Minutes 05/18/2006

 Board of Regents’ 05/18/06 Special Meeting Minutes  Page 1 

Si Redd Room 
Thomas & Mack Center 
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
Thursday, May 18, 2006

Members Present:   Mr. Bret Whipple, Chair 
     Mr. Mark Alden 
     Dr. Jill Derby   {via telephone} 
      Mrs. Thalia M. Dondero 
     Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher 
      Mr. Douglas Roman Hill   {via telephone} 
     Mrs. Linda C. Howard 
      Mr. James Dean Leavitt 
     Mr. Howard Rosenberg 
      Dr. Jack Lund Schofield 
     Mr. Steve Sisolak 
      Mr. Michael B. Wixom 
Members Absent:  Dr. Stavros S. Anthony 
Others Present:   Chancellor James E. Rogers 
     Executive Vice Chancellor Daniel Klaich 
      Vice Chancellor, Academic & Student Affairs, Jane Nichols 
      Deputy Chief Counsel Bart Patterson 
      President Richard Carpenter, CCSN 
      President Fred Maryanski, NSC 
      President Carol Harter, UNLV 
      Dr. Chris Maples, DRI 
     Secretary to the Board Fini S. Dobyns 
Also present were UNLV Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. William Robinson and student government representatives Mr. Jeff Panchavinin, Student Body President-UNLV and Mr. Frederick Krauss, GPSA President-UNLV. 
Chair Bret Whipple called the meeting to order at 9:38 a.m. on Thursday, May 18, 2006 with all members present except Regent Anthony. 
Regent Alden led the pledge of allegiance. 
Chaplain LaVert H. Taylor from the Southern Desert Correctional Center offered the invocation. 
  1.   Approved-Appointment, President, UNLV – The Board approved Regent Steve Sisolak’s request, on behalf of the UNLV President Search Committee, for the appointment of Dr. David Ashley as President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The proposed salary and terms of the contract were identified at the meeting. 

1.   Approved-Appointment, President, UNLV – (Cont’d.) 
Chair Whipple thanked the Committee members for their hard work. 
Regent Sisolak reported the UNLV President Search Committee last met on May 10, 2006 and a decision was made to recommend General William Lennox to the full Board. General Lennox subsequently withdrew his name from consideration. The Committee met again on May 18, 2006 to discuss the alternatives. The Committee unanimously recommended Dr. David Ashley be recommended to the full Board as the President of UNLV. 
Regent Sisolak moved approval of the appointment of Dr. David Ashley as President of UNLV. Regent Gallagher seconded. 
Regent Sisolak thanked the Regents who served on the Committee as well as members of the Institutional Advisory Committee. He thanked the UNLV community for hosting the three candidates and their spouses. Each candidate commented on how well they were treated. He expressed hope that the Board and the UNLV community would unite behind Dr. Ashley as President. He felt that Dr. Ashley is the person who can take the university to the next level. He said Dr. Ashley is committed to higher education and to moving the university forward. 
Regent Leavitt observed that many people had commented that Dr. Ashley’s performance on the second day of interviews was significantly different from the first day. He seemed to step into the role of the next UNLV President. Regent Leavitt acknowledged that the Committee had arrived at a different decision at that time, however, it had been a very difficult decision because all three candidates had performed so well. He said you could almost sense the mantle of the presidency falling upon Dr. Ashley. Regent Leavitt said that Dr. Ashley exhibited a quiet toughness and confidence. He felt that Dr. Ashley had really believed that he would be the next UNLV President. 
Regent Schofield said he was impressed with Dr. Ashley’s composure and presidential aura. The Committee was challenged because they felt that someone with General Lennox’s stature could bring the university worldwide fame. He observed that when the Committee initially selected General Lennox as the successful candidate, Dr. Ashley accepted it well, exhibiting real presidential status. Regent Schofield said he felt good about the Committee’s current decision, adding that Dr. Ashley has the education and leadership skills to serve the university well in the future. 
Regent Dondero noted the community had expressed much support for Mr. Krislov. She felt the Committee should thank him for participating in the search. Chair Whipple referred the request to search committee chair, Regent Sisolak. 
Regent Wixom said it was important for all constituencies (faculty, students, Regents and administration) to support the new president. He felt the new president could be extraordinarily successful through that process. He was excited about Dr. Ashley and felt he would make a great President. 

1.   Approved-Appointment, President, UNLV – (Cont’d.) 
Regent Sisolak acknowledged Mr. Mike Sloan who served as chair of the Institutional Advisory Committee. Mr. Sloan said he enjoyed working with the Regents’ Committee and appreciated having the involvement of the various people on the advisory committee. 
Chair Whipple reported the proposed terms of the UNLV President contract: 
Ø   Start date: July 1, 2006. 
Ø   Base salary: $233,000 per fiscal year plus $170,000 annual contribution from UNLV Foundation. Supplemental payment contingent upon Foundation providing the funds. 
Ø   Car allowance: $8,000 per fiscal year. 
Ø   Housing allowance: $18,000 per fiscal year. 
Ø   Host account: $5,000 per fiscal year. 
Ø   Four-year contract through June 30, 2010. 
Ø   Tenure. 
Executive Vice Chancellor Klaich reported that tenure can be granted at the option of the Board. Granting tenure upon hire to a President is not a new precedent for this Board. Dr. Ashley has an astonishing academic pedigree and would bring great honor to the presidency as well as the faculty. The recommendation for tenure was based upon Dr. Ashley’s substantial record of achievement. 
Regent Sisolak amended the motion to include the offer of tenure upon hire. Regent Gallagher accepted the amendment. 
Regent Rosenberg asked in which department tenure would be granted. Chancellor Rogers replied it would be the appropriate department at UNLV. 
Regent Leavitt indicated his support for the amendment. 
Regent Derby requested the Board review the practice of granting tenure to Presidents upon hire in comparison with national practices. She was pleased to hear that the committee felt strongly about all three of the finalist candidates. She was also pleased that the offer to Dr. Ashley was also the recommendation from the Institutional Advisory Committee. She said she was looking forward to his leadership at UNLV. 
Regent Whipple requested a future agenda item concerning tenure upon hire for Presidents. 
Upon a role call vote, the motion carried. Regents Derby, Dondero, Gallagher, Hill, Howard, Leavitt, Rosenberg, Schofield, Sisolak, Whipple, Wixom and Alden voted yes. Regent Anthony was absent. 
The meeting recessed at 9:58 a.m. and reconvened at 10:16 a.m. with all members present except Regent Anthony. 
1.   Approved-Appointment, President, UNLV – (Cont’d.) 
Chair Whipple announced that he had just spoken with Dr. Ashley and the contract had been signed. Regent Sisolak noted that Dr. Ashley had apologized for not being able to call in and speak publicly, however, he was going into a meeting. He expressed his gratitude and excitement about coming to UNLV. 
2.  Public Comment – Regent Hill said he was glad the process had been completed and that UNLV has a new president. Many Board comments have been reported in the media recently. He encouraged members to remember they enjoyed the freedom of expression and to exercise the good sense to rarely exercise it. He felt that negative comments did not have a place in building a greater university System. 
Professor Nasser Daneshvry, Economics and Faculty Senate Executive Committee member-UNLV congratulated the search committee and the Board. He felt the Board understood both the internal and external issues at UNLV. He was pleased with the Board’s decision. 
3.  New Business – None. 
The meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m. 
Fini S. Dobyns 
Secretary to the Board