UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 31, 1898


Volume OC - Pages 160-162

                           Reno, Nevada

                           May 31, 1898

The Board of Regents met at their Office at 10 o'clock A.M.,

Wednesday, May 31, 1898.  Present:  W. E. F. Deal, J. N. Evans

and H. S. Starrett, also the following members of the Honorary

Board of Visitors:  Justice Belknap, E. R. Dodge, W. C. Grimes,

W. W. Booher, F. M. Huffaker.

President Stubbs requested that he take up his report before

proceeding with the regular order of business, which was granted.

Regent Deal offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

    WHEREAS, it has been represented to the Board of Regents by

    the President of the University and the Secretary of the

    Board that the current expenses payable out of the Contingent

    Fund, including the salaries of employees payable from said

    Fund, can be fully met with the money in said Fund until the

    first day of January, 1899, without reducing the salaries of

    said employees as directed at the last meeting of the Board;

    RESOLVED, that the action of the Board taken at the last

    meeting, reducing the salaries of said employees be and the

    same is hereby rescinded.

Minutes of April 8 and 27 were read and approved.

The President and the Faculty recommended that students from the

several Departments be graduated as follows, which was ordered.

    School of Liberal Arts

        Samuel Bradford Doten

        Dennis Maxwell Duffy

        Leonard Greeley Ede

        Loretta Ruth Hickey

        Helen Keddie

        Ellen Rosa Lemens

        Rosalia Murphy

        Sadie Phillips

        Maud Vera Pruetto

        John Jerome Sullivan

        John Sunderland, Jr.

        Katherine Sunderland

        Maud Thompson

        Guy Webster Waltz

    School of Mines, Bachelor of Science

        Wilbur Seymour Everett

        John Allen Fulton

        Fred Morgan Linscott

        William John Luke, Jr.

        Donald Robertson Sinlayson

        John Wesley Thompson

    School of Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science

        Philip Enoch Emery

making 21 from the University.

    State Normal School, Four Year Course

        Alice E. Breuner

        Annie E. Barclay

        Lucy Mae Grimes

        Louise M. Hinch

        May Frances Hogan

        Isabel M. Kelley

        Minnie M. Lannsburg

        Emma Nevada Marx

        Nellie B. Robbins

        Edna Robeson

        Sarah Ryan

        Jean Louise Sweetman

        Annie Theelan

        Minnie S. Wolfo

    State Normal School, Grammar Grade Certificates

        Thomas Pollok Brown

        Clara C. Choate

        Lulu Olivia Culp

        Marie Delaney

        Edith Nevada La Valliene

        Sadie Mitchell

        Florence Tannahill

The following resolution was adopted:

    WHEREAS, the citizens of Reno by the hand of their committee,

    Dr. W. H. Patterson and Judge A. E. Cheney, have given to the

    State University a flag staff and three National flags in

    recognition of the State University;

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Regents of the University

    gratefully acknowledge the generous public spirit of the

    citizens of Reno, cordially accept their noble gift and here-

    with direct that, during the University year, the flag shall

    be hoisted each and every day when the University is open,

    and on National and State holidays (Sundays excepted).

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

                             J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor