UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 24-25, 1910

Volume OD - Pages 188-192

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 24, 1910

The Regents met at their Office at 10 o'clock A.M., Tuesday,
May 24, 1910.  Present:  Regents Sunderland, Codd, Sullivan,
Williams, and President Stubbs.  Absent:  Regent Henderson.

President Stubbs recommended the following students for gradua-

    School of Mines

        Clayton Alfred Bennett
        William Henry Goldsworthy
        Dudley Denison Homer
        Clyde Stuart Mc Kenzie

    School of Mechanical Engineering

        Donald Miller Bird
        George L. Curnow
        Ernest Deal Mack

    School of Civil Engineering

        James Archibald Miller
        Nicholas Louis Rossi

    School of Liberal Arts

        Lydia Elizabeth Colyer
        Irene Maude Conkey
        Helen Fulton
        Lulu Belle Hurley
        Hazel Pearl Larcombe
        Irene Myrtle Mack
        Alice Woodward O'Brien
        Audrey Winifred Ohmert
        Frances Dorothy Parker
        Maude Amanda Sawin
        Shigeyasu Yamauchi

    School of General Science

        Margaret Elizabeth Mack

    State Normal School - Advanced Course

        Irene Maude Conkey
        Lulu Belle Hurley
        Hazel Pearl Larcombe
        Irene Myrtle Mack
        Margaret Elizabeth Mack
        Audrey Winifred Ohmert
        Alice Woodward O'Brien
        Maude Amanda Sawin

    State Normal School - Elementary Course

        Bertha Esther Cliff
        Helen Margaret Hanley
        Gussie May Kaiser
        Margaret Elsie Monahan
        Alma Berenice Vaillencour

The Regents unanimously recommended the granting of diplomas to
the above candidates for graduation, upon motion of Codd, second-
ed by Sullivan.

The President submitted the following list of students to the
Regents for their approval to receive the scholarships set op-
posite their respective names:

    1.  A gold medal to be given to each Miss Audrey Ohmert and
        Miss Dorothy Parker, as Seniors making the highest aver-
        age grade for the College Course.

    2.  Daniel E. Bruce, to receive the F. O. Norton Scholarship
        of $50 to the most deserving student in the School of

    3.  Cecil W. Creel and Rowena A. Glass, each to receive a
        scholarship of $50, from a friend of the University, to
        any student, or students, except in the School of Mines,
        who may not have shown the best grades, but may have
        made the most progress within the year.

    4.  Miss Pearl Duncan, to receive the President's Scholarship
        of $50 for the most deserving student in the State Normal

    5.  W. W. Anderson, Regents' Scholarship of $50; Ethel R.
        Thompson, Regents' Scholarship of $50; Frank Hobbins,
        Regents' Scholarship of $25; to go to students in any
        Department of the University who have given evidence of
        possessing qualities which go to making successful young
        men or young women.

    6.  Lydia E. Colyer and Shigeyasu Yamauchi, each to receive a
        Philo C. Bennett Prize of $50 for the best essays on the
        principles of free government.

    7.  Carrie E. Linsen, to receive the University Scholarship
        of $50 to the most deserving student in the University
        High School.

The Regents approved the list as submitted, upon motion of Dr.
Sullivan, seconded by Regent Codd.

The Regents approved the following prizes, given on Saturday,
May 21, 1910, in the School of Domestic Science:

    $10 by Mrs. T. R. Cheatham, for the best loaf of bread, to
    Miss Grace Harris.

    $7.50 by Mrs. E. Whitney Martin, for the most deserving
    student, to Miss Edith Linsea.

    $5 by Mrs. J. E. Stubbs, for the second best loaf of bread,
    to Miss Edna Mc Nett.

    $2.50 by Mrs. E. L. Williams, for the third best loaf of
    bread, to Miss Julia Boulanger.

Claims were allowed upon the several funds as follows:

    State Funds

        Washoe County Bank                     $  29.50
        Bank of Nevada                            18.02
        Reno Power Light & Water Company         332.70
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          75.00
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          75.00
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          75.00
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          66.70
        Reno Power Light & Water Company           3.00
        Reno Power Light & Water Company           3.00
        Reno Power Light & Water Company           3.10
        Reno Power Light & Water Company         127.35
        Reno Power Light & Water Company           3.00
        Nevada Mission M. E. Church               10.00
        Western Union                              6.30
        Pacific Telephone Company                 30.50
        Nevada State Journal                       4.75
        Postal Telegraph Company                  12.69
        Mott Stationery Company                    8.15
        H. S. Crocker                             13.80
        Cann Drug Company                         10.80
        Robert Appleton                            6.00
        Smithsonian Institution                    3.55
        N. Y. Botanical Gardens                    1.50
        G. E. Stechert & Company                  45.41
        G. E. Stechert & Company                   2.36
        Mc Graw Hill Co.                           1.00
        Bennett's Magazine Agency                 45.64
        Boston Book Company                       14.35
        A. H. Scott                                2.00
        F. A. Brockhaus                          900.00
        A. C. Mc Clury                           149.90
        A. C. Mc Clury                           305.38
        A. C. Mc Clury                           443.33
        A. C. Mc Clury                           267.25
        A. C. Mc Clury                           277.09
        A. C. Mc Clury                            61.24
        Chr. Herm. Tauchnitz                     107.15
        Geo. W. Houghton                          38.50
        International Who's Who Company            5.00
        Chivers Book Binding Company               4.56
        American Forestry Association              4.00
        Doubleday, Page & Company                  2.00
        American Institute Mining Engineers       10.00
        Lemcke & Beuchner                         18.59
        W. L. Jepson                               1.75
        University of Chicago Press               57.60
        B. Login & Sons                           88.89
        White Co.                                  3.00
        W. B. Mack                                 6.80
        Raymond Spencer                            2.60
        Troy Laundry Company                       4.55
        Reno Ice Delivery                          6.25
        Ernest Leitz                             139.72
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          26.39
        Dalton, Clifford & Wilson                  1.50
        Bausch & Lomb Optical Company             26.70
        Mott Stationery Company                    1.60
        Reno Electrical Works                      2.10
        Union Paper Company                       21.20
        F. E. Clock                                3.50
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company           2.98
        W. S. T. Smith                            77.10
        H. W. Hill                                48.35
        Reno Mercantile Company                   16.15
        Self & Sellman                             7.50
        Beebe & Wagner                             6.90
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          27.72
        Reno Mercantile Company                   14.25
        Beebe & Wagner                           125.00
        Reno Printing Company                      1.00
        Bausch & Lomb Optical Company             17.30
        Mott's Stationery Company                  1.00
        Alberene Stone Company                    37.00
        Dalton, Clifford & Wilson                 31.50
        Emil Greiner Company                       6.50
        S. C. Dinsmore                            98.15
        Regents of University of Nevada         1500.00
        Payroll for May                      (not given)

    A & M Fund

        Morton & Kleppe                        $   2.65
        Sol Levy                                   2.70
        Porteous Decorating Company                1.00
        Union Lumber Company                       8.56
        Reno Machine Works                        10.25
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          38.30
        J. R. Bradley                              5.04
        O. J. Sholl                                3.00
        Union Lumber Company                      39.18
        Bausch & Lomb Optical Company              6.75
        Porteous Decorating Company                1.00
        W. and L. E. Gurley                       27.00
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                       2.28
        M. C. Lilley & Company                     6.50
        Self & Sellman                             4.60
        Reno Mercantile Company                    3.75
        Central Scientific Company               175.20
        General Electric Company                   4.70
        Nevada Engineering Works                  40.35
        Reno Mill & Lumber Company                21.05
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company           2.80
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company           1.10
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          51.69
        Reno Mercantile Company                    7.10
        Department Agriculture & Animal Husbandry  2.35
        Reno Ice Delivery                          3.45
        Reno Mercantile Company                    1.35
        Reno Mercantile Company                    6.90
        Kindel & Stoessel                         21.85
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          15.45
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          14.40
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          10.40
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          60.35
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          20.00
        Reno Power Light & Water Company          17.60
        Reno Power Light & Water Company           3.60
        George H. Taylor                           9.25
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          29.56
        Payroll for May                      (not given)

There being no further business, the Board adjourned.

                             John Sunderland

Geo. H. Taylor