was in last

year's budget, but that no monies had been appropriated for

Capital Improvements. This expenditure has again been

placed in the 1985-87 Capital Improvement Budget for reim-

bursement to the Clark County Regional Transportation Com-


Mrs. Gallagher moved to acknowledge the outstanding debt to

Clark County Regional Transportation Commission and it be

placed in the 1985 Budget request. Mr. Karamanos seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Approved Construction of the Eugene Warner Reflecting Pool,


Approved authorization to withdraw $75,000 from the Eugene

Warner Endowment Fund for purposes of constructing The

Eugene Warner Reflecting Pool. The remaining funds would

remain in the endowment, and the income would be used for

such projects as purchase of books and teaching of courses

which relate to the Middle East.

Over the past two years, Mr. Eugene Warner has either con-

tributed, or been responsible for raising, in excess of

$250,000, which has been deposited in the Eugene Warner

Middle Eastern Studies Fund. When the first of these gifts

was received and reported to the Regents, President Goodall

indicated that it was UNLV's intention to initially keep

all of these funds in the endowment until such time as a

portion would be needed for a capital construction project.

Plans now call for building a reflecting pool, to be named

The Eugene Warner Reflecting Pool, in the area of the Alta

Ham Fine Arts building. The pool is to be constructed in

such a way as to include quotations from all of the reli-

gious traditions of the Middle East.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the withdrawing $75,000 from the

Eugene Warner Endowment Fund for purposes of constructing

The Eugene Warner Reflecting Pool. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

12. Request for Reconsideration

Regent Kenney, after receiving additional information, has

requested reconsideration of a permanent site for Board

meetings at UNLV from the Education building to the Board

Room at the Thomas and Mack Center. The Thomas and Mack

Center will furnish the room with adequate furniture and

sound system. The Vice President for Academic Affairs ad-

vises that the old Board Room is required for additional

academic purposes.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the permanent site for

Board meetings to be held in the Board Room at the Thomas

and Mack Center. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved the Change from Bachelor of Arts in Music to

Bachelor of Music, UNLV

Approved a change in degree from Bachelor of Arts in Music

to a Bachelor of Music at UNLV. See Ref. D, filed in the

Regents Office. This is a professional degree which will

prepare the student for entrance into a career in the field

of music upon graduation, as approximately half of the

credits required for the degree are taken in music.

The College of Arts and Letters Curriculum Committee and the

University Curriculum Committee have both endorsed this


The Academic Affairs Council and Vice Chancellor Fox indi-

cate the curriculum to be in substantial compliance with

standards established by the National Association of School

of Music.

Mrs. Fong moved approval to change the Bachelor of Arts in

Music to Bachelor of Music at UNLV. Mrs. Gallagher second-

ed. Motion carried.

14. Approved Phase II, School of Journalism and Center for

Advanced Media Studies, UNR

Approved the Phase II proposal for a School of Journalism

and Center for Advanced Media Studies. See Ref. E, filed

in the Regents Office.

The School will include both undergraduate and graduate

programs, applied research and continuing education for


According to accreditation requirements, the curriculum will

limit the number of credits taken in the School to 25% of

the student's total credit load. In order for students to

gain a broad understanding of the world, the remaining

courses needed for graduation will emphasize the liberal

arts, and will be provided through the College of Arts and

Science and the Department of Economics.

1st year State funding will total $298,610, while 4th year

State funds are estimated at $575,000. A new Chairman/Dean,

plus 4 faculty and 3 graduate assistants will be added dur-

ing this period. In addition, a grant from the Reynolds

Foundation will provide supplementary funds, which are uti-

lized to hire visiting professors who teach workshops and

seminars for continuing professional education. This grant,

plus other benefactor funds, are estimated at $184,600 per


The UNR Master Plan and Comprehensive Program Review have

both cited this School as a potential center of excellence.

Additional instructional space will be provided through re-

allocation of existing facilities.

The proposed date of implementation is scheduled for Fall,


Phase I of this program proposal was approved by the Board

of Regents in May, 1984. The Academic Affairs Council has

reviewed this program and Vice Chancellor Fox recommended


Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Phase II proposal for the

School of Journalism and Center for Advanced Media Studies

with the title of Chairman to be changed to that of Dean.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

15. Approved the Bid Proposal, UNR

Approved the bids that are being requested for leasing 63

patented mining claims in Tonopah, Nevada. The claims are

located on approximately 900 acres of land bequeathed to

the University of Nevada, Reno, by the Lambertucci Estate

in 1967.

One bid was received which came from Chevron U. S. A., Inc.

who offered to pay, in addition to 5% of "net smelter re-

turns" on production, advanced royalty payments as follows:

1st year $ 10,000

2nd year 15,000

3rd year 20,000

4th year 25,000

5th year 50,000

6th year 75,000

7th year 100,000

and each year thereafter

Chevron met all other terms and conditions of the bid.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the mining lease subject to

review of bid documents by the Chancellor's Office. Mrs.

Fong seconded. Motion carried.

16. Report on Alternative Funding Sources for Athletics, UNR

and UNLV

In presenting Athletic Department budgets to the Board, both

UNLV and UNR had included in revenue sources additional

funds to be requested from the State appropriations. Re-

gents had requested that the Campuses prepare alternative

funding resources should State funds not be forthcoming

from the Legislature. Presidents Crowley and Goodall re-

ported at the meeting and both submitted letters of explan-

ation which are filed in the Regents Office.

President Goodall stated that the University System is the

only System he is aware of in the country that does not

receiving monies from the State for scholarships. He pro-

posed the following 3 alternatives in acquiring increased

revenues: 1) increase private donations, 2) increase in

ticket sales, and 3) increased revenue from the Thomas and

Mack Center.

President Crowley agreed with President Goodall's sugges-

tions and added that UNR's Athletics Committee had recom-

mended an increase in student fees to support Athletics,

but stated that if the State does not contribute, then the

students shouldn't be required to do so.

17. Approved of Resolution Regarding "Think Tank"

Regent Kenney requested consideration of the following reso-

lution concerning the establishment of a "Think Tank" in the

Southern Nevada area.


WHEREAS a common goal of State and local, public and

private economic development agencies of Southern Nevada

is economic diversification for the Las Vegas/Southern

Nevada area, and the development of high technology

industries offers the opportunity for rapid expansion

with high job-creating potential in "clean" industry;


WHEREAS a strong University offering research-oriented

science and engineering training is a central element

in the development and flow of innovative ideas, in the

training of technical workers, and in the transfer of

this knowledge and talent to the private sector, thereby

creating new firms and industries; and

WHEREAS the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada

has passed a resolution calling for the development of

a School of Engineering at the University of Nevada at

Las Vegas, but the full realization of this goal may not

materialize for several years; and

WHEREAS the objective of encouraging and supporting high

technology industrial development by providing techni-

cal and management assistance, and other support needed

by new technology-based companies can be aided by re-

search centers or so-called "think tanks" working close-

ly with a University and offering short term research

for local firms while at the same time serving as a

medium for making staff talents available to local in-


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents

go on record as encouraging the establishment in the Las

Vegas area of a local, not-for-profit research center

whose objective shall be:

To provide technical and management support for

local firms on a fee basis;

To assist in the dissemination of innovative ideas

for new products or procedures and thereby promote

the creation of new firms and industries;

To provide opportunities for UNLV faculty to serve

as consultants to local industry; and

To provide training opportunities in applied re-

search for advanced UNLV science/engineering stu-


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the possibility

should be investigated of having a branch or off-

shoot of the division of the Rand Corporation of

Santa Monica, California, that presently operates

as a Federal Contract Research Center (FCRC) for

the Air Force, located in the Las Vegas area in

support of the activities of Nellis Air Force Base

and the Air Force Tactical Command;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that an investigation

be made into a similar FCRC in support of the

activities at the Naval Air Station at Fallon,


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all such research

centers or think tank activities be coordinated with

the University of Nevada System;

AND BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Nevada Congres-

sional delegation be asked to give this resolution

its full support.

Mr. York Lucci of Arcata Associates, Inc. stated that he had

been involved in a number of such research institutes in

various parts of the country since 1946 and is very inter-

ested in establishing such a research and development center

in Southern Nevada.

Ms. Del Papa questioned whether this might be established in

connection with our Desert Research Institute.

Ms. Berne Stout, representing Senator Chic Hecht, stated

that the Senator was in favor of this concept.

Chairman Mc Bride relinquished the gavel to Vice Chairman


Chancellor Bersi suggested that his staff be allowed to draw

up guidelines for a System policy specifically dealing with

cooperative relationships between UNS units and such re-

search and development centers once established in Nevada.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the concept and directed the

Chancellor's Office to explore further the "Think Tank"

concept. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Mc Bride returned and resumed the gavel.

18. Approved the Annexation of Property by the City of Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas requested Board approval to annex

property on West Charleston, which is held by Clark County

Community College. Mr. Ron Lurie, City Councilman, stated

that the services would be provided by the City.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the annexation at CCCC.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

19. Report from Regents Institutional Bylaws Liaison Committee

Dorothy Gallagher, Chair, Regents Institutional Bylaws Li-

aison Committee, reported on the Committee's recommendations

as contained in Ref. F, filed in the Regents Office. After

discussion, it was determined that Section 1.5.4 would not

be included, but would be considered at a later time. Gen-

eral Council Klasic was directed to circulate these changes

as required by the Code, with the understanding that they

be placed on the agenda for the August meeting.

20. Report from Regents Bylaws Committee

Frankie Sue Del Papa, Chair, Regents Bylaws Committee, re-

ported on the recommendations by the Committee and stated

that a final report will be submitted at the next Regents


Mrs. Sheerin and General Council Klasic then discussed a

draft of proposed changes to the Bylaws with the Board.

Various suggested changes were made by the Board and General

Counsel was authorized to prepare a final draft for Board

action as part of the Committee's report for the next meet-


Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the report and asked that a

final draft copy of the proposed changes be circulated in

accordance with established procedures, and that they be

placed on the agenda for the August meeting for considera-

tion. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

21. Reconsideration of the Capital Improvement Program


Regents Fong, Karamanos and Whitley requested reconsidera-

tion of the UNS Capital Improvement Program Priority List

(see Ref. G, filed in the Regents Office).

Regent Whitley moved that the Capital Improvement Program

request for 1985-89 as approved April, 1984, be amended to

move Item 12 (UNLV Engineering Building) to Item 1, and that

the source for funding for all Items will remain the same.

Seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Mrs. Whitley stated that the Community College projects

would still be funded through the HECC funds, but this would

make the Engineering building first in line for State appro-

priated funds.

Chairman Mc Bride asked that a roll call vote be taken.

Aye - Regents Fong, Karamanos, Whitley, Mc Bride

No - Regents Del Papa, Gallagher, Kenney, Klaich,


Motion lost.

Mrs. Fong read a prepared statement and asked that it be

included with the minutes:

Moving the UNLV School of Engineering and Computer

Sciences to top priority, in my opinion, does not

interfere with the accreditation of any Community

College or the UNR College of Engineering as this

project will be financed from $3 million of private

funds and a special revenue bond issue backed by 1%

of the State's property assessed valuation.

Secondly, there are currently 583 full time equivalent

students of engineering and computer sciences at UNLV.

The number projected for 1985 will be over 700 and for

1987 will be near 1000. UNLV must have a School of

Engineering to serve local needs.

I have a letter from Mark Massagli, President of the

Central Labor Council of Southern Nevada, stating:

"This will confirm the Central Council support of the

proposed Engineering School for the University of Nevada

Las Vegas. Over 27 local unions comprising more than

60,000 members agree that our children should be afford-

ed opportunity to attend a local Engineering School."

Management and Labor both now support the School.

Thirdly, we need an accredited School of Engineering

and Computer Sciences to diversify the economy - we can

no longer depend on gaming and tourism alone because of

keen outside competition. We can become the suppy side

of that $200 million spent on computer and telecommuni-

cation equipment at the Nevada Test Site, and Nellis

Air Force Base last year as well as caputre a part of

the $35 billion dollar Southern California high tech

market. If this program attracts just one medium-sized

engineering industry, then the cost of the program will

be more than repaid to the state in just a few years.

It's a matter of economic survival for the State of

Nevada that we give the UNLV School of Engineering top

notch priority today. If we give it top priority here,

the changes are the Legislature will give it top pri-

ority, too.

Ms. Del Papa stated that she was well aware of, and very

pleased with, the support of community leaders and others

for the Engineering School at UNLV, and offered the follow-

ing resolution:


The Board reaffirms its position that the expansion of

a School of Engineering and Computer Science at the

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is its highest priority

for new programs.

The Board reaffirms its commitment to work with the

Nevada Economic Development Commission, the Nevada

Development Authority, the Southern Nevada Engineering

Project, and all other interested community groups to

secure full funding from State general funds for the

building of a full School of Engineering and Computer


The Board additionally refers the Capital Improvement

Program List, approved April, 1984, to the Presidents

of the System so that they may establish an appropriate-

ly phased portion of the Engineering building at an ap-

propriate position on the Capital Improvement Program

List. This referral does not detract from our commit-

ment to full funding, but rather is an additional com-

mitment by this Board to the importance of this project.

Ms. Del Papa moved for approval of the above resolution.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Mr. Karamanos questioned the credibility with the State

Public Works Board with such a resolution, with Chairman

Mc Bride relating that it probably would not make a great

deal of difference and that the Public Works Board sets

their own priorities. Mrs. Gallagher stated that this still

entitles the UNLV Engineering building to be first in line

for State funds. Further, she reminded the Board that two

lists had been submitted to the Public Works Board, which

had been returned with the request that they be combined.

Chancellor Bersi reiterated that the charge to the Council

of Presidents for serious reconsideration will be brought

back to the Board upon completion.

President Berg announced that NNCC had just received a let-

ter from the Northwest Accrediting Association giving them

a 10-year accreditation approval. The letter cited the

outstanding self-evaluation process NNCC had completed in

preparation for the accreditation visit.

22. New Business

Mr. Klaich requested that the Chancellor's staff conduct

research on elected and appointed Boards.

The meeting adjourned at 4:05 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser