UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 12-13, 1981


Pages 140-159



June 12, 1981

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Carlson Educa-

tion building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Jim Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:50 A.M.

1. Appointment of Special Counsel

Chancellor Bersi requested that the Board designate the firm

of Walther, Kev, Maupin, Oats, Cox, Lee and Klaich as Spe-

cial Counsel, with payment for services to come from the

Legal Fees Account. He introduced Michael Malloy, in at-

tendance at the Board meeting as a representative of the


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Ms. Del

Papa, carried without dissent.

2. Approval of Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A and

filed with permanent minutes) was recommended. The Consent

Agenda contained the following items:

(1) Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of May

8, 1981, and the special meeting of May 29, 1981.

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Request to sell 15 shares of Archer-Daniels-Midland

Corp. stock and 10 shares of Materials Research Corp.

stock, gifts to UNLV from Mr. William Hernstadt, for

the benefit of the Athletics Department.

(4) Appointment of Gerald Ayres, replacement for William

Slayton, Insurance Division, State of Nevada; and

Raymond Bohart, replacement for D. C. Norcross, Em-

ployers Association of Southern Nevada, Inc., to the

Advisory Board of the UNLV Center for Business and

Economic Research.

(5) Recommendation to formally act to dissolve the UNR

Foundation Fund Board, now that the UNR Foundation

has been incorporated and approved by the Secretary

of State.

(6) Request for an allocation of $12,000 from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account to the UNR School of

Medicine Admission Selection Committee.

(7) Request to increase the per-credit hour fee for cor-

respondence courses from $23 to $28.

(8) Request to approve the following special fees for UNR,

effective for 1981-82:

RPED 223 Methods of Teaching Golf - $5

(increase of $1)

RPED 163 Horsemanship - $35

(new fee)

(9) Request for revision of estimative budgets for the

Las Vegas Archaeology program and the UNLV Theatre

Arts program.

(10) Approval of a 1-year lease, effective June 30, 1981,

between James and Sue Smith, for a mobile home in

Fernley, to be used to provide office, counseling,

and instructional space for WNCC, at a cost of $400

per month.

(11) Request for approval of the following expenditures

from the WNCC Capital Improvement Fee Fund:

a. $1500 to move from the old Fallon facility to

the new Fallon Center.

b. $5000 to move equipment, furniture and site

barriers during the replacement of carpet at

the Carson City Campus.

c. $3443 to provide a storage unit, installation of

mini-blinds, and electrical conduit to complete

the new Carson City addition.

Chancellor Bersi noted that the minutes of the special meet-

ing of May 29, 1981 had not been distributed in sufficient

time to insure adequate review and requested that approval

of those minutes be deferred to a subsequent meeting.

In response to a question from Mrs. Fong concerning the

status of the UNR Foundation (Item 5 of the Consent Agenda),

President Crowley stated that the Articles of Agreement are

under development, and final action by the Board is awaiting

a determination of the tax status.

Mr. Ross suggested that the Foundation Fund be retained as

a parallel organization with the Foundation until the tax

status has been finally resolved.

It was agreed that Chancellor Bersi would secure a written

recommendation from Counsel for consideration at a subse-

quent meeting; in the meantime, the Foundation Fund would

remain in place.

In reference to the request for funding for the School of

Medicine Admission Selection Committee (Item 6 of Consent

Agenda), Ms. Del Papa asked why these costs could not be

funded out of grant overhead monies, rather than the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account.

Dr. Crowley agreed that this was possible; however, he

pointed out that the Board had, over the entire existence

of the Committee, agreed that it would fund the travel re-

quired. Dr. Crowley also explained that the monies gener-

ated from grant overhead is allocated 50% back to the gen-

eral fund, 25% to two different funds in the Office of the

Graduate Dean and used for scholarships, and the remaining

25% amounts to approximately $15,000 which is then divided

among several competing accounts within the College.

Dr. Crowley suggested that the expenditure of this money to

support the Admissions Selection Committee is extremely

beneficial to the College and ultimately to the entire Sys-

tem and the Board.

Mr. Mc Bride acknowledged the importance of the work of the

Committee and suggested that the funding be provided; how-

ever, he urged that alternative funding be identified for

the future.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the Consent Agenda, with

the exception of the minutes of the special meeting of May

29, 1981, and the recommendation contained in Item 5. Mo-

tion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride.

Mrs. Fong then moved to amend the motion to provide $11,400

to the School of Medicine Admissions Selection Committee,

rather than the $12,000 requested. Motion was not seconded.

Original motion then carried without dissent.

3. Proposed Administrative Changes, UNLV

President Goodall recalled that the Board had previously

provided funds for a study of the UNLV Administrative

Organization, subsequent to which a number of administra-

tive changes had been approved by the Board. Recommenda-

tions for additional changes have been developed which also

require Board approval.

Dr. Goodall recommended that the Admissions, Registrar and

Financial Aid Offices, which now report to the Vice Presi-

dent for Administration, be assigned to the Dean of Students

Services, and the Office of Audio-Visual Services, now re-

porting to the Administrative Vice President, be assigned to

the Academic Vice President.

He further recommended that the University College be re-

named the Academic Advising Center, be assigned to the Dean

of Students, and be administered by a Director. The Offices

of Information Services and Development, now reporting to

the President, will report to the Vice President for Admin-

istration, both continuing to work closely with the Presi-

dent on policy matters relating to their responsibilities.

President Goodall stated that there are no new offices or

budget lines created in this restructuring. The two primary

goals of this further reorganization would be to consolidate

all student services under the Dean of Student Services and

the strengthening of our Development and Public Information

functions by bringing them together under the Administrative

Vice President, where Alumni Relations is already located.

All major public contact offices will now be under the di-

rection of the Vice President for Administration.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

4. Proposed Exchange of University Land

President Goodall reported that several years ago, UNLV

received a gift of a parcel of property on the northeast

corner of Clark Avenue and Casino Center Boulevard, with

the understanding that any income or proceeds from the

parcel would be used by the College of Business and


The owners of the property across the street, on the north-

west corner of Clark and Casino Center, have indicated an

interest in trading that parcel for the one owned by the

University, plus an additional $30,000 cash. In addition,

they would trade "as is", meaning that the University will

not be responsible for clearing several buildings in near-

slum condition, at an estimated cost of $5,000. Both par-

cels have been appraised and appear to be equal in value.

Dr. Goodall pointed out that the University would end up

with exactly the same amount of property it now currently

owns, and in nearly the same location and with the same

value, and will receive $30,000 in cash, plus being relieved

of the cost of clearing the currently-owned property. Based

on the foregoing, and the assumption that this transaction

would not be precluded by the current moratorium imposed by

the Board on the disposal of University-owned land, he rec-

ommended approval of this proposed land exchange. Chancel-

lor Bersi concurred, noting that approval of the Governor

is also required.

Mrs. Fong objected to the land exchange, expressing a

preference to a long term lease which would provide income.

Dr. Goodall stated that other alternatives had been explored

and it was the opinion of the Dean, the institution's busi-

ness officers, that it was in the University's best inter-

ests to agree to the exchange, adding that he shared that

opinion and recommended approval.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried with Mrs. Fong opposing, based on the

objections stated above.

4. Bid Opening, Business and Hotel Administration Building,


(Note: Numbering of minutes agenda items resulted in a

duplication of #4.)

President Goodall reported the following bids received by

the State Public Works Board for the UNLV Business and

Hotel Administration building:

Mc Carthy Bros. Construction

Base Bid $8,682,000

Alternate 1 25,000

Alternate 2 190,000

Alternate 3 86,000

Alternate 4 144,000

Alternate 5 117,000

Total $9,244,000

Zuni Construction Company

Base Bid $8,640,000

Alternate 1 32,000

Alternate 2 201,000

Alternate 3 121,000

Alternate 4 145,000

Alternate 5 118,000

Total $9,257,000

Mardian Construction Company

Base Bid $8,670,000

Alternate 1 23,500

Alternate 2 226,970

Alternate 3 90,257

Alternate 4 152,978

Alternate 5 124,624

Total $9,288,329

Sletten Construction Company

Base Bid $8,925,000

Alternate 1 31,000

Alternate 2 112,000

Alternate 3 73,300

Alternate 4 150,200

Alternate 5 130,400

Total $9,421,900

J. A. Tiberti Construction

Base Bid $9,060,000

Alternate 1 37,000

Alternate 2 232,000

Alternate 3 99,000

Alternate 4 142,000

Alternate 5 115,000

Total $9,685,000

Del Webb Construction

Base Bid $9,130,000

Alternate 1 43,000

Alternate 2 93,000

Alternate 3 150,000

Alternate 4 293,000

Alternate 5 120,000

Total $9,829,000


1 - Install planters and benches

2 - Court covers and pertinent architectural, structural,

electrical, mechanical and plumbing elements

3 - Planter walls, landscaping, plantings, benches and


4 - Food service equipment (except those in Alternate 5)

5 - Food service laboratory equipment

Dr. Goodall recommended that the Board concur in the award

of a contract by the State Public Works Board to Mc Carthy

Bros. Construction for the base bid plus all alternates

for a total of $9,244,000.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallaher, carried without dissent.

5. Proposed Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology,


President Goodall reported that UNLV presently offers a

Master of Education degree, with a concentration in Exercise

Physiology. He presented a proposal to change this degree

title to a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, noting

that the faculty are already in place, and the courses are

already a part of the curriculum, and no additional budget

request is attached to the proposal. (Copy of proposal on

file in the Chancellor's Office.)

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the proposal, but requested

that action on the motion be deferred until after lunch, at

which time he would request the Board also consider includ-

ing in their action a vote to encourage the College to pro-

ceed with a proposal for a doctoral program in Exercise

Physiology. Mr. Buchanan explained that two vacancies cur-

rently exist in the Physical Education Department, which,

if filled properly, would provide the required staffing for

the doctoral program. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride.

It was agreed that action on this motion would be deferred

until the Board reconvened following lunch.

6. Approval of Investment Account for Lake Mead Limnological

Research Center, UNLV

Dr. Goodall asked that this matter be deferred until a

subsequent meeting.

7. Discussion of Ed. D. Program, UNLV

President Goodall recalled that Regent Buchanan had raised

a question at a previous meeting concerning the status of

the Ed. D. program at UNLV, expressing his concern over a

reported imposition of a moratorium on the program by the

College of Education. Dr. Goodall noted that the College

is currently involved in an extensive long-range planning

process which may ultimately result in a proposal for a

moratorium; however, at this time UNLV is not making such

a recommendation.

At Dr. Goodall's request, Dean Richard Kunkel reviewed the

planning in which the College had been engaged over the past

2 years, a process which he said had included:

(1) Viewing teacher education as a University responsi-

bility (rather than only a College responsibility).

(2) An internal review of the existence, operations and

quality of all of the graduate programs; and

(3) A careful look at relationships with national


Dr. Kunkel pointed out that this type of planning is con-

sistent with the Regents' directive that long-range academic

planning occur within each institution, and is also con-

sistent with the Board's request when the program was au-

thorized that it be reevaluated in 5 years.

Chancellor Bersi agreed that this type of planning is ap-

propriate and necessary if the Board is to have the informa-

tion upon which to base its decisions on resource alloca-


Mr. Buchanan suggested that while the College is seeking

accreditation for its undergraduate programs, they be di-

rected to develop a proposal to move the doctoral program

forward toward accreditation pointing out that its current

status as a self-supporting program prevents that.

Ms. Del Papa suggested that the Board should first develop

its long-range academic Master Plan and establish some pri-


Dr. Bersi agreed that the academic Master Plan is critical

to continued planning; however, he suggested that the fact

that the Chancellor's Office has not done the required

System-wide planning should not stand in the way of a par-

ticular College's ability to respond to demonstrated need.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the Chancellor be authorized to work

with the UNLV College of Education to develop a proposal for

moving the Ed. D. program toward accreditation and to bring

back a report to a subsequent meeting. Motion seconded by

Mr. Mc Bride with a request that the motion be expanded to

also include the UNR program. Mr. Buchanan agreed. Motion

carried without dissent.

8. Proposed New Associate of Applied Science Degree/Legal

Assistant, CCCC

President Eaton recalled that in 1979 CCCC had conducted a

Community Needs Assessment which had identified a strong

interest in the establishment of a Legal Assistant program.

In response to that need, a proposal for an Associate of

Applied Science degree had been developed and approval to

initiate that program was being requested of the Board.

Copy of proposal on file in the Chancellor's Office.

Dr. Eaton noted that this proposed new program is included

in the draft academic Master Plan for CCCC and initiation

in 1981-82 will involve only part-time staffing costs.

In response to a question from Mrs. Fong concerning spe-

cialized library requirements, Dr. Eaton stated that Judge

Paul Goldman had offered access to his law library to stu-

dents in the program.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

9. Proposed Bylaws, CCCC

President Eaton requested approval of proposed Bylaws for

CCCC as developed by the faculty and administrative staff,

reviewed by the CCCC Advisory Board, approved by a majority

of the College faculty and reviewed by Legal Counsel. (By-

laws identified as Ref. F and filed with permanent minutes.)

Chancellor Bersi recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried without dissent.

10. Report of Additional Gifts

President Eardley reported the following additional gifts

received by TMCC:

A 1970 Buick, valued at $1375, from Mr. Mack Mario

Bersi, Lodi, California

Five VT100 Computer Terminals, valued at $2150 each,

from Digital Equipment Corporation, through their

special grant program.

It was agreed that these gifts would be included in the

motion accepting the gifts reported with the Consent Agenda.

11. Proposed Revision to ASUN Constitution

President Crowley reported that changes in Articles V and VI

of the ASUN Constitution were approved in March by the ASUN

Senate and in a subsequent general election of the student

body (changes reflected in Ref. G and filed with permanent

minutes). Dr. Crowley recommended approval by the Board.

Chancellor Bersi concurred.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Fong, carried without dissent.

12. Proposal for Establishment of University Club, UNR

President Crowley presented a proposal for establishment of

a Faculty Club at UNR to be housed in the College Inn.

(Copy of proposal identified as Ref. H and filed with per-

manent minutes.) Cost of converting the dining room of the

Inn into a lounge/bar, main dining area and several small

dining rooms for special functions is estimated at $54,284,

to be funded from the College Inn operating account, aug-

mented by a small loan from Physical Plant. Several cate-

gories of membership will be available, at an annual fee of


Mr. Buchanan moved approval with the stipulation that Re-

gents would be honorary members. Motion died for lack of


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride.

Mr. Ross objected, citing his representation of 6 rural

counties, pointing out that he did not believe such a

proposal would be favored by his constituency.

Motion carried with Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Ross opposing.

13. Proposed Increase in University Rentals, UNR

President Crowley recommended the following increases in

rental rates for University-owned apartments and houses,

effective July, 1, 1981:

Apartments Present Rate Proposed Rate

1262 N. Sierra (4 apts.) $100 $125


1202 North Virginia $180 $220

1039 Evans Avenue 175 215

1061 Evans Avenue 200 250

1065 Evans Avenue 140 200

1147 Evans Avenue 180 220

The rent collected by the University for these properties

is used primarily to cover the cost of utilities, mainte-

nance and repairs. The rates which have not been increased

since 1976 are minimal, considering the local market. The

proposed increases would keep the properties below market

levels and would allow for anticipated increases in the

cost of utilities and the cost of labor connected with

maintenance and improvements. Several of the units in-

volved with require considerable repairs and in the near

future to maintain suitable conditions for occupants and

to protect the University's investment.

Because of concerns expressed by several of the Regents that

the proposed rates were too far below the market value, and

the lack of specific policy relative to tenants, it was

agreed to defer consideration of this proposal until the

next meeting.

14. Proposed Change in Health Service Fee, UNR

President Crowley reported that students taking fewer than

7 credits may purchase health service care for a fee of $20

per semester. TMCC students pay $25 for the service. In

order to help meet the rising costs of the health care pro-

gram and to set an equitable standard for all concerned,

President Crowley recommended that the fee for UNR students

be increased to $25, effective Fall 1981.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

15. Request for Funding for Marching Bands

President Goodall and President Crowley requested alloca-

tion from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account of

$30,000 to each of the Universities for support of the

marching bands in 1981-82.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval, with the understanding that

other sources be found for support of the marching bands in

the future. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Ms. Del Papa reminded the Board that there is presently a

moratorium on expenditures from the Special Projects Ac-

count. She suggested that if this motion is to be approved,

it be amended to allow any funds remaining of the $30,000

allocations be spent on other projects if not needed for

the marching bands.

Mr. Cashell recalled that the Presidents had been asked to

explore the suggestion that athletic tickets be increased

by a specified amount to be dedicated to the support of the

marching bands. He suggested that the $30,000 be advanced

to each University as a loan and be repaid from the proceeds

of the increased cost of the tickets.

Ms. Del Papa suggested an alternative to the increased cost

of tickets would be a parking fee to be assessed at athletic

events and dedicated to support of the marching bands.

Mr. Mc Bride's motion carried without dissent with the un-

derstanding that it carried authority for each of the

Presidents to reallocate any funds of the $30,000 alloca-

tion not used for the marching bands to other Campus proj-

ects, and with the understanding that the Presidents would

return to the August meeting with recommendations for

future permanent funding.

16. Proposed Transfer of School of Medicine

Mr. Mc Bride proposed that the Chancellor and the Presi-

dents, Faculty Senate Chairmen, Dean and Advisory Board of

the School of Medicine conduct such discussions are are

appropriate to adequately explore the feasibility of plac-

ing the School under the administrative supervision of

the Chancellor's Office. He suggested that the severe

budget cuts sustained by the School during the 1981 Legis-

lative Session had some north-south influence, and by mak-

ing it a State-wide, rather than UNR-based, some measure of

protection might be provided. Mr. Mc Bride requested that

a report concerning these discussions be presented to the

Board in the Fall.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the study proposed above be approved

by the Board. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without


17. Report of the Audit Committee

Mrs. Whitley reported that the Audit Committee had met ear-

lier for the purpose of receiving an audit report from

Kafoury, Armstrong and Company of the UNR Intercollegiate

Athletics Program. The audit report revealed no problems

of substance and the one recommendation contained in the

report had already been implemented; i. e., the procedure

for receiving contributions from the Boosters has been

changed so that all monies are now received by the Uni-

versity. Mrs. Whitley recommended the Regents accept the

report of Kafoury, Armstrong and Company.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

18. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos presented the following report of the Invest-

ment Advisory Committee:

The Committee met earlier in the day and took the following


1. Received and approved a recommendation from Mr. Bob Lee

of First Interstate Bank for the sale from the main

portfolio of 76 shares of Litton Industries at market.

2. Received and approved a recommendation by Mr. Tom

Josephsen of Security Bank for the following purchase:

75,000 units U. S. Treasury Notes, 12% due 5/87

Trade Price $ 93

Approximate Price $69,750

Anticipated Income $ 9,000

Market Yield 13.65

3. Received and approved the following recommendations

from Mr. Monte Miller of Valley Bank for sell stops:

In the main endowment:

Raise Sell Stop

Sell Stop

Shares Description 6/5 6/12

1,000 Union Oil of Calif. 29 30 1/2

1,000 Texaco 33

Place Sell Stop

Shares Description

800 IBM

Recent Price = 59

*Sell Stop Price = 63

Approximate Value = 50,400

Approximate Gain/Loss = 4,616-

1,300 International Paper

Recent Price = 48 1/2

*Sell Stop Price = 61

Approximate Value = 79,300

Approximate Gain/Loss = 18,330

1,200 Norfolk & Western **

Recent Price = 47

*Sell Stop Price = 55

Approximate Value = 66,000

Approximate Gain/Loss = 15,955

1,000 Union Carbide

Recent Price = 58 3/4

*Sell Stop Price = 77

Approximate Value = 77,000

Approximate Gain/Loss = 25,858

2,500 Beneficial Corp **

Recent Price = 23 1/4

*Sell Stop Price = 27

Approximate Value = 67,500

Approximate Gain/Loss = 14,838

Total Value = $340,200

Total Gain/Loss = $ 70,365

*These sell stops are above market; therefore, the

market will have to continue its recent rise to

execute these orders.

**The account at this time holds 2500 shares of Norfolk

& Western and 5000 shares of Beneficial Corp.

In the Barrick Estate:

Raise Sell Stops

2,000 Exxon

Sell Stop 6/5 = 64

Sell Stop 6/12 = 66

Approximate Value = 132,000

Approximate Gain/Loss = 21,482

2,000 Standard Oil of Indiana

Sell Stop 6/5 = 51

Sell Stop 6/12 = 53

Approximate Value = 106,000

Approximate Gain/Loss = 26,938

Place Sell Stops

650 EG & G Inc.

Sell Stop 6/12 = 40

Approximate Value = 26,000

Approximate Gain/Loss = 10,766

2,000 International Tel & Tel

Sell Stop 6/12 = 31

Approximate Value = 62,000

Approximate Gain/Loss = 10,106

1,407 Norton Simon, Inc.

