UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 27-28, 1983


Pages 1-15



June 27, 1983

A special meeting was held on the above date in the Pine Audito-

rium, Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs William Cathey (UNR),

Joan Doggrell (CCCC), Michael Hardie (WNCC), Mary Ann Lambert

(TMCC), Allen Mori (UNLV) and Joseph Warburton (DRI), and Student

Association Officers Clarence Lee (UNLV), Ertis North (CCCC) and

Bill Siegel (UNR).

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 3:50 P.M.

1. Adoption of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with the permanent minutes) containing the following

items as recommended:

(1) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

a) President Goodall requested approval of the ac-

ceptance of the gift of land described as follows:

Unit 10, Block 9, Lot 30 of the Calvada Valley

Subdivision, as the same is shown on the map

filed in the Nye County Recorder's Office, File

No. 36872, Book NB, Page NP on 6-5-73.

This land was donated by Mr. Gilbert K. Tauscher,

Box 3053, Padre Isle, Texas 78597, to UNLV for use

by the Museum of Natural History, and if sold, the

proceeds are to go to that Museum.

b) President Crowley requested acceptance of the gift

of a 493 acre parcel of land in Churchill County

that was willed to UNR in the Estate of John J.

Platt. The land presents no liability to UNR and

there are no deed restrictions.

Mrs. Fong moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda. Ms. Del

Papa seconded. Motion carried.

2. Approval of Student Fee Increases

As requested by the Board at its meeting on June 16-17, 1983

the Officers presented the following recommendations for

student fee increases, effective Fall semester, 1983:

1) All Campuses - $100 per semester increase for out-of-

state students;

2) NNCC, WNCC and CCCC - recommend a $3 per credit regis-

tration fee increase;

3) TMCC - recommend a $5 per credit registration fee in-


4) UNR, UNLV - recommend a $5 per credit undergraduate

registration fee increase and a $10 per credit regis-

tration graduate fee increase, and that the $75 per

credit registration fee for the doctoral program Ed. D.

be abolished, and that the application for admission

fee be increased from $5 to $20 to be effective at the

end of the current application period of July 1, 1983

at UNR and July 15, 1983 at UNLV.

These increases are in lieu of the $1 student fee increase

and the $6.50 graduate student fee increase approved by the

1983 Nevada Legislature.

See Ref. B, filed with the permanent minutes, for outline of

the distribution of these fees.

The Board then agreed to consider each Campus request sepa-


Truckee Meadows Community College - $5 increase

President Eardley announced that TMCC has had a 50% growth

during the last 3 1/2 years and currently has the highest

student/faculty ratio in the System. In 1980 the Northwest

Accrediting Association recommended additional staff in the

library. At this time, TMCC has 1 director and 1 librarian

for 8700 students. His request includes a Nursing Director,

an Admission Coordinator, teacher assistants for the labora-

tories, 1 counselor, a library assistant, an assistant in

payroll and personnel, and an audio visual technician.

There is also requested an allocation for wages for hiring

students in various areas throughout the Campus.

Faculty Senate Chair Mary Ann Lambert spoke in support of

the increase and of the distribution of funds.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the $5 per credit increase at

TMCC. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.

Regent Klaich commended President Eardley on his presenta-

tion and was particularly pleased that the increases were

providing services to the students. Ms. Del Papa agreed,

and added that raising student fees was not a pleasant task

for the Board, but is necessary at this time given the State

appropriations the System has received for the biennium.

Mr. Karamanos questioned whether the Community Colleges

should have different fees, to which both Chairman Mc Bride

and President Eaton replied that the needs of the Campuses

are now different and suggested that perhaps in future years

the fees could again be brought in line for all Campuses.

Northern Nevada Community College - $3 increase

President Berg stated the increase would address their

critical needs request, namely instructional equipment and

teacher assistants for the laboratories. In addition, $6000

would be allocated to grants-in-aid to bring those awards

in line with actual fees and to assist more students.

Mr. Klaich objected to any portion of the fee increase being

allocated to grants-in-aid on the basis that those who can

afford to pay the greater fee would also be paying for those

who cannot. Chairman Mc Bride explained that the appropri-

ated amounts in Campus budgets for grants-in-aid do not take

into account a raise in student fees; therefore, the number

of grants-in-aid on a Campus would have to be reduced. Mr.

Klaich replied that he would object to this, and other re-

quests in the area of grants-in-aid.

Mr. Klaich moved to approve the $3 increase at NNCC with the

$6000 listed under grants-in-aid shifted to teacher assist-

ants (as outlined in the NNCC critical needs budget). Mrs.

Kenney seconded.

President Crowley asked to speak to this issue inasmuch as

several other Campuses would be affected by a shift away

from grants-in-aid. He stated that historically the System

has continued to increase fees, while the dollars allocated

by the State to scholarships and grants-in-aid have stayed

the same or been less. For example, the Legislature reduced

the UNR allocation to less than that for the current year;

therefore, either the Campus will give fewer awards or will

have to give an amount less than the cost of the fees.

Dr. Goodall explained that UNLV has the same philosophy, not

only for undergraduate students, but also for the graduate

students and staff. Graduate students are paid a certain

stipend plus student fees; therefore, when fees are raised

there is an impact on the Campus.

Vice Chancellor Dawson explained that the Board of Regents

policy states that as a condition of employment all profes-

sional staff members receive a registration fee grant-in-

aid for spouses and dependents, and they can take up to 6

credit hours themselves. All graduate assistants receive

a grant-in-aid which includes out-of-state tuition. A

classified employee taking a job-related class is entitled

to 100% of the cost of the class. A paper transfer is made

from the budgeted catagory in the operating budget to the

revenue item.

Mrs. Sheerin spoke against Mr. Klaich's motion stating that

her reason for doing so was that this is a contractual ex-

expense for the Campus which the Presidents are addressing.

Ms. Del Papa amended the previous motion to accept the fee

increases at NNCC in accordance with President Berg's recom-

mendation. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried. Vot-

ing no: Mr. Klaich, Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Kenney.

Western Nevada Community College - $3 increase

President Davis stated that he and President-elect Calabro

were recommending $31,000 be allocated to communications

and utilities, $33,420 to part-time instructors, 1 counselor

and maintenance and updating of data processing equipment.

Faculty Senate Chair Michael Hardie supported the increase

and the allocations.

Mrs. Fong moved to approve the $3 increase at WNCC. Mrs.

Kenney seconded.

Mr. Klaich questioned the amount for utilities, with Dr.

Davis replying that an additional 20,000 square feet of

building was opened for which the Legislature made no

allocation inasmuch as they had based their formula on

amounts prior to the additional square footage being opened

for student use. Ms. Del Papa agreed, reminding the Board

that the appropriations were critically underbudgeted in

the utilities area by the State Budget Office, and that

Campus Presidents have made several requests to use Capital

Improvement Funds to cover these expenses.

Motion carried.

Clark County Community College - $3 increase

President Eaton recommended allocations for staffing, oper-

ating costs and equipment needs in high technology, develop-

mental and general education. She stated that 65-75% of

student credit hours at CCCC are generated by part-time

faculty and that the Campus would be greatly strengthened

by utilizing more full-time staff.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the $3 increase at CCCC.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Student President Ertis North supported the need for the $3

increase so long as it was applied to the instructional and

educational environment of the students. He asked that the

Board consider no further increases in tuition fees for a

period of years matching the dollar amount of the increase

over $2, and that any future increases be announced in suf-

ficient time for students to plan for the increase. Chair-

man Mc Bride stated the requests would be taken under ad-

visement. Faculty Senate Chair Joan Doggrell spoke in favor

of the increase.

Motion carried.

All Campuses - $100 per semester out-of-state tuition in-


Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion


Mrs. Sheerin requested that the Board policy on residency

requirements be addressed at a future date.

University of Nevada, Reno - $5 undergraduate increase; $10

per credit graduate increase; $20 admission fee

President Crowley reminded the Board that UNR has received

less ($1.4 million) in their State appropriation for the

coming year than they have for the current year, and that

only the Colleges of Engineering and Business, and School

of Mines would receive increases over current funding. The

recommended increases will be allocated 77% to instruction,

6% to library, would restore 19 positions which were cut

from their budget, and move $256,000 into an unrealized in-

come reserve. This would give UNR a break-even budget and

has been based on their comprehensive program review and

critical needs budget.

Mrs. Whitley inquired about the Minority Affairs Office on

the Campus, to which Dr. Crowley replied that if a $7 per

credit fee was approved, it would, in addition to several

other items, provide for a Director of Counseling, and

would provide for increased recruitment of minority stu-


Upon questioning from Ms. Del Papa as to the effects of stu-

dent increases as it concerns athletics, Dr. Crowley indi-

cated that after increases are approved, all budgets will

be reviewed. There will need to be provisions made for the

funding of the athletic scholarships, and also a provision

for the $150,000 decrease in the State appropriation for

athletics, and at the same time meet the charge from the

Board on the new athletics policy, which does include in-

creasing the support for Women's Athletics.

