UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 2-3, 1906


Volume OC - Pages 421-423

                         Reno, Nevada

                         June 2, 1906

The Board of Regents met at 8 o'clock P.M., Saturday, June 2,

1906, at the Office of the Chairman of the Board, Oscar J.

Smith.  The full Board and President of the University were


The President presented the name of Alice Elena Hardwick, who,

having completed the prescribed work, was recommended by the

faculty to receive a Normal diploma of the grammar grade, which

would entitle her to a State Certificate of the Grammar Grade.

The following claims for the month of May were approved:

    Agricultural & Mechanical College

        May Payroll                            $2098.34

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        3.50

        Sol Levy                                   1.15

        Porteous Decorating Co.                    3.95

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                     7.00

        George J. Young                            6.55

        C. O. D. Wood Yard                        10.96

        J. R. Bradley Co.                          1.70

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              10.50

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              10.00

        Reid's Quick Print Shop                    4.50

        H. S. Crocker Co.                           .90

        Baker & Taylor Co.                         1.85

                                    Total      $2160.88

    Contingent Fund & Interest Account

        May Payroll - Employees                $1322.91

        May Payroll - Students                   252.60

        J. E. Stubbs                             222.72

        Mrs. J. H. Upson                          11.50

        Reno Mercantile Co.                       51.71

        Nevada Power Light & Water Co.            30.80

        Reno Evening Gazette                      17.50

        Barndollar & Durley                       15.10

        Barndollar & Durley                       10.00

        Washoe County Bank                        90.00

        H. S. Starrett                            48.00

        W. W. Booher                              61.40

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                       3.92

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               7.50

        The Cann Drug Co.                         19.70

        Nevada State Journal                       4.00

                                    Total      $2169.36

No other business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at the

call of the Chairman.

                             Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor