UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 15-16, 1952

Volume 6 - Pages 361-367

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                        May 15, 1952

The Board of Regents met in special session in the President's
office on May 15, 1952, to consider selection of an architect
for the Student Union building, to consider the proposed agree-
ment with Mr. Sheeketski and to handle such other matters as
require action at this time.  The meeting was called to order
by the Chairman at 10:10 A.M.  Present:  Regents Hardy, Lombardi,
Crumley, Ross; and President Love.  Mr. Arentz phoned that he
was unable to attend the meeting because the plane on which he
had reservations was grounded.  Reporter Henley was also present
and reporter Burns came into the meeting a few minutes later.

 1.  Minutes of the Previous Meeting

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that minutes of the
     meetings of March 19, 1952 and April 29, 1952 be approved,
     and that the reading thereof be dispensed with.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the actions of
     the Executive Committee taken at meetings of March 19, 1952,
     April 7, 1952, April 15, 1952 and May 6, 1952 be approved,
     and that the minutes be approved and made a part of the
     permanent records of the Regents.

 2.  Correspondence

     The following letters were presented for the information of
     the Regents:

     (a)  From R. W. Trullinger, Chief, Office of the Experiment
          Stations, Washington, D. C.

          Dr. Malcolm A. Love, President        April 28, 1952
          University of Nevada
          Reno, Nevada

          Dear President Love:

          Thank you for your letter of April 16 notifying us of
          the action of the Board of Regents of the University of
          Nevada in appointing Dr. C. B. Hutchison as Director
          of the Agricultural Experiment Station of your Insti-
          tution, effective July 1, 1952, in addition to his
          appointment as Dean of the College of Agriculture.  We
          note also the appointment of Mr. C. E. Fleming as As-
          sociate Director of the Experiment Station.

          Approval of the appointments of the Director and As-
          sociate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station
          is not required.  I may say, however, that the long
          time official association of this Office with these
          two gentlemen as Directors of the California and Nevada
          Experiment Stations, respectively, leaves no doubt as
          to their unusual qualifications for the positions to
          which they have been appointed.

          You may be assured that they will have the full co-
          operation of this Office.


                         /s/ R. W. Trullinger, Chief

     (b)  From Charles F. Brannan, Secretary, Department of

                                            May 6, 1952

          Malcolm A. Love
          University of Nevada
          Reno, Nevada

          Dear President Love:

          Thank you for your letter of April 16, 1952, advising
          of the nomination by the Board of Regents of the
          University of Claude B. Hutchison as Director of Co-
          operative Extension in Nevada, to succeed Cecil W.
          Creel, who is retiring on June 30, 1952.

          Dr. Hutchison's experience and distinguished service
          in the field of Agricultural education will be of
          material benefit to the Department's work in your

          I am happy to approve Director Wilson's recommendation
          of the appointment.

                             Sincerely yours,

                         /s/ Charles F. Brannan

     (c)  From George Marvin, Assistant Director, Division of
          Raw Materials, Atomic Energy Commission

                                            May 5, 1952

          Dr. Malcolm A. Love
          University of Nevada
          Reno, Nevada

          Dear Dr. Love:

          With reference to our recent correspondence concerning
          a proposed contract between the University of Nevada
          and the Commission, this is to advise you that a draft
          is being prepared and will be forwarded to you for
          consideration in the near future.

          We regret the delay in getting this draft to you.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ George G. Marvin

     (d)  From Forest B. Lovelock, State Senator, Washoe County

                                            May 5, 1952

          Dr. Malcolm A. Love, President
          University of Nevada
          Reno, Nevada

          Dear Dr. Love:

          Recently it was requested by the Governor that, due to
          certain controversies, the plans for Lincoln Hall Heat-
          ing Plant be reviewed by a well known and reputable
          Engineer in San Francisco and the Planning Board recom-
          mended Mr. Clyde Bentley of San Francisco.

          After reading the Bentley report and reviewing the
          plans with Mr. Russell Mills, Architect, it is my
          opinion that the plans are adequate and that the system
          is efficient and economically designed.


                         /s/ Forest B. Lovelock

     (e)  From Clyde E. Bentley, Consulting Engineer, San Fran-
          cisco, California

                                            April 23, 1952

          Mr. Russell Mills, Architect
          309 N. Virginia Street
          Reno, Nevada

                             Re:  Lincoln Hall
                                  University of Nevada
                                  Review of Plans
                                  Our Job. No. 1628

          Dear Mr. Mills:

          In accordance with your request, we reviewed and made
          a check of the heating installation as designed and
          proposed for Lincoln Hall and the adjoining Clinic

          Our check of the heat loss in the various rooms in the
          Clinic and on the 3 floors of the Lincoln Hall indi-
          cates that on an outside minimum of -5 degrees F. and
          inside temperature of 70 degrees F., the convector
          radiators selected are of adequate size, but not in
          excess of requirements for satisfactory heating.

          Load Summary:

          Steam heating Lincoln Hall (1520 + 1414) = 2934 sq. ft.
          Hot water heating Clinic building        = 1160 sq. ft.
          Domestic hot water heater 30x60x8.33x90  = 5500 sq. ft.
                                              Total  9594 sq. ft.

          The total heating load of the two buildings plus the
          domestic hot water heater installation amounts to ap-
          proximately 9600 sq. ft. EDR (steam).  The two steam
          boilers specified at 4500 sq. ft. EDR each, provide
          together a nominal rating of 9000 sq. ft.  The selec-
          tion is satisfactory, since each boiler will allow
          firing at 124% or 5630 sq. ft. EDR, each.

          We make the following comments in regard to the design
          of the system:

          a.  The Hartford loop provided on the boilers should
              be modified to provide a top connection of steam
              outlet to prevent carryover of water.

          b.  The main steam header construction with loop drain
              appears to be rather elaborate and expensive.  An
              alternative and less expensive method to the above
              would be the use of the conventional drip trap in
              lieu of the loop drain.

          c.  The boiler piping arrangement will allow pushing
              water out of boiler if steam valve is closed with-
              out closing of valve in return line.

          Please advise us if we can be of further service on
          the project.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ Clyde E. Bentley

     (f)  From Frank Mc Cullough, Vice President, Alumni Associ-

                                            May 2, 1952

          Dr. Malcolm A. Love, President, and
          The Honorable Board of Regents
          University of Nevada
          Reno, Nevada


          At a meeting on the evening of Tuesday, April 29, 1952,
          the Executive Committee of the University of Nevada
          Alumni Association unanimously instructed me to inform
          you of the following:

              That the $1141.47 bill submitted to Dr. Love by
              Ralph Jordan, former owner of the University
              Book Store, and referred, in turn, to the Alumni
              Association by Dr. Love, is neither a legal nor
              a moral obligation of the Association.

              That the indebtedness, according to our records,
              was incurred well in advance of the date upon
              which the Association agreed to assume certain
              obligations arising from the old Nevada football

              That the Alumni Association has no funds with
              which to pay the bill.

          That in view of the above facts and in connection with
          the appearance of the undersigned before the Board of
          Regents on April 29, 1952, at which time the Regents
          agreed to refer the bill to their committee of the
          whole for further study, the entire matter is re-
          referred to the President and the Board of Regents.

                             Very truly yours,

                         /s/ Frank Mc Cullough

     (g)  From Mr. R. L. Smith, 4301 N. Morris Blvd., Milwaukee,
          Wisconsin, which concerned his son, William J. Smith,
          as follows:

          Mr. Joe Sheeketski telephoned my son in September 1950
          urging him to enroll in the University of Nevada to
          play football.  His agreement was to pay transportation
          to and from Reno, Nevada, plus tuition, books and room
          and board.

          This agreement was carried out satisfactorily, with the
          exception of transportation expenses from Reno to
          Milwaukee at the end of the school term in June 1951.
          At the close of the school term Mr. Sheeketski informed
          my son that this would be mailed to him within a week
          or two.  However, this has never been received and we
          have been expecting further word from either yourself,
          since your letter of July 24, 1951, or from Dean R. S.
          Griffin, since his letter of August 14, 1951.

          I understand Mr. Sheeketski is no longer connected with
          the University of Nevada but at the time this agreement
          was made he was an authorized representative of the
          University and I feel certain the University would
          desire to fulfill any agreements made by their repre-

     (h)  Note from Mrs. Robert Edison Fulton (sister of Mr. W.
          E. Travis) thanking the Regents for their resolution.

     (i)  Note of appreciation from Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Skinner
          and James.

     (j)  Note of appreciation from James N. Lewis and family.

 3.  Death of Miss Sarah L. Lewis was reported.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the following
     resolutions be adopted and spread on the minutes of this
     meeting, and that copies be sent to members of the family
     of Sarah L. Lewis:

                       MISS SARAH LOUISE LEWIS

         When Sarah Louise Lewis died in Corvallis, Oregon, on
         April 13, 1952, she left behind her a record of excel-
         lent teaching and of sincere devotion to her chosen
         profession of Home Economics.

         She came to the University of Nevada in the Fall of 1920
         as Professor and Head of the Department of Home Econom-
         ics.  She held that position until her retirement in
         the Spring of 1942.  During those 22 years of loyal
         service to the University of Nevada and its Home Econom-
         ics students, she made a lasting place for herself in
         the history of the University, where her guidance and
         wise handling of the Department fostered its develop-
         ment and its usefulness to as many students as possible.
         She loved her work and her students.  She was more than
         their teacher, she was their friend, and that friend-
         ship followed them wherever they went, in school and
         after graduation.  What they did with their education
         was of great concern to her, and she advised them when
         her advice was sought and congratulated them when their
         achievements warranted it.  Her interest in their wel-
         fare never dimmed, so that it was not surprising that
         she had a wide circle of friends among her former

         The members of the faculty found Miss Lewis a companion-
         able associate, interested in the activities of the
         Campus and always willing to take part in their social
         groups.  They sought her company as individuals and she
         had many close friends.  She was a frequent visitor to
         the Campus after her retirement and always enjoyed being

         Her outstanding good work, her devotion to her career,
         her cheerful attitude, and her continued interest in the
         Campus will be greatly missed.

         The Board of Regents express deep sympathy to the mem-
         bers of the family of Sarah Louise Lewis, beloved mem-
         ber of the emeritus faculty of the University of Nevada.

                             Board of Regents

                          By S. E. Ross

 4.  Personnel Recommendations

     (a)  Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that Lowell
          Jones, Assistant Professor of Biology, be reappointed
          as a member of the Board of Examiners in the Basic
          Sciences for a term of one year.

     (b)  Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the
          following appointments be approved:

          Edward W. Yates as Assistant Professor of Art for the
          school year 1952-53, in the place of Mrs. Joslin, re-
          tired, at a salary of $4000 for the year.

          Clyde Mead as Assistant Professor of Education for
          the school year 1952-53, to fill the vacancy left by
          the retirement of Dean Traner, at a salary of $4500
          for the year.

     (c)  Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that Donald
          Cooney be reappointed for the school year 1952-53, with
          promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor at the
          salary of $3900 provided suitable evidence is presented
          that his Ph. D. degree has been completed.

     (d)  Motion by Mr. Hardy carried unanimously that the fol-
          lowing members of the English Department be reappointed
          for the school year 1952-53:

          Leigh T. Gibby - Instructor - $3700 for the year
          Oliver F. Sigworth - Instructor - $3800 for the year
          Howard R. Houston - Instructor - $3700 for the year

     (e)  Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that Walter
          Van Tilburg Clark be appointed as Lecturer in English
          for the first semester of the year 1952-53 at a salary
          of $2200 for the semester, in the place of Dr. Laird,
          on leave.

     (f)  Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the
          resignation of J. N. Hansen as Assistant Professor of
          Physics at the end of the current school year be ac-
          cepted, and that the President be authorized to search
          for a man to replace him who has some knowledge of
          nuclear physics, with the idea that it may be necessary
          to increase the salary somewhat.

     (g)  Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the
          salary of Mr. Fred Fink, Chemistry Storeroom Keeper,
          be increased from $2900 to $3200 per year, effective
          July 1, 1952.

     (h)  Motion by Mr. Crumley carried unanimously that the
          resignation of Gale L. Richards as Assistant Professor
          of English be accepted, effective the end of the cur-
          rent school year.

     (i)  Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that Mrs.
          Anne H. Kenney be appointed as Loan Librarian, effec-
          tive March 19, 1952, at a salary of $235 per month,
          in the place of Mrs. Katharine Phillips, resigned.

Reporter Bennyhoff came into the meeting during the following

 5.  Architect - Student Union Building

     Mr. L. A. Ferris came into the meeting at 10:30 A.M. to
     meet with the Board as President of the local chapter of
     the American Institute of Architects.  He stated that his
     appearance at this meeting was purely to discuss with the
     Regents the methods of conducting a competition for the
     Student Union building, in accord with provisions of the
     AIA.  He presented printed material upon which he based
     his discussion.  He stated, further, that while his firm
     has been named by the State Planning Board as one of the
     architectural firms acceptable to them, his meeting with
     the Board on this occasion had nothing to do with that
     fact.  Mr. Ferris said that, although Mr. Walter F. Zick
     of Las Vegas was the newly elected President of AIA, he
     had been asked by Mr. Zick to meet with the Regents, to
     continue with the matter already started.  Mr. Ferris
     read from "The Standards of Behavior" of the AIA, as

         An architect shall not knowingly compete with a fellow
         architect on a basis of professional charges, nor shall
         he offer his services in competition with others except
         as provided in the Institute's Competition Code.

         .... an architect shall not submit free sketches except
         to an established client.

     He gave as the essentials of a competition under the Compe-
     tition Code of the AIA, the following:

         1.  That there be a professional advisor.
         2.  That there be a jury of at least 3 members, 1 of
             whom is a practicing architect.
         3.  That the program contain a contract for Architec-
             tural services in accord with good practice.

     Mr. Ferris was thanked by Mr. Ross, and left the meeting
     at 11 A.M.

     General discussion followed, in which it was pointed out
     that the expense involved for the competition method of
     selecting an architect made it prohibitive for the Regents
     in this instance.  It was further brought out that of the 3
     firms approved by the State Planning Board, Ferris and
     Erskine was the only one which had not already had Univer-
     sity buildings.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the firm of
     Ferris and Erskine be selected as the architects for the
     Student Union building and that the President of the Uni-
     versity be empowered to make arrangements for the necessary
     work to be done by the architect prior to the Session of the
     Legislature; and that the contract, to be prepared when the
     Legislature has appropriated money for the Student Union
     building, be drawn by the Regents' attorney and submitted
     to the Board of Regents for approval.

     The President was asked to study the selection of a site
     for the Student Union building, and to make recommendation
     to the Board.

 6.  Sheeketski Contract

     Neither President Love nor any member of the Board of Re-
     gents present at the meeting had seen a copy of the proposed
     agreement, which had been made in conference between Mr.
     Arentz for the Board of Regents and Mr. Sheeketski and his
     attorney.  In the absence of such proposed agreement, it was
     unanimously agreed to postpone action until the June meeting
     of the Board.

 7.  Ford Foundation

     Mr. Love reported that he had a visitor in town who was
     familiar with the program of the Ford and other foundations
     and who would be happy to meet informally with the members
     of the Board.

 8.  Resolutions - President Love

     In accord with action of the Board at the special meeting
     on April 29, 1952, Mr. Ross had appointed Mr. Hardy and Dr.
     Lombardi to draw up resolutions of appreciation for the
     services of President Love.  Mr. Hardy read the resolutions
     for the committee.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that they be
     adopted as follows, and that a copy by given to President

                           MALCOLM A. LOVE

         WHEREAS, President Malcolm A. Love, his wife and
         daughter have, in their brief period of service to
         the University of Nevada, to the State of Nevada and
         to the faculty and residents thereof, earned and
         managed to deserve the respect, esteem and affection
         of the people generally and

         WHEREAS, President Love has proved himself to be an
         able, wise and adaptable Administrator of University
         affairs, quick to perceive the needs of the institution
         - respectful of tradition and reluctant to disrupt it;
         a friendly and unassuming man, well disposed toward
         all - students and faculty alike; a man characterized
         by frankness, directness and sincerity; a man trust-
         ful and worthy of trust and

         WHEREAS, President Love's simple and tactful approach
         to the problem of public relations has brought the
         University closer to the people of the State individual-
         ly and officially, and has raised the University in the
         esteem both of the ordinary citizen and of the Legis-
         lator - having accomplished more in this respect in
         two years than many men could have achieved in a life-
         time and

         WHEREAS, President Love has found it imperative that he
         should accept similar responsibilities elsewhere,

         THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the members of the Board
         of Regents of the University of Nevada, each member
         concurring, that it is with extreme and heartfelt
         reluctance and regret that they contemplate his depar-
         ture; and that they unreservedly commend Dr. Love, his
         wife and daughter to the supervising authorities, to
         the faculty, students and citizenry of the state which
         they go to serve - knowing of a surety that the people
         of California will find in them the qualities which
         have endeared them to the people of Nevada.  In witness
         whereto we, members of the Board of Regents, append
         our signature.

                         /s/ S. E. Ross, Chairman
                             Newton Crumley
                             Louis Lombardi
                             Roy A. Hardy
                             Sam Arentz

The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.