UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 18-19, 1982


Pages 96-119



June 18, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date in Room 399, Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert Cashell, Chairman

Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Vice Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Acting Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs and Student Association


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 10:40 A.M.

1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda, containing the following

items was recommended (Consent Agenda identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes).

(1) Approval of the Special Meeting of May 22, 1982. Ap-

proval of the regular meeting of April 23, 1982 with

the following corrections:

Changed from:

Mr. Rossi specifically noted that the funds managed

by First Interstate Bank earned 10.3% in 1981 and

the funds managed by Valley Bank earned 7.8% in


Changed to:

Funds managed by First Interstate Bank earned 7.3%

in 1981 and the funds managed by Valley Bank earned

7.8% in 1981.

(2) Accepted gifts and grants contained in Ref. C-1, filed

with permanent minutes.

Accepted President Crowley's report of the School of

Medicine receiving the following gift from the Esping


Cash in the amount of $79,794.43; a promissory note

in the amount of $112,000 from St. Mary's Hospital

at 10% interest, payable on or before March 20,

1988; and a promissory note in the amount of $3400

from Dewey J. Smalley at 10% interest, payable

July 12, 1990.

The Esping Estate made a prior gift of $60,000 to

the Medical School, which brings the total to


(3) Leave without pay granted to Dr. David Weide, Associate

Professor of Geoscience, for 1981-82 to be extended to

include 1982-83 academic year.

Extended leave without pay for Dr. Marlene Chrissinger,

Associate Professor of Social Work, to June 30, 1983.

(4) Approval of a 10-foot easement running in a north/south

direction along the UNLV western boundary for the Cen-

tral Telephone Company.

(5) Accepted Reno-Sparks Convention Tourism Authority

Resolution No. 278 for UNR in support of an emergency

6-month position of Associate Director of Marketing

and Operations at the Lawlor Events Center. The Grant

Resolution for these funds is as follows:

Reno-Sparks Convention/Tourism Authority

Resolution No. 278

Resolution of Intent to Grant Monies

WHEREAS, pursuant to NRS 244A.597, the Reno-Sparks

Convention/Tourism Authority is authorized to ad-

vertise, publicize and promote the recreational

facilities in the county which are either owned by

the county, the state or an incorporated city in

the county; and

WHEREAS, the "Lawlor Special Events Center", a

state owned building, is under construction on the

Campus of the University of Nevada-Reno within the

county of Washoe, which will be primarily used as

a recreational facility; and

WHEREAS, the Reno-Sparks Convention/Tourism Author-

ity is desirous of granting to the Board of Regents

of the University of Nevada System a sum not to

exceed $16,000 from the date of hiring a person for

six (6) months, said person having the express du-

ties to advertise, publicize and promote the Lawlor

Special Events Center for those events which will

not be in competition with the use of those facili-

ties under the jurisdiction and control of the

Reno-Sparks Convention/Tourism Authority, namely,

Wildcreek Golf Course, Pioneer Theater Auditorium

and Centennial Coliseum.


Convention/Tourism Authority:

1. That a sum of money not to exceed $16,000.00

be granted to the Board of Regents of the

University of Nevada System for the express

purpose of hiring an individual to advertise,

publicize and promote the Lawlor Special

Events Center now under construction on the

Campus of the University of Nevada-Reno for

those events which will not be in conflict

with the use of the facilities which the Reno-

Sparks Convention/Tourism authority presently

maintains and operates.

2. That such grant of public funds by the Reno-

Sparks Convention Authority to the Board of

Regents of the University of Nevada System

shall be allocated and paid in equal install-

ments or as near thereto as possible, for a

period of six (6) months from the hiring of

said individual for his or her duties as

described above only.

Duly Adopted this 27th day of May, 1982.

Reno-Sparks Convention/Tourism Authority

/s/ Raymond Capurro, Chairman

/s/ Bill Farr, Secretary

It was also suggested that this might be an appropriate

time for a joint meeting of the UNR and UNLV Booster

Organizations to discuss progress to date on the Lawlor

and Thomas and Mack Centers.

(6) Approval of $2000 per year salary increase for Mary Lou

Moser, Acting Secretary of the Board for her expanded


(7) Approved sale of 70,000 shares of Advanced Patent

Technology stock with proceeds to be used for UNLV


(8) Approval of removing Bonnie Smotony from the Managerial

Group with the Industrial Security Manual for Safe-

guarding Classified Information and appointing Mary Lou

Moser. The Resolution is as follows:

Resolution No. 82-1

BE IT RESOLVED, that the following Officers of the

University of Nevada shall be known as the Mana-

gerial Group, as described in the Industrial Secu-

rity Manual for Safeguarding Classified Informa-


Robert M. Bersi, University of Nevada System

Joseph N. Crowley, University of Nevada, Reno

John E. Nellor, Coordinator of Research, Uni-

versity of Nevada, Reno

Alan S. Ryall, Jr., Security Officer, Univer-

sity of Nevada, Reno

Mary Lou Moser, Acting Secretary of the Board

of Regents

AND, BE IT RESOLVED, that these Officers, acting

as the Managerial Group, have been processed or

will be processed for a personal clearance for

access to classified information to the level of

the facility clearance granted to this institution,

as provided for in the aforementioned Industrial

Security Manual;

AND, BE IT RESOLVED, that the said Managerial

Group is hereby delegated all of the Board's duties

and responsibilities pertaining to the protection

of classified information under classified con-

tracts of the Department of Defense or user agen-

cies of its Industrial Security Program awarded

to the University of Nevada System;

AND, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the following

members of the Board of Regents shall not require,

shall not have, and can be effectively excluded

from access to all classified information in the

possession of the University of Nevada System,

and do not occupy positions that would enable them

to affect adversely the policies and practices of

the University of Nevada System in the performance

of classified contracts for the Department of

Defense or user agencies of its Industrial Security

Program, awarded to the University of Nevada System

and need not be processed for a personnel clear-


James L. Buchanan, II

Robert A. Cashell

Frankie Sue Del Papa

Lilly Fong

Dorothy Gallagher

Chris N. Karamanos

John R. Mc Bride

John Tom Ross

June F. Whitley

2. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi announced the offer of a gift to the System

from Control Data Corporation, Harris Corporation and Digi-

tal Equipment Corporation, consisting of the latest in

computer equipment, amounting to $1.3 million, stating:

The University of Nevada System has long been under-

funded and under-equipped to meet the demands of

System units, especially in the areas of academic and

instructional computing.

In 1981 the Legislature authorized $530,000 for the

acquisition of computer equipment for the University

of Nevada System. In today's market, that amount does

not buy the quantity and quality necessary to fill the

existing gap in the System's computing capacity.

Last Fall, the Regents committed their support to a

new University of Nevada System Computer Center Plan

of Development. Acting Director Lloyd Case of the

University of Nevada System Computer Center at that

October meeting of the Board, described a 9-point plan

to bring the University of Nevada System up to speed

in its ability to deliver computer based instruction

to Nevada students.

Since that time, Dr. Case and I developed a strategy

for achieving these objectives in spite of minimum

funding from the State. I won't take your time here

to relate the details of our efforts over the past

6 months -- suffice it to say that we determined to

sell a number of internationally recognized computer

manufacturers on the future of Nevada and the deter-

mination of the University System to be a highly con-

tributive partner in that future.

The bottom line is that I am pleased to report that,

added to our State appropriation of $530,000 for equip-

ment purchases, are the following gifts in computer


From Control Data Corporation $ 762,358

From Harris Corporation 504,545

From Digital Equipment Corporation 72,800

Total $1,339,703

From State Appropriation 530,000

Grand Total $1,869,703

Mr. Mc Bride moved to accept the gifts. Mrs. Fong seconded.

Motion carried without dissent.

Chancellor Bersi further related the benefits these gifts

will bring to the System, saying:

What does this mean for the University of Nevada System?

Briefly put, the upgrade in the University of Nevada

System computing capacity is as follows:

Reno upgrade, to commence July, 1982, provides approxi-


1. Twice the previous process power

2. Twice the computer memory

3. 2 1/2 times the disk storage

4. 4 times the tape speeds

5. Front end computers to provide potential port


6. Improved (newer) software and network software

Las Vegas upgrade:

1. 3 times the previous power

2. 10 times the computer memory

3. 3 times the interactive ports (users)

4. 3 times the disk space

5. 3 times the printer capacity

6. 3 times the tape drive capacity

The above amounts to a Systemwide processor power in-

crease of more than 500%. In short, we now have the

foundation -- the base -- that gives the University of

Nevada System the right to plan for its place in a

future where higher education will be dominated by

institutions that recognize early enough the importance

of computer based education to their students and to

economically diversified health of their states.

He further explained that the companies were interested in

our system because of its unique governance structure and

the ability to work with so many varied individual settings

within that structure. By the end of the Summer a long-

range plan will be submitted for the project with the main

thrust being for instructional purposes to enhance student

learning capabilities.

3. Silver Bowl, UNLV

In March, 1982, the Board had authorized the UNLV Adminis-

tration to negotiate with the Las Vegas Convention and

Visitors Association on an offer by the Authority to trans-

fer the Silver Bowl to the University. President Goodall

requested approval of a year-to-year contract, beginning

July 1, 1982, between the Authority and UNLV. The proposed

agreement is identified as Ref. C and filed with the per-

manent minutes.

Mr. William Morris, a member of the joint committee, stated

that the Authority has agreed that when approaching the

Legislature for funds to operate the Silver Bowl, they will

not compete in any way for a academic program funds. He

further stated that a volunteer committee has already been

formed which will solicit donations of labor and equipment

to help defray the costs of replacing the astro turf.

Regent Gallagher noted that the Board wants it clearly un-

derstood that if there has been no relief from the Legis-

lature for funding the operations of the Bowl by the end of

the first year of the contract, that the Silver Bowl would

no longer be a University of Nevada System problem and that

the lease would no longer be renewed.

The UNLV Faculty Senate Vice Chairman, Dr. Allen Morley,

recalled that they were unanimously opposed to any of the

operating costs requests to the Legislature being in com-

petition with academic funding.

Mr. Ross moved that the lease agreement be approved subject

to approval by Legal Counsel, for one year only, beginning

July 1, 1982. Seconded by Mr. Buchanan. Motion carried.

Regent Buchanan suggested that inasmuch as all Regents were pres-

ent for the Investment, Audit, Budget and Academic Affirs Commit-

ties, the reports and recommendations could be accepted without

further discussion.

4. Approval of the Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos, Chairman, submitted the following report and


1. Accepted an Investment Performance Analysis for the

quarter ending March 31, 1982, presented by Mr. Don

Rossi of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith.

2. Accepted the reports presented by Mr. Lee Scholey for

First Interstate Bank, Mr. Monte Miller of Valley Bank

of Nevada, Mr. Tom Josephsen of Security Bank of Nevada

and Mr. Tom Gaffney of Nevada National Bank.

Discussed the portfolio for the endowment of the

Atmospherium-Planeterium and directed Vice Chancellor

Dawson to prepare a detailed report to the Committee

prior to September 1, 1982.

3. Accepted a report from Vice Chancellor Mark Dawson con-

cerning American Investors, who are managing funds from

the Pinching Endowment with a 12% rate of return, and

the Kleberg Endowment which is realizing a 17% rate of

return. An agreement between American Investors and the

University of Nevada System has been established.

4. Recommended the Board of Regents accept the Esping

Estate gift to the School of Medicine with the stipu-

lations as set forth by the trustees of the estate,

that monies be invested separately (cash in the amount

of $79,794.43; a promissory note in the amount of

$112,000 at 10% interest from St. Mary's Hospital,

which is payable on or before March 20, 1988; a prom-

issory note in the amount of $3400 from Dewey J.

Smalley at 10% interest payable July 12, 1990; and

a previous gift of $60,000, totalling $255,194.43),

and that a report be made each year on April 30 to the

trustees on the earned income.

5. Recommended a resolution to memorialize Mrs. Elva

Knudson Smith, who died recently. Mrs. Smith was the

mother of Mr. Arthur Smith, a former member of the

Board of Regents and currently the Chairman of the

Board of First Interstate Bank.

5. Approval of the Report of the Audit Committee

Regent Whitley, Chairman, submitted the following report:

Accepted in its entirety the Internal Audit Report concern-

ing the UNR College of Agriculture, which has been requested

by President Crowley and Dean Bernard Jones. Report and

recommendations are on file with the permanent minutes.

The Audit recommendations are as follows:

A. Budgetary Control

The Audit findings and conclusions reveal that the

College of Agriculture had a fiscal office that was

voluntarily exlcuded from the rest of the University

community and operated without budgetary control, had

unnecessary complex accounting records, and violated

Board of Regents policy, federal and state law. We

conclude that Management has been financially unac-

countable in an environment that demands public ac-

countability. We recommend the following:

1. That Management define their organizational struc-

ture, develop a budget policy, allocate resources,

record budgetary spending authorization, and as-

sign principal investigators for each account.

2. That no expenditures be allowed prior to budgetary


3. That the College comply with the policy of the

Board of Regents to enforce Estimative Budgets.

4. That the College of Agriculture's Accounting Sys-

tem be revised to conform with the University of

Nevada System.

5. That all accounts be reviewed and consolidated so

that only active accounts remain.

6. That the College resolve all existing deficit ac-

counts with available College funds. If College

funds are not available, the College should seek

assistance from UNR.

7. That the College make realistic estimates of

federal revenue for Biennial Budget Requests to

be presented to the Nevada State Legislature.

8. That future augmentation requests be submitted to

the Board of Regents, the State Budget Office, and

the Legislative Interim Finance Committee in ac-

cordance with and as required by Board policy and

State law.

9. That the University of Nevada System's Legal

Counsel be consulted to determine the legality of

the assumption that the Cooperative Extension

Service Smith-Lever 3D Funds carry over for two


10. That Management develop a policy on the priority

of use of carryover funds.

11. That effective immediately, accountants cease

changing account coding of source documents as

assigned by the principal investigations.

B. Safeguarding and Control of Assets

We conclude that the College Management has not ful-

filled its reponsibility with respect to safeguarding

and control of University assets. We recommend the


1. That the College conduct a physical inventory of

equipment in their custody and report to the

Business Center North Property Management person-

nel with subsequent notification to the Chancel-

lor's Office of equipment lost or missing.

2. That, effective immediately, the College collect

all amounts legally due the University. Further

that a contract be executed immediately with

U. S. D. A. charging them for their use of Uni-

versity services and property. That a report be

issued by the College to the UNR President de-

tailing the total amount of revenues for which

payment was not received in the past.

3. That the College control and reduce the number of

limited purchase order books issued to College


4. That the College, with the assistance of Legal

Counsel, execute contractual agreements in the

areas of:

A. Hereford Herd Program

B. Land on Loan

C. The Loan of College Livestock

C. Violation of Federal Regulations

We conclude that the College does not have sufficient

internal controls to assure consistent compliance with

regulations of federal, state and local governments who

have provided funds to the University. Although our

finding include only two exceptions under federal regu-

lations, we would refer the reader to the Budget Com-

pliance Section for more exceptions. We recommend the


1. That the College comply with Circular A-21 and

require that College personnel complete Personnel

Activity Reports in the manner which the federal

government has approved for payroll certification.

2. That the College seek the assistance of the Busi-

ness Center North Controller's Office in prepara-

tion of Annual Financial Reports to government

funding agencies to assure timeliness and accuracy

of reports submitted.

D. Violation of Board of Regents Policy

Gund Ranch - On June 29, 1979, the Board approved

$45,000 to construct a residence for the Manager of the

Gund Ranch. 3 separate accounts were set up and a total

of over $110,000 was spent for the residence. Currently

the Manager of the Ranch is residing in the residence

and is paying a fee of $25 per month rental. There is

also a $300,000 deficit in the Ranch accounts for 81-82.

Apparently because the Estimative Budget was not sub-

mitted for approval to the Regents. We recommend the


1. That a full report be given to the Board of Regents

detailing all expenditures for the construction of

the residence on the Gund Ranch.

2. That the rental arrangements for housing at the

Gund Ranch be reviewed to determine if they are

perquisites or a requirement of employment.

3. That all costs of the Gund Ranch residence con-

struction be funded and be properly recorded in

plant funds.

4. Since the Gund Ranch Estimative Budget has not been

approved by the Board of Regents, no expenditures

in fiscal year 1982-83 can be made prior to approv-

al of this budget.

5. That interest income be credited to the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account to comply with

existing policy.

6. That all investment decisions be made by the

Controller's Office, Business Center North.

7. That Management review all rentals to employees to

insure an adequate return for use of University


8. That the College report all gifts whether monetary

or non-monetary to the Board of Regents for accept-


E. Comingling of Funds

Nevada Agricultural Foundation

Internal Audit recommends that the Nevada Agricul-

tural Foundation be merged into the University of

Nevada, Reno Foundation. If this procedure is not

followed, the Dean of the College should prohibit

the faculty and staff from accepting any funds pro-

vided from the Nevada Agricultural Foundation with-

out prior written permission from the Board of Re-

gents. Upon acceptance, the Dean should administer

these gift funds to assure that duplicate resouces

are not provided for the same purpose.

In addition, the College should charge the Founda-

tion the cost of maintaining the Foundation live-

stock as well as execute an agreement specifying

the rights and responsibilities of both parties

concerning livestock maintenance.

Calves for College Program

Only the difference between the cost of feeding and

caring for the donated calves and the sales price of

the slaughtered animals should go into the Calves

for College Award Fund. The College should be re-

imbursed for its costs for this program. An analy-

sis of maintenance costs of this program, including

estimates of amounts absorbed by the College, should

be completed. A reserve should be calculated and

established for potential audit adjustments.

In addition, we recommend that the College increase

the dollar amount and number of student scholar-

ships since the fund balance continues to grow from

interest income.

F. Checking Accounts

Nevada Junior Livestock Show Board

The President of the University of Nevada, Reno

should notify each Junior Livestock Show Board mem-

ber of Internal Audit's exception taken with respect

to this bank account, emphasize the fact that the

University's name has been used, that the Board of

Regents assumed no responsibility for this bank

account, and that it is improper to associate the

University of Nevada's name with a non-University

bank account. The Show Board members, who are also

University employees, are acting as individuals,

and in no way representing the University.

G. Scholarships

We recommend that the College provide the UNR Scholar-

ship Office with information as to the amount of awards

and names of recipients. Further, the Scholarship Pro-

grams noted above should be included in all University

literature that details available scholarships.

Dean Jones reported that as of June 30, 1982, all accounts

would be closed and that a new simplified accounting system

would be set up, with an individual Fiscal Management Of-

ficer assigned to each account, and that they would be fol-

lowing UNS policy. He also stated that they are working on

the Gund Ranch problem and will be reporting back to the

Board at a future date.

The Board assured President Crowley and Dean Jones that they

now have the complete approval of the Board to take such

necessary steps to correct the irregularities as reported.

The Board further commended Kathy Kossick, Director of In-

ternal Audit, and her staff for the work they have done, and

also thanked President Crowley and Dean Jones for their co-

operation and assitance during the audit.

6. Approval of the Report of the Budget Committee

Regent Del Papa, Chairman, submitted the following report

and recommendations:

1. Approved the following host and interview/recruiting


(A) Host accounts to be funded by the Board of Regents

on an annual basis as follows:

UNR $6000

UNLV 6000

DRI 6000

TMCC 3000

CCCC 3000

WNCC 3000

NNCC 3000

Board of Regents 7000

School of Medicine 3750

Unit 4000

Institutions will be allowed to transfer un-

restricted funds to augment Regents' allocation

as needed and approved by the Campus President.

(B) Policy concerning funding for interviews and

recruiting as follows:

Presidents and Chancellor -- Board of Regents to

fund 100% of actual costs.

Major Administrative appointments, i.e., Vice

Presidents, Deans, etc., the Board of Regents to

fund a maximum of $5000 per position. The re-

spective institution would fund costs greater

than $5000. Other searches would be funded by

the Board of Regents to a maximum of $2000 per

position and any excess costs would be funded

by the respective institution.

2. Approved the establishment of a $6000 bank account at

Nevada National Bank for the Mackay Mines Summer Field

Camp with signature authority to M. J. Hibbard, L. T.

Larson and John Marzolf. The account will cover ex-

penses of the Summer Program in the Wilderness of

Nevada and will be accounted for in a manner similar

to employee travel expenses.

3. Approved the DRI Financial Plan as presented by Presi-

dent Murino. Identified as Ref. B-3 and filed with

the permanent minutes.

4. Approved DRI's request to loan contingency funds to

the following sales accounts to be used as operating


(A) $10,000 to Atmospheric Sciences Center machine


(B) $15,000 to Atmospheric Sciences Center electronic

services shop

These loans would be interest free and returned to the

contingency fund when they were no longer needed.

5. Approved President Crowley's request that approximately

$29,870 remaining at the end of 1981-82 in the UNR Mens

SKI Team acount be used for 1982-83 operating costs in-

stead of the establishment of an endowment. In August

1981 the Board approved the reinstatement of the Ski

Team with funding from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Fund and private contributions with the un-

derstanding that any funds not required for operation

of the program during 1982-82 would be used to estab-

lish an endowment for the permanent support of the

program. The Committee recommends that the endowment

concept be postponed until such time as the level of

private contributions make it feasible.

6. Approved a revision to the 1981-82 Ladino Dairy Esti-

mative Budget as follows:

Current Reqstd

Budget Budget


Opening Balance $ 88,320 $116,883

Endowment Income 26,210 26,210

Total Source of Funds $114,530 $143,093


Operating $101,850 $130,413

Ending Fund Balance 12,680 12,680

Total Expenditures $114,530 $143,093

7. Approved the following increases in room and board

rates for the College Inn to be implemented for the

1982-83 academic year:

Current Proposed

Conferences Fiscal Year 1982-83


Room Rates Groups Regular

Single $15.50 $18.50 No Change

Double 22.50 25.50 No Change

Breakfast 2.35 $2.60

Lunch 2.60 2.95

Dinner 4.70 5.15

Steak Dinner 5.70 6.25

Student Room and Board - 15 Meals

Small Single $1176 $1232

*Large Single 1720

Double Regular 1108 1164

Double Large 1168 1224

Double Suite 1218 1274

*New Room Category

8. Authorized the expenditure of $370,00 from the UNLV

Student Union Reserve Fund for expansion and renovation

of the Moyer Student Union. These funds are available

and the project consistent with the long-range plans

for the Union.

9. Approved the establishment of a $60 fee for the course,

HOA 477, Quantity Food, beginning with the establish-

ment of the course in the Fall of 1983.

10. Aproved an increase in continuing education fees from

$23 to $31.

11. Authorized an increase in the fee charged students for

the optional student insurance package from $3 to $49

per semester.

12. Approved WNCC's expenditure of $27,820 from the Capital

Improvement Fee Fund:

(A) Purchase and installation of new front $ 1,900

door closures at the Carson Campus

(B) Maintenance painting inside and outside 9,000

of the Carson Campus

(C) Purchase and installation of 4 portable 16,920

faculty office spaces, including electrical

power hook-up, at the Carson Campus.

Total $27,820

13. Approved the following course fees at WNCC:

Art Courses - Increase from $10 to $15 per course

ART 101 Beginning Drawing I

ART 102 Beginning Drawing II

ART 109 Introduction to Visual Arts

ART 145 Watercolor Painting

ART 170B Stained Glass Windows

ART 175 Photography I

ART 235 Introduction to Painting I

ART 236 Introduction to Painting II

ART 250 Photography II

ART 263 Beginning Sculpture

ART 275 Introduction to Ceramics

ART 277 Advanced Ceramics

GA 109 Introduction to Visual Arts

GA 175 Photography I

GA 250 Photography II

Automotive Courses - New fee of $5 per course

AUTO 100B Auto Mechanics for Novices

AUTO 101B General Auto

AUTO 102B Auto Electricity, Basic

AUTO 104B Home Auto Tune-Up

AUTO 106B Auto Electricity

AUTO 107B Motorcycle Maintenance I

AUTO 125B Auto Chassis

AUTO 155B Small Engine Repair

AUTO 218B Tune-Up Procedures

AUTO 223B Auto Engine Tune-Up, Advanced

AUTO 225B Air Conditioning Systems

AUTO 250B Engine Rebuilding

Construction Courses - New fee of $10 per course

CONS 100B Residential Carpentry

CONS 101B Building Construction I

CONS 102B Blueprint Reading and Specifications

CONS 201B Residential Carpentry II

WOOD 107B Beginning Woodshop

WOOD 221B Advanced Woodworking

Data Processing - New fee of $5 per course

DP 100B Keypunch

DP 141B RPG Language I

DP 142B RPG Language II

DP 155B Micro Computers for Small Business

DP 165B Basic Programming I

DP 165B Basic Programming II

DP 201 Cobol Programming I

DP 202 Cobol Programming II

DP 211 Fortran Programming

MATH 135 Information and Computer Science

Music Courses - New fee of $105 per course

MUS 151 Piano

MUS 153 Voice

MUS 251 Piano

Science (Laboratory) Courses - Increase from $5 to

$10 per course

BIOL 101 General Biology I

BIOL 202 Plant Biology

BIOL 223 Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOL 224 Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 251 General Microbiology

CHEM 101 General Chemistry I

CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I

Traffic Safety Courses - New fee with range from $5 to

$20 per course

TSI 100B Basic Motorcycle Safety

TSI 101B Advanced Mororcycle Safety

14. Approval of the following course fees at CCCC:

Effective Fall, 1982

Data Processing Courses - Fee of $5 per course

DP 115 Introduction to Data Processing

DP 211 Fortran

DP 205 Structured Cobol I

DP 206 Structured Cobol II

DP 141B RPG II Programming I

DP 142B RPG II Programming II

DP 134B Assembler Programming

Office Administration Courses - Fee of $5 per course

OA 101 Elementary Typing I

OA 102 Intermediate Typing

OA 201 Advanced Typing

OA 111 Shorthand I

OA 112 Shorthand II

OA 211 Shorthand III

OA 205B Word Processing Concepts

OA 203B IBM Mag Card Typing

OA 204B IBM Memory Typing

OA 207B Word Processing Simulation

OA 250B Word Processing Reference Grammar

OA 251B Proofreading Skills

OA 103B Speed Building Typing

Nursing Courses - Fee of $5 per course

NURS 191B Fundamentals of Nursing Lab

PN 192B Obstretical Nursing Lab

PN 194B Medical Surgical Nursing I Lab

PN 195B Medical Surgical Nursing II Lab

PN 197B Pediatric Nursing Lab

Effective Spring, 1983

Ornamental Horticulture - Fee of $25 per course

OH 106 Dry/Artificial Floral Design

OH 202 Advanced Floral Design I

OH 204 Advanced Floral Design II

OH 206 Advanced Floral Design III

15. Approved the following expenditures from the Capital

Improvement Fee at NNCC:

(A) $9000 for the purchase of a Sentinel 800 Energy


(B) $2145 for emergency repairs to the heating and

air conditioning units. (Vice Chancellor Dawson

had authorized this work contingent upon approval

by the Board.)

7. Approval of the Academic Affairs Committee

Regent Gallagher, Chairman, submitted the following report

and recommendations:

1. Recommended approval of the Phase II Proposal for the

Certificate Program in Gerontology at UNLV. The Phase

I Proposal was approved by the Board in December, 1981,

and the Phase II Proposal contains a description of a

24-credit interdisciplinary course of study leading to

a Certificate of Gerontology.

2. Recommended approval of the transfer of the Department

of Public Administration from the College of Arts and

Letters to the College of Business and Economics, ef-

fective July 1, 1982. This transfer has the support of

the faculty members in the Department, the Deans of each

College, the Academic Vice President and President.

3. Accepted Progress Reports from the Campuses on Faculty

Development Programs supported by the Regents Special

Projects Fund. Also, recommended that Systemwide guide-

lines, evaluations and coordinated reports be developed

by the Council of Presidents for presentation to the


4. Recommended that Vice Chancellor Warren Fox negotiate

with Dr. Richard Chait on the possibility of UNS Regents

participating in a nationwide study of the role of

trustees in academic affairs, which the Association of

Governing Boards has commissioned.

5. Recommended that Vice Chancellor Warren Fox, through

1202 Higher Education Commission, develop a study on

academic standards, including admission requirements

and developmental programs.

Mr. Buchanan moved for the approval of the reports and

recommendations of the Investment Advisory, Audit, Budget

and Academic Affairs Committees. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

8. Report of Financial Aids Programs

In response to a Board request, each Campus submitted a

report outlining current financial aid involvement with

estimates of the impact of the proposed federal cutbacks

in the aid programs. In 1981-82, the total awards to stu-

dents amounts to $13,259,070 with an expected drop to some

$8.9 million in 1983-84, unless measures to correct this

gap are undertaken by the System. Recommendations on alter-

natives will be presented to the Board at the July meeting.

Mrs. Whitley moved to accept the reports. Ms. Del Papa

seconded. Motion carried.

9. Alcoholic Beverage Policy

The Board adopted the following policy on purchase of

alcoholic beverages:

The purchase of alcoholic beverages for use at the

University of Nevada System functions shall be per-

mitted for the following functions or pursuant to the

following conditions:

1) Conferences and institutes where a part of the fee

collected is for a cocktail party.

2) Host account expenditures for liquor with dinner

and for large receptions.

3) Student Associations must have the institutional

President's prior approval and the institutional

President is to be the only person authorized to

approve payment of the purchase of alcoholic bever-

ages from Student Association Funds. The insti-

tutional President will only grant this authoriza-

tion upon being satisfied that proper supervision

is provided in the dispensing of alcoholic bever-


Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the policy. Ms. Del Papa

seconded. Motion carried.

10. Appointment of Director of Libraries, UNLV

President Goodall recommended the appointment of Ms. Mary

Dale Palsson as Director of Libraries at UNLV at a salary

of $41,000, Rank 3, Step 19.5+.

Mr. Buchanan moved for approval. Mr. Karamanos seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Report from UNLV Graduate Student Association

Graduate Dean Jim Adams introduced Ms. Lee Cox, Graduate

Student Association, who related activities of their 1 1/2

year old Association. She thanked the Board for their

support and expressed the desire that this support continue.

12. Grant to the Australian National University, DRI

President Murino requested authorization to make a grant

from non-state appropriated funds in the amount of $25,000

to the Australian National University of Canberra, Australia

which will be applied to the construction of a gas exchange

apparatus. The apparatus is to be placed on permanent loan

to DRI for the use of its Bioresources Center. This grant

is necessitated by the fact that the Australian National

University is prohibited from making sales of scientific

instrumentation which it fabricates.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

Campus Presidents introduced the following newly elected Faculty

Senate Chairmen and Student Association Presidents:

TMCC - Mary Ann Lambert, Faculty Senate

David Borkowski, ASTM President

UNLV - Dr. Allen Morley, Vice Chairman, Faculty Senate

Rick Oshinski, CSUN President

CCCC - Dr. John Heise, Faculty Senate

WNCC - Dr. Doris Dwyer, Faculty Senate

Mr. Tony Cordisco, USA President

UNR - Dr. Richard Curry, Faculty Senate

Mr. Bill Hamma, ASUN President

NNCC - Ms. Pam Bottari, ASB President

13. Request for Permission to Sell Property

American Investment Management, Inc. submitted a second

deed of trust for sale of property in connection with the

Paul L. Pinching Memorial Scholarship. This property was

reverted to the University System after an initial loan on

February 15, 1980, and a subsequent foreclosure. The prop-

erty is now to be sold on a contract of sale. $17,593.02

was advanced to UNS from American Investment Management with

$819.00 due upon approval of sale by the Regents and the

Governor, for a total of $18,412.02, which is the principal

and interest at 18% per annum.

Vice Chancellor Dawson recommended approval by the Board for

sale of this property, with permission to make a similar re-

quest of the Governor.

Mrs. Whitley moved for approval of the sale. Mr. Mc Bride

seconded. Motion carried.

14. 1982-83 Salary Requests, School of Medicine

When proposed salary increases for UNS personnel were sub-

mitted for approval, School of Medicine salaries were not

included pending a proposal, subsequently dropped, to the

Interim Finance Committee which would have affected salary

distribution and decisions. President Crowley recommended

the following salaries for 1982-83, stating that the ulti-

mate objective is to bring these administrative salaries up

to 50% of the Western Regional level, and although some of

these increases appear somewhat excessive, they will all be

short of that goal, with the exception of Dr. Wood.

1981-82 1982-83 *

Salary Recm.Salary Incr

Schneider, L. $47,991 $50,870 6.0

*Pardini, R. S. 44,956 50,564 12.5

Wood, J. 54,000 60,000 11.2

Brigham, E. 33,753 36,453 8.0

Kozel, T. 35,828 43,000 20.1

St. Jeor, S. 31,884 36,000 12.9

Holderman, M. 28,014 30,255 8.0

Knox, G. 27,784 30,562 10.0

*Includes one step for Chairmanship of Biochemistry

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

15. New Business

Mrs. Fong requested a profile of graduates which would give

an indication of how well students are being prepared for

the job market.

16. Chairman's Report

Mr. Cahsell reported that the Air Force Association recently

honored the Board of Regents at a dinner for the scholar-

ships offered to the families of the 6 Thunderbird pilots

killed this last year. Two plaques were presented to the

Board and will be placed in the Chancellor's Office in Reno:

Air Force Association Citation awarded to University

of Nevada for the unique humanitarian action of the

Board of Regents in granting full 4-year scholarships

for the surviving wives and children of the 6 Thunder-

bird pilots who lost their lives in line of duty with

our respected United States Air Force aerial demonstra-

tion team in 1981-82.

United States Air Force Thunderbirds. Presented to the

University of Nevada Board of Regents in appreciation

for your thoughtfulness.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Acting Secretary of the Board