UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 22-23, 1953

Volume 6 - Pages 419-420

May 22, 1953

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Presi-
dent's office at 10 A.M. on Friday, May 22, 1953. Present: Re-
gents Ross, Lombardi, Hardy; Comptroller Hayden.

Remodeling of Lincoln Hall

Mr. Hayden presented the recommendation of architect Mills
and himself that the bid for completion of Lincoln Hall be
awarded to Mr. R. E. Hansen, in the amount of $47,175.20.
Mr. Hayden explained, in making the recommendation, that
the alternates were included so that the University could
have tailored the work to fit the money available if the
bid had been in excess of the $75,000.

Mr. Hayden discussed the following matters:

(1) That he would like $15,000 reserved from Buildings and
Grounds Funds for rerouting power and sewer lines, etc.,
preparatory to building the Student Union building.

(2) That there is at the present time $22,000 unallocated
in the fund for remodeling Lincoln Hall. He suggested
using the money for repair or reconstruction of the
toilets and toilet rooms on the 3 floors of Lincoln

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the bid of Mr.
R. E. Hansen in the amount of $47,175.20 be accepted, in-
cluding all the alternates, except No. 5.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the archi-
tect be instructed to meet with Mr. Horn and to work out
with him plans for remodeling the toilet rooms in Lincoln
Hall, and that the Comptroller be authorized to proceed with
the gutting of the walls, preparatory to remodeling the
toilet units.

Alternate No. 5, Mr. Hayden explained, was to cover instal-
lation of a fire alarm system in Lincoln Hall. Mr. Mills
discussed the 3 types of fire alarm systems suitable for
Lincoln Hall. It was unanimously agreed that the decision
be deferred until the next meeting of the Board of Regents.
At that time, Mr. Mills will have information on the fire
alarm systems, and their costs, which will be presented to
the Board of Regents.

Heating Plant Unit

Comptroller Hayden had reported that the Heating Plant work
in the Manzanita-Artemisia-Dining Hall area was now complet-

Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the Heating
Plant will be accepted, but added that none of the Regents
had examined it personally, and that it is being accepted
upon recommendation of Architect Mills and Mr. Horn.

Lincoln Hall

The Comptroller had reported that the work in remodeling
Lincoln Hall so far as contracts have been let, has now
been completed by unanimous agreement, the Lincoln Hall
project, as far as completed at this time, was accepted.

Honorary Degrees

Upon motion of Mr. Hardy, it was unanimously agreed that
the following honorary degrees be offered to the following
individuals for the coming Commencement.

Howard P. Eells, Jr. - LL. D.
Louis D. Gordon - Honorary M. S. in Mining Engineering

The meeting adjourned at 11 A.M.