UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 12-13, 1879


Volume OA - Page 128

                         Elko, Nevada

                        June 12, 1879

The Board met at the call of the President.  Present:  T. W.

Stone and J. S. Mayhugh.

Minutes of the meeting of May 30 read and approved.

The Board selected the Office of D. W. Hull as an Office for

them to hold their meetings in at an annual rent of not to exceed

One Hundred Dollars for the year, and it was ordered that he be

allowed rent from April 1, 1879.

On motion of J. S. Mayhugh, it was ordered that the University

close on June 20th for its Summer vacation and open on September

1, 1879.

It was moved and carried that the President be authorized to

correspond with the following newspapers, as to the expense of

inserting an advertisement of the University, to wit, for

August, September and October.  The papers selected were:

    Enterprise                       Reno Journal

    Silver State Sentinel            Lander Reville

    Tybo Sun                         Pioche Papers

    Elko Papers

and if the price was satisfactory to the President, he was

authorized to procure the same.

The following bills were allowed:

    J. Ainley           Jan - May 20, 1879                $ 67.30

    D. W. Hull          Mitchell's Overland Map             12.00

    D. W. Hull          Rent to June 30                     25.00


                                          Total           $104.30

Adjourned to the call of the President.