UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 8-9, 1973


Pages 37-57

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                           June 8, 1973

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the College of

Education Auditorium, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Mr. James L. Buchanan, II (for part of the


                  Miss Flora Dungan

                  Mr. Harold Jacobsen

                  Mrs. Nedra Joyce (for part of the meeting)

                  Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

                  Mr. William W. Morris (for part of the meeting)

                  Mr. Mel Steninger

                  Miss Helen Thompson (for part of the meeting)

Members absent:   Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Others present:   Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

                  Acting President Donald H. Baepler, UNLV

                  President Charles R. Donnelly, CCD

                  President N. Edd Miller, UNR

                  President John M. Ward, DRI

                  Vice President James T. Anderson, UNR

                  Vice President Edward L. Pine, UNR

                  Mr. Herman Westfall, UNLV

                  Mr. Mark Dawson, DRI

                  Mr. Edward Olsen, UNS

                  Dr. Paul Aizley, UNLV

                  Professor Jo Deen Flack, UNR

                  Dr. Paul Fenske, DRI

                  Mr. K. Donald Jessup, UNS

                  Mr. Terry Reynolds, ASUN

                  Mr. Dan Wade, CSUN

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Jacobsen at 10:10


 1.  Approval of Minutes

     The minutes of the regular meeting of May 11-12, 1973 were

     submitted for approval.

     Miss Dungan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

 2.  Proposed Gift of Ranch Lands

     President Miller recommended that the Board of Regents

     accept the gift of the George Gund Ranch consisting of

     2700 acres in Lander and Eureka Counties.  Conditions of

     the gift were contained in a letter from Mr. Gund (identi-

     fied as Ref. 21 and filed with permanent minutes).

     Specifically, the donor stated that "the gift deed will

     contain no use restrictions, but it will be separately

     agreed that the University will limit use of the property

     to agriculture uses made in connection with the agri-

     cultural studies conducted by the Fleischmann College of

     Agriculture at its Reno Campus.

     Should the University find it necessary to sell or exchange

     the property, it will agree that the proceeds from sale

     will be used to acquire (or the property acquired in ex-

     change will be) one or more properties in Elko County

     similarly devoted to use in connection with such agri-

     cultural studies and programs."

     The letter from Mr. Gund also contained reference to an

     encumbrance of $82,655.  However, President Miller stated

     that later information received from Mr. Gund indicates

     that there will be no encumbrance to the University but

     rather the existing encumbrance will be handled by Mr.


     President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey recommended

     acceptance of the gift as proposed.

     Mr. Steinger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

Mr. Morris entered the meeting at 10:30 A.M.

 3.  Report of Gifts

     Gifts and grants received by all Divisions of the Univer-

     sity were reported (report identified as Ref. 2 and filed

     with permanent minutes).  Chancellor Humphrey recommended


     Mr. Morris moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss Dungan,

     carried without dissent.

 4.  Center for Economic Education

     Acting President Baepler recommended that the Office of

     Economic Education be redesignated as the Center for

     Economic Education, and the coordinator be retitled Di-

     rector.  A memorandum of explanation from Mrs. Barbara

     Schick, Coordinator, was included with the agenda (identi-

     fied as Ref. 3 and filed with permanent minutes).

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval, noting that Board

     policy requires two readings for the establishment of new

     organizational units.  Accordingly, the recommendation, if

     approved, would be returned to the July meeting for final


     Miss Thompson moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

 5.  Alumni Affairs Office, UNLV

     Acting President Baepler reviewed the earlier action by

     the Board, noting that in September, 1972 the Board

     directed that UNLV develop a proposal for the creation

     of an alumni office.  In response to that request, Dr.

     Baepler proposed that an Office of Alumni Affairs be

     authorized, noting they have budgeting for an Alumni

     Director and propose to fund and have an office operational

     by Fall, 1973.  Details of proposal distributed with the

     agenda (identified as Ref. 4 and filed with permanent

     minutes).  Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Miss Dungan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Joyce,

     carried without dissent.

 6.  Proposed Program in Judaic Studies, UNLV

     Acting President Baepler stated that discussions have been

     held with Mr. Lloyd Katz concerning the offer of a gift to

     UNLV to fund a Judaic Studies Program for two years.  Dr.

     Baepler reported that the University would be delighted

     to accept the funding on the proposed two-year basis and

     is prepared to proceed with recruiting for a faculty member

     with the donor having the opportunity to interview and to

     exercise a veto in the appointment.  An evaluation of the

     program will be made after two years and if classes have

     15-20 students the University would consider it to be

     successful and would assume the funding.

     Dr. Baepler stated that if the above conditions are ac-

     ceptable to the Board of Regents and to the donor, it

     would be feasible to begin the classes in the Spring

     semester, pointing out that the Fall class schedule has

     already been published and it would be better to begin

     the classes after appropriate information has been cir-


     A letter from Mr. Katz was distributed by a representative

     of his office.  At Mr. Jacobsen's suggestion, the matter

     was tabled to provide an opportunity for Dr. Baepler to

     review the contents of the letter and meet with Mr. Katz

     and report back at the July meeting.

 7.  Phase II, Law Enforcement Baccalaureate Program, UNLV

     It was noted that a Phase II proposal for this program was

     presented at the May meeting and was tabled until June to

     allow for discussion among the 3 instructional Divisions

     of the various Law Enforcement programs and development

     of specific recommendations concerning placement of

     associate degree programs and the integration of these

     programs with baccalaureate programs.

     These discussions have been held and the Presidents of the

     instructional Divisions and the Chancellor recommended that

     the Law Enforcement Program for UNLV be approved and that

     UNR and UNLV be authorized to continue awarding the associ-

     ate degree until such time as all students already register-

     ed in the programs or who may register Fall, 1973 have

     completed their program.  After these students have been

     provided for, the associate degree will no longer be awarded

     by either University; however, a letter of completion of 1/2

     of the baccalaureate program will be awarded in order that

     employed students will not be penalized in matters of salary

     schedule and promotion.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Joyce,

     carried without dissent.

 8.  4-1-4 Semester Plan, UNLV

     Acting President Baepler presented a class calendar for

     1973-74 and recommended at a 4-1-4 semester plan be approved

     for UNLV on a 2-year experimental basis, with evaluation and

     report to be made to the Board in Spring, 1974.  Details of

     the proposal were included ith the agenda (identified as

     Ref. 7 and filed with permanent minutes).  Chancellor

     Humphrey recommended approval.

     Mr. Morris moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss Dungan,

     carried without dissent.

 9.  Report Concerning Security Force, UNLV

     Acting President Baepler noted the inclusion with the agenda

     of a report by Dean Brock Dixon concerning the UNLV Security

     Force.  (Report identified as Ref. 8 and filed with perma-

     nent minutes.)  In the discussion following, the question

     was raised as to whether or not it was desirable for Campus

     Officers to be armed.  It was Dean Dixon's recommendation

     that Campus Security Officers not be armed; however, he

     pointed out that the policy in this regard differs through-

     out the Universities in this country.

     Dr. Baepler recalled that during the academic year 1968-69

     a study was conducted by UNLV on this matter and the con-

     clusion reached as a result of this study was that an

     unarmed security force was preferable.  He suggested that

     it might be appropriate to repeat this survey.

     Dr. Lombardi moved that the Administration be requested

     to conduct a similar survey to the one conducted in 1968-69

     and the results of the survey be reported back to the

     Board.  Motion seconded by Mr. Steninger, carried without


10.  Approval of Fund Transfers, UNLV

     Acting President Baepler requested approval of the follow-

     ing transfer of funds:

     #73-106   $500 from the Contingency Reserve to Anthropology-

               Sociology to provide additional operating funds

               for the remainder of this fiscal year.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Mr. Morris moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

     carried without dissent.

11.  Grant-in-Aid Allocations for 1973-74, CCD

     President Donnelly noted that Board policy provides that

     grants-in-aid shall be available to Indian students in

     numbers to be established annually.  He recommended that

     the equivalent of 10 grants-in-aid for the payment of

     registration fees for Indian students be approved for each

     of the 3 Community Colleges for 1973-74.  President

     Donnelly further requested, based on the provision for

     grants-in-aid for payment of registration fees not to

     exceed 3% of the preceding Fall enrollment, 20 grants-in-

     aid for CCCC, 4 for NNCC and 15 for WNCC.  He noted that

     these grants are in addition to the Indian grants-in-aid

     and requested the flexibility of using the total monies

     represented by these grants-in-aid and splitting the grants

     wherever necessary so that more students could be assisted.

     Each grant-in-aid represents $286.  Chancellor Humphrey

     recommended approval.

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

12.  National Defense Student Loan Program

     President Donnelly reported that 3 Community Colleges have

     received a total of $49,233 for the National Defense Student

     Loan Program for 1972-73.  Federal regulations require that

     the institution provide 1/9 matching funds for this purpose,

     requiring a total of $5470 from the Community Colleges.  Of

     this amount, $3720 was allocated to CCD from the State ap-

     propriation for this purpose, leaving a balance of $1750

     to be added.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the required $1750

     be provided by transfer from the Alice Dimmitt Endowment

     Income Fund.

     Mr. Steninger moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Dungan, carried without dissent.

13.  Proposed Revision to Early Admission Policy

     President Miller presented, with his endorsement, a recom-

     mendation from the UNR Academic Council and the Faculty

     Senate for an expansion of the early admission policy, as


         (1)  That above average high school seniors can be

              officially admitted prior to their actual gradu-

              ation to attend the University.  To qualify for

              early admission each individual is required to

              have a composite ACT standard score of 21 or

              above with an overall high school grade-point

              average of 2.5 or higher upon completion of 7

              semesters, or 3.0 or higher upon completion of

              6 semesters -- the end of the junior year.

              Qualified applicants will be officially admitted

              to the University during their senior year and

              the regular advisory information will be forward-

              ed from the Office of Admissions to the assigned

              advisor, Dean of the College and Dean of Students,

              for reference and advance planning purposes.  (The

              current Superior Student Program requires a GPA

              of 3.0 after 7 or 6 semesters and a composite ACT

              standard score of 24 or above.)

         (2)  That high school seniors who qualify for admis-

              sion under the above policy be permitted to take

              courses at the University during their senior

              year.  Admissions and registration procedures

              will be the same as for regular University Fresh-

              men, including the assignment of an advisor.  Each

              College will be requested to identify a special

              advisor for these students (current Superior Stu-

              dent policy identifies applicants as non-degree

              students and they are counseled by an official

              in Student Services).  A maximum of 18 semester

              credits may be earned prior to graduation; a maxi-

              mum of 6 credits may be earned per semester or

              during a Summer instructional period (current

              Superior Student policy permits a maximum of 15,

              but allows 12 to be earned during the Summer


         In order to enroll in University courses, a student must

         be within 3 units of high school graduation (a unit is

         the equivalent of 1 year in a particular subject area).

         The student must be concurrently enrolled in courses

         that satisfy high school graduation requirements, as

         certified by secondary school officials (an approved

         student who ceases attending high school becomes in-

         eligible to continue in University courses and regis-

         tration will be cancelled upon the recommendation of

         the high school Principal or Counselor).

     President Donnelly requested that the revision to the early

     admission policy for UNR also be extended to CCD.  Chancel-

     lor Humphrey recommended approval, effective Fall semester,

     1973 for UNR and CCD.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Steninger, carried without dissent.

14.  Allocation of Grants-in-Aid, UNR

     President Miller recommended that the 200 grants-in-aid

     available to UNR for 1973-74 be distributed as follows:

         Category           Percent           Number

         Athletics             50              100

         Music                 23               46

         Other                 27               54

             Total            100              200

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Steninger, carried with Miss Dungan opposing.

15.  Estimative Budget for School on Alcoholic Studies and Drug


     President Miller presented an estimative budget for Summer

     1973 for the School on Alcoholic Studies and Drug Abuse,

     to be held on the UNR Campus for the 5th successive year

     (budget identified as Ref. 15 and filed with permanent

     minutes).  Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Mr. Morris moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Joyce,

     carried without dissent.

16.  Student Accounting and Registration Processess

     President Miller recalled that earlier this year the Board

     authorized UNLV and CCD to contract for software services

     related to increasing the computerization of student

     accounting and registration procedures.  At that time,

     he noted, UNR had not reached a conclusion concerning

     their participation.

     President Miller reported that he has now concluded that

     UNR should not join in the contract at this time and that

     before the expiration date (September, 1975) another re-

     view of the problem will be undertaken.

17.  Approval of Fund Transfers, UNR

     President Miller requested approval of the following trans-

     fers of funds:

     #491   $160 from Contingency Reserve to the Foreign Lan-

            guages Department to provide additional support in

            the operating category.

     #527   $100 from the Contingency Reserve to Educational

            Foundations to pay an honorarium for a TOP student.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

     Miss Dungan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

18.  Motor Pool Service Garage, UNR

     Vice President Pine reported that bids were opened by the

     State Planning Board on June 5, 1973 for the construction

     of a Motor Pool Service Garage.  The project was estimated

     to cost approximately $50,000 and funds are to be provided

     from the Higher Education Capital Construction Fund:

     Bids were as follows:

                            Krump        Ken Bugica      Roberts

                         Construction      & Assoc.     & Shaver

     Base Bid             $33,875.00     $42,194.44    $42,475.00

     Alt #1 (10 x 55 addn)  4,196.00       2,155.20      3,594.00

     Alt #2 (concrete slab) 2,200.00       2,150.16      2,036.00

         Total            $40,271.00     $46,499.80    $48,095.00

     President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey recommended that

     the Board concur in the award of the State Planning Board

     of a contract to Krump Construction for the base bid plus

     Alternates #1 and #2 for a total contract of $40,271.00.

     Mr. Morris moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

19.  Addition to Agricultural Mechanics Facility

     Vice President Pine presented plans for an expansion of the

     Agricultural Mechanics Facility on Valley Road Farm to

     provide woodworking and welding shop classroom additions.

     He noted that the estimated cost is $58,000 and funds are

     to be provided from Federal Experiment Station Funds.

     President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey recommended ap-

     proval of the plans and authorization to advertise for


     Miss Thompson moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Dungan, carried without dissent.

20.  Amargosa Property

     President Miller presented a report from Dean Bohmont

     which indicated that the staff of the College of Agri-

     culture had visited the property in Amargosa Valley which

     had recently been given to the University.  Dean Bohmont's

     report stated that "The staff evaluated the opportunities

     and problems presented by this recent gift.  In summary,

     the land would require an estimated investment of $50,000

     the first year and $20,000 each additional year for the

     University to effectively utilize it.  This includes

     management expenditures for equipment, land development,

     etc.  Because it is not feasible with the present budget

     restrictions, we recommend the following alternatives:

         1.  That we be authorized to negotiate with a local

             rancher in the Valley to lease the property for

             3 to 5 years at a minimum of no rental but with

             the understanding that the land would be developed

             and worked into a productive condition.  At the

             end of the lease term we would be in a position

             to determine what should be done.

         2.  That the University seriously consider the possible

             sale of this property at an estimated value of

             $26,000.  Detailed appraisals could be made, but

             under the present conditions, the property does

             not have a value of $350 per acre.

     Of the 2 alternatives, we recommend the first as the more

     appropriate plan.  If the local ranchers are interested

     in becoming participants in the preparation and development

     of this property, the College would become involved in

     guiding and counseling on management programs which are

     needed desperately.

     President Miller and Chancellor Humphrey concurred in the

     first alternative recommendation.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Morris,

     carried without dissent.

21.  Proposed Qualifying Program for Admissions

     President Miller presented a proposal from the UNR Human

     Relations Commission, with his recommendation for approval,

     for the implementation in Fall, 1973 of the following

     Qualifying Program:

     A.  Up to 50 students from Nevada be allowed to enter the

         Qualifying Program, based on the following requirements:

         (1)  That the student is a graduate of an accredited

              high school or has passed the GED test.

         (2)  That the student receive 3 letters of recommenda-

              tion, at least one of which must be from a former

              teacher, counselor or principal of the last high

              school or diploma granting institution attended;

              or in the case of a student who has been out of

              school for a period of more than 2 years, at least

              1 letter of recommendation from a former employer.

         (3)  That priority in admission to the Program be given

              to mature women and veterans of military service.

         (4)  That a Qualifying Program Admission Committee be

              established, composed of one representative from

              the Educational Opportunities Program, one from the

              Upward Bound Program, one from the Special Services

              Program, and 3 faculty members appointed by the

              President of UNR.  This Committee would have 2


              (a)  Developing specific criteria, utilizing the

                   experience of other Universities, for evalu-

                   ating the records of applicants for the

                   Qualifying Program who meet the criteria

                   stated above, and

              (b)  Applying these criteria to specific appli-

                   cants for probationary admission.

     B.  That the students admitted to the Qualifying Program be

         eligible for financial assistance.

     C.  That the students admitted to the Qualifying Program be

         on probationary status for 2 semesters.  At the end of

         2 semesters, a probationary student who has successfully

         completed 24 credits with a grade point average of at

         least 2.00 will be admitted to the baccalaureate program

         as a regular student.

     President Miller stated that the concept of this Qualifying

     Program was approved by the instructional faculty in a

     Class A action in May, 1972.  He noted that even though it

     predates the adoption of SCR 16 by the 1973 Legislature, he

     assumed that if approved it would substantially accomplish

     the objectives of that resolution which requested the Board

     of Regents to "extend to the returning Vietnam veterans en-

     rollment and other courtesies."

     President Miller further noted that if the proposed limita-

     tion of 50 students in this Qualifying Program proves to be

     inadequate to accommodate returning veterans, consideration

     will be given to increasing the number of students admitted

     and such a request would be submitted to the Board for


     Mr. Jacobsen read the following letter addressed to the

     Board of Regents from Senator Coe Swobe (letter dated June

     7 and received by Mr. Jacobsen on the morning of June 8).

         I read with surprise the article in this morning's

         Nevada State Journal concerning the proposed priority

         admission policy whereby 50 Nevada students would be

         admitted on a probationary status for 2 semesters if

         they did not qualify to be admitted under the present

         policy.  The article quotes Mr. Jack Shirley, Director

         of Admissions at the University of Nevada, Reno, as

         stating that the University does not now provide the

         same re-enrollment opportunities to the returning

         Vietnam veterans as had been offered to World War II

         and Korean War veterans.  Further the article stated

         that Mr. Shirley confirmed that World War II and

         Korean War veterans had been offered a complete "open

         door" policy concerning re-admissions and this new

         proposal was a compromise between that so-called "open

         door" policy and the present "closed door" policy re-

         lating to Vietnam veterans.

         I do not know why or when the University of Nevada

         changed its re-admission policies towards returning

         veterans from the "open door" policy enjoyed by the

         World War II and Korean War veterans to the "closed

         door" policy which has undoubtedly precluded many

         Vietnam veterans from enrolling at the University of

         Nevada.  Further I do not know why Chansellor (sic)

         Humphrey appeared before the Senate Education Commit-

         tee to oppose Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 16

         which asked the Board of Regents to extend the re-

         enrollment privileges of the World War II and Korean

         War veterans to the veterans of the Vietnam War, but

         I do sincerely believe the present "closed door" policy

         towards returning Vietnam veterans is reprehensible.

         Returning veterans are more mature, and make excellent

         students.  They possess funds under the GI Bill to

         attend the University and, most of all, in my opinion,

         the Vietnam veterans deserve and have earned the right

         to the same re-enrollment privileges granted World War

         II and Korean War veterans by our University.  The

         State and Federal governments have seen fit to extend

         and even increase for the Vietnam veterans the same

         benefits previously extended to World War II and Korean

         War veterans, yet the administrators of the University

         of Nevada have only seen fit to reverse the "open door"

         policy enjoyed by World War II and Korean War veterans

         to the "closed door" policy now encountered by Vietnam


         I am further surprised of the fact that, as the sponsor

         of Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 16, I was neither

         advised that the matter would be presented to the Re-

         gents this weekend, nor given the opportunity to review

         the proposal.  However, I was able to obtain a copy

         today from the President's Office, and in my opinion

         it does not give the returning Vietnam veterans the

         previous privileges they deserve.  It is completely

         inadequate and merely creates red tape and obstacles

         in the way of the returning veteran to resume his edu-


         I, therefore, hope and urge that the Board of Regents

         immediately reverse the present "closed door" policy

         and reinstate the "open door" policy previously accord-

         ed World War II and Korean War veterans for Vietnam


         It seems strange to me that the University of Nevada is

         continuing its "closed door" policy towards the Vietnam

         veterans and at the same time complaining about lack of

         increased student enrollment and lack of funds.

         Enclosed, for your information, is a copy of Senate

         Concurrent Resolution No. 16, which was passed by both

         houses of the 57th Session of the Legislature.

         I am writing this letter because I will not be able to

         attend the Regents meeting as I had no notification of

         the same until reading the article in the paper this


     Chancellor Humphrey stated that he had also received a copy

     of Senator Swobe's letter just prior to the meeting and

     added that since the letter had appeared in the morning

     newspaper it perhaps warranted a response from the Univer-

     sity.  Chancellor Humphrey made the following statement.

         Senator Swobe stated that he does not "know why Chan-

         cellor Humphrey appeared before the Senate Education

         Committee to oppose SCR 16 which asked the Board of

         Regents to extend the re-enrollment privileges of the

         World War II and Korean veterans to the veterans of

         the Vietnam War."  Senator Swobe has included a

         copy of SCR 16 with his letter but since I am sure

         that it would not be Senator Swobe's intent to present

         incorrect information, I think his letter needs to be

         expanded upon in the interest of accuracy.

         First, it should be noted that the copy of SCR 16 en-

         closed with Senator Swobe's letter is the final version

         which passed -- it is not the version which Senator

         Swobe first introduced and concerning which Dr. Jack

         Shirley and I appeared before the Senate Education

         Committee.  SCR 16 as originally introduced read in

         part:  "Whereas, these Vietnam veterans are presently

         forced to enroll in frustrating, time consuming and

         often times unnecessary courses to continue their edu-

         cation or seek higher education at a different insti-

         tution which accords them the same privileges as other

         veterans; now, therefore ...".

         Now I appeared before the Committee for 3 purposes:

         First, it was believed that the language was misleading

         and unfair to the University, and since Senator Swobe

         is a graduate of the University and a State Senator, it

         was assumed that he did not intend a misleading inter-

         pretation and that a modification of the wording might

         be possible.  The Education Committee obviously saw

         some objection to the wording also and it was changed.

         The second purpose was to point out that the resolution

         referred to the University of Nevada System, not just

         to UNR, and the System has, through the Community Col-

         leges, the flexibility which seemed to be desired by

         Senator Swobe, if indeed we understood his objectives.

         The third purpose was to once again seek from Senator

         Swobe the specific information as to which veterans

         he was referring to since he had not given us this

         information in response to our earlier requests al-

         though he had repeatedly said that there were several

         veterans who were being denied admission or readmission

         for academic reasons.  We could not identify such per-

         sons and Senator Swobe again refused to identify them

         for us.

         The Senate Education Committee refused to adopt SCR 16

         as originally written.  The language was then modified

         and the University did not take further exception to it.

         We did, as you know, transmit the resolution to you and

         President Miller has been working on the problem.  The

         proposal for a Qualifying Program is not the only action

         under consideration, as President Miller has already

         indicated.  Senator Swobe notes dissatisfaction that

         this item was not discussed ahead of time with him.  I

         would only point out that the item has been under con-

         sideration for some time before Senator Swobe's reso-

         lution was introduced and is not considered a direct

         response to that resolution.

     President Miller stated that he had not seen the letter or

     been aware of its contents until it had been read by the

     Chairman, although he had understood that it had appeared

     in the morning paper in Reno.  He did comment, however,

     that several things in the letter bothered him.  He stated

     that he did not understand Senator Swobe's reference to

     "closed admission", pointing out that although the Univer-

     sity does have certain admission standards it does not have

     "closed admission".  He also pointed out that veterans, or

     any other students, who do not meet the normal admission

     requirements are permitted to enroll at the University as

     special students and take a limited number of credits

     while they are satisfying the admission requirements.

     Finally, he noted, the Community Colleges do have a com-

     plete open door policy which will allow the veteran to take

     2 years and then transfer into the University.  Additional-

     ly, the Qualifying Program as proposed is a broadly based

     program which will make special effort to get veterans

     into the University.  President Miller concluded by stat-

     ing that he did not understand Senator Swobe's objection

     to the Program as contained in his letter.

     A lengthy discussion ensued, during which concern was ex-

     pressed about the proposed limitation of 50 students during

     the initial year of the Program.  Concern was also expressed

     about the administration of the Program by committee.

     An explanation of the UNLV Qualifying Program was also given

     by Mrs. Annette Bremner, Coordinator of that Program.

     Miss Dungan moved approval of the implementation of the

     Qualifying Program as outlined with the deletion of the

     50 student limitation.  Motion seconded by Mr. Morris,

     carried without dissent.

Mr. Buchanan entered the meeting during the preceding discussion.

The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12:20 P.M. and reconvened at

1:30 P.M.

