UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 6-7, 1969


Pages 78-137



June 6, 1969

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Donald C.

Moyer Campus Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Thomas G. Bell

James H. Bilbray

Archie C. Grant

Procter Hug, Jr.

Harold Jacobsen

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

R. J. Ronzone (for a portion of the meeting)

Albert Seeliger

Dr. Juanita White

Members absent: Louis Lombardi, M. D.

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

President N. Edd Miller, UNR

President R. J. Zorn, UNLV

Acting Director Joseph Warburton, DRI

Mr. Daniel Walsh, Chief Deputy Attorney General

Mr. Edward L. Pine, Business Manager, UNR

Mr. Herman Westfall, Business Manager, UNLV

Mr. Edward Olsen, Director of Information, UNR

Mr. Mark Hughes, Director of Information, UNLV

Dr. Robert Boord, Chairman, UNLV Faculty Senate

Dr. Gary Peltier, Chairman, UNR Faculty Senate

Mr. John Cevette, CSUN President

Mr. James Hardesty, ASUN President

1. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the regular meeting of May 9, 1969 were sub-

mitted for approval.

Mr. Jacobsen referred to Item #14 and asked that the record

show that he had requested that, in view of the world situ-

ation, a study be made of offering Russian and Chinese lan-

guages at both Universities.

Motion by Mr. Grant, seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried

without dissent that the minutes be approved as submitted

with the addition of the above remarks.

2. Acceptance of Gifts

President Miller presented the following gifts and grants

received by UNR:


American Right of Way Association, Carson City - book en-

titled "Selected Readings in Right of Way".

Dr. Fred Anderson, Reno - 322 books and a number of journals

from the library of Dr. Kernan.

Dean James T. Anderson, Reno - book entitled "From Sea to

Shining Sea".

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Bonnefant, Reno - 35 books.

Mrs. Marie King Carricker, 2125 Tice Creek Drive, Walnut

Creek, California - Master's Thesis, "Nevada's Civil War

Debt Claim: Origin, Justification, and Reimbursement,

1861-1929". University of California, 1932.

Mr. Clarence E. Hartman, Reno - 2 volumes of the writings

of the Marquis de Sade.

Mr. Harold Jacobsen, Carson City - $5 in memory of Simone


Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick, Reno - copy of the "Birth of


Dr. L. E. Lombardi, Reno - $20 in memory of Dr. Earl

Creveling and Mr. Douglas Busey.

Mrs. Jules Magnette, Reno - French books.

Mr. William A. Mc Neill, Reno - 19 books and a number of


Nevada Power Company, Las Vegas - book entitled "Government

in the Power Business".

Miss Reigelhuth (no address) - book entitled "The German


Dean Vernon Scheid, Reno - 2 books in Russian.

Mackay School of Mines

Humble Oil and Refining Company, Denver, Colorado - $1000

for purchase of microscope equipment for use in Microscopy


Newmont Mining Corporation, New York, New York - $500 grant-

in-aid accompanying Newmont Scholarship student, Warren N.


Mr. Keith Papke, Sparks - leached outcrop specimens from

Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.

Union Carbide Exploraton Corporation, Grand Junction,

Colorado - $200 for purchase of microscope equipment for

use in Microscopy Lab.

Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation, Denver, Colorado - $400

scholarship to student in School of Mines.

Contributions presented to Mackay School of Mines Library

in Memory of William S. Eddelman:

Adams, Reed and Bowen, Reno - $10

Amity Regional Senior High School, Woodbrige, Connecti-

cut - $5

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartlett, Reno - $10

Professor John N. Butler, Reno - $5

Mr. and Mrs. Procter Hug, Sr., Reno - $5

Misses Lena & Sylvia Jacobs, Reno - $2.50

Reno Executives Club, Reno - $5

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Richardson, Oakland, California - $10

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Whitehead, Sparks - $5

Mr. Earl Wooster, Reno - $10

Journalism Department

Anonymous - $150

Crown Zellerback Foundation, San Francisco, California -

$500 single year scholarship grant to an outstanding upper

division student in Journalism.

Nevada State Press Association, Reno - $250 annual scholar-

ship award.

Dr. and Mrs. Frank V. Rueckl, Reno - printing press and mis-

cellaneous equipment for Typography Lab.

Reno Advertising Club, Reno - $4000 scholarship and equip-

ment for Journalism Department.

Military Science Department

Dr. Albert J. De Mers, Sparks - $100 ROTC scholarship to

be awarded to a student in Military Science.

Nevada State Medical Association, Reno - $100 ROTC scholar-

ship awarded this year to Dennis M. Ihara as an outstanding

student who is taking Pre-Med work.

Security National Bank, Reno - $200 scholarship.

Colonel Charles E. Rudy, Reno - $125 scholarship in memory

of Paul Charles Rudy.

City of Sparks - $100 ROTC scholarship awarded to Eugene M.

Hattori, student in Military Science.

Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sparks - $150 ROTC scholarship

awarded to a student in the Military Science Department.


Allied Chemical Corporation, Kalamazoo, Michigan - $400

to support the chemical weed control program under the

direction of Mr. Tom Reeve at the Southern Nevada Field

Lab., Logandale.

American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois - $80 to

the School of Medical Sciences.

Commonwealth Fund, New York, New York - $202,425 for the

establishment of a new School of Medicine on the Reno


Admiral James Fife, Stonington, Connecticut - $500 de-

posited in President's Discretionary Fund.

Dr. Cyrus O. Guss, Reno - $10 to Sears-Leifson Fund in

memory of Mrs. Norma Kliwer.

Texas Instruments Foundation, Dallas, Texas - 1969 grant

of solid state items including transistors, diodes, resis-

tors, capacitors and integrated circuits. The value of

this gift exceeds $4500.

Western Electric Company, Sunnyvale, California - a logic

training aid.

Wilbur May Foundation, Beverly Hills, California - $20,000 -

2 10-month fiscal years (69-70 and 70-71) teaching salary

to be paid to Edgar Fox Kleiner in Plant Ecology and Air



Alliance Francaise de Nevada, Reno - $175 scholarship sti-

pends - $75 for Miss Frankie Mitchell and $100 for Miss

Janet Winston.

Mr. George R. Campbell, Palos Verdes Estates, California -

$1250 scholarship in memory of Scott Campbell.

International Business Machines, Armonk, New York - $100

cost of Education Grant given because of the attendance

in 1968-69 of David R. Myers.

Mrs. Doris Knapp, Quincy, Washington - $10 to the John

William Kenney, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Mr. and Mrs. Dana Mathews, Lewiston, Montana - $10 to

the John William Kenney, Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants, Reno -

$200 scholarship to a student in Business Administration

and Accounting.

Quota Club of Reno - $100 scholarship to the Orvis School

of Nursing.

Mrs. Louise Semenza, Reno - $100 scholarship to Business

Administration in Economics.

The Stauffer Chemical Company Foundation, New York, New

York - $100 to assist in the education of their merit

scholar Ben T. Rassler for the academic year 1968-69.

Wilbur May Foundation, Reno - $2000 scholarship stipends

to be awarded to a student in the Art Department.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Public Health

Service - Training Grant for Social Psychology $31,612.

Program Director, Gerald P. Ginsburg.

Nevada Heart Association - remaining $4000 of $5000 grant.

Grant to be administered under Dr. Licata, Anatomy Depart-

ment, for Health Sciences Research on Collateral Circula-

tion to the Heart and Innervation of the Coronary Arteries.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare - Research

Scientist Development Award for training in Sequential

Regularities in Behavior. Awardee - Beatrice T. Garner,

Psychology - $17,958.

President Zorn presented the following list of gifts and

grants received by UNLV:


Mr. Richard Ronzone - $10 in memory of John E. Mc Manis.

Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Ronnow - $10 in memory of Peter


Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Mlynarczyk - $10 in memory of Mr.


Miss Eva B. Adams, Washington, D. C. - $50 in memory

of Al Cahlan.

Mrs. E. W. Cragin - $25 in memory of Al Cahlan.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams - $11.25

Clark County Attorneys' Wives - $500

UNLV Athletic Program

Mr. Roy Woofter - $250

Mr. Jack A. Richardson - $500

Mr. Alvin M. Levy - $500

Mr. Richard Ronzone - $500

Mr. Mel Exber - $1000

Mr. Joseph Pignatello - $500


Mrs. Bethel Palma, Reno - $150

Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants - $200

Family and Friends of Charles L. Adams (Sr.) - $210

Dr. Sigrid Moe - $5

Mrs. Letha Husmann - $5

Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Daiell - $10


Women's Auxiliary to the Clark County Medical Society -

$1721.64 for tutorial centers for Nursing students.

American Potash and Chemical Corporation, Henderson -

$5903 estimated value of items.

Acting Director Joseph Warburton presented the following

list of gifts and grants received by DRI:

Research Council of Alberta, Canada - $25,128 U. S. Funds.

Principal investigator is Joseph Warburton for research

in the Alberta Hail Studies Program.

Max C. Fleischmann Foundation - $11,364.29 as reimburse-

ment for furniture purchased for the Water Resources build-

ing. Provided from the Equipment and Facilities Grant.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended acceptance of the gifts

and grants as listed above.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Seeliger, carried

without dissent that the gifts and grants be accepted

and the Secretary be requested to send notes of thanks

to the donors.

3. Report of Personnel Actions

Upon motion by Mrs. Knudtsen, seconded by Dr. Anderson, the

following personnel appointments were approved as recom-

mended by the appropriate officers:



Eileen Lola Jackson, Associate Professor of Home Economics,

academic year 1969-70 - $14,650 (replacement for Maryilyn

Meeuwig and Karmen Setty)


Diane Carole Cohen, Assistant Professor of Health, P. E.

and Recreation, academic year 1969-70 - $8750 (replace-

ment for Kathleen Halvenston)

Pierre Marie Moreau, Graduate Assistant in Foreign Lan-

guages, academic year 1969-70 - $2700 (replacement for

Mary Clark)


Achley Jay Hall, Graduate Assistant in Bureau of Govern-

ment Research, academic year 1969-70 - $2500 (replacement

for Mark Achen)


Donald Hartman, Graduate Assistant in School Administra-

tion, academic year 1969-70 - $2500 (replacement for Frank


Elizabeth Ann Matthie, Graduate Assistant in Counseling and

Guidance Personnel Service, academic year 1969-70 - $2500

(new position)


Donald E. Pickering, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engi-

neering, 12/19/68-6/30/69 (formerly Professor of Develop-

ment Biology & Director of Lab for Human Development)


Joseph P. Ayarbe, Program Director, fiscal year 1969-70 -

$12,300 (replacement for Andrew Jackson on leave of


4. Approval of Check Registers

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the check

registers as submitted by the Business Manager, UNR (filed

with permanent minutes).

Motion by Dr. White, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the check registers be approved as


5. Approval of Fund Transfers

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the following

fund transfers:

#565 $20 from Chancellor's Office, Operating to Insti-

tutional Memberships.

#566 $10,000 from Contingency Reserve (Statewide) to

Computing Center. The rental charge for the Sigma

7 is $29,000 more than amount budgeted during fiscal

year 1968-69. This transfer will help make up this

difference and will finance Statewide Programs'

computer usage.

#567 $8060 from Contingency Reserve, UNLV, to Library,

Equipment, to purchase additional equipment.

#568 $5654 from Contingency Reserve, UNLV, to the College

of Education, Wages, to provide additional funds

for supervising teachers for Spring, 1969.

$17,481 from HHFA Corporate Trust 30 Funds, Building Repair

Reserve, to close the following accounts:

1-22-6001, White Pine Hall Repair $11,472.38

1-22-5003, Enclosure of Walk at Dining

Commons 2,346.77

1-22-6003, Fire Escape Doors, Married

Student Housing 3,662.40

Total $17,481.55

Motion by Dr. White, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried with-

out dissent that the fund transfers be approved as recom-


6. Increase in Board and Room Charges, UNLV

President Zorn requested that a 10% increase in board and

room rates be approved for UNLV, effective July 1, 1969,

making the room charges $308 and board charges of $682

for a total of $990 annually. (A comparison of annual room

and board charges of Western States Universities for 1968-

69 was distributed for information and is filed with the

permanent minutes.)

Mr. John Cevette, CSUN President, spoke in support of the

recommendation, noting that he believed the fee increase

to be justified.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Seeliger, carried

without dissent that the fee increase be approved as


7. Approval of Purchase in Excess of $5000

President Zorn reported that bids had been opened on May 23,

1969 for canned goods and sundry items for use by the Stu-

dent Union Food Service. Complete bids were received from

Interstate Restaurant Supply for $6951.47 and Shetakis

Wholesale for $7262.44. Zellerbach Paper Company bid on

the paper products only. Bids were for approximately 100

items and were not on an "all or none" basis.

President Zorn recommended bids be accepted in the follow-

ing amounts:

Interstate Restaurant Supply $3719.43

Shetakis Wholesalers 1796.08

Zellerbach Paper Company 670.43

Total $6185.94

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the bids be awarded as indicated.

8. Proposed Settlement of Delinquent Bill for Computer Time

President Zorn reviewed the problem concerning the delin-

quent bill for computer time (as detailed in correspondence

identified as Ref. E and filed with permanent minutes).

President Zorn noted that this problem had resulted from a

reliance on a verbal agreement and, subsequently, instruc-

tions have been given which would prevent a recurrence.

President Zorn and Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval

of the course of action agreed to between Chief Deputy

Attorney General Daniel Walsh and Mr. Robert E. Wall, Jr.,

as outlined in Mr. Wall's letter of May 1, 1969 which

stated in part:

I am thus offering to settle the matter for $1000 under

the following stipulations:

1) On receipt of your notice of your agreement to sub-

mit the proposed agreement to the Board of Regents,

and to recommend its approval. I will send you my

check for $500 for a good faith deposit.

2) Within 15 days of receipt of notice of approval of

the settlement by the Board of Regents, I will send

you the remaining $500.

3) In the event of any legal action by you on this

matter, the offer is immediately withdrawn.

4) This offer is good until 15 May 1969.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried

without dissent that the settlement recommended by Mr.

Walsh and endorsed by President Zorn and Chancellor

Humphrey, be approved and the Chief Deputy Attorney Gen-

eral be commended for effecting his favorable settlement.

9. Proposed Affiliation with State and Local Agencies

President Zorn reported that for several months Campus

Administrators have informally discussed potential affili-

ations with agencies located in southern Nevada whose pro-

grams relate directly to UNLV's Special Education program.

Such relationships, he said, would enable cooperative ef-

forts to obtain Federal funding for research, program de-

velopment, and possibly even for construction. Dr. Zorn

noted that preliminary negotiations have included the

Bureau of Mental Retardation, the Division of Mental Hy-

giene, Bureau of Maternal, Child and School Health, Clark

County Association for Retarded Children, Division of Re-

habilitation and the Helen J. Stewart School, Clark County

School District.

President Zorn asked for approval to formally negotiate

with these agencies and to authorize the Attorney General

to define affiliation agreements which could be arranged

with these agencies; agreements would then be submitted

for formal approval by the Regents.

President Miller noted that similar negotiations have been

underway in northern Nevada and suggested that the Board

of Regents also approve formal negotiation by the UNR

Administration. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Dr. White, carried

without dissent that the Administration of both Campuses

be authorized to enter into formal negotiations with both

the agencies listed above and any other agencies which

might be appropriate.

10. Establishment of a College of Hotel Administration

President Zorn presented a request from the College of

Business and Economics, endorsed by him and by the UNLV

Faculty Senate, that effective July 1, 1969, the Hotel

Administration program be separated from the College of

Business and Economics and established as a separate

College. Supporting data presented by President Zorn is

identified as Ref. G and is filed with the permanent


In response to a question from Mr. Bell, Dr. Zorn noted

that the principal funding for this program comes from

the Nevada Resort Association.

Mrs. Knudtsen asked if it was intended that the College

would have a Dean. Dr. Zorn said he did not believe it

would be necessary to have a Dean at this point. He

added that he believed that UNLV might be getting too

many Deans and a careful look should be taken of the

total academic structure.

Mrs. Knudtsen expressed concern that the stature of the

College of Hotel Administration might be lessened. Mr.

Hug agreed, stating that if the College is headed by a

Dean it might make the College more visible in the educa-

tional world.

Mrs. Knudtsen referred to the policy statement which had

been suggested by Mr. Jacobsen and Dr. White that an

interim period of one month be allowed before the Board

would take action on any new program or Department. How-

ever, it was agreed that in the absence of any opposition

this proposal could be acted upon.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the College of Hotel Administration

be established at UNLV effective July 1, 1969.

11. Designation of the "Al Cahlan Endowment Fund"

Dr. Zorn reported that there is presently $1075 on deposit

in the UNLV Library Gift account which was contributed so

that the interest could be used to purchase volumes in

memory of Mr. Al Cahlan. He noted that Mr. Harold Erickson,

Director of the Library, has recommended that these funds

be transferred into the University of Nevada Endowment

Fund and be formally designated as the Al Cahlan Endowment


Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

12. Increase in Student Insurance Program

President Zorn spoke of the limited health services pro-

vided to UNLV students, noting that this has caused

considerable concern about the scope and coverage of

supplementary accident insurance policy. The present

premium of $3.25 per semester provides only limited bene-

fits. Dr. Zorn noted that negotiations are now underway

for student health and hospitalization and pending the

selection of a final policy recommended that the student

insurance premium fee be increased up to a maximum of

$20 per student (waivable as at present) per semester.

Mr. Hug asked for comments from UNLV students. Mr. John

Cevette said it looked as if this policy could be ob-

tained for about $15 per student per semester. He noted

further that the students endorse the proposal for in-

creased coverage.

Mr. Hug asked if any form of insurance had been selected.

Mr. Cevette noted that they have received only one bid

for $45 per year but that is more than the students wish

to pay.

Dr. Anderson spoke of the number of time foreign students

have been under insured and have had medical problems.

He asked whether or not the Administration should look

into mandatory insurance for foreign students. Dr. White


Dr. Anderson suggested that the Administration be requested

to consider further the question of mandatory insurance for

foreign students and bring back a recommendation.

President Miller pointed out that foreign students at UNR

are now required to take the health and accident insurance.

Mr. Bilbray said he was concerned about the "acceptance by

silence" aspect; i. e., if a student did not sign a waiver

card or indicate he did not want the insurance he would be

forced to pay the fee. There was discussion concerning

the student's opportunity to accept the coverage or waive

the coverage. It was finally agreed that the procedure

provided that at some point the student will either pay

the fee or sign a waiver card, thus taking a positive


Mr. Ronzone entered the meeting.

Mr. Jacobsen endorsed the suggestion to make insurance for

foreign students mandatory at UNLV as it is at UNR.

Mr. Hug asked if Dr. Zorn would rather wait before action

was taken on this suggestion. Dr. Zorn said he felt jus-

tified and was satisfied to have it incorporated.

Mr. Jacobsen moved that the UNLV student insurance fee be

increased up to a maximum of $20 per semester with the

premium waivable as at present, and that foreign students

be required to accept the insurance. Motion seconded by

Mr. Bilbray, carried without dissent.

13. Purchase of Land, UNLV

President Zorn recalled that the 1969 Legislature had pro-

vided the sum of $591,000 to the State Planning Board to

enable UNLV to acquire land immediately adjacent to the

Campus. Purchases of two parcels of property have been

authorized, using a total of $564,500. President Zorn

recommended that the remaining funds be used to acquire a

parcel from the Land Foundation of approximately 2 acres.

This is the former Boy Scout property with a valuation of

approximately $26,000.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Dr. White, carried

without dissent that the above purchase be approved as


14. There was a discussion of the Board's earlier action in

requesting the Clark County Commissioners to vacate the

Swenson Lane easement which runs through that area of

the Campus where it is planned that development of the

athletic fields will occur. (See B/R minutes of December

13-14, 1968.) Dr. Baepler noted that no action has been

taken on the University's request.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Dr. White, carried

without dissent that a letter be sent by the Chairman on

behalf of the Board of Regents urging action by the Com-

missioners on this request.

15. Bob Davis Scholarship Fund

President Zorn reported that a committee at UNLV has been

gathering information but details for the proposed use of

the funds from this source are not fully developed. He

requested that he be allowed to present his proposal in


Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the request be approved.

16. Music Department, UNR

President Miller reported briefly on the developments con-

cerning the Marching Band at UNR. He noted that there

would be a Marching Band with 45 members and a Pep Band

with 15 members. He said that it was intended that the

Marching Band would perform at all home football games

and at least one game away.

President Miller stated that he wished to express com-

mendation to Peter Reams for his effective handling of

the matter for the students. He also noted that the

50 cent allocation of ASUN money will continue.

President Miller also indicated that he will bring a

recommendation to the July meeting concerning allocation

of out-of-state fee waivers for music, recalling that

the Board had taken action to allocate 50% of the avail-

able waivers to athletics and 50% to other catagories

without specifying the number available for music.

17. Request to Cancel Student Loan

President Millr reported that Mr. Claude P. Moore borrowed

$500 from the Garvey Rhodes Loan Fund in February, 1959.

Repayment of all but $95 had been made as of November 24,

1965, but no further payment has been received since that

date. Dr. Miller noted that on March 6, 1968, a Debtors

Petition was filed in the Southern Division of the U. S.

District Court for the Northern District of California

and a Discharge of Bankruptcy was filed by the District

Court on December 9, 1968. He recommended that the balance

of Mr. Moore's debt be written off and the hold on his

University record cancelled. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mr. Bilbray moved that the above recommendation not be

approved, stating that the Board of Regents had an obli-

gation to collect this debt. Motion seconded by Mr.

Jacobsen, carried.

Dr. Anderson suggested this matter be left to the discre-

tion of the President to determine if Mr. Moore is really

unable to pay the debt.

Mr. Bilbray moved to reconsider the above action and sug-

gested that if the President should find that it is a

true case of bankruptcy, then the loan should be cancelled.

Mr. Hug read a letter from Mr. Moore's attorney informing

the Board of the bankruptcy proceedings and requesting

cancellation of the loan and release of Mr. Moore's record.

Motion to reconsider carried with Dr. White opposing.

Dr. Anderson suggested that President Miller be authorized

to look into Mr. Moore's actual status and if it is deter-

mined that he can pay the balance of the loan, his tran-

script should not be released.

Mrs. Knudtsen expressed concern, suggesting that the Board

should not lose its perspective in this matter. Mr. Bell

concurred, pointing out that the man had been judged a

bankrupt and the Board was obliged to accept the Court's


Mr. Jacobsen expressed concern that cancellation of the

loan would establish an undesirable precedent and moved

that the Board reject the request to cancel Mr. Moore's

debt. Motion seconded by Mr. Seeliger and carried with

the following role call vote:

Yes - Regents Anderson, Bilbray, Grant, Hug,

Jacobsen, Seeliger, White

No - Regents Bell, Knudtsen, Ronzone

Regent Lombardi absent.

18. Transfer of Department of Anatomy

President Miller presented, with his endorsement, a recom-

mendation from Deans Elmore and Smith that the Department

of Anatomy be transferred from the Orvis School of Nursing

to the School of Medical Sciences, effective July 1, 1969.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Seeliger, carried

without dissent that the transfer be approved as recom-


19. Waiver of Tuition and Fees for Graduate Assistants

President Miller recommended that Graduate Assistants

who, in order to complete their degree requirements by

September, have to register for credits of thesis in

the Summer Session, be granted a waiver of tuition and

fees for that Summer Session as a condition of employ-

ment during the previous academic year.

In response to a question from Dr. Peltier, Dr. Miller

stated that this fee waiver would be for thesis credit


Chancellor Humphrey noted that this has been the practice

at UNR for several years, with the approval of former

President Armstrong, and is being referred to the Board

at this point to clarify the record.

Mr. Jacobsen asked if it would be desirable to extend this

fee waiver to UNLV. Dr. Baepler suggested UNLV would wish

to look carefully at the matter before recommending its


Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved

for UNR, effective immediately, and that UNLV be requested

to consider the desirability of extending the fee waiver

to that Campus.

20. Approval of Purchase in Excess of $5000, UNLV

President Zorn reported that bids were opened on May 26,

1969 for purchase of a nuclear spectrometer, as follows:

Perkin-Elmer Corporation $26,500

Varian Corporation 26,735

President Zorn recommended the bid of Perkin-Elmer Corpora-

tion be accepted in the amount of $26,500. Chancellor

Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Mr. Jacobsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

21. Class A Action

President Miller reported the following Class A Action

by the UNR faculty, which amends the University Code,

with his recommendation for approval:

All meetings of the Faculty Senate shall be open to

members of the University community - faculty, staff

and students. However, the Executive Board may re-

strict attendance at any Senate meeting to Senate

members, faculty and invited guests by publishing

such announcement at least one week prior to the

scheduled Senate meeting, and the Senate may at any

time by a majority vote, restrict attendance.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

22. Department of Biochemistry

President Miller presented, with his endorsement, a recom-

mendation that, effective July 1, 1969, the Department of

Biochemistry, Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture,

become a joint responsibility of the College of Agriculture

and the College of Arts and Science. Additional justifica-

tion was presented by President Miller (see Ref. L filed

with permanent minutes).

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Grant, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried with-

out dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

23. Increases in Student Fees

President Miller reported that he would recommend to the

Board in July the following changes in fees to be ef-

fective Fall, 1969:

1. Board and Room Present Request

(per semester)

Reno Campus

Dining (7 days) $310.00 $342.00

Room 140.00 153.00

Telephone 16.50 16.50

Stead Campus

Dining (5 days) $220.00 $242.00

Room 140.00 154.00

University Village

Rental $ 65.00 $ 75.00

2. Associated Student Fee

(per semester) $ 28.00

The Student Union Fee, presently set at 7.50 is

to be eliminated and the new ASUN fee would in-

clude that, the additional money for athletics,

as well as the traditional ASUN activities.

3. Health Service Fee

(per semester) $ 12.00 $ 18.00

4. Accident Insurance

(voluntary) $ 4.15 $ 23.00

(per semester) (per year)

24. Equal Opportunity Program/Bob Davis Scholarship Fund

President Miller presented a proposal for the establish-

ment of an Equal Opportunity Program designed to assist

in recruiting into the UNR student body larger numbers of

Nevada students from minority groups. He stated that the

1969-70 goal would be to recruit 20 additional black stu-

dents and 20 additional Indian students and 10 additional

members of other minority groups. This would use a maxi-

mum of $50,000 (scholarships of $1000 each) if the goals

for 1969-70 are realized. Additional supporting material

was presented by President Miller (see Ref. M filed with

permanent minutes).

Dr. Anderson suggested that the entire amount of money

available through the Davis Scholarship Fund not be dedi-

cated for this purpose, noting the need for funds for

retraining women to enter the professional world.

Mr. Jacobsen suggested that consideration be given to pro-

viding funds to students who, because of need to work to

support themselves, cannot maintain the grades to remain

eligible for other scholarships or financial aid.

Mr. Seeliger asked why this proposal was developed for

minority groups alone. President Miller pointed out that

Nevada must do more to recruit Nevada students from these

minority and/or economically disadvantaged groups. He

noted that even if it were not a desirable thing to do,

the University would be required by regulations of Federal

programs to look into this kind of recruiting.

Mr. Grant asked about the provisions of the Davis will.

Mr. Hug read the pertinent section, as follows:

The income from the endowment shall be used to defray

the expense of College educations in whole or in part

of any poor young men or women, preferably Nevada born,

who are selected by the trustees of the University of

Nevada in their sole discretion as the best suited for

College educations and financially unable to defray the

expenses of such education in whole or in part.

Dr. White suggested that some of the Davis money be used

for retraining women. Dr. Anderson concurred and suggest-

ed approval of the philosophy reflected in the proposal

but with modifications as discussed.

President Miller noted that he had been requested to de-

velop a proposal for the distribution of the Davis

Scholarship Funds. He said he welcomed the Regents'

suggestions but would like to see the program as proposed

go forward, pointing out that there would be additional

funds from the Davis Scholarship Fund for the other areas

discussed by the Regents.

Dr. Anderson asked if this matter could be delayed until

next month. President Miller urged that it not be delayed

in that it would cause problems in recruiting next Fall.

Mr. Bilbray said he believed that funds for minority groups

were needed badly and said he considered President Miller's

proposal to be a very good one.

Mr. Hug pointed out that the discussion had involved a num-

ber of areas, noting that President Miller had recommended

the use of the Davis money for scholarships for minority

students while others had talked about devoting only $50,000

to this program and using the balance (estimated at approxi-

mately $26,000) for other scholarships.

Dr. Anderson moved that up to $50,000 of the Davis Scholar-

ship Fund be used as outlined in President Miller's pro-

posal (Ref. M); the remaining $26,000 be used for other

needy students; any unexpended funds (of the $50,000) be

added to the $16,000 and used for additional scholarhsips;

and that it was understood that the minority scholarships

fund would be administered by the Director of the Equal

Opportunity Program and the Office of Admissions and the

remaining funds would be administered by the Scholarship

Committee. Motion seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried with-

out dissent.

25. Report of the Plant and Property Committee Meeting of

June 5, 1969

Mr. Jacobsen reported that the Plant and Property Committee

had met the previous day to review the planning of progress

for the two College of Education buildings. He noted the

presentation by each Campus of the program concepts envi-

sioned; UNR was employing the "mass plan" concept while

UNLV was anticipating a high rise structure.

Mr. Jacobsen moved that the "mass plan" concept recommended

by the UNR College of Education on June 5, 1969, be approved

and that the Plant and Property Committee be authorized to

approve the preliminary plans for this project (anticipating

the plans would be ready for approval prior to the next B/R

meeting). Motion seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried without


Mr. Jacobsen noted that the plans for the UNLV College of

Education building were not sufficiently advanced to re-

quire action at this time.

26. Report of the Educational Policies Committee Meeting of

June 5, 1969

Mr. Bell reported that the Educational Policies Committee

had met the previous day to discuss possible coordination

of new academic programs. He presented the following rec-

ommendations of the Committee:

1. The Educational Policies Committee shall meet in

conjunction with each regularly scheduled Board

of Regents meeting at least for the next year

with the ultimate goal that guidelines will be

established which will serve for the development

of the two Campuses and the total University

System. At these meetings the Committee should

concern itself with possible modifications, ex-

pansion and improvement of the policy governing

the development of new academic programs at both

Campuses. Within a reasonable period of time,

hopefully not later than 6 months, Campus officers

and their staffs will be invited to present plans

for the development and future course of their

institution so that the Board of Regents can make

a total assessment of the needs of each Campus in

the area of graduates, professional and under-

graduate programs, their priorities, feasibility

and costs.

2. In reference to Item 26:

The Educational Policies Committee wishes to recom-

mend the policy statement be amended as follows:

When a new program is suggested or the demand for

new fields of endeavor become obvious the Presi-

dent of the University involved should make a Phase

I presentation to the Board. It shall be the policy

of the Board of Regents, that before any new degree

programs may be offered, and before new Colleges,

Schools or Departments can be established, such

proposal must be introduced at one meeting and

voted upon no earlier than the following meeting.

Mr. Bell moved that both recommendations of the Committee

be approved by the Board. Motion seconded by Mr. Jacobsen.

Mrs. Knudtsen suggested that some provision be made for

exception to the policy statement in Recommendation #2.

Mr. Jacobsen disagreed, stating that to make an exception

would defeat the purpose.

Mr. Bell withdrew his motion to allow consideration of

each recommendation separately.

Motion by Mr. Bell, seconded by Mr. Jacobsen, carried with-

out dissent that Recommendation #2 be approved.

Mr. Bell moved that Recommendation #2 be approved. Motion

seconded by Mr. Jacobsen.

Mr. Knudtsen moved to amend the motion to add "except in

extraordinary circumstances."

Mr. Hug asked for comments from the Administration.

President Miller said he could foresee no problem with this

kind of policy nor could he foresee any circumstances which

would require action at a first meeting. President Zorn

and Mr. Warburton agreed.

Mrs. Knudtsen withdrew her motion for amendment. Motion

carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and reconvened at 1:45 P.M.

Mr. Jacobsen was not present for the afternoon session.

27. Atmospherium-Planetarium Estimative Budget, 1968-69

Mr. Warburton recalled that the Max C. Fleischmann Founda-

tion had made an annual grant of $60,000 for the operation

of the Atmospherium-Planetarium. However, he said, the

estimative budget recommended by DRI and appoved by the

Board for the current fiscal year was for $55,000. Mr.

Warburton requested approval of the use of the additional

$5000 for operating expenses.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

28. DRI Indirect Cost Recovery

Mr. Warburton recommended that effective July 1, 1969, the

indirect cost recovery on DRI grants and contracts be al-

located as follows:

(1) 94% of all such recovery to be paid into a fund for

use by DRI for any purpose justifiably chargeable to

such indirect cost funds; and

(2) The remaining 5% of such indirect cost recovery to be

paid into a separate fund for use by principal investi-

gators on contingencies not foreseen in their original

grant requests. The expenditure of these funds will

be by mutual agreement between the principal investi-

gator and the Director of DRI.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval, provided, however,

that the 95% fund be subject to the usual budget review and

approval by the Board of Regents.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mr. Seeliger, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

29. Report and Recommendations on Exemptions from Medical


Mr. Humphrey recalled that in February, 1969 the Board con-

sidered a request from Mr. Darrell D. Luce that Christian

Science students be exempted from all medical entrance re-

quirements. They instructed the Administration "to make

a study of the present policy as it now exists and consider

the possibility of eliminating the requirement for a small

pox vaccination...and...that a report be brought back to

the Board in June...and the report include the rationale

for excluding part time students from the requirement, and

information concerning whether or not faculty are required

to have a physical examination."

Mr. Humphrey noted that the Presidents had requested that

this item be rescheduled for the July meeting.

Mr. Bilbray pointed out that this was originally scheduled

to coincide with a Las Vegas meeting but agreed that wait-

ing until the September meeting would not be practical.

Motion by Mr. Seeliger, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried

without dissent that this matter be deferred until the

July meeting.

30. Resolution on Loan Agreement

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the following



WHEREAS, authorization has previously been granted

for the construction of a Physical Sciences building

on the Campus of the University of Nevada, Reno; and

WHEREAS, a Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963,

Title III loan in the amount of $1,651,000 has been

approved by the U. S. Department of Health, Education

and Welfare; and

WHEREAS, this loan money will not be available to the

University until the project is 80% complete;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Neil D. Humphrey,

Chancellor of the University of Nevada System, be and

hereby is authorized to execute an interim construction

loan agreement with First National Bank of Nevada in

the amount of $1.2 million for a period of 6 months

at an annual interest rate of 5 1/4%.

Adopted and approved by the Board of Regents of the

University of Nevada on the 6th day of June, 1969.

Motion by Mr. Ronzone, seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried

without dissent that the above resolution be adopted.

31. Approval of Candidates for Degrees

In accordance with action taken at the May meeting, candi-

dates for degrees were provisionally approved by the Pres-

idents and the following lists of graduates were submitted

for information:



Associate of Science in Agriculture

Krupp, Donald Jay

Tuohy, Donald Patrick

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Bean, Thomas Lee

Bendure, Ted Philip

Brown, Sandra Ann

Cates, Thomas G.

Dixon, Theodore Junius

Dondero, Michael Lee

Evermann, George Stephan

Evermann, James Frederick

Griffith, Chester Collins

Harcourt, Steven James

Heaney, Richard Lee

Heise, Frederick Christian, II

Hilbish, Judy Faye

Jensen, Dennis Alma

Laxague, Andrae Jo

Laxague, John B., Jr.

Nourani, Jamshid

Parish, Steven Mallory

Testolin, Rachel Fae

Wood, Larry Edmund

Associate of Arts in Fashion Trades

Balonis, Joan Marie

Mc Mullin, Patricia Elaine

Sebbas, Suzan Ree

Associate of Arts in Prekindergarten Education

Hurley, Martha Edmundson

Johnson, Kathleen Jill

Associate of Science in Food Service Management

Witbeck, Haller Ed

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

Burr, Helen Margaret

Chambers, Margaret Ryan

Cote, Louanne Patricia

Crane, Marilyn Mooney

Fraser, Pamela Ann

Long, Myra Belle

Macy, Dorothie Pike

Maw, Gloria Jean

Stephens, Janice Ione

Stiegler, Patricia Rose

Stobie, Virginia Barbara

Van Sant, Caroline Marie


Bachelor of Arts

Aymar, Edward Oliver

Baril, Galen Lionel

Barnato, Cheryl Louise

Basta, Judy Ann

Bell, Joseph James

Blodgett, Susan Linda

Bolanos Ugalde, Luis Rafael

Botsford, Susan Lorraine

Breen, Emily Louella

Brown, Gary Dale

Carlson, Larry M.

Carrico, John Lee, Jr.

Carver, Cheri Lee

Case, Marie Abraham

Cawiezell, James Lee

Collins, David Richards

Conton, James Albert

Coppa, Donald Keith

Corn, Gregory Duane

Dansie, Amy Jane

Depaoli, Gordon Harold

Depaoli, Harold James

Dickens, Robert Edward

Downs, Phyllis Denise

Dunsmore, John James, Jr.

Eber, William Henry

Egan, Loriana

Emmons, Janet Susan

Ennis, Jacqueline Rae

Evans, David Brent

Fagan, Patrick Vincent

Fallon, Karyn

Falzone, Fred Michael

Fitzgerald, Leonard Kirk, Jr.

Fletcher, Adele Pinkerton

Gaffey, Cynthia Pearson

Ginschel, Klaus

Gordon, Leona Diane

Guinan, David Joseph

Guiterrez, Alexander Joeseph

Hansen, Chris J.

Hardy, Brian Washburn

Haskell, Clarence Darrell, Jr.

Hass, James Monroe

Heard, Mary Jane Kraitchar

Heim, Jean Frederick

Hickman, Paul Stewart

Hickman, William Frederick

Hicks, John Donnell

Houpt, Sandra Sue

House, Frank Charles

Hutchings, Francey Bringman

Inglis, Marion Colton

Jacques, Joanne Berger

King, Francine Sandra

Kistler, Lynne Joyce

Krch, Warren Russell

Ladin, Eugene Carl

Lee, Nancy Kay

Lenz, Annelise

Lewis, Patricia Leigh

Loiselle, Gail Loudon

Lopez, Raul

Lorigan, Stephaine

Maddalena, Gary Alan

Manes, Charles Stanley

Mangan, Joseph Anthony, Jr.

Martin, Gary Louis

Mattson, Kathleen

Mikkelson, Cheryl Dianne

Miller, Barbara Pearce

Mohler, Wilbur Ray

Moog, Robert Lee

Nelson, Barbara Jean

Nelson, Susan Eileen

Newmarker, Jacqueline Callahan

Perry, Michael Frank

Peterson, Penny Loraine

Pico, Thomas Lee

Pierovich, George Martin

Pomerleau, Earl Joseph

Prosser, Michael Fredric

Rawlings, Sharyn Jane

Rhodes, John Bryce

Richards, Donna Rene

Robison, Kent Richard

Ross, Nancy Candace

Roth, Allen John, Jr.

Rothgeb, Wallace Milton, Jr.

Samon, Mary Elizabeth

Semenza, Patrice

Sewell, Ellena Arata

Shane, Brenda Lee

Shapiro, Ida Ann

Smith, Christina Elizabeth

Stano, Michael Edward, Jr.

Steffanic, Andrea Marie

Stidd, Barbara Jean

Stoker, Thomas Eugene

Struve, Colleen Quinn

Sullivan, Frank Allan

Sullivan, Jan Peckardt

Todd, Jacqueline Vivienne

Trosi, Renell Carolyn

Turner, Pamela Stickney

Tyler, Nikki Claire

Utt, Julianne

Van Lydegraf, Lance Richard

Vargas, Linda

Warner, Catherine Patricia

Waters, Joanne Tucker

Winters, Lucinda Lee

Young, Richard William

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Bruckart, Susan Elizabeth

Connely, Dwight William

Coulter, Steven ARthur

Gillham, Zoe Ann Catalano

Mandeville, Luanne Carol

Porray, John R.

Riley, James Franklin

Waller, William Arthur

Bachelor of Science

Allen, Olan Woodrow, Jr.

Armel, Joseph Achile

Baldwin, Philip Dee

Bedell, Ellen Glena

Beloso, Jane Ellen

Bohall, Dennis Carl

Bush, Gerald Davis

Calkins, Esther

Callaway, James Albert

Carroll, Douglas Lee

Cercek, John Frank, Jr.

Champagne, Larry Len

Chatelle, Lewis Lynn

Cocanour, Robert Austin

Colletti, Patrick Joseph

Colling, Dennis Robert

Coty, Stephen Michael

Cutler, Bradford Fales, Jr.

Davies, Barbara Parish

Davis, William Franklin, Jr.

De Lee, Frank Joseph

Dreher, Bernard Alan

Edmiston, John Cameron

Funk, Richard Garfield

Gallian, John

Granata, Dennis William

Hamilton, Craig Ralph

Horgan, Edwin Cantlon

Jones, Charles Eugene

Jordan, Mitchell Wayne

Kellogg, Gary Lee

Kennedy, Lyman, Jr.

Kozacek, Donald Eward

Lackey, Fay Sherry

Lambert, Harvey Wendell

Landis, Philip Hartman

Levesque, Adelard, Jr.

Mulvihill, June

Nannini, Paul Conrad

Padilla, Cornelio Oliver

Paille, Muriel Francoise

Parsons, Susan Diane

Paszek, Patricia Marie

Plath, Gordon Peter

Robustellini, Toni Marie

Ross, Katherine Dee

Shepherd, Robert Eugene

Steinshouer, Douglas Peter

Swenson, Richard Michael

Turchyn, Irene Marie

Usnick, Virginia Elizabeth

White, Florence Ann

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Seher, John Clinton

Sheen, Jackson Robert

Vicks, Robert John


Associate of Science in Secretarial Science

Browne, Joan Alvena

Franchi, Anita Adele

Fulstone, Mary

Gori, Pamela Kay

Shane, Cynthia Layne

Stampfli, Susanne

Bachelor of Arts

Fletcher, Douglas Charles

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Arthurs, Roy Edwin, Jr.

Basta, Joel Markus

Batavia, Clyde Dale

Batey, Thomas Allen

Bennett, Richard Lee

Birch, Manual James

Blodgett, Lewis David, Jr.

Brenner, Dana J.

Buchanan, William Frederick

Butler, Dennis Allan

Capener, Roger Dean

Carlson, Karen Sue

Christianer, Gordon Alan

Cornwall, Gary Newell

Cryer, Stephen Warren

Cupit, Edward Record

Engle, Alice Carolyn

Fisher, Vance Paul

Gamble, Nancy J.

Griswold, Wallace Robert, Jr.

Halstead, David Charles

Hardy, Homer Reynolds

Henderson, Daniell Douglas

Herbert, William Hayes, Jr.

Hess, Steven Martin

Hidaka, Takeshi

Holmberg, William John

Hossack, Alex Bruce

Howe, Stephan David

Howell, John Morse

Humphreys, Leo Joseph

Jilbert, William George

Johnson, Darlene Elva

Katzmann, Steven Elmer

Kerr, Lester David

Kulikowski, Edward Paul

Leonard, Michael Warren

Lindstrom, Linda Kay Klein

Lowrey, John Baylis

Lund, Arthur William

Mac Leod, Ronald Philip

Markham, Grant Robert

Matthews, George Howard

Matzkin, Terry

Mitchell, William Marvin

Moell, William Christian

Mullen, John Wayne

Nash, Robert Louis

Newmarker, Michael Jon

Oats, Fred Leroy

Pace, Charles Michael

Paxton, Roger David

Pepple, Delores Sydney

Petty, Mark Frederick

Pierce, Ransom Allan, Jr.

Porter, Patricia

Priddy, Jerry Allen

Quilici, William Lawrence

Rahbeck, Jeffrey Kjar

Raymond, Wilbur William

Regan, Ronald Martin

Royer, Gary William

Rupert, Le Roy

Russell, James Todd

Sarman, Mary Aileen

Savage, Julie Anne

Schweer, Kurt Wood

Sheahan, John Benjamin

Silver, John Joseph

Smith, John Charles

Solanki, Mahendrakumar Fulchand

Sourk, William John

Stevens, William Albert

Swafford, Harold Albert

Triqueiro, Gary Louis

Vader, Michael Edward

Van Nes, John Joseph

Wright, Richard Allen

Wilson, Edward Allen

Wycoff, Marvin Robert


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Brignand, Diane

Brinson, Renee Elizabeth

Casci, John Henry

Cason, Sharon Mavis

Cassinelli, Julie Ann

Cecchi, Giuliana Maria

Dannan, Roland Edward

Deighton, Lawrence Elliott

Ferris, Suzanne Marie

Gibson, Jill

Hammond, Carolyn May

Hansen, Michael Edwin

Hansen, Susan Marie

Hoover, Dennis Stephen

Lompa, Martha Ann

Martinez, Rosalie Frances

Stoker, Linda Verne

Story, Marcia Reed

Bachelor of Science in Education

Alexander, Janice Dee

Ashworth, Barbara Jo

Baccala, Barbara Ann

Barcellos, Delores Irene

Barrett, Katherine Ann

Bays, Sharon Ailene

Beale, Mary Margaret

Beechinor, Kathleen Louise

Berry, Aileen Gertrude

Bricker, Lucinda Ann

Broten, Ingrid Ann

Brush, Regina Kay

Cameron, Patricia Elizabeth

Chapel, Barbara

Christensen, Paul Christian

Compston, Jacqueline Rose

Congdon, Craig Alfred

Crutchley, Grant Edward

Dallimore, Frederick Louis

Davis, Orla Woolery

Del Carlo, Gino Ray

Dickson, Gail Anne

Donathan, Verda Mae

Duff, Holly Cooper

Eads, Carol Lynn

Elliott, Susan Sheppard

Ferrari, Charlotte Jean

Flannigan, Leath Marie

Gash, Karen Rix

Gebhart, Robert Nicholas

Goodrich, Kathy Lynn

Gottschalk, Barbara Kay

Goyer, Margaret Anne

Harper, Marilee Stenovich

Harrison, Richard Stephen

Hittl, Lorna Idol

Holden, Eleanor Annabel

Hossack, Sherryl Kay

Houk, William Lee

Isley, Maxine Kneese

Isola, Yvonne Tennyson

Itza, Karen Renae

James, Cheri Ann

Johnson, Carla Jean

Johnson, Gary Curtis

Johnson, Gaylene Dee

Johnston, Linda Kathryn

Kardos, Paul Louis

Kimpton, Laverl Elbert

Kinkor, Charlene Roberts

Lansdon, Allen Arthur

Legg, Ronald Dean

Limon, Loretta Brescia

Lund, Bernard Eugene

Mc Carthy, Donald William

Mc Kay, Mary Juanita

Mertz, Nancy Jean

Mikkelson, Sharon Kay

Miller, Charles Ray

Mills, Anne Rice

Mitchell, Billie Marie

Moore, Deborah Jean

Murkovich, Edward Peter

Murphy, Carolyn Elizabeth

Oliver, Diana Jean

Paloolian, Mark Louis

Pieratt, Judith Ann

Pietropaolo, Linda Anne

Plane, Arthur John

Polish, Carolyn Lee

Porter, Joan

Quilici, Pamela Adams

Ragar, Robert William

Rogers, Sharron Lynn

Rooney, Joseph Francis, Jr.

Sanford, Janie Kay

Schellin, Michael James

Shelby, Richard James

Souchereau, Margaret Louise

Stancill, Burke Henry, Jr.

Stanich, Richard Alan

Starr, Virginia Groat

Stoffel, Lawrence Leonard

Strang, Cynthia Lynn

Swainston, Diane Annette

Swanson, Suzette Dee

Tedford, Cynthia Gail

Tedford, Trudy Davis

Thomsen, Judy Anne

Thurman, Gail Lucille

Urrutia, Jean Ann

Utt, Linda Waters

Wagner, Claire Louise

Ward, Phyllis Elaine

Westbrook, Shirley Hazel

Westover, Joan

Wiley, Dorothy Jeanette

Woodcock, Don Baddley, Jr.

Zimmerman, Lynn Alice

Education Specialist Certificate in Reading

Miller, Jerry Montgomery


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Bezdek, James Christian

Biale, Roger Grant

Bryson, Samuel Gordon

Cazier, Roy Francis

Cobun, Robert Harrison

Davis, Marvin Earl

Dmytriw, Stephen William

Ebeltoft, Richard Allen

Ewald, Robert Hansen

Forga, Michael Sheridan

Pratt, William Alexander

Rosenbrock, John Henry

Shea, Robert William

Smith, John Edward

Webster, Timothy Robert

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Biggs, David Homer

Bonham, William Rolland

Colton, Rodney Alvie

Coplin, William Walter III

Garhardt, Charles Haas

Hodge, Earl W.

Hollander, Alfred I.

Johnson, Chandler Adam

Mincer, Norman Alfred

Moore, Arthur Eugene

Nelson, James Lee

Nelson, Robert John

Pesout, Donald John

Roulias, James Leslie

Swetich, Danial William

Tate, Roland Thomas

Wehr, Don Harland

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science

Mathews, Wilvan Woodrow

Meyer, Kenneth Le Roy

Nesbitt, Dale Mark

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Brown, Arthur Eugene

Cartwright, Philip Crawford

Cramer, Peter Lent

Purcell, Richard Gary

Reynolds, Eddie Eugene

Terkildsen, Allen Kenneth


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Elges, Carl Henry III

Heinen, Richard Harold

Kazonich, George

Bachelor of Science in Geography

Coons, Thomas William

Harding, Frances Ellene

Hornick, William Michael, Jr.

Scalise, Louis Charles

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Barnes, George Bruce

Donnelson, Kenneth Donald

Garside, Patricia Ann

Harrison, Joseph Myron

Kuchenmeister, Joseph Leo

Martin, Dennis Le Roy

Schreiber, Stephen Charles

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

Dircksen, Paul Eric

Harris, Richard Winston

Mc Neil, Michael Angus


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Barrett, Sheila Lynette

Carey, Susan Ann

Creswell, Elizabeth Hannifan

Davies, Ann Harrison

Donley, Lila Belle Still

Edmundson, Margaret Ann

Elcano, Michele Jane

Folks, Susan Frances

Griffith, Elizabeth Anita

Hawkins, Myrtle Jane

Houk, Eleanor Kerr

Kahn, Vivian Adele

Nearpass, Ann Lynne

Oleson, Charla Kaye

Patterson, Mary Jo

Peterson, Marjorie Louise

Post, Shirley Wiegand

Reardon, Marcia Raquel

Reil, Elizabeth Sue

Richert, Sara Baxter

Webster, Merilee Hench

Wulf, Glenda Anne


Associate of Science in Electronics Technology

Bishop, Douglas Frank

Blasey, Dennis Ray

Court, Daniel Edward, Sr.

Davidson, Steve Lawrence

Dean, Lawrence Ashley

Dondero, John Philip

Dory, Darryl Louis

Oviedo, Edgar Martin

Pardini, Kirk Ronald

Reno, Robert Milton

Stubbs, Edward Lee

Thomsen, Alvyn Gene

Wolder, Byron Alan

Associate of Science in Engineering Design Technology

Clyne, Larry Eugene

Frey, Brett Robert

Rice, William Charles

Simmons, Brady Grant

Associate of Science in Law Enforcement

Stine, Kenneth Lee


Master of Arts

Berry, David Edwin

Jackson, Nicholas De Lange

Loeffler, Linda Rae

Maner, Arnold Hubert

Masterson, Michael Lynn

Norton, Grace Palmer

Paher, Stanley William

Preuss, Marjorie Collins

Rea, Jackelin

Master of Business Administration

Tedford, John Nowlan III

Waggoner, Sam Lee

Weaver, Rosaline Hall

Master of Education

Christensen, Richard John

Crawford, Edith Currie

Davis, George Kimball

Harkenrider, James John

Healey, Donald Paul

Heinle, Donna Mae

Hoffman, Patricia Ann

Lamb, Earl Benjamin

Langhans, Alberta Jacques

Mann, Merle Frank

Mc Collum, James Albert

Miller, Edwina Whitaker

Moore, Lonnie Dillon

Muldoon, Ruth Marie

Pagni, Roland Anthony

Petre, Maurice Michel

Price, Clarence Edwin

Rollins, Erma Squire

Scattini, Gene Paul

Weldon, Robert Parker

Wilkins, David Clinton

Master of Science

Artz, John Lincoln

Bush, Ann Marie

Carver, Gary Alen

Chen, Robert Hearn

Chipp, Eddie Ray

Church, Wayne Clayton

Cory, John Thomas

Daniels, Fred Jewell, Jr.

Dickmann, Lawrence Charles

Grosz, Otto Max

Hoffman, Fredric

Jorgensen, Thomas Gordon

Kelly, William Frank

Layhee, David Calvin

Lee, Patricia Rose

Mizner, Richard Tim

Plouf, Thomas Michael

Ralston, Gene Lloyd

Seagraves, David Arnold

Srivastava, Santosh Kumar

Sulahria, Mohammed Bashir

Taylor, Michael Francis

Tucker, Susan Gay

White, Craig Kenneth

Doctor of Philosophy

Back, William

Massey, Tom Malcolm

Sok, Brian Arthur



B. S. in Business Administration

Askew, Dale W.

Backus, Leland Eugene

Baxter, Raymond L.

Bianco, Gerard Anthony

Bowes, Dale A.

Burroughs, Addison W.

Carr, Connie J.

Carter, Ronnie Lynn

Casuga, Milagros Fusilero

Coffin, James Robert

Cook, James F.

Cook, John Daniel

De Vries, Stephen James

Dibble, Pat Dennis

Dryden, Nicholas Ray

Engle, Howard Harris, Jr.

Farrell, Russell M.

Galyean, Roy Allen

Grover, Michael Joel

Hammer, Billy C.

Hayden, Kenneth Gene

Hill, Jay Gregory

Holm, Richard Blair

Hutton, Peggy S.

Irwin, Thomas S.

Johnson, Roderick E.

Kelly, Paul Edward

Kennedy, Fred W.

Lansford, Richard Douglas

Logan, Charles William

Lucas, Peter E.

Mc Girr, Wesley N.

Moreo, Patrick J.

Paine, Charles Allen

Paulos, William Joseph

Payne, Joe B. II

Ponn, Douglas Roger

Porter, John Edward

Purcello, Philip Anthony

Schaumburg, John Phillip

Shinehouse, Barry Richard

Spaulding, Michael Gran

Thomas, Kathleen J.

Valdov, Thomas

Verchick, Robert Andrew

Waring, Lynn R.

Master of Business Administration

Bowman, Brad

Cohen, David S.

Fitzpatrick, Paul T.

Goldman, Gerald S.

Hoesley, Marlen John

Van Aken, Mark Sumner


B. S. in Education

Anderson, John William

Augspurger, Kathryn Sue

Austin, Amalie A.

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32. 1969-70 Work Program

Chancellor Humphrey presented the Work Program for 1969-70

by reviewing his transmittal letter as follows:

The 1969-70 Work Program for the University of Nevada

System is hereby transmitted to you and recommended

for approval. This Work Program provides for expendi-

tures of $19,938,461 in the coming year, which is an

increase of approximately $3.7 million or 22.8% over


It is significant to note that in addition to provid-

ing a 13.4% increase in the all ranks average salary

for incumbent faculty (from $10,964 currently to $12,430

for 1969-70) and for the salary adjustments for classi-

fied and technical employees as provided by the Legis-

lature, this Work Program also provides for 226 new

positions within the System. UNLV will have 43 new

faculty positions and 53 new support positions. The

total number of positions on that Campus increases by

32.3%. UNR will have 27 new faculty and 44 new sup-

port positions for an increase of 9.4% in total posi-

tions. The balance of new positions occurs in other


Revised enrollment projections are also included in

this document. The projections used when the 1969-71

budget request was submitted to the Governor September

1, 1968, have been revised based upon the latest in-

formation available. It is interesting to note that

the Full Time Equivalent Student projection for UNR

has been increased 120 but the revised estimate of

Adjusted Student Credits remains approximately the

same. At UNLV the expected FTE enrollment is down 200

or 5.8% from the earlier projection; however, the ASC

expected is up 2080 or 1.2% due to a change in the

"mix" or level of students.

The student-faculty ratio at UNR will be 16.8 to 1 and

at UNLV will be 18.0 to 1, or 1.2 students higher. The

ratio of Adjusted Student Credits taught per faculty

member will be 474 at UNR and 492 at UNLV. See page 12

for a comparison of faculty positions in the Work Pro-

gram and the budget request. As can be observed, parity

has not been achieved; however, the solution lies within

the ability of the Presidents to adjust their Work Pro-

gram request.

This Work Program is the final step in a budgeting proc-

ess which started in January, 1968. At that time the

Department Chairmen made their original requests to

the Deans. These requests were reviewed by the Deans

and the Presidents and a request prepared. After re-

viewing the original requests the Chancellor, with the

cooperation and participation of the Advisory Cabinet,

developed certain program budget formulas which were

applied in developing a Chancellor's recommendation

aimed at achieving budget parity for the two Campuses.

This budget was increased slightly by the Board of Re-

gents and a request of $21,866,264 was submitted to

the Governor. After review and action by the Governor

and the Legislature, we are able to develop firm plans

for the use of nearly $19.9 million.

The Chancellor's office has reviewed the Work Program

requests made by the Presidents and these requests were

explained to the Advisory Cabinet. Some of the analysis

(e. g. of instruction and Department research alloca-

tion) is included here. I share with the Presidents

certain reservations concerning their proposals. For

example, the absence of a contingency reserve, the re-

duction in the library book acquisition allocation, and

the severe financial limitations upon physical plant

operations. I do not, however, wish to recommend any

revision in their Work Program requests; consequently,

the Administration proposal is unanimous.

The authorized expenditures for Cooperative Extension

Service exceed that originally authorized by the Legis-

lature by $9332. This increase is attributed to an

increase in county funds. The Chief of the Budget

Division of the Department of Administration has the

authority under the State Budget Act to approve this

change. Upon adoption by the Board of Regents of this

Work Program, this approval will be requested.

The budget request was prepared under the assumption

that UNLV would assume the accounting function for that

Campus on July 1, 1969. Because of the work involved

and the lack of funds to do adequate planning, it will

be necessary for UNR to provide that service during

the 1969-70 fiscal year. UNLV will negotiate with UNR

for the services of the UNR Controller's office during

the 1969-70 fiscal year.

The budget detail for instruction at UNLV is presented

in College Summary only in this document. The UNLV

Administration will present at the July meeting of the

Board of Regents the Departmental breakdown they wish

to follow.

One qualification I do wish to have placed upon this

Work Program is the same as in the years past. I rec-

ommend that in approving this Work Program the Board

specify that all salary savings revert monthly to the

appropriate Contingency Reserve and that the usual

controls over transfers from the Contingency Reserve

continue to be applicable.

Chancellor Humphrey requested comments from Presidents Zorn

and Miller and Acting Director Warburton.

Dr. Zorn pointed out that the first concern in developing

the Work Program had been the protection of salaries of

incumbent faculty. He noted that UNLV had reduced the

number of support positions and transferred the funds to

other areas. They were not able, he said, to improve the

library book fund nor the amount of support available to

physical plant.

President Miller stated that his comments would be much

the same as President Zorn's. He noted that it was a

matter of making a choice as to where the money should go.

Mr. Hug stated that he was concerned over the decision to

cut the Buildings and Grounds support. President Miller

agreed that this was cause for concern, noting that it

would mean fewer repairs and improvements; however, it

is possible that money can be channelled into this area

during the year from the Contingency Reserve when that

reserve is established from salary savings.

Mr. Bilbray asked what the effect would be of a larger

enrollment than that projected. Dr. Zorn said that UNLV

might have to limit enrollment.

Mr. Warburton spoke of the State appropriation for DRI

support. He said that DRI is continuing to fall further

behind in its timetable to have State funds pick up the

salaries of senior scientists, noting that they will be

approximately $71,000 behind in 1969-70 and $117,000 be-

hind in 1970-71. He said, however, they have taken a

tentative step this year by providing partial support

from State funds for their senior scientists.

Chancellor Humphrey pointed out that the amount of money

for DRI support in the Work Program concerns only a por-

tion of the total and the DRI Financial Plan for 1969-70

from non-appropriated sources will be presented to the

Board of Regents in July.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval of the Work Pro-

gram for 1969-70 as presented, including the recommenda-

tions contained in his letter of transmittal.

Mr. Seeliger pointed out that the University had enjoyed

an especially good legislative year, as indicated by a $20

million Work Program, and moved that the Chancellor be

commended on the effective relations maintained between

his office and the members of the 1969 Legislature. Motion

seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried unanimously.

Mr. Hug agreed that this had been an exceptionally fine

year and the Chancellor had done an excellent job.

Chancellor Humphrey expressed appreciation for the com-

mendation and noted that total cooperation had been re-

ceived from the Regents, the administrative officers,

faculty and students. He noted that he had received a

number of comments from Legislators to the effect that

the University cooperation was very much appreciated.

Dr. Anderson moved that the Board of Regents also formally

and publicly express its appreciation to the Governor and

the members of the Legislature for their very find support

of the University. Motion seconded by Mr. Ronzone, carried


33. Estimative Budgets

Chancellor Humphrey presented estimative budgets for 1969-70

for programs not supported by State appropriation, noting

that if the money is not generated it will not be spent.

Mr. Humphrey noted that the budgets for Intercollegiate

Athletics and Intercolligate Athletics Scholarship and

Recruiting are based on fee increases not yet approved. He

further noted that the budget for the UNLV Student Union

would be forwarded when ready.

Jim Hardesty, ASUN President, referred to the budget for

the Jot Travis Student Union and asked that no action be

taken on this budget until there was an opportunity for

student government representatives to discuss it further

with the Administration. His concern, he said, dealt with

the fact that the Student Union is owned by the University

and yet is being paid for by the students.

President Miller noted that there had been some discussions

concerning this and efforts are being made to pick up some

of the expenses of the building. However, he said, this

budget covers the activities of the students. Mr. Hardesty

agreed but pointed out that faculty and Administration also

use the building and perhaps should pay a share of the


Chancellor Humphrey stated that this specific point had

not been discussed with the State Budget Director; however,

the State Budget Director has previously ruled that UN

auxiliary enterprises must fund their own operating ex-


Chancellor Humphrey and President Miller agreed to with-

draw the budget for Jot Travis Union and reschedule it

for July.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved that the Estimative Budgets be approved

as submitted with the exception of the budgets of Inter-

collegiate Athletics, Intercollegiate Athletics Scholar-

ship and Recruiting, and Jot Travis Union. Motion seconded

by Mr. Seeliger, carried without dissent.

34. Selection Procedures for University Officers

Chancellor Humphrey noted that a proposed revision to the

By-Laws of the Board of Regents was presented at the May

meeting and was referred to the Chancellor's Advisory

Cabinet for further study and proposal of specific wording.

Mr. Humphrey said that the Cabinet had not completed its

review and proposed to bring this item forward in July.

35. Proposed Change in Meeting Dates

Chancellor Humphrey stated that in response to requests

that the Fall meetings be rescheduled so that the November

meeting would coincide with the UNR/UNLV football game to

be played in Reno on November 22, the following proposed

schedule had been developed for the balance of the calendar


Present Schedule Proposed Schedule

UNR 07-11/12-69 No Change

UNLV 09-12/13-69 UNLV 09-05/06-69

UNR 10-10/11-69 UNLV 10-03/04-69

UNLV 11-07/08-69 UNR 11-20/21-69

UNR 12-12/13-69 UNR 12-19/20-69

Motion by Mr. Seeliger, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the above schedule be adopted.

Upon motion by Mrs. Knudtsen, seconded by Mr. Ronzone, the

following supplemental items were added to the agenda:

36. Approval of Purchase in Excess of $5000, UNR

President Miller reported that bids had been requested for

the printing of a 2-year supply of Final Grade Reports and

Mid-Semester Progress Reports for the two Registrars'


UARCO, Inc. $6290.68

Moore Business Forms No bid submitted

Valley Business Forms No bid submitted

President Miller noted that it is intended that this pur-

chase be shared proportionately by the two Campuses

($3329.21 for UNR; $3961.47 for UNLV) and represents a

sizeable savings to each institution when compared to

separate 1-year cost estimates.

President Miller and President Zorn recommended the bid

of UARCO, Inc. in the amount of $6290.68 be accepted.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Mr. Ronzone, seconded by Mr. Bilbray, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

37. Property Acquisition, UNR

President Miller requested authorization from the Board of

Regents to purchase 2 residences at 1061 and 1065 Evans

Avenue. This property has been offered for sale by Dr.

Loring Williams and is within the master plan for acquisi-

tion by UNR. Dr. Miller noted that the property had been

appraised by Dale C. Bell, M. A. I., and proposed that the

Administration be authorized to negotiate for and purchase

the property from the UNR Capital Improvement Fee Fund,

provided only that the purchase price does not exceed the

appraised value. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Dr. White, carried

without dissent that the above purchase be approved.

38. Report of Telephone Poll Re. Award of Construction Contract

Chancellor Humphrey noted that a telephone poll had been

conducted of the Board of Regents on May 26, 1969, with

the following results:

Bids have been received for the construction of the

Interim Office building, UNLV.

Blanchard Construction, Inc. is the low bidder in the

amount of $199,400. This low bid includes all of the

alternatives. The budget for this project is $275,000.

The State Planning Board has agreed to use the dif-

ference between the low bid and the construction

budget to do landscaping and parking, put in a side-

walk on Harmon and add a building fire sprinkling

system and pay for a fire plug near the building.

President Zorn and Chancellor Humphrey recommend


Your vote is being requested by telephone so that the

bid can be awarded and the construction started im-


Fred M. Anderson, M. D. Yes

Mr. Thomas Bell Yes

Mr. James H. Bilbray Yes (May 28, 1969)

Mr. Archie Grant Unable to Contact

Mr. Procter Hug, Jr. Yes

Mr. Harold Jacobsen Yes

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen Yes

Louis Lombardi, M. D. Yes

Mr. Richard Ronzone Yes

Mr. Albert Seeliger Yes

Mrs. Juanita White Yes

He recommended confirmation of the results of the telephone


Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Dr. White, carried

without dissent that the votes recorded by telephone be


39. Unappropriated Surplus, General University Operation

Chancellor Humphrey reviewed the problem as follows:

For a number of years, the University of Nevada has

each year expended appropriated monies for General

University Operation before expending the non-appro-

priated monies. The non-appropriated monies are

mostly student fees and this practice gave the Uni-

versity and the State the advantage of a built-in

safeguard against either liberal or conservative

revenue estimating techniques. It also allowed

extra revenue to be gained for the University, as

approved in the legislatively adopted budget, from

the short-term investment of the non-appropriated

monies. Using this technique, any unexpended monies

at the end of a fiscal year reverted to the Univer-

sity's unappropriated surplus account. From this

account came the budgeted opening cash balance for

the next fiscal year and, if necessary, unrealized

budgeted income was compensated for from the unap-

propriated surplus. This allowed for a business-like

operation of the University budget and kept deficits

from occurring. It is further interesting to note

that the independent auditors have recommended that

the unappropriated surplus should be approximately

$500,000 rather than the $232,000 held in this account

June 30, 1968.

During the 1969 Legislative Session, Mr. Robert E.

Bruce, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Counsel Bureau,

requested an opinion from the Legislative Counsel

concerning the legality of the University's approach.

The Legislative Counsel issued an opinion to the

effect that the University was obligated to spend

non-appropriated monies first and, therefore, any

unexpended budget credits at the end of the fiscal

year, plus any excess non-appropriated revenue,

should revert to the State General Fund rather than

to the University unappropriated surplus account.

I requested the Assembly Ways and Means Committee and

the Senate Finance Committee to insert language in the

General Appropriation Act which would allow our past

practice to continue. Mr. Howard E. Barrett, Director

of Administration, joined me in recommending this

request. After initially agreeing to this course of

action, the money committees decided to not insert

such language and, in effect, require the University

to revert its unappropriated surplus to the State's

General Fund at the end of FY 1968-69, less the amount

included in the approved 1969-71 University budget as

an opening cash balance for each year of the biennium.

This will result in a reversion of approximately


It is very evident to me, based upon my experience in

managing these funds for the University as well as my

earlier experience in the State Budget Office, that

what we have been doing is good business practice for

the University. Further, I believe that what is good

for the University must, in the long-run, be good for

the State. It is conceivable that another attorney

might come to a different conclusion than the Legisla-

tive Counsel; however, it is clear to me that legisla-

tive intent, as expressed by the money committees, is

that the University revert its unappropriated surplus

at the end of FY 1968-69. I recommend, therefore,

that the Board of Regents acquiesce in this procedure

and that we attempt to convince the 1971 Legislature

of the desirability of again using the technique fol-

lowed in the past.

Chancellor Humphrey suggested the problem is now one of

whose money does the University spend first.

Mr. Bilbray asked why the University could not spend the

$117,000, suggesting that it be given to UNLV. Mr. Hum-

phrey explained that the University could expend funds

only within the limits of the authorized expenditure,

and the only way the University could exceed that limit

would be to request and receive the Governor's approval

to increase the authorized expenditure ceiling. He stated

that such a request would result in adverse legislative

reaction, unless it were fully documented as an exceptional

or of an emergency nature.

Mr. Walsh asked if there might be a constitutional problem

in so far as the Board's authority over non-appropriated


Chancellor Humphrey said that in view of discussions with

the Legislative Committees, he would rather have the Board

of Regents Say, "we disagree but we will comply."

Mr. Bilbray suggested the Board of Regents might be guilty

of breach of responsibility if they turned the money back

to the State. Chancellor Humphrey recommended that if this

were the case, the next best action would be to escrow the


Mr. Hug pointed out that the Chancellor had gained the con-

fidence of the Legislature and its committees and was aware

of the feelings of the Legislature in this matter. He

cautioned against taking action contrary to the Legisla-

ture's expressed wishes, suggesting that such action might

cause the University to lose the ground gained during this


Mr. Bilbray stated that he would prefer to go back to the

Governor with a request and worry about the Legislature

next year.

Motion by Mr. Grant, seconded by Mr. Seeliger, carried

with Mr. Bilbray opposing, that the Chancellor's recom-

mendation be approved.

40. Institutional Memberships

Mr. Humphrey submitted a list of institutional memberships

held by the University of Nevada System or by one of its

Campuses, noting that it was provided at this time for in-

formation and required no action. He noted that he would

bring back at a subsequent meeting a list of these member-

ships divided between the Campuses.

41. DRI Deficit Accounts

Mr. Humphrey commented on the amount of work which Mr.

Warburton has been doing to straighten out the business

affairs of DRI, noting that he has to date done a particu-

larly fine job of resolving the deficit accounts.

After a thorough review of all such deficit accounts, Mr.

Humphrey stated, it was concluded that 8 accounts, with a

total deficit of $58,568.26 should be called to the atten-

tion of the Board and special arrangements made for repay-

ment. He noted that none of the accounts have revenue

sources sufficient to cover the identified deficits. The

accounts are as follows:

1-33-6000 - General Administration-Water Resources

Cost reimbursement account expended in excess of

contract. $1412.56 not recoverable.

1-33-6032 - Dissolved Constituents Natural Waters

Cost reimbursement account expended in excess of

contract. $1191.69 not recoverable.

2-33-7501 - Red Rock Area

Cost reimbursement account expended in excess of

contract. $454.91 not recoverable.

1-33-7004 - Application of Stimulation Theory

Cost reimbursement account expended in excess of

contract. $2804.01 not recoverable.

1-16-3073 - Software Development

Expenditure for research support not covered by

receipt from indirect cost earnings. $4814.56

not recoverable.

1-20-3035 - Fleischmann-DRI Stead Building and Facilities

Overexpenditure in renovation of Sage building.

$3765.05 not recoverable.

1-20-3050 - Water Resources Small Projects

Laboratory of Industrial Research (formerly

principal support was Sea & Ski Company) ac-

cumulated overexpenditure. This account can

now be operated on a break-even basis.

$34,769.44 not recoverable.

1-41-4069 - DRI Shop Account

Machine Shop expenses originally planned to be

charged to Bureau of Reclamation contract.

Changes on final work program for this contract

precluded these charges. $9356.04 not re-


Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the Board of Regents

direct that:

(1) in closing the FY 1968-69 books, all balances of DRI

accounts, indirect cost accumulation and any discre-

tionary funds, be transferred to cover these deficit

accounts (it is estimated that as much as $25,000

might be available);

(2) the balance of the deficit be repaid during 1969-70

from DRI indirect cost revenue by transfer during

the year as such monies are received; and,

(3) in preparing the DRI Financial Plan for 1969-70 for

presentation to the Board in July, this repayment

be taken into consideration.

Chancellor Humphrey also noted that the reimbursement

cycle of some DRI cost reimbursement accounts is unduly

long and contrary to the best interests of the University.

He recommended that the DRI Administration make every ef-

fort to reduce the reimbursement cycle of such accounts,

securing advances whenever feasible, and that no new ac-

counts with a cost reimbursement cycle in excess of 3

months be accepted without specific authority from the Board

of Regents. He also recommended that the Board direct that

no expenditures be made in anticipation of receipt of a

binding grant or contract unless DRI discretionary monies,

unobligated for any other purpose, are available to fully

cover such expenditures and, further, that such expendi-

tures be reported to the next meeting of the Board of


Mr. Seeliger moved that the Chancellor's recommendations be

approved. Motion seconded by Mr. Bilbray.

Mr. Warburton stated that he agreed with most of the Chan-

cellor's recommendations. He noted, however, that the

subject of reimbursement cycle is of great concern point-

ing out that DRI is almost always 1/2 million dollars in

arrears in billing. He requested consideration by the

Regents of a contingency reserve for the Institute. Mr.

Warburton also stated that he was in agreement with the

recommendation that specific authority be requested to ac-

cept grants; however, he expressed concern about the last

recommendation of the Chancellor. He explained the pro-

cedures followed by many agencies; i. e., that verbal

authority would be given to spend money at a certain level.

Chancellor Humphrey said he was concerned about the lack

of a written contract or agreement, cautioning that the

University should not expend money beyond that which is

in reverse to cover that expenditure.

Mr. Warburton stated that DRI has never spent money it

did not have. Chancellor Humphrey stated that if they

had not done so in the past, why should they be concerned

about a recommendation that they not do so in the future.

He further stated that unless a contract is in writing,

the University should not gamble in excess of the "money

in the bank".

Motion carried without dissent.

42. Funding of Recruitment and Screening Committees

Chancellor Humphrey stated that funds should be provided to

pay expenses of the Recruitment and Screening Committees

for the Director of DRI and the Director of the Community

College Division. He recommended that $2500 be made avail-

able to each Committee from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account.

Motion by Mrs. Knudtsen, seconded by Mr. Grant, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

43. Approval of Purchase in Excess of $5000, UNR

President Miller reported that the following bids had been

received for the printing of a bulletin on Lincoln County

by the Mackay School of Mines:

A. Carlisle & Co. 2000 copies $9,004.12

Reno Printing 9,146.60

Silver State Press no bid

President Miller recommended that a contract be awarded to

A. Carlisle & Co. in the amount of $9004.12. Chancellor

Humphrey concurred.

Motion by Mr. Bilbray, seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried

without dissent that the above recommendation be approved.

Mr. Bilbray asked if it was necessary for the Board to

concern itself with purchases of this amount. Mr. Hug

reviewed the history which had precipitated the adoption

of this policy. Mr. Seeliger noted that this kind of

action does not take much time and does keep the Board


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M.