UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 28-29, 1867


Volume OA - Page 9

                    Executive Department

                    Carson City, Nevada

                       May 28, 1867

The Board of Regents met at the Office of the Governor pursuant

to adjournment.  Present:  H. G. Blasdel, President, C. N.

Noteware and A. N. Fisher, Secretary.

A. N. Fisher, as per appointment at the last session of the

Board, reported blank forms for Land Warrants and Patents Pending

consideration of which he, as Secretary of the Board, was in-

structed to submit the following questions to the Attorney

General for his opinion.

    1.  Under the Act concerning Selection and Sale of Lands,

        approved April 2, 1867, can Floating Land Warrants be

        located on UNSELECTED lands?

    2.  Does said Act provide that all unoccupied lands, when

        selected by the State, shall be exposed for sale, 90

        days before Land Warrants can be located thereon?

    3.  Is it the duty of the Board of Regents to fix the price

        per acre of lands to be sold under the Act?

    4.  Is it the duty of said Board to determine the price of

        lands to be located by Land Warrants?

Adjournment at call of the Chair.

                             H. G. Blasdel


A. N. Fisher