UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 28-29, 1890


Volume OB - Pages 108-109

                           Reno, Nevada

                          June 28, 1890

At a meeting of the Board of Regents held this day, a full

Board being present, the following business was transacted.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Claims for the month were allowed as follows:

         S. A. Jones                 Salary            166.66

         W. Mc N. Miller             Salary            166.66

         R. D. Jackson               Salary            150.00

         H. K. Clapp                 Salary            141.66

         A. C. Ducat Jr.             Salary             50.00

         K. N. T. Kupper             Salary            154.16

         Wm. B. Daugherty            Salary             40.50

         Geo. H. Taylor              Salary             25.00

         S. G. Kendall               Salary             75.00

         Reno Water Co.              Water              50.00

         C. J. Brooking              Piano rent         19.00

         S. J. Hodgekinson           Supplies            1.70

         L. H. Miller                Labor              12.00

         Levy Bros.                  Furn & Fixt         5.23

         Jacques & Son               Incidentals        25.10

         Reno Gazette                Printing           20.25

         C. W. Pooton                Incidentals        15.00

         H. Frederick                Incidentals        21.00

         Mrs. B. Kendall             Incidentals         6.00

         Geo. H. Taylor              Labor              24.50

         Geo. H. Taylor              Postage            10.00

         T. Coffin                   Trav Exp           18.00

         Mc Intosh                   New Building       84.00

                             Total                  $1,281.42

    RESOLVED that a suitable piece of ground, 300 feet wide by

    400 feet long north of the Agricultural Experiment Station

    building, be prepared for the University Cadets at the open-

    ing of the Fall term.

The resignation of Miss K. N. T. Kupper was accepted to take

effect August 31st 1890.

On motion, Mr. Robert Lewers was elected as teacher in the Busi-

ness Department at a salary of $120.00 per month, beginning

September 1, 1890.

On motion, Mrs. Mary W. Emery was elected Principal of the Normal

Department at a yearly salary of $1850.00 beginning September 1,

1890 and President Jones is instructed to notify Mrs. Emery of

the action of the Board and obtain an immediate reply of accept-

ance or otherwise.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor