UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 22-23, 1910

Volume OD - Pages 193-196

                         Reno, Nevada
                        June 22, 1910

The Board of Regents met at its Office at 2 o'clock P.M., on
the 22nd of June, 1910, all members of the Board and the Presi-
dent of the University being present.

President Stubbs read his report, as follows:

To The Honorable the
    Board of Regents
        University of Nevada.


I have the honor to make the following report up to the 20th of
June, 1910:

I ask the approval of the Board of Regents for the appointment
of John C. Watson to be Assistant Professor of Greek in charge
of the Department at a salary of $1800 for the first year, to
begin August 1, 1910, in place of Dr. E. Whitney Martin, who
has returned to Stanford.  In seeking a man for this position,
I have corresponded with the Universities of Harvard, Yale,
Columbia, Chicago and Princeton.  In addition to this corres-
pondence, I asked Dr. H. W. Hill to go to Princeton, Cambridge,
New York, and Chicago, and make personal inquiries about the
various men that had been recommended to us.  I have consulted
with Dr. Church, who has more interest in this Department than
any other member of the faculty.  I have received strong recom-
mendations of Watson from Professor Albert A. Howard, Department
of Classics, Harvard University, Cambridge, and from Professor
E. K. Rand of Harvard University.  I have a letter herefrom Mr.
Watson himself, and it seems convincing that Dr. Watson is the
man for us.  He combines the personal presence, the scholarly
aptitudes, strength in teaching with enthusiasm and energy.  I
have here the letters from Howard, from Rand, and from Watson,
which I will read if you desire.


In accordance with the instructions of the Board of Regents at
their last meeting, I prepared the preamble and resolutions rec-
ognizing the services of Professor Henry Thurtell by the Regents
of the University, and asked the Secretary of the Board of Reg-
ents to send them to him.  These resolutions are to be recorded
in the minutes of May 24th.  The following are the resolutions
of the Regents which were sent to Professor Thurtell:

    WHEREAS, Professor Henry Thurtell, who, for almost 20 years,
    has been connected with the University of Nevada as Profes-
    sor of Mathematics and Mechanics, has been called to serve
    the State in a large and responsible office, THEREFORE, BE

    First:  That in accepting his resignation as a member of the
    teaching force of the University of Nevada, the Regents here-
    with desire to put on record his long and useful service to
    the University, his high and unselfish aims, and his abiding
    influence for everything that stood for scholarship, for good
    health, and for righteousness to the young men and young
    women who came under his influence as a teacher, and as a

    Second:  That these Resolutions be spread upon the minutes of
    the Board of Regents, and a copy sent by the Secretary of the
    Board to Professor Thurtell.

                   PROTECTION OF BUILDINGS

As the Regents are now in session, I would like to ask what they
would advise me to do with regard to the proper protection of
the University buildings from now until after the Fourth of July.
The town will be crowded with all sorts of people, and it would
seem advisable to put a watchman in Lincoln and Manzanita Halls
and in the Macking Mining building at night.


I recommend for appointment as Professor of Physics, Chemistry
and Physiography in the High School, Silas Earle Ross, at a
salary of $1000 per year, beginning August 1, 1910.

I further recommend the approval of the appointment of Mr. Ross
as Assistant to Professor Dinsmore in the Pure Food work during
the months of June and July, with a monthly compensation of $75.

                  DEATH OF PRINCIPAL HOWE

Professor Herbert H. Howe died on the 31st of May very suddenly
at his home in Reno.  He was working around in his new home and
had evidently gone down below the floor in the bay window to pick
up the blocks that were there prior to putting in the flooring in
the bay window.  In the act of stooping, he was suddently strick-
en with heart disease and in all probability expired at once.  I
was notified right away and took charge of the arrangements for
Mrs. Howe.  They took him to Carson where the funeral services
were held and words were spoken in his honor.  He was laid to
rest on Friday, June 3rd.  His widow will be entitled to his pay
during the months of June, July and August.


I recommend for appointment to the Principalship of the High
School, Reuben Cyril Thompson, who has been for the last year
Associate Principal, at a salary of $1800 per year, beginning
August 1, 1910.


Mr. Howe's death leaves a vacancy in the position of teacher of
Mathematics.  I think we can fill that position with a competent
and experienced man at a salary not to exceed $1200 for the first

                      MUSIC TEACHER

Mrs. Kate C. Wood has resigned the position of teacher of Music
in the University, to take effect July 31, 1910.  At present we
will do nothing about a Music teacher.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. E. Stubbs

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Williams,
Mr. Watson was elected Assistant Professor of Greek at a salary
of $1800 per annum, commencing August 1, 1910, payable monthly,
as recommended by the President.

Upon motion of Dr. Sullivan, seconded by Henderson, the recom-
mendation of the President that Silas Earle Ross be appointed
Instructor in Physics, Chemistry and Physiography in the High
School at a salary of $1000 per year, and that he be Mr. Dins-
more's Assistant in Pure Food work during July and August at a
salary of $75 per month, was adopted.

Upon motion of Regent Codd, seconded by Regent Henderson, Reuben
Cyril Thompson was elected to the Principalship of the High
School, as recommended by the President.

Upon motion of Henderson, seconded by Williams, the President was
authorized to employ such additional help to take care of the
University buildings and grounds while the prize fight takes
place in Reno as may be necessary.

The President was authorized to draw up a letter to be sent to
Mrs. Howe by the Regents.  The letter follows:

    Mrs. Herbert H. Howe
    Carson City, Nevada

    Dear Mrs. Howe:

    The Regents of the University desire to express their sin-
    cerest sympathy with you and your children upon the recent
    death of your beloved husband and their revered father.

    While expressing our feelings of sorrow for yourself and
    family, and the loss of a valuable teacher to the University
    High School, it will not seem misplaced to assure you that
    death came to your dear husband as a messenger of peace and
    good will, both to him and to you.  We can apply the history
    of another aged saint of God, of whom it is said, "He was
    not, for God took him".  In the fullness of years, with near-
    ly two score years of active service in helping young men and
    women to see the right and to do their duty by the strong
    methods of educating their wills and emotions, crowned with
    the love of his wife and children, and unnumbered hosts of
    friends throughout this and other lands, God said to him,
    "You have done enough; come up higher".

    Be assured that the Regents of the University of Nevada will
    ever hold in kindest remembrance the years of faithful serv-
    ice that Mr. Howe has given to the University High School.
    His place here will never be filled, and the influence that
    he left here will continue to increase for good as long as
    this Institution lasts.

    We again desire to send to you and your children our cordial
    feelings of sympathy.

    We have spread this letter upon the minutes of the Board of
    Regents, and instructed the Secretary of the Board to send a
    copy of this letter to you.

    We remain, believe us,

                             Most sincerely yours,

                             The Board of Regents

    George H. Taylor

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             John Sunderland

Geo. H. Taylor