Mr. Klaich questioned the necessity for the unrealized in-

come reserve and requested that if the increase is approved

that there be an accountability of these dollars to the

Board. Further, he stated that it was the intent of the

Board for these increased student fees to be allocated to

instructional purposes for students. Dr. Crowley explained

that the reserve is needed at this time inasmuch as it is

impossible to be certain that all income resources will

actually be available during the year. He assured the

Board that he would make reports to them on its usage and

that if it was not needed to make up unrealized income,

that it would be allocated to academic programming. Mrs.

Gallagher expressed her concern, stating the Board would

be requesting an accounting of the funds.

Mrs. Sheerin questioned the need for a $20 application fee

at the Universities, while it remained $5 at the Community

Colleges. President Crowley replied that this increase

would help allay some of the expenses of publication of the

catalog and the various brochures used for admission pur-

poses. President Goodall related that UNLV and UNR have

worked closely together on this issue and are in agreement

that the fee should be raised. UNLV does charge for cata-

logs placed in the Bookstore, but they do allocate to the

Deans and others a number of catalogs for which they do not

charge when they are used for recruiting or for use in the

Colleges. Dr. Eaton and Dr. Berg both felt the Community

Colleges serve different clienteles, their application fee

is a one-time charge, and at this time they do not need an

increased fee. Mrs. Sheerin agreed with the catalogs being

used for advertising, but suggested they then be charged to

an advertising budget and not to the admissions budget.

ASUN President Bill Siegel stated that he was a member of

the UNR Budget Planning Committee and was informed of the

necessity for an increase, but stated that he and his con-

stituency of students felt the $5 was too high. He stressed

the need for the increase to be allocated towards instruc-

tion, not for non-academic areas, and further stated that

students want affordable quality education.

Faculty Senate Chair Bill Cathey spoke in favor of the $5

increase, stating that even with this increase some Colleges

would be underfunded. He introduced Mr. Richard Arden,

President of the Engineering Alumni Association, who spoke

in favor of the increase.

Mrs. Whitley moved to approve the $5 undergraduate increase,

the $10 graduate increase, and the $20 application fee.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - $5 undergraduate increase;

$10 graduate increase; $20 application fee

President Goodall stated that UNLV has exceeded its project-

ed growth every Fall over the past 4 years. He reminded

Regents that just prior to the meeting he had distributed

another breakdown of the allocations of these projected

fees which shows two adjustments: one, to reflect the con-

cerns of student input obtained since the June 17 meeting

in Las Vegas, $150,000 will be allocated to the reserve

(down from $200,000), and, two, that the professional ad-

vancement monies will be used to help meet actual critical

needs as outlined in UNLV's critical needs budget. Also,

10% will be used for utilities which were not covered in

the State appropriation. One additional change is for a

classified person in the College of Hotel Administration

to facilitate the opening of that new building in the Fall.

Mrs. Fong questioned the positions allocated to the College

of Engineering, with President Goodall explaining that a

total of 4 faculty positions are anticipated: 2 for Math,

Science and Engineering, and 2 for the Library to bolster

high technology areas.

In answer to a question by Mrs. Whitley concerning the

Minority Affairs Committee at UNLV, President Goodall

replied that the Committee is currently operating and has

not incurred any expense at this time.

Mr. Karamanos requested clarification on student input into

the budget preparation. President Goodall stated he had met

with the students twice, the latest being Wednesday or

Thursday of the past week.

CSUN President Clarence Lee disagreed with President Goodall

and stated students did not have an opportunity for input

into the budget process, but upon further questioning by Mr.

Karamanos did agree that they had, indeed, met with Presi-

dent Goodall concerning the budget. Chairman Mc Bride ad-

monished Mr. Lee for his derogatory statements of the

President, stating he realized the students' frustration

of a fee increase, but reminding the students and the

audience that it is very difficult on the part of the

Regents to have to make such decisions, but given the

present circumstances, there appear to be no alternatives

if the System is to retain quality institutions.

Upon request by Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Mark Shaeffer, CSUN Vice

President, also strongly opposed the $5 student fee in-

crease, suggesting instead that programs and administration

be decreased, and further upbraided Dr. Goodall for not

working with students. Chairman Mc Bride gaveled down Mr.

Shaeffer's remarks, stating they were most inappropriate.

Dr. Allen Mori, UNLV Faculty Senate Chair, supported the

increase on behalf of the faculty.

Regent Klaich stated for the record that the Board would

be requiring periodic reports from UNR and UNLV on the al-

location of those amounts in the unrealized income reserve.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the $5 undergraduate fee

increase, the $10 graduate fee increase, and the $20 admis-

sion fee. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Motion carried. Mrs.

Fong and Mr. Karamanos voted no.

Mr. Karamanos stated that he was very disappointed and em-

barrassed with the statements and actions of the two CSUN

officers and apologized to President Goodall. Mrs. Whitley

and Mrs. Kenney also stated their concern and disappoint-

ment and apologized to the Board, the President and those


Mrs. Kenney requested that a future agenda item be a dis-

cussion on the student body issue.

Recommendation to Abolish the Ed. D. Fee - $75 fee, UNR and


Ms. Del Papa moved approval to abolish the $75 per credit

fee for registration in the education doctoral program

(Ed. D.) at UNR and UNLV. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


3. Approval of the Student Government Bylaws

During the 1983 Legislative Session, AB 411 was passed,

which is "An act relating to the University of Nevada;

authorizing the establishment of student governments;

authorizing the collection of a fee to support student

government; and providing other matters properly relating


Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel, gave a briefing of this

bill, stating that it provides that any of the student

bodies within the System may establish a student government,

subject to separate governing documents, which are to be

voted on by a majority of the students who vote in their

elections, and, a vote by the Board of Regents. Further,

it also provides for a mandatory fee for the support of the

student governments, which is to be imposed upon request of

the students and after approval of the Board of Regents.

There were no grandfathering provisions made in the bill;

therefore, there is a question of whether the current stu-

dent governments will be legal after June 30, 1983.

A second point of discussion was based on the financial and

administrative accountability of student governments to the

System and to the System institutions. Case law indicates

that when a mandatory fee is imposed, it belongs to the

imposing body, and therefore are subject to that body's


Only the student government bylaws of Truckee Meadows and

Clark County Community Colleges currently contain language

which clearly states that all funds collected within the

System shall be controlled by the Board of Regents.

Mr. Klasic then discussed with the Board a number of al-

ternatives to the problem which included:

do nothing and accept the status quo;

challenge the constitutionality of the law in the


act to implement the law as set forth by the Legisla-


He then stated that the last alternative, in turn, could

be implemented in a number of ways:

abolish student governments as of June 30, 1983, and

wait until they reorganize and present new bylaws;

retain student governments, but direct that the bylaws

be rewritten and adopted with the necessary financial

and administrative control included;

repeal current government documents as of June 30, and

adopt provisional governments effective July 1, 1983

to last until December 31, 1983, at which point they

would go out of existence unless new governments have

been formed.

Mr. Klaich and Mr. Klasic discussed the terms "bylaws" and

"constitutions", which are used in the bill and by which the

student government operating documents are called. Mr.

Klasic stated his opinion that the term "bylaws", used in

AB 411 was equivalent to the term "constitution".

Ms. Del Papa stated she had been meeting with members of

student governments and there is a great deal of concern

on their part, and they have assured her they do intend to

cooperative with the fiscal accountability requirements the

Board has placed on them.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of retaining the current student

governments, and directing that they work with their Presi-

dents to revise their bylaws to include language adopting

the required financial and administrative controls currently

in effect, and to present these corrected bylaws to the

Board for approval within a reasonable length of time. The

language to be adopted will be comparable to that evidenced

in the TMCC and CCCC student government bylaws. Mrs. Kenney


Chairman Mc Bride stated that he would be in agreement so

long as the documents make it very clear that they recog-

nize the responsibilities of the Board of Regents.

Assemblyman Jim Stone, author of the bill and a former UNR

Student Body President, was present and explained, from the

Legislator's viewpoint, that the bill uses the word "may",

rather than "shall" to avoid abolishing the student govern-

ments as of June 30, 1983, should the Regents not take


Mr. Stone stated that in discussing a grandfather clause

for the bill, the Legislature felt that it was a constitu-

tional infringement on the part of the Board, thus it had

not been added in the language of the bill.

Mrs. Sheerin requested clarification of the words "bylaws"

and "constitutions" as used in the bill. Mr. Stone replied

that the reason for using "bylaws" is that some of the

Campuses have bylaws, much like the Board of Regents Bylaws,

which are governing documents, and rather than change the

constitutions continuously, which should be a base document,

that the bylaws would be the appropriate place for these.

Also, he stated, that the Legislature felt there should be

student imput into their bylaws, and indicated that when-

ever a change would be necessary that the students would

have to vote to approve such changes.

Mr. Klaich inquired whether a Systemwide Bylaws for student

government could be used, and it was pointed out that it

would then be necessary for a Systemwide vote on adoption

or changes.

Mr. Klasic cautioned that if the Board wanted a document

other than the constitutions, changes will have to be made

in several of those, because the student constitutions pro-

vide for bylaws to be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Student

Senate, with nothing stated about the student vote.

Ms. Del Papa reiterated that the overriding policy would

be the policy of the Board of Regents.

Motion carried.

4. Approval of Phase I, Ph. D., Tutorial Basque Studies, UNR

President Crowley requested approval of the Phase I proposal

for the Ph. D. in Tutorial Basque Studies at UNR. This pro-

posal, cited in UNR's Comprehensive Program Review report

as a proposed area of excellence, would build upon the

strength of the existing Basque Studies Program which cur-

rently holds national and international recognition.

The Degree will be interdisciplinary within the College of

Arts and Science with emphasis upon directed independent

study and tutorials. Approximately one to two students will

be admitted annually. See Ref. C, filed with the permanent


Mr. Klaich moved approval of the Phase I, Ph. D., Tutorial

Basque Studies at UNR. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion car-


5. Approval of Phase II Proposal, Master's Degree in Nursing,


President Goodall requested approval of Phase II proposal,

Master's Degree in Nursing.

Phase I, Master's Degree in Nursing, was approved by the

Board of Regents on December 11, 1981, and permission to

proceed to Phase II was granted. The MSN program will pre-

pare nurses at the Master's level in tertiary care of the

adult client. The curriculum consists of 42 credits; 12 in

research, 12 in a field of specialization, 9 in teaching or

management, and 6 are core courses, as contained in Ref. E,

filed with the permament minutes.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the Phase II proposal,

Master's Degree in Nursing at UNLV. Mrs. Gallagher second-

ed. Motion carried.

6. Approval of System Core Course Requirements

As provided in Chapter 20 of the Board of Regents Handbook,

a System core of common courses for Associate of Arts and

Baccalaureate degrees was developed and approved by the

University of Nevada System Articulation Board and the

Academic Affairs Council.

This core of courses consists of 15 credits distributed in

the areas of English, Mathematics, Natural Science and

Social Science, or Humanities, to provide a program of gen-

eral education which will be transferrable throughout the

University of Nevada System. See Ref. D, filed with the

permanent minutes.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the System Core Course Re-

quirements. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

7. Approval of Appointments to UNLV Foundation Board

President Goodall requested approval for the appointment of

the following individuals to the UNLV Foundation Board.

They have been nominated by the UNLV Foundation Nominating

Committee and have consented to serve.

Mr. Bill Bennett

Mr. Cliff Perlman

Ms. Faye Peterson-Johnson

Mr. Bill Boyd

Mr. Charles Ruthe

Mr. Frank Fertita

Mr. Frank Scott

Mr. Bill Morris

Mr. Jay Goldinger

Ms. Marilyn Redd

Mr. Harry Wald

Mr. George Swartz

Ms. Elaine Wynn

Ms. Nancy Houssels

Mr. Wayne Newton

Mrs. Kenney moved approval. Mr. Karamanos seconded. Motion


8. Approval of Expenditures and Renovation Projects, CCCC

President Eaton requested authorization for expenditures and

renovation projects at Clark County Community College as

identified in the following list. These projects are recom-

mended for implementation through utilization of the CCCC

Capital Improvement Fee account and from the unexpended sur-

plus from the construction of the new Learning Resource

Center. See Ref. F, filed with the permanent minutes.

I. Authorization to proceed with the following expendi-


LRC Equipment $ 200,000

Telephone System 300,000

Recarpeting 198,000

Resealing Cheyenne Parking Lots 85,000

Sub Total $ 783,000

II. Authorization to obtain appropriate review and approval

from the State Public Works Board and the Interim Fi-

nance Committee for the following:

North Wing Renovation $ 427,000

Computer Area Renovation 328,000

Electronics Laboratory Renovation 40,000

AOJ Crime Lab/Science 75,000

Henderson Parking Lot 100,000

Sub Total $ 970,000

Grand Total I & II $1,753,000

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of Item I, and of Item II, but

that Item II be contingent upon review and approval of the

new President. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

9. Approval to Use Capital Improvement Projects Funds, NNCC

President Berg requested approval of an emergency item.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the emergency item. Mrs.

Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

President Berg requested authorization to use Capital

Improvement Project Funds up to $5000 for utilities for


Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

10. New Business

A. Mrs. Fong indicated that there were some irregularities

in the CCCC registration procedures. Dr. Bersi stated

that an audit is underway and that the problems would

be resolved.

B. Mrs. Fong queried about the mechanism needed to imple-

ment the recommendations of the Engineering Study.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board