UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

May 27-28, 1937 

Volume 5 - Page 191

                         May 27, 1937

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in a special
called session this morning.  Present:  Mr. Ross and Judge Brown.

The Committee met to consider the matter of the roofs, which was
referred to it with power to act, at the meeting of the Board of
Regents held on May 8, 1937.  After consideration it was resolved
that the bids for the A. E. Kibble Roofing Company of 923 W. 3rd
Street, Reno, for the roofing of the Education building for a
price of $3,955 and for the roofing of the Agricultural building
for a price of $5,653, be accepted and that contract be entered
into upon the specifications prepared by Architect Fred De Long-
champs, the contract to be signed for the University by the
Chairman of the Board of Regents.

It was also voted that the President and Comptroller get figures
with reference to flashing the roof of Mackay Science Hall and
with reference to gutters for the Mackay School of Mines.

    Signatures of members present:   _______________________
                                     S. E. Ross

                                     George S. Brown

    I hereby approve the above action:
                                     George Wingfield