UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 10-11, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 133-135

                          Reno, Nevada

                         June 10, 1891

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held at the

University building this day the following members were present:

E. T. George, R. K. Colcord, J. D. Torreyson, H. L. Fish and

J. W. Haines.

Upon motion reading of the minutes suspended as bills as follows

were allowed.

         Donald Mc Kay               Salary             65.00

         Geo. H. Taylor              Salary             25.00

         S. A. Jones                 Salary            108.66

         Mrs. Emery                  Salary            154.16

         Mrs. R. Barney              Salary             35.00

         S. G. Kendall               Salary             75.00

         Robert Lewers               Salary             50.00

         J. M. Neall                 Salary             25.00

         Mrs. Kendall                Incidentals        12.00

         R. C. Moore                                     9.90

         A. A. Manning                                  11.21

         Samuel Brown                                   40.00

         Virginia Evening Chronicle                      5.00

         John F. Aitken                                 29.50

         Ed Seitz                                       29.25

         A. A. Manning                                  61.35

         John F. Aitken                                  5.00

         W. O. H. Martin                                10.65

         Reno Water Co.                                 28.00

         Reno Daily Weekly Gazette                      18.75

         Nevada State Journal                            5.00

         Daily Nevada Evening Tribune                    5.00

         C. J. Brooking                                 26.30

         Thomas Butterly                                 6.35

         Samuel Durkee                                  18.60

         Morning Appeal                                  5.00

         Howard Hogan                                    6.00

         C. E. Clough                                  750.00

         Territorial Enterprises                         5.00

         Robert Lewers                                  11.13

         D. T. Ames                                    135.00

         G. W. Lentz                                     6.35

                                  Total             $1,778.16

The following bills were allowed against the State University

and Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund.

         Robert Lewers                                 100.00

         J. M. Neall                                    75.00

         R. D. Jackson                                 166.66

         S. A. Jones                                   108.66

         W. Mc N. Miller                               166.66

         Whitall Tatum & Co.                             5.52

         Elmer Snead                                    67.27

         Scientific Pub Co.                             11.97

         John Taylor & Co.                              85.00

         James W. Queen & Co.                            5.50

         R. C. Moore                                    24.67

         W. Mc N. Miller                                 5.25

         Henry Neil Chem Co.                            55.80

         C. E. Clough                                   32.00

                                  Total               $909.75

Upon motion the application of Mrs. C. S. Wentworth of Carson

City for position as teacher in the State University was ordered

placed on file.

It was moved and seconded that the bid of Mr. J. J. Walker for

construction of Laboratory building be accepted, he being the

lowest responsible bidder and contract was awarded to him

provided he furnish satisfactory bonds and was carried by a vote

of four to one.  Regents Colcord, Torreyson, Haines, and George

voting yes and Regent Fish voting no.

Upon motion adjournment was taken to G. M. N. June 11th.