UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
June 1-2, 1889


Volume OB - Page 80

                        June 1, 1889

The Board met this day.  Present:  Regents E. T. George and

H. L. Fish.

Minutes of meetings held May 3 & 4 read and and approved.

Upon motion the following claims were approved:

            Le Roy D. Brown       Saly.     291.66

            H. K. Clapp                     166.66

            W. Mc N. Miller                 166.66

            R. D. Jackson                   150.00

            K. N. T. Kupper                 154.16

            A. C. Ducat, Jr.                 50.00

            Wm. B. Daugherty                 75.00

            Geo. H. Taylor                   25.00

            S. G. Kendall                    75.00

            L. D. Brown, Freight             44.84

            Reno Gazette, Printing and Adv.   8.00

            Maverick & Wissinger             60.00

            H. S. Crocker & Co.               2.00

            C. C. Powning                    15.00

            Reno Water Co, Mch, Apr, & May   50.00

            Nasby's Bazaar, Sty               4.25

            Mrs. Belle Kendall, Incidentals   4.50

                      Total                1342.73

Mrs. Kate N. T. Kupper was granted a leave of absence from the

closing of the present term until the opening of the Fall term

of 1889.

Plans for new brick building of M. J. Curtis & Geo. E. Holesworth

of Reno and W. W. Goodrich of Oakland Cal. were laid over for

for further consideration.

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George

                             H. L. Fish

                             Regents of the University of Nevada

Geo. H. Taylor