UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 22-23, 1906


Volume OC - Pages 424-425

                         Reno, Nevada

                        June 22, 1906

The Board of Regents met at eight o'clock P.M., Friday evening

June 22, 1906, the full Board and President of the University

being present.  The minutes of April 17, May 28 and 31, and

June 2 were read and, on motion, approved.

The President of the University was authorized to take up the

matter of light and water in the buildings and upon the grounds

for the University with the Reno Power Light & Water Company and

to report the conclusions of his conference with them at the

next meeting of the Board.

On motion of Mr. Booher, seconded by Mr. Starrett, the following

motion was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that the Bond of the United States Government for

    Ordnance and Ordnance stores to the amount of $2241.69, given

    by the President of the University as Principal, and Oscar

    J. Smith and George H. Taylor, sureties, in the penal sum of

    $4485.38 be and is hereby approved.  A copy of the bond is

    filed with the University papers.

The following claims were submitted by the President of the

University and approved:

    Morrill Fund - No. 4382-4399 115

        June Payroll                           $1879.17

        Geo. H. Taylor                             4.95

        E. L. Drappo                             176.57

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               9.06

        D. A. Dawson P. M.                        13.13

                                    Total      $2082.88

    Contingent Fund & Interest Account

        June Payroll - Employees               $1332.56

        Reno Truck & Transfer Co.                 12.00

        Nevada State Journal                      13.60

        E. L. Drappo                             535.87

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              37.50

        Riverside Hotel                            8.50

        Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.          11.55

        George H. Taylor                          64.65

                                    Total      $2016.23

    Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment

        Self & Sellman                         $  128.14

        The Lindgreen Paint Co.                    62.00

                                    Total      $  190.14

No further business appearing, on motion, the Board adjourned

to meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor