UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 18-19, 1957

Volume 7 - Pages 319-338

May 18, 1957

The Board of Regents met in regular session in Room 205, Morrill
Hall, University of Nevada, on Saturday, May 18, 1957. Present:
Regents Hardy, Lombardi, Thompson, Anderson, Grant and the fol-
lowing new members who were elected by the 1957 Session of the
Legislature: C. O. Bastian, N. E. Broadbent, William Elwell and
Grant Sawyer; Comptroller Hayden and President Stout. Academic
Vice President Wood was present for items in his area. The
meeting was called to order by Chairman Grant at 9:20 A.M.

Reporters who covered the meeting were Bob Laxalt of the Univer-
sity News Service, Ed Oncken of the Newsletter, Robert Petrini
of the United Press, James Hulse of the Nevada State Journal and
Ed Slingland of the Reno Evening Gazette. Mr. Neil Humphrey of
the Nevada Taxpayers Association was present as an observer.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

a) Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
unanimously that the minutes of the regular meeting of
March 18, 1957 be approved.

b) Minutes of Executive Committee meeting of April 18, 1957
were considered as follows:

Under Budget, the action that approval be given to the
transfer of unallocated funds in the President's Salary
Reserve Fund to Equipment and Operation for use in the
current biennium, was discussed. President Stout dis-
tributed and discussed material in support of his orig-
inal recommendation. Dean Wood explained current staff
needs to handle the increasing student enrollment.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, car-
ried unanimously to approve the action of the Executive
Committee to transfer from the President's Reserve Fund
for Salaries $50,000 to Equipment and $20,000 to Oper-
ating for use in the current biennium, upon written
approval of the Governor and the Budget Director.

Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried
unanimously that the action of the Executive Committee
in authorizing the President to proceed on salary in-
creases for the coming year on the basis of 5% for
across-the-board and 2 1/2% for merit and emergency
increases, be approved.

Following discussion and presentation of a study by the
Student Affairs office of current fees and tuition
charges in other institutions,

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, car-
ried unanimously that the action of the Executive Com-
mittee in approving an increase in the consolidated
student fee from $65 to $100 per semester and the out-of
-state tuition from $135 to $150 per semester, be ap-

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the
minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of April 18,
1957 be approved, and that the actions of the Committee
on that date not voted upon separately above, be ap-

2. Bid Openings

Two bid openings had been held for laboratory equipment for
the Las Vegas Campus.

Report of the bid opening March 29, 1957 follows:

Bid Opening Nevada Southern - In accordance with the
laws of the State of Nevada, the meeting for the open-
ing of sealed bids for laboratory equipment for the
Southern Regional Division of the University of Nevada
was held at 10 A.M., Friday, March 29, 1957, in the
foyer of the Las Vegas High School Auditorium, 900
Clark Avenue.

Public notice for bids appeared in the Las Vegas Sun
and the Las Vegas Review Journal March 9 through March
15, 1957, attested to by Minard W. Stout, President,
University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada.

Those present for the meeting were Mr. A. C. Grant,
Chairman, Board of Regents, Dr. Minard W. Stout, Presi-
dent, University of Nevada, Dr. William R. Wood, Aca-
demic Vice President, Mr. Robert Poolman, University
Engineer, Mr. Perry Hayden, University Comptroller and
Treasurer, Mr. J. R. Dickinson, Resident Director, and
Mr. John R. Wist, Field Engineer, Kewaunee Mfg. Co.,
Adrian, Michigan.

Bids were opened and announced as follows by Mr. Grant:

Kewaunee Mfg. Co.

Type Wood
Bond Yes
Base Bid $11,901.60
Alt. A (Add) 243.85
Alt. B (Add) 877.45
Alt. C (Add) 177.10
Total $13,200.00

Time Required 120 days

Duralab Equipment Co.

Type Metal
Bond Yes
Base Bid $ 9,288.00
Alt. A (Add) 180.00
Alt. B (Add) 529.00
Alt. C (Add) 307.00
Total $10,304.00

Time Required 8-10 weeks

Duralab's bid, however, stipulated conditions contrary
to specifications.

A bid was received from the Metalab Equipment Company at
10:30 A.M., which was too late for the opening. At Mr.
Grant's suggestion, the bid will be returned unopened
with a letter of explanation to the Company.

After studying the bids, it was decided, upon Mr.
Poolman's recommendation, that action will be withheld
until he can check the Nevada Contractor's license of
Kewaunee, with an eye to possibly rejecting all and
advertising again for bids.

However, if Kewaunee can comply with requirements for
the contractor's license, a study of finances will be
made and, if possible, the bid from Kewaunee may be

Mr. Hayden stated that Duralab will be notified that
their bid was rejected and the unopened bid from Metalab
will be returned.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 A.M.

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the action
taken be approved.

Report of the bid opening of April 26, 1957 and recommenda-
tion follows:

Opening of Bids for Laboratory Equipment Southern Nevada
Division - In accordance with the laws of the State of
Nevada, the meeting for the opening of sealed bids for
laboratory equipment for the Southern Regional Division
of the University of Nevada was held at 11 A.M., Friday,
April 26, 1957 in the foyer of the Las Vegas High School
Auditorium, 900 Clark Avenue.

Public notice for bids appeared in the Las Vegas Sun
and the Las Vegas Review Journal April 10 through April
14, 1957, attested to by Minard W. Stout, President,
University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada.

Those present for the meeting were Mr. Archie Grant,
Chairman, Board of Regents, Mr. Robert Poolman, Univer-
sity Engineer, Mr. John R. Wist, Field Engineer,
Kewaunee Mfg. Co., Mr. R. Z. Silcock, Sales Engineer,
Brown-Morse Company, Mr. Leigh Parker, Consultant,
Metalab Equipment Co., and Mr. A. L. Weber of the
Weber Showcase and Fixture Co., Inc.

Bids were opened and announced as follows by Mr. Archie

Kewaunee Mfg. Co.

Type Wood
Bond Yes
Item A $ 9,067.80
Item B 1,110.65
Item C 632.10
Item D 223.30
Item E 162.30
Total $11,196.15

Time Required 120 days

Brown-Morse Co.

Type Metal
Bond Yes
Item A $ 6,980.28
Item B 574.69
Item C 379.51
Item D 285.47
Item E 156.69
Total $ 8,376.64

Time Required 95 days

Weber Showcase and Fixture Co., Inc.

Type Wood
Bond Yes
Item A $ 9,310.00
Item B 784.00
Item C 516.00
Item D 333.00
Item E 181.00
Total $11,124.00

Time Required 120 days

Duralab Equipment Co.

Type Metal
Bond Yes
Item A $ 7,856.55
Item B 590.95
Item C 478.15
Item D 180.00
Item E 124.75
Total $ 9,230.40

Time Required 120 days

Metalab Equipment Co.

(1st Bid)

Type Metal
Bond Yes
Item A $ 7,410.90
Item B 619.65
Item C 465.35
Item D 264.10
Item E 158.50
Total $ 8,918.50

(2nd Bid)

Type Wood
Bond Yes
Item A $ 8,446.05
Item B 666.35
Item C 521.30
Item D 264.10
Item E 187.60
Total $10,085.40

Time Required 120 days

Since exceptions were made in some of the bids, Mr.
Grant announced that time will be needed to study them
in relation to the specifications.

Mr. Poolman stated that each company submitting bids
will be notified of the action taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 A.M. Recommendation

I herewith recommend that the bid of Brown-Morse
Company for Items A, B and C only, be accepted at
this time in the amount of $7,934.48.

The remainder of the funds available, in this ac-
count, will be used for the installation of this
equipment from Brown-Morse, the installation of
shelving and cabinet work in the rooms as required,
and the eventual purchase of Items D and E, if

Recommended: /s/ Robert C. Poolman
University Engineer

Approved : /s/ P. W. Hayden

Approved : /s/ Minard W. Stout

Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the recom-
mendation be accepted.

3. Comptroller's Claims

Claims which had been approved by the Executive Committee
were presented for approval of the Board, as follows:

Regents Checks, numbers 67-172 to 67-195 inclusive
for a total of $437,087.86 for March.

State Claims, numbers 67-118 to 67-139 inclusive
for a total of $224,085.68 for March.

Regents Checks, numbers 67-196 to 67-224 inclusive
for a total of $413,742.91 for April.

State Claims, numbers 67-140 to 67-164 inclusive
for a total of $217,371.57 for April.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ P. W. Hayden

Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the claims
be approved.

4. Veterinary Control Service

The 1957 Session of the Legislature separated the State
Veterinary Control Service from the University of Nevada,
where it had been a unit of the College of Agriculture.
Since the Legislature did not provide for quarters for the
Veterinary Control Service, and income from services of the
Department will need to be accumulated before it can provide
quarters, the Veterinary Control Service has requested the
University to permit continued use of present quarters on
the University Campus. In the discussion, it was agreed
that it is not the policy of the University to provide
quarters for other State agencies except on a temporary
basis, because of the need for space for University activi-
ties, and that the University should continue this policy.

It was agreed by consensus that Mr. Vernon Metcalf, Execu-
tive Secretary of Nevada State Livestock Production Associ-
ation, be asked by Mr. Bastian for information as to the
length of time quarters would be needed, and for any other
pertinent information, to be considered at the June 1 meet-
ing of the Regents.

The Board recessed at 12 noon for luncheon at the Holiday Hotel.

5. Holmshaw Estate

President Stout discussed the Holmshaw Estate situation,
and Regent Thompson reported on his conversation with
Attorney Robinson concerning its status. In both instances,
it was pointed out that early action on the part of the Uni-
versity would be beneficial to all parties concerned.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
unanimously that the Chairman of the Board of Regents ap-
point a committee of 3 to represent the Board in matters
concerning the Holmshaw Estate.

(Appointed were: Bruce Thompson, Chairman, Roy Hardy, L. E.

President Stout left the meeting.

6. Lloyd Smith Letter

The members of the Board of Regents had received individual
letters from Lloyd Smith, a graduate of the University of
Nevada, regarding the University of Nevada Physics Depart-
ment. The matter was brought to the attention of the meet-

Motion by Dr. Anderson carried unanimously that the letter
be tabled for further study.

7. Citizens' Advisory Committees

Dr. Anderson offered the suggestion that ways should be
found to encourage the faculty to conduct original research,
produce original papers and to engage in other scholarly

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
unanimously that a citizens committee be appointed to study
types of recognition which might be made to the faculty,
such as prizes, sabbatical leaves and other rewards, and
that the committee report to the President and the Board of

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried with
the following vote, that citizens' committees be appointed,
for each College, subject to the approval of the Board of
Regents, with a member of the Board included on each com-
mittee, and that this matter be referred to President Stout
and Dean Wood. Vote:

Thompson - "no", stating that he believed the action
should wait until the Supreme Court deter-
mines the status of the 4 newly appointed
members to the Board.
All others - "aye"

8. Stout Salary

The President's salary was discussed, and its relationship
to other administrative salaries in the State.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried
unanimously that, in view of the difficulties encountered
in obtaining money for salary increases, the President's
salary not be increased at this time, and that the perqui-
sites to the office remain the same.

9. Honorary Degree

A petition signed by staff and members of the Anaconda
Company, Weed Heights, and an accompanying letter from
Governor Russell, were presented in which request was made
that the Board consider granting an honorary degree to Mr.
A. E. Millar, General Manager of the Company.

Motion by Mr. Sawyer carried unanimously that the matter
be tabled and that the Secretary write to Governor Russell
informing him that the petition has been received and

The Board returned to open session in Room 205, Morrill Hall, at
2:30 P.M., with all present who were at the morning session.

10. Gifts

The following gifts which had been received by the Univer-
sity were presented for acceptance by the Board:

a) From William H. Halberstadt of the Philosophy Depart-
ment, an illuminated leaf from 16th century (1500-1600)
Spanish Antiphonarium or Choir Book, inscribed on vel-
lum, and originally used by the Choristers of the famous
Cathedral of Jaen in southern Spain.

b) From Jack Pierce of Los Angeles, California, $10 for the
Boardman-Bixby Memorial Fund.

c) From the Bureau of Indian Affairs, $75 as a special
scholarship for Julia Day, a student at the University
of Nevada.

d) From Claude H. Smith of the Fallon Standard $515.79 as
a Discretionary Fund for the Journalism Department for
the purpose of furthering "effort toward training stu-
dents in Journalism, at the University of Nevada only,
who have definite promise, intention and ability in
newspaper work as a life career." Proposal for setting
up scholarships follows:

In keeping with the general expectations of the
Fallon Standard in presenting the Department of
Journalism $515.79 to be used in encouraging and
helping young people study for a career in news-
paper work, we plan to set up two $100 scholar-
ships for Nevada high school graduates who will
register as University of Nevada Freshmen next
Fall, under the following requirements:



1. Interest in newspaper work as a career.
2. Activity in Journalism in high school.
a. On school newspaper and/or yearbook.
b. On hometown newspaper.
3. Samples of journalistic writing.
4. High school grade average.
a. Overall.
b. Rank in class, if available.
c. Grades in English Composition and Social
5. Record as student leader.
6. Ability to get along with people.
7. Personal factors.
a. Age.
b. Parents.
c. Personality and character.
d. A snapshot.
8. Recommendations.
a. Journalism teacher or publications advisor.
b. High school principal.
c. Local newsman, if he knows candidate.
9. Winners will be announced and notified by June
1, 1957.
10. The scholarship money will be paid to each
recipient in two parts, shortly after the
beginning of each of the two semesters of the
1957-58 University of Nevada year.

Payments on existing scholarships as follows:

a) From the Zion's Savings Bank and Trust Company, Salt
Lake City, $2000 for the Beam Scholarship Fund.

b) From the Colonial Hotel Company, $60 for the Clough
Scholarship Fund.

c) From William A. Woodward of Reno, $100 for the Emporium
of Music Scholarship.

d) From Frederick O. Herz of Reno, $100 for the Mrs. Carl
Otto Herz Scholarship.

e) From Kennecott Copper Corporation, $1000 for the
Kennecott Copper Corporation Scholarship, and $1000 as
a grant-in-aid to the University of Nevada.

f) From the Rebekah Assembly of Nevada, $50 for the Rebekah
Assembly Scholarship.

g) From the Nevada Highway Employees Association, $100 for
the Nevada Highway Employees Association Scholarship.

h) From Raymond I. Smith of Reno, $11,700 for the Harold's
Club Scholarship.

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
unanimously that the gifts be accepted as presented and that
the Secretary write a note of thanks to each donor on behalf
of the Board of Regents.

Momand Estate

Following receipt of a letter from Attorney General
Dickerson, a telephone poll was taken of the Executive
Committee which authorized Mr. Dickerson to proceed on
the settlement which he recommended. Mr. Dickerson's
letter stated that the present contestants have suc-
ceeded in objecting to the Will. He advised that if
the University of Nevada agrees to the settlement pro-
posed, "The amount which would eventually come to the
State of Nevada would be around $575,000 ... contingent
upon Betty Roberts, one of the heirs, dying before the
first trust became available and Don Momand dying before
the second trust became available." Regent Thompson had
reviewed the correspondence and had contacted the firm
of Breed, Abbott & Morgan, and recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that the action of the Executive Committee
in authorizing Mr. Dickerson to proceed in the settle-
ment be approved.

Jackling Bequest

President Stout presented an agreement received from
Andrew F. Burke, Attorney for the Estate of Daniel C.
Jackling, for consideration of the Board. Mr. Burke
stated, in part:

As you know, the above named decedent, in his Will,
bequeathed to you the sum of $25,000 and directed
that, as a condition precedent to receiving said
bequest, you should, within 15 months after the
date of the decedent's death, (which occurred March
13, 1956), execute to the executors of his Will an
agreement whereby you would agree to accept the
moneys so bequeathed to you for the purposes and
upon the uses and trusts specified in the Will,
with respect thereto, and would administer the
trusts, subject to the terms and conditions speci-
fied in said Will.

Motion by Mr. Hardy, carried unanimously that the Re-
gents adopt the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents of the
University of Nevada accepts the terms of Agreement
with the Executors of the Will of Daniel C. Jackling
and authorizes the Chairman and the Secretary of the
Board to sign the Agreement on behalf of the Board.

11. Residence Hall Rental Charge

President Stout called Dean Carlson into the meeting to ex-
plain a study which he had made on residence hall charges at
other Universities, and to discuss the recommendation of the
Fee Study Committee for increasing residence hall rentals.
Reasons for increasing rentals were given as follows:

a) Projects which are planned to upgrade Lincoln Hall.
b) The necessity to furnish the 3rd floor of Manzanita
c) The usual and necessary replacements and repairs
required in the residence halls.
d) The increased costs reflected in furnishings,
utilities, labor and materials.

The Administrative Committee at a meeting on May 14, recom-
mended increase in rentals.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that residence hall rentals be increased from
$75 to $90 per semester, effective with the Fall semester

12. Truckee-Carson School District

A letter was read for the information of the Board from S.
J. Drakulich, a graduate of the University of Nevada and
now a teacher in Truckee, California, requesting the Uni-
versity of Nevada to provide some type of aid to graduates
of the high schools in that area which would attract them
to the University of Nevada.

13. College of Business Administration

President Stout called Dean Weems in to give an informal
report on the work and progress of the College of Business
Administration. He distributed the first issue of "Nevada
Business Review" published by the Bureau of Business and
Economics Research, a division of the College of Business
Administration. He also reviewed the enrollment increase,
the faculty load and prospects for the future growth of the

14. Building Program

Dr. Stout called upon Mr. Poolman to discuss the Univer-
sity's building program. He presented master plans of the
Reno Campus and of the Las Vegas Campus, and reviewed the
status of buildings in construction stages at the present

Capurro Property - At the last session of the Legislature,
$45,000 was appropriated for purchase of 18 acres of the
Capurro property, on which the University holds an option.

Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that the University exercise the option to
purchase 18 acres of land from Mr. Victor Capurro, and
that the State Planning Board be notified that the Regents
desire that this money appropriated at the last session of
the Legislature should be so used.

15. Association of Governing Board of State Universities and
Allied Institutions

Mr. Grant presented a letter from the Association which set
forth the purposes of the organization, the benefits of
membership, and which invited the University of Nevada to
join the Association.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that the University of Nevada join the Associ-
ation of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied
Institutions, and that the membership fee of $50 for the
year 1957 be paid.

16. Personnel Recommendations

Personnel recommendations were presented by the President.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
unanimously that they be approved, as follows:



Appointment of James Noel as Lecturer in Business Adminis-
tration at a salary of $450 for the period February 4 to
June 1, 1957.


Supplementary Contract for Howard Babcock as Lecturer in
Business Law at a salary of $375 for the period March 20 to
May 29, 1957.

Appointments as follows:

Marcus V. Carver as Lecturer in Speech at a salary of $225
for the period September 11, 1956 to January 25, 1957.

Jean S. Conn as Lecturer in Speech at a salary of $250 for
the period March 20 to May 29, 1957.

Mamie Hanrahan as Lecturer in Elementary Education at a
salary of $225 for the period January 31 to May 28, 1957.

Catherine L. Wyatt as Assistant in Physical Education to
teach skiing at a salary of $150 plus $25 transportation,
for the period February 2 to March 23, 1957.


Resignation of Doris B. Yingling as Dean of the School of
Nursing, effective June 1, 1957, for personal reasons.


Appointments as follows:

Robert L. Rose as Assistant Economic Geologist, Nevada
Bureau of Mines, at a salary of $7200 per year, effective
July 1, 1957.

Maurice Fritz Feudiger as Laboratory Helper, Atomic Energy
Project, at a salary of $300 per month, effective April 16,

William A. Stewart as Research Metallurgist, Atomic Energy
Project, for 3 months beginning April 1, 1957, at a salary
of $500 per month.

Salary increase for Wilmar Tilden Berg, Laboratory Tech-
nician, Atomic Energy Project, from $360 to $375 per month,
effective April 1, 1957.

Resignation of Lester L. Crawford as Laboratory Technician,
Atomic Energy Commission Project, effective April 30, 1957,
to accept a position with the U. S. Bureau of Mines.

17. Tenure Recommendations

President Stout presented recommendations for tenure, and
explained the process by which these recommendations were
determined, the Deans working with Department Chairmen and
with the other Deans in their evaluations.

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that the following tenure recommendations be


Charles Frank, Associate Professor, English
Paul Secord, Associate Professor, Psychology & Sociology


James M. Hoyt, Assistant Professor, Business Administra-


Thomas T. Tucker, Associate Professor, Education
Roy De Verl Willey, Professor, Education


Edith Holmes, Instructor & Order Librarian


Earl W. Kersten, Jr., Assistant Professor, Geography-
Joseph Lintz, Jr., Assistant Professor, Geography-
Harve P. Nelson, Associate Professor, Mining


Hugh Smithwick, Assistant Professor, Health, Physical
Education & Athletics

Motion by Mr. Thompson, carried unanimously that action on
the tenure recommendations for Agricultural personnel be
deferred until the next meeting of the Board, to permit
further study and consideration of the equivalency ranks

18. Promotions

President Stout presented recommendations for promotions,
stating that the same careful procedures are followed in
preparing these recommendations as in the tenure recom-

Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
unanimously that the promotions be approved, as follows:

ARTS AND SCIENCE Present Rank Promotion To

English R. M. Gorrell Assoc. Prof. Professor
Foreign Lang. C. W. F. Melz Assoc. Prof. Professor
Foreing Lang. Alex Dandini Assoc. Prof. Professor
Physics E. R. Worley Assoc. Prof. Professor
Chemistry H. J. Seim Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Hist. & Pol. Sc. W. S. Shepperson Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Physics T. V. Frazier Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Chemistry K. C. Kemp Instructor Asst. Prof.
English V. D. Wittrock Instructor Asst. Prof.
Foreign Lang. G. R. Mc Murray Instructor Asst. Prof.
Hist. & Pol. Sc. D. W. Driggs Instructor Asst. Prof.
Philosophy W. H. Halberstadt Instructor Asst. Prof.


Agric. Econ. C. H. Seufferle Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Asst. Econ. Assoc. Econ.


Mech. Eng. Wm. Van Tassel Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.


Metallurgy C. W. Hammond Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Geology J. Lintz, Jr. Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Geology L. S. Mc Girk Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Geology D. B. Slemmons Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
Geology F. L. Kramer Instructor Asst. Prof.


S. Reg. Div.
English J. R. Dickinson Asst. Prof. Assoc. Prof.
English Sigrid Moe Lecturer Asst. Prof.

19. Salary Increases

President Stout presented proposed salary increases for
University staff in which the unclassified personnel were
granted increases based on the action of the Board that 5%
be used across-the-board and 2 1/2% for merit and emergency
increases. Following general discussion,

Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Hardy, to accept the
recommendations as presented, was amended by Dr. Anderson,
and the amendment seconded by Mr. Thompson that D. W. Driggs
of the Department of History and Political Science be fur-
ther increased by $200 and that Harold Brown of the College
of Education be further increased by $250, and was voted as

To increase Driggs by $200 - Bastian "no", all others
To increase Brown by $250 - all voted "aye"
To approve the salary increases with the two amend-
ments - Elwell and Sawyer "no", all others "aye".
The "no" votes were cast on the grounds that it
was not possible to study the list carefully in
so short a time.

The amended list follows:

Name Title & Rank Salary



M. W. Stout *Prof. & President
Alice Terry Secty. to Pres. & B. of R. $ 7,100


Perry W. Hayden Comptroller 14,000


Robert P. Laxalt Publications Editor 8,900
Rosemary Girolamo Asst. News Service 3,800


William D. Carlson *Prof. & Dean Student Affairs 12,400
Elaine Mobley *Dean of Women & Asst. Prof. 10,100
Clarence Byrd Registrar & Director Adm. 9,200
Samuel M. Basta (Change from B to A Contract)
Student Counselor & Instr. 8,000



James E. Adams *Dean and Professor 14,200
C. E. Fleming &Assoc. Dir. Exp. & Prof. 12,700
Eldon Wittwer *Assoc. Dir. Res. Instr. -
Prof. 11,700
William G. Stucky Assoc. Dir. Ext. - Assoc.
Prof. 11,550


John L. Fischer Assoc. Prof. & Assoc. Econ. 10,200
Charles H. Seufferle #Asst. Prof. & Asst. Econ. 8,000
--- Asst. Prof. & Asst. Econ. 7,140
--- Asst. Prof. & Asst. Econ. 7,560
Mabel Hartley Asst. Agric. Econ. Instr. 5,880


Louis Titus *Prof. & Ext. Engr. 8,820
Howard H. Christensen Asst. Professor 7,600


W. B. Dye Res. Chem. Exp. Prof. 9,750
Clifton R. Blincoe Asst. Res. Chem. Asst. Prof. 7,550


Joseph Robertson *Prof. Range Mgmt. 10,300
Otto R. Schulz Agronomist Ext. Prof. 9,100
E. H. Jensen Asst. Prof. & Asst. Agron. 7,800
Ray K. Peterson Asst. Agron. & Asst. Prof. 7,560
Henry Kilpatrick Asst. Range Cons. Asst. Prof. 7,500
Howard P. Cords Asst. Prof. & Asst. Agron. 7,350
Floyd E. Kinsinger Asst. Prof. & Asst. Plant Eco.7,350
Charles F. Bernhard Asst. Agron. & Instructor 6,615
R. A. Madson Res. Tech. in Agr. 4,830
--- Asst. Res. So. Nev. Exp. 4,240
H. G. Hale Asst. Res. Plant Breeding 4,200


William Goodale Supt. Equip. & Farm Svc. -
Asst. Prof 7,560
Henry Castro Asst. in Research 4,250a
Joseph D. Lash Asst. Res. Helper 4,250a


John Mc Cormick Supt. Newlands Sta. - Asst.
Prof. 8,820b
William Greenslate Asst. in Research Exp. 4,200
Harold Wood Asst. in Research Exp. 3,900
Alexander Milne Asst. in Research Exp. 3,780


--- *@Prof. & Assoc. Dir. 11,000
Patricia Tripple Assoc. Prof. Home Ec. & Edu. 8,600
Marilyn Horn Assoc. Prof. 8,190
Jennie Harper Assoc. Prof. 7,560
Dorothy M. Sidwell Asst. Prof. 6,820
--- Stud. Asst. 1,272


Daniel Cassard Assoc. Prof. & Assoc. Animal
Husbandry 10,700
James F. Kidwell *Assoc. Prof. & Assoc. Genet. 8,820
Verle R. Bohman *Assoc. Prof. & Asst. Nutr. 8,800
J. D Mankin Asst. An. Husb. & Asst. Prof. 7,700
H. J. Weeth Asst. Prof. & Asst. Phys. 7,665
Joseph F. Stein Asst. An. Husb. & Asst. Prof. 7,600
Le Grand Walker Asst. An. Husb. Instr. 6,900d
Clark R. Torrell Asst. An. Husb. Instr. 6,800c
James Hunter Herdsman 6,580b
Henry Melendy Asst. An. Husb. Instr. 6,430
Marvin A. Wade Sr. Lab. Technician 5,660
Bryon R. Gilbert Grad. Res. Asst. 2,330
Phillip R. Ternan Grad. Res. Asst. 2,415
Roy Bonawitz Res. Helper 2,835


B. A. Peterson Asst. Editor-Asst. Prof. 8,400
Jerry Robinson Inform. Spec. Instr. 5,800
--- Agric. Writer-Instr. 5,900


L. E. Dunn *Assoc. Prof. Assoc. Soils Res.8,820
V. E. Spencer Soils Res. Chem. Assoc. Prof. 8,610
Wm. C. Bianchi Asst. Soils Res. Asst. Prof. 7,140
R. E. Reading Asst. in Soils Res. Exp. 4,200
L. W. Thran Asst. in Soils Res. Exp. 3,780


Kenneth L. Kuttler Assoc. Res. Vet. Assoc. Prof. 8,820
Donald W. Marble Asst. Vet. Asst. Prof. 7,770
Fred Oliva Res. Helper 4,300
Oliver Hansen Res. Helper 4,200


Paul L. Maloney 4-H Leader, Adm. Asst. Assoc.
Prof. 8,900
Waneta A. Wittler Home Agt. Leader-Assoc. Prof. 8,700
Raymond C. Cox 4-H Leader-Asst. Prof. 8,190
R. W. Lauderdale Asst. Ent. Asst. Prof. 7,500
Margaret A. Dial Spec. Home Econ. Asst. Prof. 7,140
--- Camp Supervisor 4-H 1,680


Mark W. Menke Agr. Agt. Prof. 9,750
Louis A. Gardella Agr. Agt. Prof. 9,400
John M. Fenley Agr. Agt. Assoc. Prof. 8,400
Fred Batchelder Agr. Agt. Assoc. Prof. 7,800
T. Joseph Snyder Agr. Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,700
Charles R. York Agr. Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,700
Ferren Bunker Agr. Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,560
J. Kirk Day Agr. Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,350
Thomas Cook Agr. Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,200
Grover W. Roberts, Jr. Agr. Agt. Instr. 7,100
--- Agr. Agt. Asst. Prof. 5,670


William F. Hoff Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 6,510
--- Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 6,200
L. Clair Christensen Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 6,000
Wm. C. Behrens Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 5,800
Emory L. Marshall Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 5,670
Rollie A. Weaver Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 5,670
James I. Lee Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 5,460
Donald S. York Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 5,460
Glenn V. Thomas Asst. Agr. Agt. Instr. 5,460


M. Gertrude Hayes Home Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,700
J. Hazel Zimmerman Home Agt. Asst. Prof. 7,245
Agnes Sorenson Agt. at Large Instr. 5,880
Rose M. Goss Home Agt. Instr. 5,700
Georgia Wheeler Home Agt. Instr. 5,670
Geroline Coleman Home Agt. Instr. 5,460
Jessica Miller Home Agt. Instr. 5,460
Nancy A. Adams Home Agt. Instr. 5,250
--- Asst. Home Agt. Instr. 5,250
Jean Johnson Home Agt. Instr. 5,040



Ralph A. Irwin *Dean and Professor 12,200


J. Craig Sheppard *Associate Professor 7,370
Edward W. Yates *Assistant Professor 6,600
Harlan Holladay Instructor 5,690


Ira La Rivers *Associate Professor 9,010
Robert H. Miller Assistant Professor 6,930
L. L. Jones *Assistant Professor 6,410
Donald Cooney *Assistant Professor 6,250
Fred Ryser *Assistant Professor 6,250~


Meryl Deming *Professor 9,660
L. R. Williams *Professor 9,120
R. J. Morris *Associate Professor 7,730
H. J. Seim #*Assistant Professor 6,870
R. A. Falk Instructor & Storeroom Keeper 5,800
Kenneth C. Kemp #Instructor 5,500
Ralph H. Rygg Instructor 5,250
--- Instructor 5,000
Gerald K. Swanson Fellow 1,500
Richard W. Wilcox Fellow 1,500
Richard Gillette Student Asst. 800


Paul Eldridge *Professor 9,440
Charlton G. Laird *Professor 9,010
Robert A. Hume *Professor 8,260
Robert M. Gorrell #*Associate Professor 7,700
Charles E. Frank Associate Professor 7,360
John Morrison *Associate Professor 7,080
H. J. Woods Assistant Professor 5,990
Verna Wittrock #Instructor 5,670
Edith Henrich Lecturer 5,250
--- Instructor 5,000


John Gottardi *Professor 8,580
C. F. Melz #*Associate Professor 7,830
A. O. Dandini *Associate Professor 7,510
L. B. Kline *Assistant Professor 6,200
George R. Mc Murray #Instructor 5,500


J. E. Martie *Professor 10,000
G. A. Broten *Associate Professor 9,660
Glenn Lawlor *Assistant Professor 8,370
Ruth Russell *Associate Professor 7,725
Gordon T. Mc Eachron Assistant Professor 7,350
C. M. Scranton *Associate Professor 7,140
Zada Mowrer Assistant Professor 6,090
Richard Dankworth Instructor 5,580
--- Instructor 5,100
Barbara Jane Lane Instructor 5,250
Charles Koehler Graduate Assistant 1,200
Wm. P. Montable Graduate Assistant 1,200
--- Part-Time Coaches 1,300


C. R. Hicks &Professor 10,000
A. E. Hutcheson *Associate Professor 7,460
R. R. Elliott *Associate Professor 7,190
W. S. Shepperson #*Assistant Professor 6,650
James S. Roberts Assistant Professor 6,010
Henry Chase Lecturer 5,670
D. W. Driggs #Instructor 5,700


A. L. Higginbotham *Professor 11,000
Keiste Janulis *Associate Professor 7,190
Jack Myles Lecturer 2,500
E. R. Slingland Lecturer 2,500


E. M. Beesley *Professor 8,470
--- Lecturer 7,000
Robert N. Tompson Assistant Professor 6,700
--- Assistant Professor 6,200
--- Assistant Professor 6,000
--- Assistant Professor 5,500
William Colbert, Jr. Assistant 1,350
Evelyn Falk Assistant 1,350
Elizabeth Constantino Grad. Assistant 1,350


Frederick Freeburne Associate Professor 7,250
William K. Macy Associate Professor 7,250
Felton Hickman *Assistant Professor 6,410
Rodney M. Mercado Assistant Professor 6,300


Robert T. Roelofs Associate Professor 7,080
William Halberstadt #Instructor 5,500


S. W. Leifson *Professor 11,000
R. F. Worley #*Associate Professor 7,700
T. V. Frazier #*Assistant Professor 7,200
--- Assistant Professor 5,800
Thos. J. Duffy Instrument Man 4,200
--- Graduate Assistant 1,800
C. E. Shepherd Lecturer 945


Paul F. Secord Associate Professor 7,790
Carl W. Backman Assistant Professor 6,470
Robert Mc Queen Assistant Professor 6,120
W. F. Day Assistant Professor 5,900
W. A. S. Smith Assistant Professor 5,900
Mary Sellers Instructor 5,830


Robert S. Griffin *Professor 9,680
William C. Miller *Associate Professor 7,770
Asher B. Wilson Assistant Professor 5,880


Robert L. Bereuter,
Lt. Col. Professor
Frank E. Holt, Capt. Assistant Professor
Harry E. Clark, Capt. Assistant Professor
Jack Singleton, Capt. Assistant Professor


Robert C. Weems, Jr. *Dean and Professor 12,300
Benjamin M. Wofford Associate Professor 8,712
A. J. Plumley *Associate Professor 6,930
Edward N. Vietti Assistant Professor 6,750
--- Assistant Professor 6,557
James M. Hoyt Assistant Professor 6,300
Sidney J. Claunch Instructor 5,700
John P. Reed Instructor 5,565


Garold Holstine *Dean, Prof., Dir. Sum. Sch. 14,000
Roy D. Willey Professor 11,000
H. N. Brown *Professor 10,800
Thomas Tucker Associate Professor 9,700
Burton C. Newbry *Associate Professor 9,000
Lloyd A. Drury Assistant Professor 6,900
Herbert A. Derfelt Assistant Professor 6,800
--- Assistant Professor 6,500
Hazel Grubbs Assistant Professor 6,500
--- Supervising Teachers 15,747

(Also listed in College of Agriculture)

Patricia A. Tripple Associate Professor 8,600
Howard H. Christensen Associate Professor 7,600



(Retires 6/30/57) Dean 12,900
Jack Ryan *Shop Supt. & Instr. 6,300


H. B. Blodgett *Professor 10,300
John Bonell *Associate Professor 7,700
Charles R. Breese Assistant Professor 6,400
Richard G. Orcutt Assistant Professor 6,400


I. J. Sandorf *Professor 9,300
William Garrott *Associate Professor 7,300
Eugene Menke Assistant Professor 6,850


J. R. Van Dyke *Professor 10,300
E. W. Harris *Professor 9,300
William Van Tassel #*Assistant Professor 7,050
--- Assistant Professor 6,300


James J. Hill *Director of Libraries 10,800
Ruth H. Donovan Reference Librarian (Instr.) 6,300
Clare Johnson %Catalog Librarian (Instr.) 6,000
Edith Holmes Order Librarian (Instr.) 6,000
La Mar R. Smith Loan Librarian (Instr.) 6,000
Herman Storm (repl. %) Assoc. Cat. Libr. (Instr.) 5,500
Anne Kenny Loan Assistant 3,700
Margaret Frazier Order Assistant 3,400
Ruth A. Cutten Binding Assistant 3,300
Faith P. Spencer Catalog Assistant 3,300
Lura Ward Mathews Reference Assistant 3,300


Mary Zadra Mines Librarian (Instr.) 6,000



Vernon E. Scheid *Dean & Prof. Mineral Sci. 14,000


William I. Smyth *Prof. Met. & Mining 11,100
Joseph Lintz, Jr. +Asst. Prof. Geology 8,160
John S. Winston *Assoc. Prof. Metallurgy 7,950
E. R. Larson *Assoc. Prof. Geology 7,650
Lon S. Mc Girk #*Asst. Prof. Geology 7,050
David Slemmons #*Asst. Prof. Geology 7,050
C. W. Hammond #*Asst. Prof. Metallurgy 7,050
H. P. Nelson Assoc. Prof. Mining 7,020
Earl W. Kersten, Jr. Asst. Prof. Geography 6,360
Fritz L. Kramer #Instr. Geography 6,150
George Stathis Museum Asst. 1,500
Summer Field: Geology 6 weeks 1,050
Summer Field: Mining 2 weeks 350


Edmund F. Lawrence Asst. Mining Geologist 7,740
Aleksis von Volborth Asst. Mineralogist 7,560
--- Asst. Econ. Geologist 7,200
Robert C. Horton Asst. Mining Engineer 7,110
Laurence H. Beal Asst. Mining Geologist 6,600
--- Asst. Metallurgist 6,595
Harold A. Vincent Junior Chemist 5,400
Bruce Collagan (student)Lab. Assistant 2,100


John N. Butler =Res. Metallurgist & Prof. 9,720
--- Asst. Res. Metallurgist
--- Asst. Res. Metallurgist
--- Laboratory Tech.
W. Berg Laboratory Tech.
R. Moyers Laboratory Tech.
R. T. Donovan Laboratory Helper
L. T. May Laboratory Helper


William R. Wood *Professor & Aca. Vice Pres. 15,300
Lauren Brink *Assoc. Prof. Eng. * Speech 7,775
Eleanore Bushnell Assoc. Prof. Hist. Pol. Sci. 7,775
J. Patrick Kelly Instr. & Asst. Dir. Evng. Div.7,700
Muriel Parks Registrar 7,500
Holbert Hendrix Assoc. Prof. Education 7,500
--- Asst. Prof. Biology 7,350
John S. Wright Assoc. Prof. Hist. Pol. Sci. 7,300
James R. Dickinson (Change from A to B Contract)
#*Asst. Prof. English 7,200
Ann Brewington Assoc. Prof. Bus. Adm. Econ. 6,930
Jewel Reynolds Director Admissions 6,700
Hugh Smithwick Asst. Prof. Hlth. P.E. Athl. 6,600
Malcolm Graham Asst. Prof. Mathematics 6,600
Duncan Cleaves Asst. Prof. Chemistry 6,615
Aaron C. Butler Lect. Econ. & Bus. Adm. 6,300
Mary Lee Bundy Libr. So. Reg. Div. 6,300
Sigrid Moe #Lect. English 5,500
Celesta A. Lowe Lib. Tech. 3,780


--- Dean 9,500


J. E. Moose *Dean & Professor 12,000



Nellie Nelson Steward 5,568


Eva Engelke Housemother 2,567
Ida Davies Housemother 2,072


Robert Locke Physician 4,000
Mary Johnson Nurse 3,160
Bertha Nelson Nurse 3,160
Ann Barnes Housekeeper 2,420


Edward L. Randall Commissioner 9,662
A. J. Rafael Resident Inspector 6,946
Stanley D. Johns Chemist 6,038
Peter Ferretto Inspector 5,405
Carl W. Stroud Inspector 5,405
Frank Wilson Inspector 5,040
Arthur B. Anderson Inspector 4,965
Sherman Tresca Chemist 4,500
Knute Pennington Inspector 4,800
--- Water Chemist 4,800
--- Food & Drug Chemist 4,800
--- Las Vegas Chemist 4,800
--- Elko Inspector 4,000
--- Dairy Law Inspector 5,600
Robert Cole Janitor 1,650
--- Lab. Assistant 1,455



Marsha O'Carroll Clerk Steno. 3,183
Barbara Erickson Clerk Typist 2,790


Mitsuru Hattori Sr. Acct. 5,858
Mary Moulton Adm. Asst. 5,052
John Muratet Accountant 4,584
Elaine Nenzel \Pr. Acct. Clerk 4,052
Suzanne Bowers Sr. Acct. Clerk 3,882
Jean Hill Acct. Clerk 3,378
Connie Rovetti Sr. Clerk Typist 3,280
--- Acct. Clerk 3,222
Grace Folsom Sr. Clerk Typist 3,209


Dorothy Smith Sr. Clerk Typist 3,638
Irene Kuellmer Clerk Typist 3,060


Lillian Mark Sr. Clerk Typist 3,300


Adelaide Steiner Administrative Asst. 5,052
Virginia Parmenter Prin. Clerk Steno. 4,368
Maureen De Ricco Prin. Clerk Steno. 4,068
Ann Figlar Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,792
Effie Atkinson Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,582
Lucille Gardiner Clerk Steno. 2,856
Elinor Wilt \Clerk Typist 2,828
Ione Stephens Clerk Typist 2,790
June Jones Clerk Typist 2,779
--- Clerk Typist 2,790


Karen Harvey Clerk Steno 1,494


Marie Grossholz Administrative Asst. 5,304
Eva Sheckler Prin. Clerk Steno. 4,368
Edna Champagne Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,972
Elsie Upson Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,972
Ruth Dunn Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,792
Margaret S. Hope Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,554
Wanda E. Hansen Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,554
Phyllis Mattingly Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,526
Jacqualine Webb Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,443
Marjory Mc Killip Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,443
Mary Ellen Cox Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,404
Marjorie Willott Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,404
Frankie Geraghty Sr. Clerk Typist 3,391
--- Acct. Clerk 3,300
Mary Ciardella (Originally classified as Sr.
Clerk Steno) Sr. Clerk Typist 3,293
Dolores Phalen \Clerk Steno. 2,812
Louise Renstrom Sr. Clerk Typist 2,400
Charlotte Baker Sr. Clerk Steno. 1,763
Marjorie Becker (full-time to half-time)
Sr. Clerk Steno. 1,715


Alma P. Smith Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,512
Yvonne Pistone Sr. Clerk Typist 3,261
Barbara Ann Salmon Clerk Steno. 2,928
--- Clerk Steno. 2,928


Elizabeth Claypoole Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,449
--- Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,300


Clara Farnsworth Administrative Asst. 4,548
Wanda Di Nardo Clerk Steno. 3,313


Peggy Boyle Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,792


Eva Gallano \Administrative Asst. 4,458
Nedine F. Sullivan Prin. Clerk Steno. 4,100
Elizabeth Edwards Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,339


Georgamy Campbell Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,449


Alice White Administrative Asst. 4,972
Mary Poly Sr. Clerk Typist 3,300
Pauline Mc Kenzie \Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,404
Franchion Davis Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,339
Jerry Knudson Acct. Clerk 3,287


Helen Mossman Sr. Clerk Steno. 3,972
Leah Foster Clerk Typist 3,150


Robert Poolman *Engineer 10,000
James Rogers Assistant Engineer 7,000
Lillian Mark Sr. Clerk Typist 3,300
Carl Horn Supt. B & G 7,068
Herbert Preuss Nurseryman 5,052
John Rosasco Grounds Foreman 4,368
Louis Chase Maint. Plumber 5,052
Frank Gallagher Maint. Carpenter 5,052
Stanley Davis Maint. Mechanic 4,368
Claude Mathews Stat. Eng. Man 4,584
T. E. Mullen Stat. Eng. Man 4,584
Louie Rood Stat. Eng. Man 4,584
John Wood Stat. Fireman 3,897
W. G. Pratt Nurseryman 4,368
M. L. Moyer Watchman 3,792
William Moss Watchman 3,792
Clum Cooper Janitor 3,792
Virginia Burke Janitor 3,792
P. Devencenzi Janitor 3,792
Walter Doerre Janitor 3,792
Louis Didousis Janitor 3,792
Ethel King Janitor 3,792
John Fletcher Janitor 3,792
Hugo Fanucchi Janitor 3,235
John Gailit Janitor 3,792
Ellen Kerr Janitor 3,722
Otis Marke Janitor 3,792
Daisy Mc Kenzie Janitor 3,792
Grace Mc Kesson Janitor 3,792
Nora Moulton Janitor 3,792
Ed Knieke Janitor 3,792
Henry Peck Janitor 3,792
Mary Steneri Janitor 3,792
O. T. Van Sickle Janitor 3,792
Maud Wilson Janitor 3,792
Violet Callahan Janitor 3,680
Fred Paszek Patrolman 4,603
Leonard Bonk Patrolman 4,422
Louis Avansino Groundsman 3,792
Carl Damm Groundsman 3,792
M. L. Lovelien Groundsman 3,792
Ethel Fletcher Janitor 3,792
Glenn Mackey Groundsman 3,792
John Rayl Groundsman 3,792
Roy Schooley Groundsman 3,792
Geo. Sensibaugh Groundsman 3,792
Louis Tacchino Groundsman 3,792
J. Biglieri Groundsman 3,235


Frank Compston Groundsman 2,377
Reno Devencenzi Groundsman 2,377
Farris Thompson Groundsman 2,377
--- Groundsman 2,377


M. Strasdin Bldg. Cust. 4,164
Myrtle Franklin Janitor 3,792
Sophia Hill Janitor 3,792
Andrew Kajans Janitor 3,792
Henry Mc Gough Janitor 3,792

* Tenured
& Eligible for Retirement - Reappoint for 1 Year
# Recommended for Promotion
@ Retires June 30, 1957
a Plus House $400
b Plus House $600
c Plus House $420
d Plus House $900
~ Received $7200 in Las Vegas for 12 Months
% Retiring - For pension purposes Mrs. Johnson
will be continued on the 1956-57 contract for
the months of July and August, 1957
+ 40% teaching, 60% Nevada Bureau of Mines
= Salary increase from College funds (20% of time
\ Replacement at beginning of salary bracket

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 P.M.

A. C. Grant

Alice Terry