UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 2-3, 1897


Volume OC - Pages 135-136

                           Reno, Nevada

                           June 2, 1897

The Board of Regents met at their Office on Wednesday, June 2,

1897 at 10:30 o'clock, A.M., a full Board being present.

The following members of the Honorary Board of Visitors being

present:  Judge C. H. Belknap, F. M. Huffaker, John Wagner,

E. R. Dodge, W. C. Grimes, W. W. Booher and Andrew Mante.

On motion of Regent Deal, seconded by Regent Starrett, the re-

port of President Stubbs as read was adopted and made a part

of the University records.

Regent Deal moved, seconded by Regent Starrett, that a note of

thanks be given to Governor Sadler for meeting with the Board

with information regarding the funds of the University.  The

Governor, Attorney General and the Board of Education be invited

to meet with the Board of Regents to consider the condition of

the funds.

It is ordered that the Professors be required to take an inven-

tory of their respective Laboratories and supplies on hand and

to make reports of same not later than June 15, 1897.

The President and the Faculty recommended that students from the

several Departments be graduated as follows, which upon motion

of Regent Deal was carried:

School of Agriculture

    Robert Mauro Brambila              B. S.

School of Mines

    Martin A. Feeney                   B. S.

    George Russell Bliss               B. S.

    Jerard B. Higgins                  B. S.

    John Newton Evans, Jr.             B. S.

    Edmund Dayton Lachman              B. S.

    John Rollin Magill                 B. S.

School of Liberal Arts

    Jessie Gertrude Bonham             B. A.

    Alice Edmunds                      B. A.

    Amy G. Edmunds                     B. A.

    Victoria J. Godfrey                B. A.

    Catherine Riegelhuth               B. A.

    Harry Start                        B. A.

    Susie M. Tredway                   B. A.

State Normal School, Four Year Course

    Maude Mary Blake

    Hugh Elliot Crutcher

    Margaret V. Donahue

    Anna K. Donahue

    Bessie Flewellen

    Martha Clara Fanning

    Martha Gould

    Rose Gooding

    Pearl Hart

    Lucinda Harper

    Grace T. Herrick

    May E. Marshall

    Elva C. Patterson

    Theresa Peter

    Janette Pearce

    Maril M. Rimckel

    Emily M. Sparks

    Bertha Trombly

    Alice M. Trembath

    Emma K. Wallace

Post Graduates State Normal School, Four Year Course

    Agnes J. Maxwell

    Mary J. Mulcay

State Normal School, Three Year Course

    Frances Allen

    Jessie P. Beck

    Nettie Benson

    Charlotte Crocker

    Cora Mc Farlin

    Mae Stock

    Alice Thompson

    Lillian M. Virgin

Commercial School

    Alton A. Caveman

    William J. Cince

    Phillip Y. Gillson

    Carrie C. Neilson

    Luella Whisler