UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
May 15-16, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 47-49

                         Reno, Nevada
                         May 15, 1917

The regular Commencement meeting of the Board of Regents was
called to order on May 15, 1917, by Acting Chairman Sullivan.

Present:  Regents O'Brien, Baker and Sullivan and Acting Presi-
dent Lewers.  Absent:  Regents Curler and Abel.

Acting President Lewers presented the names of the candidates
who had been recommended for graduation as follows and recom-
mended that the same be approved by the Board:

    Certificates of one year's study in the Department of Edu-
    cation entitling the holder to a State Teacher's Elementary
    Certificate of the Second Grade and valid for 3 years:

    Geraldine Maude Clayton         Mary Beatrice Harrington
    Ethel Roberta Creek             Eugenie S. Langwith
    Martha Washington Folsom        Ruth Fowler Mason
    Hazel Hannah Francis            Maree Thomas Pohle
    Lela Halsell                    Alma Kate Stroud

    Diploma of completion of the work in the Art Department en-
    titling the holder to a special Art certificate:

    Mrs. Minerva D. Pierce

    Teachers' Diplomas of Grammar Grade:

    Laila Mae Baker                 Marguerite J. Mac Iver
    Wanda Ball                      Hazel C. Murray
    Hattie Burnett                  Mary Martin
    Elvina Helena Blevins           Alma Josephine Nichol
    Gladys Evelyn Colquhoun         Jimmy Odbert
    Erastus A. Hansen               Edna Gladys Pendergast
    Lawrence J. Hansen              Vyvian Alice Read
    Phoebe Helen King               Katherine Ellen Rupp
    Lora Belle Lamberson            Juanita Josephine Young
        Gladys A. Ryder          Diploma granted July 28, 1916
        Grace Cathleen Sullivan  Diploma granted July 28, 1916
        Rose H. Thomas           Diploma granted July 28, 1916

    Teachers' Diplomas of High School Grade:

    Ellen Isabel Bertschy           Margaret Alvina Heuer
    Chester Allen Brennen           Elsie Lavenia Humphreys
    Leah Barker                     Margaret Kemper
    Agnes Constable                 Dorothy Alice Morrison
    Marjorie Cowgill                George Francis Ogilvie
    Elsie Dorsey Farrar             Ruth Ann Pyle
    Juanita Frey                    Helena Josephine Shade
    Edith Clare Harris              Dorris Lucile Taylor
    Edith Simpson Harris            Eva Anna Walker
    Dorothy Hempton                 Wilfreid Lamont Wylie
                    Marguerite J. Mac Iver

    College of Arts and Science, candidates presented by Dean
    John C. Watson.

    Bachelor of Science:

    Wayne B. Adams
    John Williamson Heard
    Dorothy Mahan

    Bachelor of Arts:

    Ellen Isabel Bertschy           Margaret Alvina Heuer
    Chester Allyn Brennan           Elsie Lavenia Humphreys
    Agnes Constable                 Margaret Kemper
    Marjorie Cowgill                Ruth Mc Kissick
    Marguerite Elizabeth Crotty     Marguerite J. Mac Iver
    Elsie Dorsey Farrar             Dorothy Alice Morrison
    Juanita Frey                    Ruth Ann Pyle
    William Fife                    Helena Josephine Shade
    Edith Clare Harris              Dorris Lucile Taylor
    Edith Simpson Harris            Eva Anna Walker
    Dorothy Hempton                 Wilfrid Lamont Wylie

    College of Engineering, candidates presented by Dean James G.

    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering:

    Glenn Franklin Engle
    Wilmer Otis Hinckley
    Thomas Richard King

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering:

    Carl Dilg Kemper
    William Pennell
    Edwin Byron Wolford

    Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering:

    Feliz Borzynski
    Charles Ford Masters
    Frank Silva

    Electrical Engineer:

    Peter Gillispie Mc Kinlay

    Mining Engineer:

    Robert E. Tally

    College of Agriculture, candidates presented by Dean Charles
    S. Knight.

    Bachelor of Science in Agriculture:

    Gardner L. Chism
    Jose Guevara
    Harry Heath Hovey

    Bachelor of Science in Home Economics:

    Leah Barker

    Master of Arts - Candidate presented by Professor J. E. Wier:

    Annie Estella Prouty

It was moved by Regent Baker that the President's recommendation
be approved, that the list be passed for graduation and that the
candidates be granted the degrees and diplomas.  Motion was car-

It was moved by Regent Baker that the recommendation of the Uni-
versity Senate that Arthur J. Hood be granted the degree of
Bachelor of Arts on 3 years of work in the University of Nevada
and 1 year of work in the Stanford Medical College be approved.
The motion was carried.

The following list of bills were approved by the Board:

    List No. 15, covering State Claims Nos. 192-205, inclusive.
    except Nos. 203 and 204, for a total of $11,989.23.

    List No. 16 covering Claims Nos. 203 and 204 for a total of
    49 cents.

    On local funds Checks Nos. 77 to 82 inclusive for a total of

Approval was had on the following vote:

    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Aye
    Mr. O'Brien          Aye

A letter dated May 8, 1917, from Mr. W. O. Lewis regarding the
location of the Agricultural building was read to the Board.
Mr. Lewis also laid before the Board some plans for the location
of the building.  The Regents present were in favor of locating
the building between and to the rear of the Library and Chemistry
building, but they wished the opinions of Mr. Curler and Abel.
The Secretary was instructed to send the following night letter
to Mr. Curler at Elko and Mr. Abel at New York City:

    At the meeting held today members present O'Brien, Baker
    and Sullivan approved the idea of locating the Agricultural
    building behind and midway between the present Library and
    Chemistry building and would like to know your opinion as
    to the best location.  Answer.

There being no further business, the meeting recessed until the
call of the Chairman.