Sell Stop 6/12 = 15

Approximate Value = 21,105

Approximate Gain/Loss = 1,848-

5,000 Showboat, Inc. ***

Sell Stop 6/12 = 18 1/2

Approximate Value = 92,500

Approximate Gain/Loss = 1,250-

***If the sell stop is reached on Showboat, it would be

sold off in small lots as the market permits, in order

to avoid a quick drop in price on this stock, which

is presently thinly traded.

4. Heard a presentation by Mr. Don Rossi of Merrill Lynch

concerning the Investment Performance Analyses for the

first quarter of 1981.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Committee's report and

recommendations. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried

without dissent.

19. Legislative Report

Chancellor Bersi presented the following report on the

final disposition of legislation of interest to the Univer-


AB 56 - UNR, UNLV Augmentation - Effective May 13, 1981

AB 489 - Multipurpose Pavilions - Signed by Governor

AB 573 - Postsecondary Education - Died in Committee

AB 587 - Drip Irrigation - To Governor

AB 641 - Modification of Open Meeting Law - Died in


AB 649 - Transfers Land from Mental Health to UNR for

Pavilion Access and Parking - To Governor

AB 662 - Corrects UNS Statutes to Actual Practice - To


AB 676 - Eliminates 95% Rule for UNS - To Governor

AB 696 - Increases Regents Per Diem - To Governor

AB 705 - Equipment Bill for UNS - To Governor

SB 283 - Restricts Sale of Agriculture Land - Died in


SB 296 - Lahontan Water Study (DRI) - To Governor

SB 338 - Computing Center Equipment - To Governor

SB 512 - WNCC, Fallon Campus Equipment - To Governor

SB 707 - Regents Reapportionment - To Governor

Chairman Cashell commended the Chancellor on his efforts

with the Legislature.

20. Proposed Increase in Student Fees

Chancellor Bersi reported that as part of the appropriation

approved by the 1981 Legislature, the following increases

in the per-credit registration fee and the out-of-state

tuition were recommended:

(1) The out-of-state tuition to be increased from $750

to $1000 per semester.

(2) The per-credit registration fee for the Universities

to be increased from $24 to $28 in 1981-82 and to $30

in 1982-83.

(3) The per-credit registration fee for the Community

Colleges to be increased from $13 to $16 in 1981-82

and to $17 in 1982-83.

Dr. Bersi recalled that at the special meeting on May 29,

1981, the Board had directed that the Work Program for

1981-82 be prepared reflecting projected revenue which these

proposed fee increases would provide and that adoption of a

new fee schedule be included on the June 12 agenda. Ac-

cordingly, the officers recommended approval of the above

increases in fees and tuition.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval, noting that he did so with

great reluctance. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, also

reluctantly, carried with Mr. Buchanan opposing. Mr.

Buchanan explained that his opposing vote was on behalf

of the Community College students and his concern for the

hardship this increase in fees would impose on those


21. Report of the Budget Committee

Ms. Del Papa reported that the Budget Committee had met

the previous evening for the purpose of reviewing the sum-

mary work program for 1981-82, at which time the Committee

requested that the document be retitled "Operating Budget",

to more accurately reflect the nature of the document.

Ms. Del Papa requested approval of the draft document as

submitted to the Budget Committee and authorization to

establish the necessary operating accounts, with a detailed

operating budget to be presented at the August 3 meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Board convene in closed personnel

session to consider the professional competence of certain

persons for whom salary recommendations or other conditions of

employment needed to be reviewed. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

The Board reconvened in open session following lunch.

22. Appointment of Dean of Continuing Education, UNR

President Crowley reported that a national search for the

position of Dean of Continuing Education has been completed.

4 of 112 candidates were interviewed, 2 of whom were sub-

sequently recommended by the Search Committee as "highly

acceptable". Dr. Neal Ferguson, who has been serving as

Acting Dean, is one of those 2 recommended.

Dr. Crowley recommended the appointment of Dr. Neal Ferguson

effective immediately at a salary of $36,207. (Copy of Dr.

Ferguson's vita identified as Ref. J, filed with permanent


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa,

carried without dissent.

23. Revision of Unit Bylaws

At Chancellor Bersi's request, consideration of the pro-

posed revision of the Unit Bylaws was deferred to a sub-

sequent meeting.

24. Proposed One-Year Suspension of Respiratory Therapy Program,


President Eaton recalled that Clark County Community College

has been offering a one-year certificate program in Respira-

tory Therapy for the past several years. In March, 1981,

the coordinator for the program left CCCC and a national

search for a replacement has not been successful. Dr. Eaton

noted that this program is also dependent upon Las Vegas

area hospitals as clinical training sites. Lack of full-

time staff in this program area has resulted in notifica-

tion from these clinical facilities that these sites will

not be available to the College, effective immediately.

President Eaton recommended the Board of Regents approve

suspension of the Respiratory Therapy certificate program

while an aggressive search for a new coordinator continues

and relationships with area training sites can be reestab-

lished. She anticipated that the program would again be

available by June, 1982, if not earlier.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

25. Augmentation of Special Accounts

Augmentation of the following special accounts was request-

ed from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account:

Unit Interview and Recruiting Account $ 3,000

UNR Interview and Recruiting Account 10,000

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

26. Proposed Increase in Fees, School of Medicine

President Crowley reported that the School of Medicine has

proposed the following increases in the fees and tuition

for the 1981-82 academic year:

Current Proposed %

Annual Rate Annual Rate Increase

Resident tuition $2860 $3146 10

Nonresident tuition 6460 7429 15

Dr. Crowley also reported that the fee for WICHE students

is being increased in 1981-82 to $16,300 per year and to

$18,700 in 1982-83, and recommended that UNR medical stu-

dents receiving WICHE support be assessed a like amount.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley,

carried without dissent.

27. Proposed Amendment to Deferred Payment Policy

President Davis requested adoption of the following amended

policy governing deferred payment of fees at WNCC, effec-

tive Fall semester, 1981:

During Fall and Spring semesters, a student enrolling

for 7 or more credits can enter into a contract with

the College to defer payment of 50% of the registration

fee and out-of-state tuition. The unpaid balance is

due and payable not later than Friday of the 6th week

of instruction. Application for admission fees, labora-

tory fees, and costs of community services may not be

deferred. The registration of students who fail to

meet the deferred payment plan on the date set for such

payment will be cancelled.

President Eardley requested approval of an amendment to the

policy for TMCC, also effective Fall semester, 1981, as


Contracts for deferred payment of registration fees

which are in excess of $240 are available during the

registration period. Approximately 1/2 of the total

due is payable upon registration. The balance is due

and payable not later than Friday of the 6th week of

instruction. This option is available during the Fall

and Spring semesters only. Any unpaid balance on a

deferred fee payment becomes a student accounts re-

ceivable on the due date and is treated as an official

fee hold for future registration and transcript privi-

leges. A penalty fee of $5 per $100 (or fraction

thereof) is charged on the deferred balance not paid

by the due date.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

28. Request for Supplemental Funds for Assistant Counsel

Chancellor Bersi requested that sufficient funds be pro-

vided from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account

to continue the necessary support for Assistant Counsel

and the classified support and operating assigned to that

office, estimated as follows:

Professional .50 FTE $21,786

Classified 6,952

Fringe Benefits 3,218

Operating 1,500

Total $33,456

The remaining 1/2 of Mr. Rivera's salary, secretarial sup-

port and operating will be paid by UNLV under his 1/2 time

appointment as Endowment Officer for that institution.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Fong, carried without dissent.

Discussion resumed on Item 5, Proposed Master of Science Degree

in Exercise Physiology

Chairman Cashell noted that a motion was pending for ap-

proval of a proposal to designate an existing program as a

Master of Science in Exercise Physiology.

Mr. Buchanan restated his motion that a Master of Science

in Exercise Physiology be approved for UNLV, as proposed by

President Goodall, and further that the College of Education

and the Department of Physical Education be encouraged to

proceed with development and submission of a Phase I pro-

posal for a doctoral program in Exercise Physiology. Motion

seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

29. Personnel Recommendations

Chairman Cashell reported that a closed personnel session

had been held during which no action was taken and no

motions offered.

