UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 1-2, 1900


Volume OC - Pages 195-197

                         Reno, Nevada

                         June 1, 1900

The Board of Regents met at 9:15 A.M. Friday, June 1, 1900,

Regents Evans and Starrett present; Regent Deal absent.

Bids for the erection and completion of a residence for the Pres-

ident of the University was opened at 9:30 A.M. Friday, June 1,

1900 as follows:

                                    Reno, June 1st, 1900

    To the Board of Regents,

    State University:

    Will construct President's cottage, furnish all labor and

    materials as per plans and specifications all complete for

    $6433.00, or leaving out plumbing for $5663.00.

    Certified check on Washoe County Bank for $500.00 herewith.

                                    C. E. Clough

    To the Hon. the Regents of the

    Nevada State University


    I will build the President's residence according to the plans

    and specifications, do all the labor and furnish all materi-

    al, with the following changes:  I will substitute Nevada

    Pine for Oregon Pine, and will leave out the tank in the

    attic, for the sum of Six Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty


    Certified check on the Bank of Nevada for $500.00 herewith.

                                    Geo. E. Holesworth

                                    Contractor & Builder

                                    Reno, Nevada, June 1, 1900

    To the Board of Regents of the

    State University of Nevada


    We, the undersigned, do hereby agree to build President's

    residence on University grounds according to plans and speci-

    fications furnished for same.  Complete with plumbing for the

    sum of Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-One dollars

    ($6931.00).  Without plumbing for the sum of Six Thousand

    One Hundred and Sixty-One dollars ($6161.00).

    Enclosed find certified check on Bank of Nevada, payable to

    your order.

                                    A & J Paterson

                                    Reno, Nevada

                                    Andrew Paterson

                                    James Paterson

                                    Reno, Nevada, June 1, 1900

    The Hon. Board of Regents of the

    Nevada State University


    The undersigned hereby propose to construct, build and com-

    plete the frame residence for the President of the University

    in compliance with the terms of the advertisement, copy here-

    with attached and to furnish all the labor and materials re-

    quired in the construction and completion of said frame resi-

    dence in strict accordance with the drawings and specifica-

    tions furnished therefore by the Regents of the University.

    For Sixty-Nine Hundred and Forty dollars ($6940.00).  In-

    closed find certified check for $500.00 on Washoe County

    Bank, dated May 31st, 1900.

    This bid includes plumbing and gas fitting.

                                    Caine & Schadler

IN AS MUCH as C. E. Clough is the lowest bidder and further IN AS

MUCH as the paragraph on page 5 of specifications, provides that

the architect reserve the right to make any alterations in the

plans, whether they are additions or omissions giving to the

contractor an order in writing for the same, and the contract

shall not be viciated by such changes, but a fair addition or

deduction is to be made to the contractor according as such al-

terations increase or diminish to value of the work.

THEREFORE be it RESOLVED that the contract be awarded for the

building and completion of the President's residence according

to the plans and specifications to C. E. Clough, subject to such

changes and modifications as will bring the cost of the building

within the amount at the command of the Board.