UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 8-9, 1896


Volume OC - Pages 98-100

                          Reno, Nevada

                          June 8, 1896

The Board of Regents met at their Office on Monday, June 8,

1896 at 9 o'clock A.M.  Present:  W. E. F. Deal, H. F. Fish and

H. S. Starrett, also President Stubbs.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Annual Report of Receipts and Expenditures from the several funds

as per balance sheet of the Secretary was read.  The matter of

expenses was taken up and considered as follows:

    Mrs. Emery's salary reduced to One Hundred and Forty Dollars

    per month.

    Miss Bardenwerper's to Seventy Dollars per month.

    Miss Ede to Fifty Dollars per month to take effect on and

    after September 1, 1896.

    Professor Jackson's salary of Sixty Two Dollars and Fifty

    Cents in connection with the Mining Laboratory was to cease

    on August 31, 1896.

On recommendation of President Stubbs, Professor Cowgill was

assigned to the Chair of English Language and Literature.  Pro-

fessor Church was assigned to the Chair of History and English.

On motion of Regent Deal, seconded by Regent Starrett, the fol-

lowing resolution was passed:

    WHEREAS it has become necessary to employ an Instructor in

    Modern Languages and the means in the hands of the Board in-

    sufficient to employ such Instructor and continue the employ-

    ment of Lieutenant Hamilton; therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, upon the report of the President of the University

    that the further employment of Lieutenant Hamilton as In-

    structor of Mathematics and French after August 31, 1896 be

    and the same is hereby dispensed with and that the President

    rearrange the duties of the Professors so that the duties

    hereafter rendered by Lieutenant Hamilton be performed by

    same and or more of the Professors and the President be

    requested to nominate some qualified person as Instructor

    of Modern Languages to act from and after September 1, 1896,

    and upon the confirmation of such nomination, the salary of

    such Instructor be fixed at the sum of Nine Hundred Dollars

    per annum, payable in monthly installments of Seventy Five


On motion, it was ordered by the Board that cigarette smoking

by any student of the University be strictly prohibited and a

violation of this order will be visited by expulsion of the

offending student.

On motion, it is further ordered that the use of tobacco in any

form by any Officer, student or employee of the University upon

the University grounds or in the buildings by the same, is hereby

strictly prohibited.

The President and the members of the Faculty of the University

recommended that the Board grant the Degrees and Diplomas to

students in the several Departments of the University as follows

on certified copies hereto attached:

To the Hon. Board of Regents,


I hereby certify that the following students have completed the

course of study required in the School of Mines and are candi-

dates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science:

    Andrew Hanson

    John Michael Lafayette Henry

    Arthur Page Mack

    William Henry Segrave

In the School of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts; B. S.

    Albert Wallace Cahlan

    Frederick Morgan Linscott

    Emmet A. Powers

In the School of Liberal Arts; Bachelor of Arts.

    Adelaide Melvina Boyd

    William Lothio Brandon

    Jay Harvey Clemons

    Louise Frey

    Gertrude Hironymous

    Mae Ellen Palmer

    Laura Smith

    Frederick Eugene Walts

    Albert Weston Ward

    Mildred Maude Wheeler

    Otto Thompson Williams

I further certify that the following students have completed the

course of study and training required in the Normal School three

year course and are entitled to Diplomas of graduation allowing

them a State Teacher's Certificate, grammar grade;

    Lillian Amelia Campbell

    Lillian Maude Douglas

    Ella Cathrine Duffy

    Louise Evans

    Lucy May Grimes

    Edith Frances Hurd

    Margaret Blake Hymers

    Josephine Marie Kelly

    Katherine Glenn Mayberry

    Agnes Jean Maxwell

    Edith Mc Lear

    Leona Mitchell

    Kate T. Moore

    Mary J. Mulcoy

    Hazel Belle Rulison

    Augusta May Sacton

I certify further that the following students have completed

the course of study required in the Commerical Department and

are entitled to Diplomas of graduation;

    Daniel W. Gault

    James S. Giles

    Carleton F. Muir

    Jean L. Sweetman

    Charles A. R. Thompson

    Ralph W. Travers

State University, June 8, 1896.


                             Robert Lewers

                             Secretary of the Faculty

Claims were presented and allowed as follows:

    Contingent University Fund

        Salaries                Prof & instr.          444.16

        Salaries                Mining Lab              62.50

        Salaries                Mining Lab              50.00

        Salaries                Secty Board             25.00

        Salaries                Janitors, Boys         102.00

        Salaries                Janitors, Girls         50.00

        Student labor                                   95.15

        Reno Water & Light Co.                         101.20

        J. F. Aitken                                    26.50

        S. O. Wells                                    143.80

        Geo. H. Taylor                                  13.92

        Reno Mill & Lumber                              18.18

        M. H. Needham                                   40.00

        Richard Brown                                    1.40

        Miller Locke Co.                                 3.50

        Evening Gazette                                 20.50

        Nevada Bell Telephone Co.                        5.00

        Reno Mercantile Co.                             32.30

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                    16.63

        C. J. Brooking                                  16.65


    Library Fund

        Hicks Judd Co.                                   8.07

    Building Fund, Girls Dormitory

        Mrs. M. H Needham                               25.25

        Abiel Leonard                                   10.00

        Geo. H. Taylor                                  37.50


    Insurance Fund, Tools & Machinery

        Richard Brown                                   17.10

        Geo. H. Taylor                                  30.47

        Parker Hamilton                                100.40


    Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

        Salaries                Month of May          1598.65

        Journal of Comm.                                 6.00

        S. J. Hodgkinson                                 3.35

        Parafine Paint Co.                               2.60

        Geo. H. Taylor                                  16.33

        Richard Brown                                   11.50

        S. O. Wells                                     38.50

        Parker Hamilton                                  3.50

        A. A. Manning                                   29.55


No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor