UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 1-2, 1905


Volume OC - Pages 373-374

Reno, Nevada

June 1, 1905

Board of Regents met at the Office of Mr. Oscar J. Smith at

4:30 P.M., Thursday, June 1, 1905, full Board being present.

Also, the President of the University.

On motion of W. W. Booher, seconded by H. S. Starrett, the

Chairman of the Board was authorized to advertise for bids for

the erection of the Dining Hall building and porches around

Manzanita Hall as soon as changes in the plans were completed

by the architects, said bids to be opened on Saturday, June 17,

1905 at 9 o'clock A.M.

The Chairman of the Board was authorized to advertise for 100

tons Rock Springs coal, 75 cords 4-foot split Pine wood and 60

cords 4-foot split Pine slabs, all to be delivered on University

grounds on or before December 1, 1905.

On motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, Mr. N.

W. Roff, Mr. Sol Hilp and Mr. W. L. Cox were appointed as audi-

tors to examine the books and accounts of the Experiment Station

for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905.

No further business, the Board adjourned to meet at the Office

of Regent Oscar J. Smith on Saturday, June 17, 1905, at 9 o'clock


Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor