UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 9-10, 1908


Volume OD - Pages 48-52

                         Reno, Nevada

                         June 9, 1908

The Regents of the University met in annual session at their

Office in Morrill Hall at 3 o'clock P.M., Tuesday, June 9, 1908,

all members of the Board and the President being present.

Upon motion of Regent Lewers, seconded by Regent Henderson, the

President of the University was authorized to confer degrees

and diplomas on students graduating from the several Schools as


                                            June 9, 1908

To the Honorable the

    Board of Regents,

        University of Nevada.


Upon the approval of the faculty, I have the honor to recommend

to the Board of Regents the following students for diplomas and

degrees from the several Schools in the University:

    Normal School

    Diploma which entitles holder to a grammar grade certificate

    from the State:

        Katherine Henrietta Bartels

        Hazel May Dunlop

        Christine Josephine English

        Ethel Frances Folsom

        Florence Margaret Fuss

        Blanche Venus Gregory

        Emma Nevada Higley

        Emma Ethlyn Johnson

        Mary Louise Little

        Lila Lavinia Marks

        Florence Jane Mc Neil

        Mary Bell Stuart Mc Vicar

        Theresa Alberta Schweiss

        Margaret Sarah Spears

        Genevieve Wilson

        Emilie Frances Yparraguirre

        Annie Esther Sullivan

    For the Degree of Bachelor of Science:

    School of Civil Engineering

        Arthur Verrill Doane

        Fred James Freeman

    School of Mechanical Engineering

        Hugh James Gallagher

        Edward Thomas George

        Melvin Eli Mihills

    School of Mines

        John Newman Davis

        Lawrence John Frey

        Lewis Francis Kline

        Frank James Ryan

        Alfred Helam Westall

    School of General Science

        William Hinkle Massey

        Eliza Henrietta Overman

    For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:

    School of Liberal Arts

        Alberta Amanda Cowgill

        Anna Sophia Elam

        June Mary Kane

        Annie Estelle Prouty

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Souchereau,

the above named diplomas and degrees were approved and the Pres-

ident authorized to confer these diplomas and degrees at the

Commencement Exercises on Wednesday, June 10, 1908.

Upon the approval of the faculty, the President recommends that

the Degree of Mining Engineer be granted Alfred Merritt Smith,

a graduate of the Mining Department.  Upon motion this degree

was approved and the President authorized to confer the degree

at Commencement, June 10, 1908.

The President and faculty recommend to the Board of Regents that

the following honorary degrees be granted and the President be

authorized to confer them at the Commencement Exercises held on

Wednesday, June 10, 1908:

    The Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Charles Albert Norcross

    The Degree of Master of Arts, Mrs. Katherine Mackay

    The Degree of Doctor of Laws, Charles Adolph Ramm

    The Degree of Doctor of Laws, Azro Eugene Cheney

    The Degree of Doctor of Laws, Edward Silsby Farrington

    The Degree of Doctor of Laws, George B. Mc Clellan Harvey

Upon motion these several degrees were granted by the Board of


The following University high school graduates were granted

their diplomas on Friday, June 5th, 1908:

    Cecyl Elizabeth Allen

    Florence Anker

    Henry William Atheson

    Maude Elva Conway

    Augusta Rhoda Curler

    Emma Elizabeth Frisch

    Katherine Nevada Graham

    Maren Kirstine Jensen

    Mildred Otis

    Florence Nightingale Reed

    Roscoe Edwin Shonerd

    Carl Lampe Tibbals

    Bessie Marguerite Winter

    Mary Bell Stuart Mc Vicar

    Katherine Henrietta Bartels

Upon recommendation of the Literary Contest Committee, the fol-

lowing scholarships will be awarded:

  I.  From a friend of the University:

      $50 to Mr. James Cashbaugh

      $50 to Miss S. Margaret Spears

 II.  Regents' Scholarships:

      $50 to Mr. Lorin W. Kemp

      $50 to Miss Frances Dorothy Parker

      $25 to Miss Audrey Ohmert

III.  President's Scholarships:

      $50 to Miss Mary June Kane of the University

      $50 to Miss Florence Jane Mc Neil of the Normal

 IV.  Cecil Rhodes Scholarship of $1500 for three years was won

      this year by William Scott Unsworth.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ J. E. Stubbs