UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 6-7, 1895


Volume OC - Pages 68-73

                          Reno, Nevada

                          June 6, 1895

The Board of Regents met at their Office on Thursday, June 6,

1895, at 9 A.M.  Present:  H. S. Starrett, W. E. F. Deal and

H. L. Fish.

Regent Deal moved that the reading of the minutes of the previous

meeting be dispensed with for the present.

On motion of W. E. F. Deal, seconded by H. S. Starrett, the sal-

ary of Dr. J. E. Stubbs as Director of the Experiment Station was

increased from $900 to $1300 per annum commencing June 1, 1895.

Report of President Stubbs received and ordered placed on file.

The President of the University was authorized to confer upon

Mary W. Emery the degree of M. A. in Pedagogics.

The hour having arrived, 10 A.M. Thursday June 6, 1895, to open

the bids for a Girls Dormitory building, the Secretary of the

Board read the published notice and before opening said bids,

the President stated that the contract would not include the

foundation up to the water table and that the contraction was

to put in the stone steps.

The Board now proceeded to open the bids as follows:

     R. Ryland           Certified check $500     $11,894.00

     Burke Bros.         Certified Check $500      10,935.00

     C. E. Clough        Certified Check $500      10,640.00

     A. Paterson         Certified Check $500       9,890.00

     J. J. Walker        Certified Check $500       9,940.00

     Geo. E. Holesworth  Certified Check $500       9,674.00

All bids being too high the Board ordered that same be rejected

and the certified checks returned to the bidders.

The President was authorized to have the plans changed and when

ready to advertise for a building costing about Nine Thousand


On motion of W. E. F. Deal, seconded by H. S. Starrett, faculty

were granted the privilege of erecting a Drill Hall and Gymnasium

building on the University grounds to become responsible for the

payment of the same, and when completed to be the property of the


The matter of a Hospital for the University was discussed at

considerable length and considered a necessity but postponed for

the present.

The President was authorized to make arrangements on contract for

the purchasing of text books for sale to and use of students in

the University for the coming year at actual costs.

The Honorable Board of Visitors met with the Board among whom

were present (5):  Judge R. R. Bigelow, Judge A. E. Cheney, Miss

Lillie Kaiser, Josephine Taylor and Mrs. Mary A. Griffin.  Absent

10.  The President and the Faculty recommend that the Board grant

the degrees and diplomas to students in various Departments of

the University as follows:

Mr. Geo. H. Taylor

Secretary Hon. Board of Regents,

Dear Sir,

     I have the honor to report to the Honorable Board of Regents

the names of the students completing their work in the various

Departments of the Nevada State University.

     The following students have completed the work of the

School of Liberal Arts and are entitled to the Degree of Bachelor

of Arts:

                   Fredrica Louise Blum

                   Peter Peterson Frandsen

                   Mary Ellen North

                   William Henry North

                   Stella Linscott

                   Alice Mabel Stanaway

                   Theodora W. Stubbs

                   Grace Viola Ward

     The following students have completed the work in the School

of Mines and are entitled to the Degree of Bachelor of Science:

                   Joseph Durkee

                   Albert James Flood

                   Winfield John Flood

                   Ralph Lemmon Osburn

                   Frank Henry Saxton

     Samuel Clark Durkee has completed the full course of study

prescribed for the School of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts and

is entitled to the Degree of Bachelor of Science.

     The following students have completed the full course of

study and training prescribed for the Nevada State Normal School

and are entitled to Diplomas of Graduation from that School:

                   May Allen

                   Eva Irene Bradshaw

                   Edna Nevada Catlin

                   Marion Edmunds

                   Helen Murphy

                   Kate Isabelle Robb

                   Mary Anna Robb

                   Wilhelmina O. Sadler

                   Ina Hannah Stiner

     The following students have completed the full course of

study prescribed for the Commercial Department of the University

and are entitled to Diplomas of Graduation from that Department:

                   Gabriella Delmas

                   Annie Margaret Foster

                   Florence Linton Lamb

                   Walter Clark Lamb

                   Frances E. Longley

                   Herbert Maxson

                   John W. Wright

                   Nellie Wright

     We the members of the Faculty and the President of the

University, through our Official Representative, the Secretary,

therefore recommend that your Honorable Board grant the Degrees

and Diplomas as above set forth as the candidates are all worthy.

                   Respectfully yours,

                              Robert Lewers


Mr. Brown reported that he had made a careful test of the

pressure in the water in the pipes running up Center Street to

the University grounds as instructed by the Board at a future

meeting which was ordered filed for further reference.

On motion of H. S. Starrett, it was ordered that the respective

buildings on the Campus named as follows:

         Lincoln Hall

         Stewart Hall

         Morrill Hall

         Mining Laboratory

         Hatch Building

The contract with Richard Ryland for the construction of the

Boys Dormitory building to be hereafter called Lincoln Hall

was signed.

Claims for the month of May were presented and allowed as


     Agricultural & Mechanical Fund

         Salaries May Payroll                        $ 347.00

         H. J. Berry Postage Stamps                      1.42

         Salaries May Payroll                         1016.67

     Outstanding Warrants Payable August 15/95

     Contingent University Fund

         Instructors Salaries May Payroll              534.16

         Janitors    Salaries May Payroll              128.00

         Secretary   Salaries May Payroll               25.00

         President   Salaries May Payroll              225.00

         Mng Labty   Salaries R. D. Jackson             62.50

         Mng Labty   Salaries F. H. Saxton              22.00

         Mila T. Mayniard     Extra Work               100.00

         P. F. Layton         Extra Work                32.30

         Students Labor       May Payroll              183.00

         Dr. Stubbs           Travel Exp                17.60

         H. S. Starrett       Travel Exp                59.50

         Riverside Hotel      Travel Exp                10.50

         John F. Aitken       Drayage                    9.00

         T. H. Wells          Fuel                      10.00

         C. G. Galusha        Packing                    2.00

         C. E. Bray           Drayage                    4.00

         Haydon & Lewis       Drayage                    6.25

         Sunset S & S Co.     Telephone                 10.00

         Payot Asphalt        Sty & Printing             2.11

         Reno Mercantile Co   Gasoline & Supplies       69.35

         Reno Water L & L     Electric Light            50.00

         Nev. State Journal   Sty & Printing            19.00

         R. W. Parry          Line Stock Exp            14.85

         R. W. Parry          Line Stock Exp             8.50

         John Taylor & Co     Chem Supplies             12.69

         John Taylor & Co     Chem Supplies             33.31

         John Taylor & Co     Chem Supplies             14.99

         Reno Mill & Lumber   Bldgs & Reps              34.55

         W. J. Luke           Live S. Expense            2.00

         Abner Doble & Co     Bldgs & Reps              24.25

         Beuder & Fish        Ins Prems                 30.62

         Geo. H. Taylor       F. D. & Express           95.70


     General Library Fund

         J. D. Haunwond                                 13.95

         William Doxey                                 106.65

         J. Sauzy & Co                                   2.45

         Gim & Company                                   3.00

         Hicks Judd Co.                                  8.10


     Building Fund Boys Dormitory

         L. H. Taylor         Blue Print Paper           6.00

         Rich & Brown         Expense to SPF            32.05

         Percy & Hamilton     Plans & Specs            300.00

         Virginia Chronicle   Advertise Bids             6.00

         Carson Morning News  Advertise Bids             7.50

         F. H. Norcross       Drawing Contract          25.00


No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet

Saturday June 29, 1895.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor