UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 21-22, 1910

Volume OD - Pages 186-187

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 21, 1910

The Board of Regents met at its Office at 2 o'clock P.M., May
21, 1910.  Present, Regents Sunderland, Henderson, Sullivan,
Williams and Codd, and President Stubbs.  The meeting was called
to order by Chairman Sunderland.  Secretary Taylor being absent,
Regent Codd was elected temporary Secretary for the meeting.

President Stubbs brought before the Board the matter of a horse
dying after a trip made by Professor Hartman and Principal Howard
of Elko while on a trip of inspection for the University, Profes-
sor Hartman being one of the Committee on Accrediting Schools,
and going from Elko to Lamoille.  Thompson and Smiley, the Livery
Company, say they will sue the University to recover $150, their
value on the horse.  The Regents feel that the drivers of the
horse are not at fault, and that we cannot be held responsible,
and the President is instructed to employ E. E. Caine, an attor-
ney of Elko, to fight the case, he to be paid out of University
funds.  Moved by Williams, seconded by Henderson, and carried.

It was moved by Williams, seconded by Henderson, that the follow-
ing resolution be adopted.  The motion was carried.


    We, the Regents of the University of Nevada, believing that
    the establishing of a Young Men's Christian Association in
    Reno is of the highest value to the University, and should
    receive the encouragement and aid of every member of the
    University, therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, that we cordially commend the effort to raise
    $75,000 or $100,000 for the purpose of putting up a good
    building which shall include all of the advantages of the
    usual Young Men's Christian Association building, and that
    we further commend this enterprise to all who are connected
    in any way with the University for their encouragement and

It was moved by Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Sullivan,
that the Register of April 1, 1910 -- the 22nd annual number --
be adopted.  Carried.

It was moved by Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent Williams,
that the resignation of Professor Thurtell, as set forth in the
report of the President, April 1st, be accepted to take effect
June 30, 1910.  Carried.

It was moved by Regent Williams, seconded by Regent Sullivan,
that the recommendations of President Stubbs in his report of
April 1st with regard to the promotions of Jay Carpenter, J.
Claude Jones and Charles S. Knight be accepted upon his recom-
mendation.  Carried.

It was moved by Regent Sullivan, seconded by Regent Henderson,
that Dr. Charles Haseman be made a Professor of Mathematics and
Mechanics, Vice Professor Thurtell, resigned, at a salary of
$2200 per year, beginning August 1, 1910.  Carried.

Adjourned, to meet Tuesday at 10 A.M.

                             John Sunderland

A. A. Codd
Secretary Pro Tem