UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 16-17, 1983


Pages 41-55



May 16, 1983

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Library at

Northern Nevada Community College, Elko.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Mrs. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Members absent: Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Robert Ulrich, Assistant General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs and Student Association


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 11:50


1. Adoption of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with the permanent minutes) containing the following

items as recommended:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held April

14-15, 1983.

(2) Accepted the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1 and filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the following transfer of funds from the

Special Projects Funds:

Board of Regents Host $10,000

Board of Regents Travel $15,000

(4) Approved the extension of leave without pay for Profes-

sor Elisabeth Hansot, Department of Political Science,

through 1984-85 so that she may work as a Research

Associate at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York.

Professor Hansot was granted leave without pay for

1983-84 academic year.

Mrs. Kenney moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda. Ms.

Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

2. Approval of the Report of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met on May 16, 1993, and Ms. Del Papa,

Chair, submitted the following report and recommendations:

(1) Approved an increase in the science lab fees at NNCC

to $15. This includes biology, chemistry, physics

and geology where there is a lab.

(2) Approved the following fee increases at CCCC:

a) $25 per credit fee for all welding lab courses.

b) ET 104 Fabrication Techniques 2 credits

ET 131 Electronics I 4 credits

ET 132 Electronics II 4 credits

ET 172 Semiconductor Devices 4 credits

ET 272 Microelectronics 3 credits

ET 286 Communications Circuits 4 credits

Fee amount requested: $5 per course

These fees are needed to buy expendable parts and

materials used in the class such as soldering

tips, solder, locking forceps, heat shrinkable

tubing, iron holder, copper clad boards, wrapping

wire, standard line heaters, printed circuit ma-

terials, coils, transisors, relays, batteries, ca-

pacitors, switches, transformers, lamps.

c) ET 289 Electrical Troubleshooting 4 credits

Fee amount requested: $15 per course

The fee provides for circuit boards which must be

purchased for the students and are expendable.

Resistors, capacitors, wiring and solder are also


(3) Approved the Keystone Student Insurance Company health

insurance rates for 1983-84 at UNLV as follows:

Student only $ 55

Spouse only 122

Child(ren) only 127

Spouse and child(ren) 179

This is an optional program which is available to

those students who choose to participate.

(4) Approved the following estimative budget for 1983-84

for the Physical Plant Services at UNLV:

Previous Amended

Budget Budget

Estimated Opening Cash Balance $ 82,975 $ 82,975

Total Estimated Income 90,000 125,000

Total Revenue $172,975 $207,975

Estimated Expenditures

Professional Salaries $ 0 $ 0

Classified Salaries 18,224 18,224

Wages 40,000 40,000

Estimated Fringe Charges 2,868 2,868

Estimated Operating Expenditures 109,500 140,000

Out-of-State Travel 2,000 2,000

Total Estimated Expenditures $172,592 $203,092

Estimated Ending Fund Balance 383 4,883

Total Dollars $172,975 $207,975

The Physical Plant Services account has had more ac-

tivity than was expected when the 1982-83 budget was


(5) Approved a petty cash bank account for the School of

Medicine to effectively accommodate the requirements

of the proposed Medicaid contract. See Ref. B-6,

filed with permanent minutes.

(6) Approved an interfund loan at UNR for Athletics in the

amount of $100,000. See Ref. B07, filed with perma-

nent minutes, from the Office of Finance and Adminis-


(7) Approved the 1983-84 Student Rates Per Semester for

College Inn, UNR. See Ref. B-8, filed with permanent


(8) Authorized NNCC to borrow up to $40,000 from their

Capital Improvement Fee Account for the purpose of

purchasing a telephone equipment system, to be repaid

in 5 years using the rental rate currently being paid

the telephone company. See Ref. B-9, filed with per-

manent minutes.

(9) Approved the following lab fee additions and/or

changes per course at WNCC:

Change To Add

ACC 155B Computer Accounting $10 $

AUTO 100B Auto Mechanics for Novices 10

AUTO 101B General Auto 10

AUTO 102B Auto Electricity I 10

AUTO 103B Starting, Charging &

Electrical Systems 10

AUTO 104B Home Auto Tune-Up I 10

AUTO 105B Home Auto Tune-Up II 10

AUTO 106B Auto Electricity II 10

AUTO 107B Motorcycle Maintenance I 10

AUTO 108B Motorcycle Maintenance II 10

AUTO 121B Brakes, Steering & Suspension 10

AUTO 125B Auto Chassis 10

AUTO 155B Small Engine Repair 10

AUTO 218B Tune-Up Procedures 10

AUTO 220B Power Train & Suspension 10

AUTO 223B Auto Engine Tune-Up, Advanced 10

AUTO 225B Air Conditioning Systems 10

AUTO 226B Transmissions, Automatic 10

AUTO 227B Standard Transmissions 10

AUTO 293B Independent Study 10

DFT 101B Technical Drawing 10

DFT 102B Technical Drafting I 10

DFT 103B Technical Drafting II 10

DFT 104B Engineering Drafting & Design 10

DFT 105B Architectural Drafting I 10

DFT 106B Architectural Drafting II 10

DFT 122B Drafting Technology 10

DFT 123B Blueprint Reading/Trades 10

DFT 203B Technical Drafting III 10

DFT 204B Technical Drafting IV 10

DFT 206B Technical Illustration 10

DP 170 Pascal Programming 5

MTL 101B Basic Machine Shop I 15

MTL 102B Basic Machine Shop II 15

WELDING, All Courses 10

PED 108B Beginning Rollerskating 10

PED 175 Dynamic Fitness 10

(10) Ms. Del Papa requested approval of an emergency item

regarding the System Compensation Committee meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for approval to accept the emer-

gency item, Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Gary Jones, UNLV, representing the System Compen-

sation Committee, stated that the Committee met on

Friday, May 13, 1983 and discussed the fact that there

will be no salary increases for the next two years.

He further discussed the State Group Health Insurance

and proposed separate legislation in this matter.

Ms. Del Papa requested that this item be discussed at

the Regents' Workshop and requested the Chancellor to

make a full report to the Board in July, and in the

interim, to have staff see if there is anything else

that can be done in this regard.

Mr. Karamanos moved to accept the Budget Committee report

and recommendations. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion

carried. Mrs. Fong abstained on Budget Item 5.

3. Approval of Dean of Educational Services, CCCC

President Eaton requested approval for the appointment of

Dr. Dale Johnston as Dean of Educational Services at CCCC.

See Ref. D for Dr. Johnston's resume, filed with the per-

manent minutes.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the recommendation of Dr.

Johnston. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

President Eaton, CCCC, introduced Ms. Joan Doggrell, Faculty

Senate Chair, and Mr. Ertis North, President of the Associated

Students of Clark County Community College.

President Goodall, UNLV, introduced Mr. Allen Mori, Faculty

Senate Chair, and Mr. Clarence Lee, President of the Consolidated

Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

4. Housing Policy, UNLV

President Goodall requested approval of a residential hous-

ing policy for UNLV in order to establish a more stable

housing program on Campus and to encourage a greater sense

of Campus community.

The policy is very limited and very specific, and it would

apply to a small and well-defined group. Those unmarried

students under the age of 21, who are entering the Univer-

sity as full-time Freshmen or transfer students from any

county outside of Clark County, Nevada, will be required to

live in Campus housing for their first academic year. Stu-

dents desiring an exemption from this requirement may submit

a written request to the UNLV Housing Board of Appeals.

Regents Karamanos and Fong expressed concern with such poli-

cy, with Mr. Karamanos reporting that at present two floors

of Tonopah Hall are currently vacant. Mrs. Fong stated that

such policy would be difficult to enforce once the student

is 18 years-of-age; that she had discussed the problem with

Dean Roberta Barnes at UNR, who stated they have rescinded

the UNR mandatory housing policy as being unenforceable.

Mrs. Fong also stated that she had investigated housing

costs adjacent to the Campus and found they could be less

expensive if student shared expenses than would be Campus


Mr. Clarence Lee, CSUN, spoke in favor of the policy stating

that CSUN feels it would be a drawing point for new, younger

students from out-of-state, and would be a factor in causing

greater esprit d'corps among the students. The CSUN will

establish a committee to oversee the dormitory and to act

as a court of appeals.

Chairman Mc Bride referred the matter back to the President,

stating that such policy was an administrative matter.

5. Approval of Members to UNLV Engineering Advisory Committee

President Goodall requested approval of the following mem-

bers to serve on the UNLV Engineering Advisory Committee:

Mr. Emmett Herbst, Holmes and Narver

Mr. Robert A. Mc Lellan, Nellis Air Force Base

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

President Crowley, UNR, introduced Mr. Bill Cathey, Faculty

Senate Chairman.

6. Approval of School of Medicine Advisory Board

President Crowley requested approval of the following mem-

bers to serve on the School of Medicine Advisory Board:

Mr. Mead Dixon, Reno, Chairman of the Board, Harrah's

Ms. Nada Novakovich, Reno, Attorney and owner of Luke's

Camera Shop

Mrs. Laurena Moren, Elko, leader in the State Medical

Society Auxiliary, mother of School of Medicine

alumnus, and wife of prominent Elko Clinic physi-

cian, Dr. Les Moren

Mrs. Dorothy Swackhammer, Las Vegas, civic leader in

Las Vegas and Henderson, and mother of School of

Medicine alumnus

Mr. Clark Guild, Reno, attorney

Mr. Ted Nigro, Reno, Trust Senior Vice President,

Security Bank

Mr. Lloyd Katz, Las Vegas, businessman

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Mo-

tion carried.

7. President Crowley requested approval of an emergency item

to include additional faculty members for emeritus status

in addition to that already on the agenda.

Mr. Karamanos moved to accept the emergency item. Ms. Del

Papa seconded. Motion carried.

President Crowley requested approval of the following

promotions to emeritus standing, effective July 1, 1983:

Ivan E. Lee, Lecturer in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Willem Houwink, Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Mrs. Sheerin seconded.

Motion carried.

8. Report on UNS Radiological Safety Board

Dr. Joseph Warburton, Chairman, Radiological Safety Board,

made a presentation on the basic aspects of the program,

its Systemwide relationships to radioactive waste disposal,

potential legal suits relative to radiation hazards, and

budget issues. Dr. Warburton requested additional struc-

tures at UNR and UNLV to store low level radioactive wastes

and requested that the insurance for this area be investi-


President Eardley, TMCC, introduced Mary Ann Lambert, Faculty

Senate Chair.

President Davis, WNCC, introduced Mike Hardie, Faculty Senate


9. Approval of Emeritus Status

Chancellor Bersi recommended approval for emeritus standing

for the following:

Niels Anderson, UNS Computer Center

Jack Davis, WNCC

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Mrs. Sheerin seconded.

Motion carried.

10. Approval of Officer Contracts

Ms. Del Papa recommended that the Officers' contracts for

1983-84 be reissued at the 1982-83 compensation inasmuch as

the Legislature has not appropriated sufficient funds for

salary increases.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Resolution for Former Regent Melton

Vice Chairman Gallagher submitted the following Resolution:


WHEREAS, Rollan Melton has served as a Regent of the

University of Nevada from January, 1983 through April,

1983; and

WHEREAS, prior to serving on the Board and during his

tenure as Regent, he has proven to be a true friend of

higher education, seeking always the advancement of the

University; and

WHEREAS, the appropriate and proper growth of all Divi-

sions of the University of Nevada throughout the State

has always been an abiding concern to him; NOW THEREFORE


RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents of the University of

Nevada, on behalf of its individual members, the Admini-

istration, the faculties, staff and students, hereby ex-

presses to Mr. Melton its most sincere appreciation for

his dedicated and effective service to the University of

Nevada; and BE IT FURTHER

RESOLVED, that the Regents sincerely hope, and know,

that his interest in and support of the University will

continue and that the University community will most

certainly continue to benefit from his counsel.

Given at Elko this 16th day of May, 1983.

Mrs. Kenney moved to accept the resolution. Mrs. Fong

seconded. Motion carried.

12. Proposed Regents Bylaw Change

At the meeting on April 15, 1983, Regent Karamanos asked

that the Board consider eliminating standing committees.

See Ref. B, filed with the permanent minutes. This being

the first reading of such proposed change, it will be pre-

sented to the Board at the June meeting for consideration.

13. Personnel Session

Mrs. Gallagher moved that in accordance with NRS 241.030 the

Board recess for a closed personnel session for the express

purpose of discussing the competency and character of a

University of Nevada System employee. Seconded by Mr.

Karamanos. Motion carried.

The Board reconvened at 2:15 P.M. with all members present, ex-

cept for Mrs. Whitley.

14. Approval of the Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee met on May 16, 1983, and Mrs.

Gallagher, Chairman, submitted the following report and


(1) Approved the removal of the medical provision, Section

5.4.5, from the UNS Code.

(2) Approved the proposed amendments to Sections 3.4.2,

4.4.2, 5.4.7, 5.12, 5.12.1 and 5.12.2 of the UNS Code

be accepted by the Board of Regents and distributed

to the Campuses for a 30-day review prior to final

decision by the Board of Regents.

Faculty Senate Chairs, Jones (UNLV), Cathey (UNR),

Lambert (TMCC), Wycoff (Unit), Doggrell (CCCC), Horton

(NNCC), and Hardie (WNCC) stated their support of the

amendments to the UNS Code.

(3) Approved a change in the deadline for delivery of in-

stitutional Bylaws to the Board of Regents from Septem-

ber 1 to December 31, 1983, and further requested re-

ceipt of a comprehensive progress report prior to that

date from the Presidents on the changes developed and


(4) Approved a Phase I, Master of Science and Doctorate

degrees in Cellular and Molecular Biology at UNR. See

Ref. AA-2, filed with the permanent minutes.

Regent Fong objected to this kind of research being

done at Nevada institutions and asked that the follow-

ing statement be included in the minutes:

From cell and molecular biology to genetic engi-

neering -- we are invading virgin territory. I

can see you splitting genes, altering chromosomes,

creating babies from sperm banks. Today an experi-

ment, tomorrow a duplicate of Albert Einstein right

off the assembly line. We are not just dealing

with a curriculum change, but we must contend with

the greater moral, philosophical and legal issues

here. I am not ready for us to go into the test

tube baby business. Let's confine this program to

the study and research of plants and animals at

this juncture.

President Crowley explained this program is a recon-

stitution of existing programs scattered throughout

UNR, that it will be an inter-disciplinary program,

and that in response to federal regulations, UNR has

established a Human Subjects and Risks Committee to

consider every action regarding these issues.

In response to Mrs. Fong, Chairman Mc Bride stated

that to limit faculty research in this, or any other

project, would be a restriction of academic freedom,

to which the Faculty Senate Chair concurred.

(5) Received a report and recommendations concerning a

review of programs at NNCC, presented by Dean of In-

struction, Charles Greenhaw.

President Berg was requested to begin implementation

of the recommendations contained therein, as staff

and budgetary requirements permit. See Ref. AA-5,

filed with the permanent minutes.

(6) Vice Chancellor Fox distributed copies of Almanac 18,

a magazine containing a special section on the Univer-

sity of Nevada System institutions and programs, which

was distributed throughout Nevada to potential stu-

dents. The cost of this section was shared with the

Nevada State Board of Education.

Mrs. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried. Mrs. Fong abstained on Item 4.

15. Appointment of WNCC President

Regent Sheerin, Chair, Regent ad hoc Presidential Search

Committee for WNCC, requested approval for the appointment

of Dr. Anthony Calabro as President at Western Nevada Com-

munity College beginning July 1, 1983, with the same salary,

terms and conditions that other Community College Presidents

have. Mrs. Sheerin commended the Regent Committee and the

institutional Advisory Committee members for the efforts

and involvement in the search procedure. From 170 appli-

cants, 6 were chosen for interview, 2 from within the State

and 4 from out-of-state.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the recommendation of Dr.

Calabro as President at WNCC with the same terms and condi-

tions held by the UNS Community College Presidents. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

16. Report of the Regents Ad Hoc Committee on Athletics, UNR

and UNLV

The Committees met in joint session on May 4, 1983 to devel-

op a policy statement concerning University Intercollegiate

Athletics for consideration by the Board. Items 1 and 4(a)

were amended so that the new policy now reads:

University of Nevada System

Policies Concerning

University Intercollegiate Athletics

The goal of the University of Nevada System shall be

to provide for student competition in intercollegiate

sports appropriate to the University and its confer-

ences, to fiscal resources available, and to sound

standards of student academic performance. Intercol-

legiate Athletic Programs shall seek to support and

develop each participating student's academic and

athletic talents, and assure that the student athlete,

as a student in an academic setting, achieves scholas-

tically to the best of his or her capabilities. During

recruitment activities, this policy shall be made known

to potential men and women student athletes. Intercol-

legiate sports shall be viewed as an important component

of the University community, and of individual develop-


1. Institutional Control

The Board of Regents charges the institution itself,

and the President of each institution, with the

responsibility for the conduct of intercollegiate

programs and activities. The institution shall

oversee all programmatic, fiscal and personnel de-

cisions and activities, and adhere to NCAA, confer-

ence and University of Nevada System guidelines.

The President shall be assisted by the Intercollegi-

ate Athletic Board.

2. Academic Standards

The University shall make every effort to provide

for academic progress toward a degree by each stu-

dent participating in intercollegiate athletics.

Advisement of students shall include notification

of minimum academic standards and of specific degree

requirements. Admission policies shall be adhered

to for each student entering the University.

3. Review of Intercollegiate Programs

The institution shall be responsible for reviewing

and evaluating, on a regular basis approved by the

Board of Regents, financial, academic and managerial

aspects of the athletic program.

4. Fiscal and Budgetary Control

The institution shall be responsible for the proper

accounting and administration of all funds, serv-

ices and gifts-in-kind received and expended on

intercollegiate athletics.

(a) Gifts

All gifts must be accepted and approved by the

Board of Regents in compliance with the pro-

visions of Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 6 of the

Board of Regents Handbook. The use of gift

monies accepted and approved by the Board on

behalf of the Athletic Department will be de-

termined by the institutional President and

Athletic Director, with the exception of gifts

specifically restricted by the donor.

(b) Interest Income

The use of interest income generated from sur-

plus operating capital of the Athletic Depart-

ment will be determined by the institutional

President and the Athletic Director.

(c) Compensation

Compensation to Athletic Department personnel

for institutional services shall be approved

by the President and awarded through proper

University channels. (Employees receiving

compensation for outside professional services

will comply with provisions of Title 4, Chap-

ter 4, Section 7, of the Board of Regents Hand-


(d) Revenue

Revenues received in the current fiscal year

for services or goods to be provided in a

future fiscal year may not be used in the cur-

rent year except with Board approval.

(e) Budget Revisions

Budget revisions shall occur only in compliance

with established University of Nevada System

guidelines approved by the Board of Regents.

(f) Booster Clubs

The Board shall approve the defined operating

relationship between athletic booster clubs and

each institution. Any changes in the duties

and responsibilities of each party must be ap-

proved by the Board.

5. Student Participation

(a) Participation in all men's and women's sports

shall be encouraged for all students with the

interest and ability. Each institution shall

make a commitment to provide equitable finan-

cial and managerial support for programs of

quality in sports for both men and women and in

both revenue and non-revenue producing cata-


(b) The Universities are encouraged to recruit

student athletes within the State of Nevada

and seek their participation in intercollegi-

ate sports.

6. Planning

Five-year plans for each institution shall be de-

veloped and implemented for intercollegiate ath-


7. Policy and Procedures Manual

Each institution shall develop and utilize a policy

and procedures manual concerning intercollegiate

athletic operations.

It was agreed that this policy would be circulated to the

Citizen Advisory Committees on Athletics.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the policy statement as

amended. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

17. Legislative Report

Chancellor Bersi stated that the Legislative Report will be

submitted after the Legislative Session adjourns this week.

18. Chairman Mc Bride requested approval of an emergency item

to discuss the pavilions at UNR and UNLV.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval to accept the emergency item.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Mc Bride stated that he attended a meeting with

the Public Works Board to discuss the pavilions at UNR and

UNLV. Discussion was held on whether to remove two perma-

nent end seats in order to utilize the pavilions for other

activities. This would result in greater use of the facil-

ity and the generation of more funds for operating purposes.

Mr. Karamanos recommended that these changes be taken care

of before the pavilions open, and suggested that handicap

accesses also be included.

Mrs. Fong moved approval to send a letter to the Public

Works Board declaring these changes be made in the construc-

tion of the pavilions. Mr. Karamanos seconded. Motion


19. Chairman's Report

Chairman Mc Bride announced the Spring Workshop for Regents

and Officers will be held June 25-27, 1983 at Sahara Tahoe.

20. New Business

A. Regent Del Papa submitted a petition on Graduate Fee


B. Chairman Mc Bride announced that the Legislature has now

agreed that when enrollments are actually higher than

those predicted (and on which the budgets are based)

that fees collected can now be retained at the Campus

and no longer have to be returned to the State General

Fund. In past years of high enrollments UNS had had to

return many thousands of dollars, yet continue to sup-

port the resulting instruction load on a lower budgeted


C. The Legislature has stated that if UNS wished to im-

plement their critical needs budget, a surcharge fee

will have to be established.

D. Regent Fong suggested alternate funding for the pavilion

bonds be discussed; however, it was suggested that un-

til the Legislature adjourned such discussion is pre-


John Heise, former Faculty Senate Chair at CCCC, read a farewell

poem to the Board.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board