UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 11-12, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 135-138

Reno, Nevada

June 11, 1891

At the adjourned meeting June 11th full Board present, a

communication was received from Professor Lewers, Secretary of

the faculty, giving names of students graduating from the school

of Liberal Arts, Normal school and Commercial school. Was

ordered placed on file.

Upon motion the following resolutions were adopted as corrected:

RESOLVED, that the faculty of the University be required to

meet together once in every two weeks during the term for

the purpose of discussing University matters, reporting the

standing of the students in the various branches of study

and for the purpose of making suggestions to the Regents of

the entire work of the University.

RESOLVED, that the President of the University be required

to arrange for lectures at least forty minutes in each week

to be delivered by himself or some one selected by him,

upon some subject connected with the institution.

RESOLVED, that the President be required to visit each

Professor in his Department at least once in a week for

the purpose of making suggestions and directing the work,

and that the Professors in the various Departments make

report of such visits to the President and he in turn to

the Board of Regents.

We believe that more of the English branches should be taught and

less laboratory work done. That laboratory work should be

discontinued except for such students as desire to pursue a

special course of instruction in some special branch requiring

laboratory work and to such students, two afternoons in each week

shall be allotted, except the Mining Laboratory to which three

days may be allowed if the President so directs.

We believe that a more thorough supervision and a more strict

discipline should be maintained and the President is hereby auth-

orized and instructed to exercise full power and authority in all

matters coming under his control. These resolutions shall take

effect and be in force on and after the beginning of the Fall

term of 1891.

Upon motion, the requisition of Professor Lewers for five

typewriters was allowed payable from College funds.

Upon motion, President Jones was ordered to purchase the books

entitled "The Earth and Its Inhabitants" offered by Mrs. C. C.

Stevenson, at a cost not to exceed Five Dollars per volume,

same to be paid out of the appropriation made for the Library.

Moved and seconded that Regents Torreyson, Colcord and Fish draw

a contract for the construction of Laboratory building together

with bond amounting to $5,000.00 for the faithful performance

of same.

Moved and seconded that Mr. R. Ryland be appointed Superintendent

of Laboratory building and that $150.00 be appropriated to pay

him. Also that Mr. J. W. Haines be appointed a committee of one

to wait upon Mr. Ryland and ascertain if he will accept the


Upon motion the salary of D. Mc Kay was raised to $75.00 per


Upon motion the following apportionments were made of the money

on hand in the University Agricultural and Mechanical College


College of Agriculture $2,000 Salary $4,000.00

College of Mechanics 5,000 Salary 3,000.00

College of Mining 1,500 Salary 1,000.00

College of Civil Eng 250 Salary 1,000.00

College of Chemistry 250 Salary 1,200.00

College of Mathematics 500 Salary 919.60

Upon motion adjournment was taken until 9 A.M. June 12th.