22.  Financial Plan for 1973-74, DRI

     President Ward presented a proposed financial plan for the

     Desert Research Institute for 1973-74 (report identified

     as Ref. 23 and filed with permanent minutes).  Chancellor

     Humphrey recommended approval.

     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Thompson, carried without dissent.

23.  Final Approval, 1973-74 Work Program

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that at the May meeting the

     Board considered a work program for 1973-74 and provided an

     intensive hearing on the document, preliminary to final

     approval at the June meeting.  He noted that UNR Faculty

     Senate Chairman Jo Deen Flack had requested 50 minutes

     during which to present information and recommendations of

     the UNR Faculty Senate.  Supporting documents to the Sean-

     ate's recommendation had been prepared by the Senate and

     forwarded by the Chancellor's Office, together with a

     memorandum from President Miller commenting on the Senate

     materials (materials on file in the Chancellor's Office).

     Professor Flack presented a statement on behalf of the

     Faculty Senate, followed by a statement by Dr. James

     Richardson on behalf of NSP and AAUP (both statements on

     file in Chancellor's Office).

     Mr. K. Donald Jessup, Director of Institutional Studies and

     Budget, presented a statement with illustrating slides, de-

     tailing the development of the biennial budget request and

     the 1973-74 work program, and presented comparative data of

     the 1973-74 work program to the 1967-68 work program.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the work program

     as presented.

     Mr. Buchanan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.


     Mr. Steninger suggested that the work program for UNR be

     rejected as an indication of the Board's dissatisfaction

     with the lack of a number of answers in response to ques-

     tions raised earlier.  Chancellor Humphrey suggested that

     if the Board took such action, either to reject all or part

     of the work program, it should then give the Administration

     policy guidelines for revisions it wishes made.

     The motion for approval carried with 5 yes and 3 no votes.

24.  Proposed Fee for Student Teachers

     President Miller noted that an honorarium of $150 is pro-

     vided to each cooperating supervising teacher in the school

     district who supervises a student teacher.  It is estimated

     that payment of this honoraria for 1973-74 will require


     President Miller recommended that, effective Fall semester,

     1973, a $75 fee be assessed to each student enrolled in

     Student Teaching, noting that this $75 will be matched by

     the University to provide the required $150 honorarium.

     Acting President Baepler requested that this fee also be

     assessed at UNLV.  Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval,

     for UNR and UNLV, effective Fall semester, 1973.

     Mr. Buchanan moved confirmation of the Committee's action.

     Motion seconded by Mrs. Joyce, carried without dissent.

25.  Report of Investment Advisory Committee

     Dr. Lombardi presented the minutes of the Investment Ad-

     visory Committee meeting of May 11, 1973 (minutes identified

     as Ref. 25, filed with permanent minutes).

     Mr. Buchanan moved confirmation of the Committee's action.

     Motion seconded by Mrs. Joyce, carried without dissent.

26.  Final Approval, Amendment to Board of Regents By-Laws

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in May the Board approved

     on first reading amendments to the By-Laws as prepared by

     Mr. Hug.  The amended By-Laws were included with the agenda

     (identified as Ref. 26 and filed with permanent minutes)

     and final adoption was recommended.

     Miss Dungan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

27.  Athletic Eligibility for Qualifying Program Students

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended that a uniform policy con-

     cerning athletic competition by students in the qualifying

     programs be adopted.  He noted that the current UNLV ath-

     letic code makes such students ineligible whereas NCAA rules

     provide that any student athlete with an overall 4-year high

     school G. P. A. of 2.00 or better is eligible for aid and

     participation in varsity sports.

     Chancellor Humphrey noted that Acting President Baepler and

     President Miller have recommended that the policy for UNR

     and UNLV be as follows:

         A student entering the University on the basis of a

         high school record must have achieved an overall

         high school G. P. A. of 2.00 ("C") or better in order

         to receive aid, to practice and to participate in

         varsity sports during his Freshman year.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval, effective Fall,


     Dr. Lombardi moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

28.  Moving Expense Funds and Interview Expense Funds

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended the following allocations

     from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account to the

     New Faculty Moving Expense Account and the Interview-Re-

     cruiting Expense Account:

                Interview-Recruiting        Moving

                      Account             Allowance

         UNR         $ 3,000               $ 3,000

         UNLV          6,000                 8,000

         CCD           8,000                 5,000

         DRI           3,000                 4,000

         UNS           2,000                 2,000

                     $22,000               $22,000

     Mrs. Joyce moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss Dungan,

     carried without dissent.

29.  Faculty Salary Schedule

     Chancellor Humphrey reported that the UNR and UNLV Senate

     representatives have requested that the salary schedule

     adopted by the Board of Regents at the April, 1973 meeting

     be considered the schedule for 1973-74 and that the sched-

     ule for 1974-75 be considered at a time appropriate for

     the development of the 1974-75 Work Programs.

     Chancellor Humphrey stated that in view of the Senate

     representatives' proposal, he and the 4 Presidents concur

     in this course of action, and recommended approval by the


     Miss Dungan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr.

     Lombardi, carried without dissent.

30.  Dues Withholding for Employee Organizations

     Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in October, 1972, the

     Board instructed that effective June 30, 1973, all dues

     withholding for members of employee organizations expire,

     and the matter be subject to a review by the Administra-

     tion during the Spring of 1973.

     President Miller recommended that the withholding pro-

     vision be extended for all employee organizations for one

     year, subject to review in Spring, 1974.

     Presidents Donnelly and Ward, Acting President Baepler and

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended the privilege not be ex-

     tending beyond June 30, 1973.

     Professor Flack asked on behalf of the UNR Faculty that the

     dues withholding be continued in that it is considered a

     convenience and a service to the faculty.

     Dr. Aizley stated that he had no expression from the UNLV

     faculty, but personally believed it was a service the Board

     could do for the faculty and should therefore be continued.

     Dr. Richardson spoke on behalf of NSP, AAUP and NSEA, stat-

     ing that the membership of those organizations considered

     the withholding privileges a convenience and asked that it

     be continued.

     Mr. Robert Gagnier spoke on behalf of SNEA, stating that

     legal counsel for his organization had advised that there

     is very specific legislation dealing with dues checkoff.

     Mr. Hug reviewed the legislation referred to by Mr. Gagnier

     and expressed the opinion that the legislation referred to

     made dues withholding permissive but not mandatory for the


     Mr. Buchanan moved that payroll deductions for dues be dis-

     continued for UNLV, CCD and DRI and be extended for UNR

     subject to review in 1974.  Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi.

     Motion was then withdrawn.

     Mr. Buchanan moved that dues withholding be discontinued

     for all employees in the System.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Steninger, failed by a vote of 4 to 3.

     Dr. Lombardi moved that dues withholding be continued, sub-

     ject to review in June, 1974.  Motion seconded by Miss

     Dungan, failed by a vote of 4 to 3.

     Miss Dungan moved that withholding provisions be continued

     for UNR as recommended by President Miller, with review in

     1974.  Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi, failed by a vote

     of 5 to 2.

     Chairman Jacobsen then announced that since no motion

     passed, dues checkoff for employee organizations within

     the University of Nevada System expires June 30, 1973.

Upon motion by Mr. Buchanan, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, one sup-

plemental item was added to the agenda.

31.  Clarification of Board Action at May Meeting

     Chancellor Humphrey reported that in March, the Board was

     informed concerning a proposed amendment to Section 5.2.5

     of the University Code.  The proposed amendment was re-

     ferred to the Faculty Senates and came back to the Board

     for action and approval at the May meeting.  However, there

     was an omission in the text of the material included in the

     agenda for May.  The full text of the proposal should have

     read as follows:

         A student who is not currently enrolled at the Uni-

         versity and who was not registered during the previous

         semester or who graduated at the end of the previous

         semester may request that the notation of the disci-

         plinary suspension be removed from his permament record

         when 2 years have elapsed since the expiration of the

         student's suspension.  Such request must be submitted in

         writing to the President of the Division.  If the re-

         quest is not granted, the student may submit another

         request after one year.

     Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval for the record.

     Miss Dungan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

The action agenda was completed and the information agenda sub-

mitted.  The information agenda contained the following items

and is on file in the Chancellor's Office:

     (1)  Foreign Travel Report

     (2)  Report of Disciplinary Cases, CCD

     (3)  CCD Enrollment Reports

     (4)  Report of Fund Transfers

     (5)  Report of Purchases in Excess of $8000

     (6)  Progress of University Projects

     (7)  Final Graduation List, May, 1973, UNLV

The meeting ajourned at 4:30 P.M.

                             Mrs. Bonnie M. Smotony