UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 2-3, 1995


Pages 34-36

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                           June 2, 1995

The Board of Regents special meeting was held via video confer-

ence.  The locations were:  Computer Center, University of

Nevada, Reno Campus; Computing Center, University of Nevada,

Las Vegas Campus; Room 128, Greenhaw Technical Arts, Northern

Nevada Community College; and Cheyenne Campus, Community College

of Southern Nevada.

Members present:  Dr. James Eardley, Chairman

                  Mr. Mark Alden

                  Mrs. Shelley Berkley

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. Madison Graves

                  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

                  Mrs. Nancy Price

                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent:   Dr. Jill Derby

                  Mr. David L. Phillips

Others present:   Chancellor Richard Jarvis

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Chairman Eardley called the Special Meeting of the Board of

Regents to order at 3:15 P.M. Friday, June 2, 1995, with all

members present except Regents Derby and Phillips.

 1.  Report and Recommendations of the Ad Hoc WNCC Presidential

     Search Committee

     A report and recommendations of the ad hoc WNCC Presidential

     Search Committee were made by Regent Daniel Klaich, Chair-


     Mr. Klaich thanked Chairman of the Board of Regents James

     Eardley for giving him the opportunity to Chair this Com-

     mittee.  It has certainly been a positive experience and

     has drawn him closer to WNCC's faculty and staff.  He ex-

     pressed his appreciation to Secretary of the Board Mary

     Lou Moser and Assistant to the WNCC President Terry Tauebel

     for all their assistance in making his search process run

     smoothly.  He commended all those who served on the Search

     Committee for their hard work and dedication to the Search


     The ad hoc WNCC Presidential Search Committee requested 3

     semi-finalists to return to Nevada in order to visit the

     WNCC Campus and to meet with members of the Board of Regents

     and other interested persons.  Dr. Carol Ann Lucy declined

     the invitiation to Nevada due to accepting another position.

     Dr. James Randolph and Dr. Glenn Mayle did return to Nevada

     for Campus and Statewide visits.  The Committee conducted

     its final meeting earlier in the day.  Mr. Klaich reported

     that the Institutional Advisory Committee and the Board of

     Regents' ad hoc WNCC Presidential Search Committee both

     recommend Dr. James Randolph as the next WNCC President.

     In consultation with the Chairman of the Board and the

     Chancellor, Mr. Klaich recommended that the Board of Re-

     gents offer Dr. Randolph $100,000 annual salary, $6000

     automobile allowance, $5000 host account, insurance and

     benefits to include 1/2 retirement funding, and moving

     expenses in accordance with the State of Nevada regulations.

     Mr. Klaich moved approval of the appointment of Dr. James

     R. Randolph as WNCC's 3rd President with the above stated

     terms and conditions.  Mrs. Price seconded.

     Mr. Klaich amended the motion to include a 3-year contract

     be included in the above stated terms and conditions.  Mrs.

     Price seconded.

     Mrs. Sparks expressed her appreciation to the members of

     the Board who took the time to meet with the candidates,

     and thanked Mr. Klaich for his Chairing the Committee and

     the Committee members for their efforts in completing this

     most important assignment.

     Mr. Klaich stated that he was very proud of the way each

     member of the Committee conducted themselves during the

     open search process.  Upon questioning, Mr. Klaich indicated

     that each member of the Institutional Advisory Committee had

     voting rights.  He explained that both the Institutional

     Advisory Committee and the Regents' Committee worked col-

     lectively throughout the process and voted as a single

     body, until the final meeting.  At that time the Institu-

     tional Advisory Committee made its recommendation to the

     Regents' ad hoc Committee, who then made its own recommenda-

     tion which has been forwarded to the full Board of Regents

     at this time.

     Mrs. Price stated that Mr. Klaich performed a fine job as

     Chairman and he made it clear that each member of the Com-

     mittee had a voice in the process.  Mr. Klaich addressed

     all questions that were asked during the search process.

     Chairman Eardley stated that he was proud of everyone in-

     volved in this search process.  The Board of Regents has

     conducted 5 searches this year and it has required much

     dedication and long hours.

     Mr. Graves commended both Mr. Klaich and Mrs. Sparks for

     hosting the candidates.

     Motion carried.

     Chairman Eardley directed Chancellor Jarvis and Mr. Klaich

     to call the candidates to inform them of the appointment.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser

                             Secretary of the Board