UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 13-14, 1882


Volume OA - Page 161


                        June 13, 1882

The Board of Regents met at the Dormitory on the above date and

time.  Present:  S. H. Day, J. S. Mayhugh and C. H. Sproule.

The minutes of the previous meetings of the Board were read and


Upon motion, it was decided to close the present term on June 30

and reopen on the first Monday in September, next.

The Board discussed the propriety of opening the Assaying and

Mining Department in September and decided to do so, providing

a suitable person could be obtained to take charge and instruct

in that Department.  Regent Day was requested to make inquiries

among the Mining men of his portion of the State and secure the

services of a suitable Professor, if possible.

Bills allowed:

    T. W. Stone         Principal's salary for April      $250

    T. W. Stone         Principal's salary for May         250

    T. W. Stone         Principal's salary for June        250

    Charles Gardner     Janitor for April-June              45

    Regent Day          Traveling expenses                  70

    Regent Sproule      Traveling expenses                  30



Board adjourned.

                             T. W. Stone

                             Secretary Pro Tem