UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 2-3, 1885


Volume OB - Page 8

                            Court House

                       Reno, Washoe Co., Nev.

                            June 2, 1885

Pursuant to adjournment, the Board of Regents met at the above

named place at noon, June 2, 1885.  Present:  J. H. Rand, L. W.

Getchell and H. G. Shaw.

The Board of Commissioners of Washoe County informed the Regents

they were ready to pay over the sum of Five Thousand ($5,000)

Dollars, as provided by law.

Proposals were received from the following persons for the sale

of lands for a University tract.

      Newton Evans      10 acres                  1250.00

      A. J. Hatch       18 to 20 acres with

                        orchard improvements      5000.00

      Hascall           40 acres -- no guarantee

                        as to water                800.00

      Newton Evans      40 acres west of Hascall's

                        land                       600.00

      Alvaro Evans      10 acres                  1000.00

      Lee               10 acres                  1000.00

For the purpose of viewing the various sites the Board adjourned

for one week.

                             J. H. Rand


H. G. Shaw

Secretary, Pro Tem