UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 25-26, 1981


Pages 1-6

                          BOARD OF REGENTS

                     UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA SYSTEM

                           June 25, 1981

The Board of Regents met in special session on the above date

in the Pine Auditorium, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present:  Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

                  Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

                  Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mrs. Lilly Fong

                  Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mr. John Tom Ross

                  Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent:   Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Others present:   Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

                  President William Berg, NNCC

                  President Joseph Crowley, UNR

                  President Jack Davis, WNCC

                  President Jim Eardley, TMCC

                  President Judith Eaton, CCCC

                  President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

                  President Clifford Murino, DRI

                  Secretary Bonnie Smotony

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 10:15 A.M.

Mr. Karamanos moved that the Board convene into closed personnel

session to consider the professional competence of certain per-

sons for whom salary recommendations and other conditions of em-

ployment need to be reviewed.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher,

carried without dissent.

Upon reconvening into open session, the following matters were


 1.  Recommendation for Appointment of Vice Chancellor for

     Finance and Administration

     Chancellor Bersi recommended appointment of Mark Dawson as

     Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, effective

     July 1, 1981, at an annual salary of $49,600.  Copy of Mr.

     Dawson's vita was included with the agenda (identified as

     Ref. A and filed with permanent minutes).

     Chancellor Bersi also recommended that, concurrent with the

     effective date of this appointment, Mr. Dawson be authorized

     to function as an alternative signatory in all contractual

     matters requiring execution by the Chancellor.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Karamanos, carried without dissent.

 2.  Personnel Recommendations

     Salaries for the Officers, Vice Chancellors, Vice Presi-

     dents, Deans and Directors and other Administrators report-

     ing to an Officer, and professional staff at Step 20+ who

     are being recommended for an increase in excess of the ad-

     justment to the approved salary schedule, require Board

     approval.  All other professional salaries are determined

     by the responsible Officer.

     A.  Salaries and Perquisites for Officers and Other Staff

         Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board approve the following

         salaries and perquisites for 1981-82:

             Salaries:  Chancellor Bersi            $57,000

                        President Berg               51,961

                        President Crowley            54,150

                        President Davis              51,961

                        President Eardley            51,961

                        President Eaton              51,961

                        President Goodall            54,150

                        President Murino             54,150

                        President Goodall            54,150

                        President Murino             54,150


                 Housing Allowing of $600 per month to be pro-

                 vided to Presidents Crowley, Goodall and Murino.

                 Automobile Allowance of $500 per month to be

                 provided to Chancellor Bersi, Presidents Berg,

                 Crowley, Davis, Eardley, Eaton, Goodall and

                 Murino, Vice Chancellor Dawson, General Counsel

                 (when appointed), Assistant Counsel Rivera, and

                 Board Secretary Smotony.

                 Host and Entertainment Expense Account of $5000

                 to be provided to the Chancellor and to each of

                 the Presidents.

         Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent


     B.  Salaries for Administrators and Other Staff

         Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the salaries for Admin-

         istrators and other staff, as recommended by the re-

         spective Officer.  Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

         carried with Mrs. Fong opposing.

         Mrs. Fong explained that her opposing vote was limited

         to those individual increases in excess of 14%, adding

         that she believed it would be irresponsible to grant

         increases in excess of the amount authorized by the


         For purposes of the record, the following recommenda-

         tions were submitted by the Officers and approved by

         the Board:

                               1980-81        1981-82       %

                               Salary         Salary     Increase


         Adams, J.             $41,327        $48,226      16.7

        *Daniels, O. C.         41,500         43,112

         Dixon, B.              45,550         52,044      14.3

        *Emerson, D.            45,000         46,844

         Hardbeck, G.           44,232         50,572      14.3

         Kitchen J.             30,408         35,336      16.2

         Kunkel, R.             42,572         48,709      14.4

         Marshall, D.           41,083         47,038      14.5

         Michel, M. A.          42,157         48,243      14.4

         Nitzschke, D.          46,500         53,118      14.2

         Raschko, L.            27,500         31,254      13.6

       **Rivera, L.             38,007         43,573      14.6

         Rothermel, B.          40,500         47,300      16.8

         Unrue, J.              42,157         49,163      16.6

         Vallen, J.             42,572         48,709      14.4

         Westfall, H.           45,550         52,044      14.3

        *New appointees

       **1/2 time charged to UNLV, remaining 1/2 charged to

         Chancellor's Office


         Anderson, J. T.        42,254         48,166      14.0

         Backman, C. W.         42,448         48,803      15.0

         Barnes, R. J.          38,422         44,034      14.6

         Bohmont, D. W.         46,106         51,639      12.0

         Breese, C. R.          44,635         50,467      13.1

         Cain, E. J.            46,106         51,639      12.0

         Dankworth, R.          45,050         51,388      14.1

         Daugherton, R. M.      85,000         85,000       0.0

         Davies, R. O.          46,500         52,998      14.0

         Downer, D. B.          37,592         44,034      17.1

         Gamble, S.             23,249         27,382      17.8

         Hughs, R.              45,765         51,260      12.0

         Jessup, K. D.          45,550         51,943      14.0

        *Lintz, J.                             44,495

         Marschall, J. P.       29,437         33,708      14.5

         Mc Reynolds, P.        36,502         42,049      15.2

         Morehouse, H. G.       40,082         45,878      14.5

         Nellor, J.             45,677         51,162      12.0

         Page, P.               43,234         49,211      13.8

         Phelps, A. T.          42,572         48,183      13.2

         Schrum, M.             44,648         50,020      12.1

         Shepperson, W. S.      41,292         47,519      15.1

         Shirley, J. H.         42,157         48,183      14.3

         Slemmons, D. B.        36,502         41,666      14.2

         Tompson, R. N.         38,249         44,142      15.4

         Trachok, R. M.         38,837         43,573      12.2

        *New appointee - To become Acting Dean of Mackay School

                         of Mines

         System Administration

         Anderson, N.          42,987          49,000      14.0

         Laxalt, R.            40,497          47,261      16.7

         Smotony, B.           26,800          30,475      13.7


         Doherty, J. R.        27,400          31,000      13.1

         Kocmond, W.           47,500          54,000      13.7

         Krenkel, P.           47,500          54,000      13.7

         Laliberte, F.         19,900          22,700      14.1

         Leland, J.            30,804*         35,750*     16.1

       **Schulke, D. F.        32,000          36,160*     13.0

         Stojanoff, C.         45,000          51,000      13.3

         Winterberg, F.        40,700          46,400      14.0

        *Plus $500 per month administrative increment while

         serving in acting capacity

       **Plus $250 per month car allowance while serving in

         acting capacity, to be paid from nonappropriated funds

         available to the Institute


         Johnston, D.          27,434          31,266      14.0

         Young, J.             35,000          39,664      13.3


         Aiazzi, S.            24,610          30,406      23.5

         Davies, W.            28,090          33,108      17.9

         Greenhaw, C.          29,636          34,929      17.9

         Karr, J.              26,350          31,178      18.3


         Calabro, A.           34,774          39,406      13.3

         Hillygus, G.          32,939          37,371      13.5

         Miltenberger, P.      32,939          38,185      15.9

         Munson, B.            32,939          38,185      15.9


         Beresain, M.          30,737          37,778      22.9

         Dondero, M.           23,848          30,111      26.3

         Martin, R.            26,698          33,880      26.9

 3.  New Business

     Ms. Del Papa reported that she:

     (1)  Had met with Chancellor Bersi concerning the Mindpower

          Conference and would have a more detailed report at

          the next meeting.

     (2)  Had sent a letter to each Faculty Senate Chairman re-

          questing proposals for starting and supporting a facul-

          ty exchange program in Nevada.

     (3)  Is concerned about litigation and would like to see

          the litigation report format changed.

     (4)  Is also concerned about recent Supreme Court decisions

          and believed that there needed to be a review of the

          equity of salaries paid within the System.

     (5)  Had received a letter from Las Vegas Sheriff John

          Mc Carthy concerning Emergency #911, and suggested

          that this needed to be pushed and requested that be

          an agenda item for August.

     Ms. Del Papa also asked for a report from each of the Inter-

     collegiate Athletics Departments with regard to their prac-

     tice concerning sports which attract Nevada students; e. g.,

     skiing and wrestling.  She stated that her concern has

     arisen over the recent cancelling of the UNR Ski Team.

     In response to a request from Chairman Cashell for clarifi-

     cation of her request, Ms. Del Papa asked for an explana-

     tion of the University's policy insofar as encouraging and

     providing for Nevada students to participate in Intercol-

     legiate Athletics.  She suggested that the Presidents de-

     velop a 3-year plan for Intercollegiate Athletics for pres-

     entation and discussion at the August meeting.

     Chairman Cashell agreed with Dr. Crowley's reservation

     concerning the timing, noting that one month was insuffici-

     ent in which to prepare the kind of report requested, and

     suggested that a preliminary report be presented later in

     the Fall, perhaps at the October meeting and that, in the

     interim, the Presidents talk with Ms. Del Papa to more

     fully discuss her concerns.

     Mrs. Fong expressed concern about a report that outside

     contractors had been hired to handle the concessions for

     the new pavilions and questioned such an action.  Dr.

     Crowley assured her that no such contract exists.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 A.M.

                             Bonnie M. Smotony

                             Secretary to the Board