UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 28-29, 1906


Volume OC - Pages 416-419

Reno, Nevada

May 28, 1906

The Board of Regents met at 10 A.M., Monday, May 28, 1906. The

full Board and President of the University were present.

The minutes of April 17 were read and approved.

The President of the University submitted a detailed report of

his recent trip to New York, which covered the time from Thurs-

day, May 3, to Tuesday, May 22, inclusive. The President had

several interviews with Mr. Clarence H. Mackay while in New York

and reported Mr. Mackay's proposal to give to the Mining School

a building costing about Fifty Thousand dollars. This building

is to be erected upon the College grounds by Mr. Mackay and

presented to the Board of Regents of the University. The plans

are to be drawn up by Mc Kim, Meade and White upon suggestions

submitted by the Mining and Geological Departments of the Uni-


The President further reported it to be the purpose of Mr. F.

M. Smith to give the University One Thousand dollars a year

to be divided into five scholarships or ten half-scholarships

to deserving students in the School of Mining Engineering. These

scholarships may be given to any member of the four classes or to

any person who is doing post-graduate work for one year after


Upon recommendation of the faculty, the President reported the

following persons upon whom the Regents should confer the de-

grees attached to their names:


The School of Liberal Arts, with the degree of

Bachelor of Arts

Mary Arms

Helen Elizabeth Cazier

Alma Goble

Alfred Street Hamlin

Beulah Hershiser

Bertha Catherine Knemeyer

Ethel Louise Marzen

Alice Henrietta Maxwell

Ada Eliza Morse

Hariet Irene Peterson

Alwine Emma Sielaff

Sadie Jeanette Weeks

The above students of the School of Liberal Arts, having complet-

ed the prescribed course in Pedagogy were recommended for Normal

diplomas of the High School grade which would entitle them to

State High School Certificates, also.

The School of General Science, with the degree of

Bachelor of Science

Laura Mc Dermott

The above student of the School of General Science, having com-

pleted the prescribed course in Pedagogy, was recommended for a

Normal diploma of the High School grade, which would entitle

her to a State High School Certificate.


The School of Mining Engineering, with the degree of

Bachelor of Science

Frank Drake

Gustav Everett Hofmann

Curry Jameson

William James O'Brien

Daniel Halliday Updike

The School of Mechanical Engineering, with the degree of

Bachelor of Science

Henry Hallowell Cazier

John Albert Smiley

The School of Civil Engineering, with the degree of

Bachelor of Science

Harry Lawrence Jones

Bonnifield Gerald Mc Bride


The following students of the State Normal School were recommend-

ed for graduation and to receive Grammar Grade diplomas which

would entitle them to State Certificates of the Grammar Grade.

Katherine Louise Dewar

Vernie Evelyn Jones

Sylvania Irene Mayhugh

Bertha Levada Peck

Annie Marie Reghini

Ruby Williams

Frances Esther Wickham

The Board approved the recommendations and unanimously voted

that the degrees and diplomas be given to the above students.

The President informed the Board that Mr. William S. Richardson

of the Office of Mc Kim, Meade and White had arrived this morn-

ing at the request of Mr. Mackay for the purpose of considering

the location of the building to be erected by Mr. Mackay for the

School of Mines. Upon the invitation of the Board, Mr. Richard-

son met with them and discussed quite fully the erection of the

building. He said that his conclusion was that the best place

for the building would be at the north end of the quadrangle.

Upon motion, the views of Mr. Richardson were adopted by the


No other business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet upon

Thursday morning, May 31, at 8:30 o'clock.

Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor