UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 18-19, 1904


Volume OC - Pages 328-333

Reno, Nevada

June 18, 1904

The Board of Regents met at their Office at 9:30 A.M. Saturday,

June 18, 1904, a full Board being present.

Minutes of May 30, 31 and June 2 read and approved.

Upon motion of Regent Bray, seconded by Regent Booher, the recom-

mendation of President Stubbs relating to absence of Professors

after seven years of service at half-pay, the Board reserving the

right to act upon each individual case as it comes before them as

to the amount of pay to be allowed, was adopted.

Regent Bray offered the following resolution which was duly car-


WHEREAS, the Faculty Committee on the Tri-Decennial Celebra-

tion of the founding of the University performed laborious

and meritorious services in arranging thereof, and

WHEREAS, Dr. J. E. Church, as Chairman of that Committee,

had an especially large amount of the labor in conducting

the correspondence and arranging the details of the cele-

bration, which he performed with most commendable tact and


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Regents tender to the

Faculty Committee, and especially to Dr. Church, their earn-

est appreciation of the services which the Committee thus

rendered to the University.

The Secretary was instructed to transmit a copy of the above

resolution to the Committee in charge of the work and letters of

appreciation of the Regents to those who assisted at the Tri-

Decennial Celebration of the University.

Upon motion, duly carried, the Secretary of the Board was in-

structed to acknowledge the gift of a cement walk laid from the

bridge to the Hatch Station by the Class of 1902.

Upon the recommendation of President Stubbs, Regent Bray moved,

seconded by Regent Booher, that Mr. E. E. Caine be elected

Principal of the University High School at an annual salary of

Eighteen Hundred dollars, payable monthly to take effect the

first day of September, 1905.

It was moved, seconded and carried that all social matters be

referred to the faculty with the recommendation that the expense

of each function shall not be burdensome to the students.

President Stubbs recommended a communication from the Athletic

Association for adoption in assessment of $4 each term upon

all students and then give each student admission to all games

free of expense, the same being the unanimous consent of the

Student Body. Upon motion of Regent Bray, seconded by Regent

Booher, above recommendation was approved.

It was moved, seconded and carried that President Stubbs be re-

quested to prepare a letter of thanks to each person taking part

in the Tri-Decennial exercises and the Secretary of the Board

directed to transmit such letters.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Bray, the Secre-

tary of the Board was instructed to extend the thanks of the

Regents to the Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Co. of Easton, Pa., for

their gift to the Mining Department of one of their steam drills.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Bray, a further

leave of absence was granted to Dr. Louderback until September 1,


Upon motion of Regent Bray, seconded by Regent Booher, the reap-

pointment of Professor Reid as acting Professor of Mineralogy and

Geology for the years 1904-05 by President Stubbs was approved.

Upon motion by Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Bray, the con-

tract to furnish coal and wood was awarded to E. L. Drappo as


150 tons Rock Spring coal @9.00 per ton to be paid 1/2 cash

when delivered and the balance in nine months.

50 cords 4-foot split Pine wood @4.90 per cord to be paid in

six months.

30 cords 4-foot slab wood @3.00 to be paid on delivery.

Upon motion of Regent Bray, seconded by Regent Booher, the Secre-

tary of the Board was authorized to renew insurance policies on

Lincoln Hall, expiring in August as follows:

L. J. Davis $5000 Policy 3 years

J. A. Bonham 5000 Policy 3 years

Upon motion, duly carried, N. W. Roff, Fenton A. Bonham and Sol

Hilp were appointed a Board of Auditors to examine the books and

accounts of the Experiment Station for the fiscal year ended

June 30, 1904.

Claims were allowed as follows:

Experiment Station Hatch Fund - No. 4213-4254

Nevada State Journal $ 149.20

Gazette Publishing Co. 304.50

Franklin Engraving Co. 124.07

Emier & Amend 250.10

J. R. Bradley co. 61.93

S. J. Hodgkinson 2.00

Reno Evening Gazette 14.00

Nevada Observer Co. 10.50

R. B. Howcroft 8.75

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 21.60

Reno Mercantile Co. 2.60

Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co. 1.50

B. Raggio 8.00

Flanigan Warehouse Co. 56.25

Stark Bros. 10.00

Lillian Walker 5.50

C. O. D. Wood Yard 5.00

Geo. H. Taylor 108.48

F. W. Braun & Co. 38.18

Peter Henderson & Co. 1.94

Cambridge Entertainment Club 1.00

Irwin Hodson Co. 6.15

Evergreen Nursery Co. 10.68

June Payroll 889.10

W. W. Booher 39.40

Total $2130.43

Contingent University Fund - No. 222-242

June Payroll - P & I $1083.34

June Payroll - Students 45.20

Geo. J. Young 50.00

Reno Mercantile Co. 8.20

Gazette Publishing Co. 15.00

Gazette Publishing Co. 23.50

R. B. Howcroft 21.35

Riverside Hotel 21.50

Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co. 5.80

Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co. 8.30

Nevada Power Light & Water Co. 75.00

Flanigan Warehouse Co. 89.68

John P. Mc Intyre 54.00

R. Herz & Bros. 11.50

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 50.00

Scheeline & Osburn 18.02

Washoe County Bank 29.54

C. J. Brooking 7.25

Geo. H. Taylor 61.45

Geo. H. Taylor 10.00

Geo. H. Taylor 81.89

Total $1770.52

Agricultural & Mechanic College Morrill Fund - No. 73-110

June Payroll - P & I $1723.35

Nevada State Journal 10.70

Nevada State Journal 6.00

Flanigan Warehouse Co. 86.27

Reno Mercantile Co. 2.70

Reno Mercantile Co. 2.45

Reno Mercantile Co. 4.65

Nevada Power Light & Water Co. 98.10

Porteous Decorating Co. 1.30

Reno Evening Gazette 6.50

Sol Levy 2.40

Geo. H. Taylor 53.59

James A. Weber & Son 23.43

J. A. Stewart & Co. 36.10

Library Bureau Chicago 2.39

The Baker & Taylor Co. 2.93

William H. Guild 7.75

A. M. Robertson 4.27

Payot Upham & Co. 3.15

F. W. Braun & Co. 17.35

F. W. Braun & Co. 16.00

Eugene Dietzgen Co. 26.40

Eugene Dietzgen Co. 6.88

Total $2144.76

No further business appearing, upon motion of Regent Booher,

seconded by Regent Bray, the Board adjourned to meet in the

rooms of the Supreme Court at Carson City, Nevada on July 4,


R. Kirman


Geo. H. Taylor