UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 9-10, 1885


Volume OB - Pages 9-10

                          State of Nevada

                  Office of Secy. Board of Regents

                     Carson City, June 9, 1885

Pursuant to adjournment, the Board of Regents met at the above

named place.  Present:  J. H. Rand, L. W. Getchell and H. G.


The minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, it was

unanimously resolved, that the proposal of Mr. Newton Evans to

sell to the State of Nevada ten (10) acres of land adjacent to

the town of Reno, on the site (as) described by him in his offer

to the Board of Regents, at the rate of One Hundred and Twenty-

Five ($125.00) Dollars per acre, be accepted; and that the Presi-

dent of the Board take such steps as are necessary to transfer

the property to the State.

Upon motion of Regent Getchell, seconded by Regent Shaw, it was

unanimously resolved, that the President be directed, on behalf

of the Board of Regents, to contract with Mr. Newton Evans for

the purchase of ten (10) acres adjoining "the University tract"

at a sum not exceeding One Hundred and Fifty ($150.00) Dollars

per acre, conditional upon delivery of deed on March 31, A. D.

1887 or sixty (60) days thereafter subject to approval of the

Legislature of Nevada.

Adjourned to meet in Reno, Nevada, at 1:30 P.M. 10th inst.

                             J. H. Rand


M. D. Noteware