Chancellor Bersi reported that AB 676, rescinding the 95%

rule on salaries, had not yet been signed by the Governor

and, therefore, in the absence of that signature, action by

the Board on salaries for administrators and officers must

be deferred until a subsequent meeting.

Dr. Bersi made the following report and recommendations

concerning personnel changes in the Chancellor's Office:

(1) Resignation of Barbara Summers, effective June 30,

1981, with 28 days accrued annual leave for which she

must be paid. Dr. Bersi requested allocation of suf-

ficient funds for this purpose, either from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account or other unre-

stricted account available to the Chancellor's Office.

(2) Resignation of Harry Wood, effective June 30, 1981.

Dr. Bersi recommended the resignation be accepted by

the Board, thereby ratifying and completing the set-

tlement of all rights and claims of the University

of Nevada System and Mr. Wood.

(3) Resignation of Larry Lessly, effective May 29, 1981.

Dr. Bersi recommended acceptance of the resignation,

thereby ratifying and completing the settlement of all

rights and claims of the University of Nevada System

and Mr. Lessly.

(4) Resignation of Kenneth Partridge, effective June 30,

1981, with 33 days accrued annual leave for which he

must be paid. Dr. Bersi requested allocation of suf-

ficient funds for this purpose, either from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account or other unre-

stricted account available to the Chancellor's Office.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Board accept the resignations

and ratification of settlement agreements for Larry Lessly

and Harry Wood, and further moved that the Board allocate

a total of $59,042.68 from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account, or other unrestricted account, to fund

settlement agreements and terminal annual leave owed as a

consequence of the resignations of Messrs. Partridge, Lessly

and Wood, and Mrs. Summers. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Chancellor's Housing Allowance

for 1981-82 be approved at $1350 per month. Motion seconded

by Mr. Karamanos, carried with Ms. Del Papa and Mrs. Fong


30. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi reported that the primary item on the Chan-

cellor's Report had to do with the inventory of University

land and holdings which the Board had requested in April.

This inventory has been completed, reviewed by each insti-

tutional President, and the complete document is now on

file. A summary of the inventory was distributed. This

summary lists property by institution and included the fol-

lowing information for each parcel:

Date of acquisition; legal description; acres/lots/

parcels address; grantor; and miscellaneous identify-

ing comments.

Dr. Bersi noted that there are approximately 20,572 acres,

most of which is held in the area of UNR. The next step is

for the appropriate Campus committees to complete their work

so that a series of recommendations can be developed for

disposition for Regents' review.

31. New Business

Ms. Del Papa requested that the Chancellor's Office review

the policy concerning the investment of surplus operating

capital. She further requested that the Presidents make a

recommendation concerning how money coming back to the

Campus from the investment of surplus operating capital

should be used.

Ms. Del Papa also commented on the incentive program spon-

sored by the State whereby State employees who offer sug-

gestions which save money or which improve productivity

are recognized. She suggested that the University should

have some kind of program along this line which would en-

courage suggestions for "red-tape cutting".

Ms. Del Papa also commended Chairman Cashell on his success

in raising matching money for the Nursing programs from the

Hospital Association.

Mr. Cashell explained that he had met with hospital admin-

istrators throughout the State and had encouraged their

participation with the University and with the Legislature

to provide supplemental funding for the Nursing programs.

Ms. Del Papa commented on a program which is being sponsored

by the Council for Advancement of Support of Education and

urged the Board to support the National Mindpower Campaign.

She requested a report by the August 3 meeting on what will

be done by the University of Nevada System to support this

program. After hearing from President Goodall about the

activity which is now occurring both at UNLV and UNR, she

asked that a System steering committee be appointed and be

prepared to report at the August 3 meeting. In the interim,

she requested that his steering committee meet with Dr.

Bersi to develop a plan. She also suggested that Mr. Mc

Bride be requested to attend a meeting in Washington, D. C.

in July (noting that he will be there on other business)

as the University's official representative, to participate

in the kick-off of this nationwide program.

Mr. Karamanos requested that the August 3rd agenda include

a discussion on the quality of the food service at UNR and

UNLV, and suggested that the contractor who provides this

service may not be in compliance with their contracts. He

requested that he be provided copies of the contracts for

review and it was agreed that the contracts would be for-

warded to the Chancellor's Office for review.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board