UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

May 26-27, 1948 

Volume 6 - Pages 66-68

                        May 26, 1948

The Executive Committee of the Board met in the President's of-
fice on May 26, 1948.  Present:  Regents Henningsen, Hilliard,
Ross; Comptroller Gorman and President Moseley.

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 A.M. by Chairman Ross,
who stated that the meeting was called primarily to act upon the
motion taken at the last regular meeting of the Board (January
24, 1948) concerning outside employment of faculty members.

President Moseley read the existing rule as it appears in the
Rules and Regulations for the Information and Guidance of the
University of Nevada Faculty, as follows:

                   XIV.  OUTSIDE SERVICE

    No full-time member of the instructional force of the
    University shall, during the University session, be
    employed in any outside work for which added compensation
    will be accepted, except with the approval of the Presi-
    dent of the University and the Board of Regents.

Professors Smith and Plumley, together with Denver Dickerson,
Executive Director of the Nevada Employment Security Department,
appeared before the Regents at 10:30 A.M.  Mr. Dickerson told
of the efficient work done by Mr. Smith and Mr. Plumley and of
their value to their respective services.  Both are paid for
their outside work by federal funds.  It was the desire of all 3
that permission be granted to Professors Smith and Plumley to
continue with their present outside employment.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Executive
Committee recommend to the Board of Regents that Section IV of
the Rules and Regulations for the Information and Guidance of
the University of Nevada Faculty be superseded by the following:

    The University of Nevada is a State-supported institution
    whose prime function is to serve the people of the State
    through teaching, research and extension.  While the Uni-
    versity places primary emphasis on teaching duties, it also
    encourages its staff members in research and other activi-
    ties which increase their academic competence.  It is
    recognized that the faculty member's regular duties may
    include, in addition to teaching and research, committee
    assignments, administrative responsibilities, extension
    work, correspondence teaching and other non-classroom

    These duties to the University are the first obligation of
    the faculty member; however, full-time regular members of
    the faculty may render scholarly and professional services
    for compensation under the following terms and conditions:

        1.  The work must add to the prestige of the University
            and to the professional and teaching competence of
            the faculty member.

        2.  Such outside employment shall not interfere with the
            specified regular University duties and the effective
            service of the staff member.  A project which would
            interfere with a staff member's regular College
            duties may be handled on a "leave-of-absence" or pro
            rata basis.

        3.  During the session (or sessions) of his obligated
            service to the University, no full-time member of the
            staff shall accept regular full-time employment out-
            side the University.

        4.  Outside service or consulting must not be solicited.

        5.  The University assumes no responsibility for outside
            service or consulting.

        6.  No member of the University staff may be employed by
            a private concern or individual to give expert testi-
            mony in a law suit.

        7.  If College facilities are used, the fees for their
            use accrue to the University and must be fixed by
            the Department Chairman and the President at the
            time approval is given.

        8.  Requests to perform compensated services must be
            submitted for approval to the Chairman of the De-
            partment, who shall report his decisions for review
            to the Dean of his College and the President.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Executive Com-
mittee recommend to the Board of Regents that, in conformity with
the above regulation, Professors Smith and Plumley be permitted
to continue their ouside employment as at present constituted, at
the same rate of University pay which they are now receiving, i.
e., C. C. Smith, $4200; Alden Plumley, $3540 per year, and that
since the amount they received from the University is not equal
to that which they would receive if not employed outside, that
they be considered to be on a pro rata basis.

At 11 A.M. Dean Mobley, together with the following students, ap-
peared before the Regents:

    Miss Roberta Butler, retiring President of Artemisia-
        Manzanita Association
    Miss Mary Zorzakus, President of Manzanita Hall
    Miss Marjorie Friend, President of Artemisia Hall
    Miss Genevieve Swick, retiring House Manager for
        Artemisia Hall

Each student, in turn, told of the unsatisfactory manner in which
each of the Dormitory Hostesses is performing her duties, with
the result that the students and the Hostesses are not able to
work out, in cooperation, any program, any rules, or any personal
counseling.  Request was made that the Regents look into the
matter and consider replacing both Hostesses with the Fall semes-
ter.  Dean Mobley backed up the girls' statements of inefficiency
on the part of the Hostesses.

At 11:45 P.M. Dean Mobley, Dean Griffin and the President of each
sorority, fraternity and Dormitory on the Campus appeared before
the Regents for the purpose of discussing the problem of exces-
sive drinking by students, both on and off Campus.

Dr. Griffin opened the discussion by stating the purpose of the
meeting, and also calling attention to the fact that the discus-
sion is aimed at no individual or organization in particular.
Dr. Griffin cited specific instances of excessive drinking by
University students.

Each student present was given an opportunity to speak, and gen-
eral cooperation by the students was indicated.  Newly-elected
Student Body President, Rex Jamison, offered a proposal that the
students be given one semester to try to improve the situation
solely through student government.

President Moseley stated that these present steps are being taken
1st, to protect younger members of the Student Body, and, 2nd, to
protect the good name of the University.

Dean Mobley pointed out that laxness in fraternities and sorori-
ties is causing difficulties with their national councils.  She
suggested that they examine their own constitutions and bylaws;
that the various student organizations consider carefully the
rules being offered by the Administration which are designed to
help organization heads enforce existing rules of their own or-

Tenure Rule - President Moseley stated that, at his request, the
Advisory Council of the University had done some research on the
matter of tenure and had sent questionnaires to a dozen or more
Colleges and Universities.  He presented for consideration amend-
ments to the tenure rules as adopted by the Board at its meeting
on January 24, 1948, making them read as follows:

    1)  Full time Instructors are appointed annually and each
        year must be reappointed.  No person can hold the
        position of full time Instructor for a period longer
        than 3 years.  At the end of 3 years service, an In-
        structor will not be reappointed in this grade.

    2)  The initial appointment of an Assistant Professor is
        to be for 1 year, at the end of which he is eligible
        for reappointment in this grade for a 2-year term.
        Upon successful completion of 3 years in this grade,
        no further reappointment is necessary; and his employ-
        ment shall continue under tenure.

    3)  Associate Professors and Professors shall be appointed
        initially for 1 year and upon their reappointment in
        the same or higher rank, their employment shall continue
        under tenure.

    4)  Assistants, part-time Instructors, Investigators and
        Lecturers shall be appointed for a period not exceeding
        1 year and must be reappointed at the expiration of
        each period for which they are appointed.

    5)  A staff member under tenure shall be removed only for
        cause and after a hearing before the Board of Regents.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the Executive
Committee recommend these changes to the Board of Regents.

This meeting adjourned at 2 P.M.