UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 23-24, 1874


Volume OA - Pages 89-90

                     Walley's Hot Springs

                    Douglas County, Nevada

                        June 23, 1874

The Board of Regents, pursuant to a call of the President,

met at this place.  Present:  P. H. Clayton, Jerry Schooling

and Sylvester H. Day.

A communication from Mr. B. B. Redding, Land Agent of the

C. P. R. R. Company, was received, through the Attorney General,

transmitting deeds Nos. 1 and 2, conveying to this Board twenty

one and fifteen hundredths acres of land with one building for

University purposed thereon, situated in the North East Quarter

of Section Fifteen in Township Thirty Four North of Range Fifty

Five East, Mt. Diablo Base and Meridian, in the County of Elko

and State of Nevada.

On motion, the Secretary was directed to have recorded in Elko

County, State of Nevada.

On motion, the Board unanimously approved the State University

as provided for on account of the Legislature of the State of

Nevada, entitled, "Act to Create the State University and to

Provide for the Control and Management of the Same", approved

March 7, 1873.

The Board then adjourned to meet again subject to the call of

the President.