UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 25-26, 1911

Volume OD - Pages 280-283

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 25, 1911

The Board of Regents met at their Office, May 25th, 1911 at 7:15
P.M.  Present:  Regents O'Brien, Codd and Reid.  Absent:  Regents
Henderson and Williams.

The following letter was read:

                                     Carson City, Nevada
                                     May 22, 1911

Hon. J. E. Stubbs
President, University of Nevada
Reno, Nevada

My Dear Mr. Stubbs:

Pursuant to our understanding, relative to asking the Governor to
appoint the majority of the Agricultural Society Board who will
be favorable to our idea as to how that land should be turned
over to the State for the benefit of the University, confiden-
tially, I would be pleased to have you designate the names of
8 persons whom you believe you can count on to do as we desire
in having this land turned over to the State for the purpose
for which we desire it for the University.  Upon receipt of the
names I will take them up with the Governor, and endeavor to
have the appointments made forthwith.

With kindest personal regards to yourself and Mrs. Stubbs, and
thanking you both for the many courtesies extended to Mrs.
Sweeney and I during Commencement Week, in Reno, I remain as

                             Yours very sincerely,

                         /s/ James G. Sweeney


Moved by Reid and seconded by O'Brien that we cooperate with Dr.
Stubbs in naming men for the Agricultural Society so that the
Fair Grounds be turned over to the University.  Passed.

Moved by Reid, seconded by O'Brien, that in line with suggestions
in a letter to Judge Mack that the Regents authorize President
Stubbs to negotiate with Judge Mack to try to have the Supreme
Lodge of Odd Fellows waive all claim to the Estate of Hartung,
and that for this service we pay him (Mack) $250.

Moved by Reid, seconded by O'Brien, that the contract for rewir-
ing Lincoln Hall be given to Raymond Spencer; same to be done
under the inspection of the City Electrician; the cost not to
exceed $425 and purchase to be made in Nevada.

Moved by Reid, seconded by O'Brien, that in compliance with the
recommendation of President Stubbs his action with Lewers and
Henderson be approved, with regard to asking for an opinion of
Section 18 in the Weights and Measures Law.

Moved by Reid, seconded by O'Brien, that all items of electrical
apparatus recommended by Professor Scrugham be purchased as
follows, except the water boiler:

           Awards of Apparatus for Engineering Building

1-Crude Oil "Neher" Gas Generator                        $ 221.75

    To Fairbanks, Morse & Co.  FOB Reno

The Gas Engine, Dynamo and Equipment offered by the Tonopah
Mining Co. proved unsatisfactory on inspection and with the
consent of the President and Regents this award was made as

1-3 cyl. 30 H. P. Gas Engine FOB San Francisco           $1100.00

    To Standard Gas Engine Co.

1-20 K. W. Dynamo with necessary switches, board, instru-
ments, plugs and equipment.  FOB Schnectady, New York    $ 550.00

    To General Electric Co.
    The freight on above will amount to about $150.00.

1 - Foundary equipment for shot.  FOB Chicago            $ 290.00

    To Trent Engineering Co.

Electrical Measuring Instruments                         $ 360.00

    To Western Electrical Instrument Co., San Francisco

Electrical Measuring Instruments                         $ 115.00
Tachometer                                                  33.00
FOB Philadelphia, Pa.
Steam Engine - Centrifugal Pump outfit                     450.00
Nozzles about $15.00 extra.  FOB Trenton, New Jersey

    To De Laval Steam Turbine Co.

Gas Engine and Air Compressor Indicators and complete
Gas Testing outfit.  FOB Reno.                           $ 363.00

    To Sargent Meter Co. and Ashcroft Mfg. Co.

1 experimental superheater.  FOB Erie City               $ 250.00

    To Power Speciality Co., San Francisco

1 water Tube Boiler.  Bids were as follows:

    Geary Boiler, Trent Engineering Co.          $1600
    Erie City Boiler, Power Speciality Co.        1766
    B & W Boiler, Babcock Wilcox Co.              1889

All complete with stack, furnaces, etc.  FOB Reno.  Award
postponed until June 2, 1911.

The brick setting of the boiler will be included in the building

Motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, that proposed plan
of the architect for the Electrical building shall show Electri-
cal Laboratory floor on same level with other rooms on that
floor.  Carried.

Motion of Mr. O'Brien, seconded by Dr. Reid, that a committee be
appointed to select a man to superintend the erection of the
Electrical building.

No further business, the meeting adjourned until Friday, June 2,
1911, at 7:30 P.M.

                             A. A. Codd

Geo. H. Taylor